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									                                   California State University San Marcos
                                                  College of Education

                             Induction Program Participants:
                    Continuing Education for Beginning Teachers-Year 2
                                                EDBT E509 (3 Units)
                                                   Spring 2011
Mission of the College of Education at CSUSM. The mission of the College of Education Community is to collaboratively
transform public education by preparing thoughtful educators and advancing professional practices. We are committed
to diversity, educational equity, and social justice, exemplified through reflective teaching, life-long learning, innovative
research, and on-going service. Our practices demonstrate a commitment to student-centered education, diversity,
collaboration, professionalism and shared governance.
(adopted by COE Governance Community, October 1997)
Authorization to Teach English Learners. This credential program has been specifically designed to prepare teachers
for the diversity of languages often encountered in California public school classrooms. The authorization to teach
English learners is met through the infusion of content and experiences within the credential program, as well as
additional coursework. Students successfully completing this program receive a credential with authorization to teach
English learners.
(approved by CCTC in SB 2042 Program Standards, August 02))
Students with Disabilities Requiring Reasonable Accommodations. Students are approved for services through the
Disabled Student Services Office (DSS). This office is located in Craven Hall 5205, and can be contacted by phone at
(760) 750-4905, or TTY (760) 750-4909. Students authorized by DSS to receive reasonable accommodations should meet
with their instructor during office hours or, in order to ensure confidentiality, in a more private setting.

INSTRUCTOR:              Sheiveh Jones
                         255 Pico Ave.
                         Phone: (760) 761-5182
                         Office Hours: Call for appointment
                         Email Address:
DESCRIPTION:             The course entails the analysis and application of effective teaching practices based on the
                         California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The content includes a comprehensive review
                         of the current knowledge base of effective teaching, with emphasis on both general teaching
                         principles and content-specific pedagogy. The Formative Assessment for California Teachers
                         (FACT) framework will provide the foundation for the course.
PREREQUISITES:           Active participation in the NCPDF Teacher Induction Program.
COURSE GOALS:            Throughout the course, the participants will:
                          Share ideas and experiences
                          Discuss issues related to teaching/learning
                          Collaboratively problem solve
                          Try hands-on strategies for enhancing teaching
                          Reflect upon personal successes and failures
                          Network with colleagues
                          Broaden the repertoire of teaching strategies
OBJECTIVES:              By the end of the course, the participants will have:
                          Successfully completed all four modules of FACT, including:
                              Context for Teaching
                                 Initial Assessment of Teaching Practice
                                 Inquiry
                                 Reflection
Common Readings/          1. California Standards for the Teaching Profession. California
Materials:                   Commission on Teacher Credentialing and California Department of Education. (1997)

                          2. Induction Program Standards.

GRADING POLICY:               Letter Grade Only
                                  FACT Modules                                       50%
                                  Monthly Logs                                       50%

POLICIES:                     Make-up Policy: A student who shows good cause may make up missed FACT modules
                              through consultation with the instructor.
                              Beginning of University Course: This course officially begins on the date of registration
                              through Extended Studies. Refunds for dropping this course will be consistent with the
                              Extended Studies written policies.

COURSE OUTLINE:               In order to obtain three units of credit, the student must participate in professional
                              development and attend quarterly meetings with the instructor (hub meetings)
1) Formative Assessment System for California Teachers (FACT)-100 points
All FACT Modules must be successfully completed in order to receive full credit. The California Standards for the
Teaching Profession and Induction Standards are embedded in the FACT Modules. Please refer to the standards in your
handbook as a guide for successful completion.
2) Monthly Logs-100 points
Logs are official documentation of how much time you spend on the formative assessment and the level of
support you received from your support provider.

All work must be submitted as a completed packet on or before the colloquium with the latest deadline being April 8th.

                                           STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES
1.   Pay registration fee by March 2011
2.   Please refer to Participating Teacher Memorandum of Understanding in your handbook.
3.   Complete all FACT Modules accompanied by appropriate artifacts.
4.   Attend colloquium.

                   ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED AND TURNED IN BY: April 8, 2011
                                      NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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