PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT FOR
                                 CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION SYSTEMS

1.0 Background: The Marine Corps Base (MCB) provides support and services for 5 fueling stations throughout
    the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. The Consolidated Material and Service Center (CMSC)
    and Base Property Control (BPC) warehouses also support the base with supplies and services for all base and
    non base units. This support will provide security and safety to all whom utilize these buildings.

2.0 Objectives: To support all identified buildings with the removal of existing cameras and accessories and the
    installation of closed circuit television system and all accessories as required.

3.0 Scope: The Contractor shall be responsible for the removal of all existing Closed Circuit Television system
    (CCTV)/cameras from 5 fueling stations and the re-installation of these cameras into buildings 2236 and 22105.
    This project will be conducted in 3 phases.
                                                                                  Phase 1: Fueling Station CCTV
    System removal                                                                          The Contractor shall
    remove from the fueling stations at buildings 210402, 210587, 430704, 520167, and 22141 all existing cameras
    (38), housings, digital video recorders (DVR), power supplies and back-up battery systems, inventory all
    equipment and transport to CMSC, building 22105 for storage. Upon removal of CCTV equipment all
    associated copper wire and electrical conduit will be abandoned.

    Phase 2: Building 2236 –Installation                                                                          The
    Contractor shall install (11) cameras, (2) digital video recorders, (1) power supply and (2) battery back-up units.
    Cameras will be installed in the center portion of the warehouse to observe all forklift traffic and entry and exit
    points. The head end equipment will be located in the office occupied by the SSGT located in the
    north/northeast corner of the building. The end user will provide a quad outlet 110/60hz, a shelf for the (2)
    DVR’s and any network connections required if necessary.

    Phase 3: Building 22105 –Installation
    The Contractor shall install (10) cameras and (1) power supply. The cameras will be installed in areas where
    there is not current video coverage to include: the hardware staging area aisle, the boot staging area, E-W of
    aisle 9, rear door entry exit area, CMSC storage and exit area, (3) cashier stations, main entrance area and
    employee rear entrance area. CMSC currently has a CCTV system capable of (32) cameras, so no additional
    DVR’s or back-up systems are needed and will not require any emt conduit. Current wire management tools
    will suffice.

    Phases 2 & 3 will utilize (21) of the (38) cameras that are to be removed from the fueling stations.
4.0 Deliverables: The Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, tools, materials, vehicles, equipment,
    transportation, and other items necessary to provide the services required, unless listed above.

5.0 Place of Performance: Services will be completed in the above building #’s during the hours of 7:00 am - 4:00
    pm PST, Monday through Friday. Non-Work hours would include Weekends, Federal Holidays and those days
    designated as Federal Holidays by the President of the United States.

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