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					                                         JANUARY 2009
                                 California Crime Prevention Officers
                                                     Region 2

Possible Upcoming                              Region 2 PAST AND PRESENT
                          JANUARY MEETING …           FIELD TRIP!           FIELD TRIP!
                          Special Agent Tom Lennox and Special Agent Lucia Bartolomeo
Bureau of Alcohol,        Both will be speaking about their roles in pharmaceutical thefts,
Tobacco, and Firearms     currents trends and how they track them.

                                 ALL law enforcement personnel MUST have their ID's.
Supervisor’s Lunch                The guard will be checking at the front door.

Understanding Islam                            San Diego DEA Office
and Terrorism
                                               4560 Viewridge Avenue
                                               San Diego, CA 92123-1637
“Drug Store”
                          Plan on arriving at 11:45 a.m. the presentation will begin at
                          12:00 noon. Latecomers will not be admitted.
FBI- Bank Robbery
Specialist                FEBRUARY MEETING…                  FIELD TRIP!                   FIELD
                          Gregg Gragnani from Protection One Security
                          Mr. Gragnani will give us a tour of the facility and let us take a look at
Fundraiser Training       the tools and gadgets available in the realm of criminal detection and
                          prevention! ALSO…Protection One Security has graciously
                          decided to provide a buffet lunch for everone!

Indian Cultural Affairs      YOU MUST R.S.V.P for this meeting to ensure an accurate
                                         headcount for the luncheon!

And much more!                               12232 Thatcher Court, Poway, CA

                          MARCH MEETING…
                          San Diego County Sheriff’s Departments own Robin Siminoff
                          Ms. Siminoff will talk about a new program she developed for
                          adolescents to learn about aspects of crime prevention. Ms. Siminoff
                          meets with students on a regular basis to teach them CPTED, security
                          inspections, presentations, etc.
                                             JANUARY 2009
                                 California Crime Prevention Officers
                                                               Page 2

Need A Challenge? Are you ready for cracking the secret codes
of criminals? Are you up to par with Cryptanalysts in the FBI?
Crack the code below to find out!

For as long as man has had the ability to communicate, secrecy has been sought. Over the
centuries various methods of secret writing, or cryptography, have been developed for numerous
purposes. The two major categories of cryptographic systems are ciphers and codes, both of
which are used extensively by criminals to conceal clandestine records, conversations, and

Cryptology is the scientific study of cryptography and includes cryptanalytics, which deals with
methods of solving cryptographic systems. This article is an introduction to the variety of secret
writing encountered in law enforcement and describes the role of FBI cryptanalysts in examining
and deciphering these criminal codes and ciphers.

For hints and instructions on how to break codes, go to the FBI website at: Good luck and have fun!
   Investigators’ Institute 2009

 Child Sexual Abuse Investigations
 Surviving Sexual Molestation John Warnick
 Medical, Forensic and Social Aspects of Sexual Exploitation
  Sharon Cooper
 Inside the Minds of the Child Sex Offenders Michael Bourke

Date: Monday, January 26, 2009
Time: 7:00 AM Registration
8:00AM– 3:00 PM Program
Complimentary Parking, continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon break
Town and Country Resort & Convention Center
California Room off Atlas Foyer
500 Hotel Circle S
San Diego, CA 92108
To Register online:

DEADLINE     – JANUARY 21, 2009

  Sponsored by
Questions contact Child Abuse Prevention Foundation, Rady Children’s Hospital, Chadwick
Geri Beattie
 Center, Commission on Children, Youth and Families, San Diego Police Officers
 Association, and the San Diego Deputy Sheriff’s Association

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