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									Charles F. Blackstock
Junior High School
  701 East Bard Road, Oxnard, CA 93033

                                  Elena Coronado, Principal
                                  Andrés Durán, Assistant Principal
                                  Dave Wilcox, Assistant Principal
Charles F. Blackstock Junior High
School was named after a man who
was a teacher, principal, lawyer and

Judge Blackstock served as a teacher
and a principal of the Hueneme
Grammar School. He remained in
education until 1907, when he became
a full-time lawyer.

In 1946 Charles F. Blackstock became
a judge. Judge Blackstock believed that
men, like himself, should share their
experience and knowledge towards the
betterment of our society.

On September 9, 1966, Judge
Blackstock passed away. He was a
man that used his mind to help his
fellow man and was respected and
loved by all who knew him.
Dear students and Parents:

Welcome to Blackstock, an AVID DemonstrationSchool! We are
excited to begin another outstanding year of learning and active
student involvement. Blackstock School has a clear, academic
focus and we strive to provide a safe and orderly environment
where students have every opportunity for learning. This
presentation contains important information to make your
experience at Blackstock productive and enjoyable. Parents are
invited to become involved at Blackstock through PTA, School
Site Council (SSC) English Learner Advisory Committee
(ELAC), and through a variety of parent school events and
meetings. I encourage parents to visit during the day to see our
teachers and students in action and to be sure to get to know
their child’s teachers and the entire Blackstock staff.

Ms. Elena Coronado
            Signature Required

Please pay attention to the following orientation
information. You may be asked to sign a form
stating that you have been given this information
and are aware of the rules and policies shown in
this presentation.
       We believe that if students arrive at school on time
every day, prepared with supplies and dressed appropriately,
that chances for success are greatly increased. Please support
us in our effort to help your child have a successful and
productive year.
Pupils are required by law to attend school punctually and
regularly. Tardies count against perfect attendance

Excused absence: Absence for proper causes are listed in
the California State Education Code for illness, medical, dental
or doctor appointments, and bereavement.

Unexcused absence: Absence for any reason other than the
above is unexcused. Truancy is a violation of State attendance
       Parents must write an absence note for students
who have been absent from school. Absences must be
cleared within three days or they will count as unexcused.

Please be sure to include the date the note is written, the
date of absence, the name of the student, his/her teacher
and homeroom number, the reason for the absence and
signature of parent or guardian, and relationship to the

*Notes must be brought back on the first day after an
SARB (School Attendance and Review Board)
 The principal or designee is required by law to notify parents when a child
 accumulates 3 unexcused absences and/or tardies in excess of 30 minutes or a
 combination thereof (EC 48260). The school principal or designee is responsible
 for the referral to SARB, which requires prior written notification to the parent
 following a “Three Letter” process.

 Referral to the District Attorney:
 What charges may be filed against the parent(s) guardians?
 An infraction (EC 48293) may be filed against parent/guardian
 1st time = up to $330 plus court costs.
 2nd time= up to $810 plus court costs.
 3rd time= up to $1610 plus court costs.

 Possible additional penalties to parents:
 Up to $2500 fine and or 1 year jail
 Parent may be ordered to attend parenting classes.
 Parent may be ordered to deliver student to school everyday for the rest of the
 school term.

 What charges may be filed against the student?
 Any or all of the following penalties $100 fine or 20 hours of community service
                  DAILY SCHEDULE

Students are expected to attend school every day. Students
enter Blackstock at 7:50 a.m. and begin classes promptly at
8:00 a.m.
Students who are not in their seat at 8:00 are marked tardy
(all tardies count against perfect attendance.)

7th and 8th Grade 8:00- 2:30 Monday – Friday

6th Grade 8:00- 2:30 except Wednesday
   * 6th Grade 8:00- 1:00 Wednesday
    Blackstock Daily Bell Schedule, Monday

Period               Start    Finish

1                    8:00     8:53

2                    8:56     9:49

Nutrition 6th        9:00     9:15
Nutrition 7th, 8th   9:49     10:01
3                    10:04    10:57

4                    11:00    11:53

Lunch 6th            10:55    11:40
Lunch 7th,8th        11:53    12:38
5                    12:41    1:34

6                    1:37     2:30
           Blackstock Daily Bell Schedule T-F
On Tues and Thurs we will be having a special intervention period. All students
will be assigned to a group and the schedule changes for theses days.

  Period                   Start                     Finish

  1                        8:00                      8:49
  2                        8:52                      9:41
  Nutrition 6th            9:00                      9:15
  Nutrition 7th, 8th       9:41                      9:53
  3                        9:56                      10:45
  4                        10:48                     11:37
  Lunch 6th                10:55                     11:40
  CARE/RtI                 11:40                     12:00
  Lunch 7th ,8th           12:00                     12:45
  5                        12:48                     1:37
  6                        1:40                      2:30

All students will enter/exit campus through the following

       •The gate near rooms 4 and 5. or…

  •Double gate near 6th grade area
Contains school rules, policies, and guidelines regarding behavior,
student activities, and promotion. A section is also provided for
students to record daily assignments given in class. Do not remove
the handbook pages from the agenda.
Parents are asked to read the school agenda, and discuss the
contents with students. Lost or damaged agendas must be replaced
for $5 each
                      SCHOOL SUPPLIES
Students are required to have at least the following
materials at school each day: Three ringed notebook, a
Blackstock agenda, subject dividers, filler paper, pencils
and pens. Please, no markers of any kind!
                                 Forbidden Items
The following Items are forbidden on school grounds at any
time. A student who has any of these items in his/her
possession has immunity only if they turn the item in to a
teacher or administrator immediately. Once a forbidden item
has been discovered, immunity will no longer apply and serious
consequences may result.
•Alcohol or any product containing alcohol
•Drugs (prescription, over the counter, or illegal) – Prescription drugs must
be given to the nurse for dispensing.
•Guns, knifes, or any dangerous object
•Explosives (including cherry bombs, poppers, stink bombs, etc.)
•Permanent markers or any type of tagging supplies
•Tobacco or tobacco products
•Caffeinated products (Jolt, Red Bull, Energy or similar drinks)
•Aerosol cans (deodorant, perfume or cologne must be roll-on or pump
•Electronic devices (see next 2 slides)
•Gum, candy or seeds are not allowed and should not even be brought to
                       ELECTRONIC DEVICES
Radios, cameras, MP3 players, CD players, Gameboy-type portable games, laser
pointers, or any other type of electronic devices are NOT allowed on campus.

An exception shall be made only when the principal or designee has determined that
the device is essential for the students health and then shall be used only for health
purposes. (Education Code 48901.5)

The Superintendent or school administrator shall confiscate these devices from the
students. They will be returned to parents only.
Cell Phone Policy
   Board Policy 5131(c)
    “Students may carry a cellular phone for emergency purposes
     only. Cell phones are to remain off during school hours
     unless an emergency occurs. The school is not responsible
     for lost, damaged or stolen phones. If a student’s phone
     disrupts the educational process, he/she will lose the
     privilege to carry it to school…”
     If school personnel see a cell phone out or hear it
    ring/buzz/vibrate the phone will be confiscated and
    a parent must pick it up. A 2nd infraction will result
    in no phone returned until June. Calls to parents
    (during the school day) because a student feels ill
    or has a question must be made on a school
    phone not a student’s cell phone.
                BICYCLE STANDARDS
•Students who ride bicycles must wear a helmet. Bicycles may be
confiscated until a helmet is produced.

•Students with bicycles must use the bike rack and each bicycle
must have its own lock. Bicycles are not to be locked together or
on the fence. Students who do not have a lock will not be allowed
to leave their bikes at school.

•Bicycles are always to be walked on the school grounds.

•The school is not responsible for theft or damage to bicycles
parked in the bike rack.

•Blackstock students are expected to observe all legal ordinances
concerning bicycle safety while riding to and from school.
                    P.E. UNIFORMS

P.E. Uniforms for 7th and 8th grades will be sold through the
P.E. Department.

Shorts = $8.00
Tee shirt = $8.00
Sweatpants (optional) = $12.00.

No personal checks will be accepted.

Payments should be in cash or money order made out to
Blackstock P.T.S.A.

During the 2010-11 school year, under the Federal
Provision 2 Program, students at Blackstock JHS
will NOT have to pay for an approved breakfast
during the nutrition break, or approved school

Please eat what you take and do not waste food.
Help keep our campus beautiful by throwing away
your own trash.

The dress code for Blackstock requires clothes to be clean,
neat and appropriate for school and/or any school activity.
Clothing which is distracting or disruptive in appearance and
detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school will not be
permitted. The principal or principal’s designee will determine
whether a student’s appearance is appropriate for school.
                      BOYS and GIRLS UNIFORM
•Must be navy blue color only, and fit properly at the crotch and waist. They may not
be baggy or oversized.
•Pants must be slack/trouser style and fit properly.
•Pants must be hemmed neatly and properly - not cut, torn or frayed.
•Seams may not be cut, slit or torn.
•Athletic bottoms (pants, shorts, etc) made of fleece or nylon windbreaker material are
NOT allowed.
•Stripes (of any color) down the side of pants are not permitted.
•Only factory designed capris are allowed, not rolled–up pants. No rubber bands on pant

•Must be solid white, light blue or navy blue (no stripes or prints)-No other shades of
blue (i.e. teal, aqua) are allowed
•Only polo shirts or regular button down shirts with sleeves and collars will be allowed.
•Shirts/blouses must be tucked in and appropriately buttoned except the top button.
•Absolutely no tank tops.
•Any tops worn under polo's, blouses or button down shirts must be white (including
•Must be solid navy blue and NOT be longer than 1” past the bottom of the knee or
shorter than the length of fingertips when arms are held directly straight at the side
and can only be worn as part of the uniform. (No athletic shorts)

•Must be worn with pants that are designed for belts (have belt loops). No initial or
ornamental buckles unless initial is for first or last name only.

Jackets and outerwear:
•Must be solid white, light blue, navy blue or gray. Jackets must fit appropriately.
•Windbreakers, pullover or button down sweaters, and vests are appropriate. Any logo
must be able to be covered by one hand.
•Hoods and sweatshirts may not be worn in class during school hours except during
inclement weather.

•Must be worn at all times.
•All shoes must have closed toes.
•Heels and platforms may not exceed 11/2 inches.

•Must be worn at all times.
                      GIRLS UNIFORM

Skirts, Skorts, and/or Jumpers:
•Must be solid navy blue and may not be longer than the bottom of
the knee or shorter than the length of fingertips when arms are
held directly straight at the side.

•Tights or stockings:
Must be white or navy blue and may be worn with skirts, skorts or
Proper Wear of the Uniform
Improper Wear of the Uniform

                                Shirt too long,
                                blue undershirt

  Shirt unbuttoned/ too short
  & ornamental belt

Clothing, jewelry, hair or materials which:
…are made of denim or jeans materials (jackets, skirts, pants, shorts, etc.)
…have large labels or with sports team’s insignias (including lanyards)
…show evidence of membership in or affiliation with a gang.
…are obscene, sexually explicit, suggest or promote racism, violence, the use/abuse
of drugs and or alcohol products.
Hair must be a natural color with no distracting designs or cut outs.

…BLACK jackets, sweatshirts, undershirts or slacks allowed.
…low cut tops or apparel that is tight fitting. Halter tops, midriff tops, cutoff tops.
…hairnets, bandanas, do-rags, or hats (except Blackstock), etc. of any kind.
…slippers, sandals, clogs, steel toed or open toed shoes.
…glasses/sunglasses unless they are prescription
…Visible undergarments such as tops worn under uniform and boxer shorts.
…body piercing jewelry (except earrings).
…grooming in class (makeup, styling, brushing, etc.).

NOTE: Blackstock’s dress code is strictly enforced. The administration has the right to
declare if attire is appropriate for school or any school activity.
                         Student Pledge
As a student at Blackstock, I need to realize that my education is
important, and that I am responsible for my own success.
Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the
best of my ability:

•I will be in class, on time, every day.

•I will take part in all class activities, be a cooperative learner and
ask for help when needed.

•I will follow all school rules, follow the dress code, respect all
students and teachers and be responsible for my own behavior.

•I will write down all my assignments, check the School Agenda
every night, and return completed homework on time.
             8th Grade Promotion Ceremonies

Administrative regulations designate the following criteria for
student participation in the promotion ceremony and related

1. Completion of a required course of study.

   A. Pass five of six classes for a minimum of two of three trimesters.

   B. Individualized Education Plans (IEP) may differentiate a student’s
   required course of study.

   C. Identified English Learner students may have a differentiated course
   of study.

   D. A Section 504 Accommodation Plan may differentiate a student’s
   required course of study.
2. Meet minimum academic achievement of a 2.0 grade
point average or above for two of three trimesters.

3. Meet positive citizenship requirements.
   A. Have good attendance.
   B. Display appropriate student behavior.

4 Student performance will be evaluated at the end of each
trimester. Students who fail to meet the academic and/or
citizenship requirements at the end of each trimester will be
placed on the trimester Restriction List. Placement on the
Restriction List may impact the student’s ability to
participate in the promotion ceremony and related
 5. Students will be placed on the school Restriction List
for one or more of the following reasons:
   A. Receiving a GPA of 1.99 or below on a mid-trimester or end of
      trimester progress report

   B. Having four or more days of unexcused absences or
   unexcused tardies per trimester

   C. Being truant for one or more periods of a school day

   D. Parent or guardian has agreed to a shortened day or
   Independent Study due to behavior

   E. Being suspended for one or more days

   F. Receiving two or more office conduct referrals in one trimester
              Promotion Ceremony Probation

1. Any eighth grade student placed on the restriction list during the
first or second trimester will be placed on “promotion ceremony
probation” status during the remainder of the school year. These
students will be evaluated on their third trimester performance in
academics and citizenship two weeks prior to the end of the year. If
performance is above restriction list requirements, they may be
eligible for participation in the promotion ceremony and related
activities. If their performance is below restriction list requirements,
they may not be eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony
and related activities.

2. Any student placed on the restriction list during the first and
second trimesters may lose their privilege to participate in the
promotion ceremony and related activities.
3. Any student who has lost the privilege to participate in the
promotion ceremony and related activities may regain the privilege
by meeting the following criteria:

    • Is passing 5 of 6 classes two weeks prior to the end of the third

    • Has a 2.0 grade point average at the third trimester mid-term
    reporting period

    • Has good attendance as noted in AR 5127

    • Has good citizenship as noted in AR 5127

4. Any student added to the restriction list for the first time during
the third trimester will be placed on “promotion ceremony probation”
status and will be evaluated two weeks prior to the end of the year.
      Promotion Ceremony Ineligibility

Students on the restriction list three or more
times during their grade eight year are
denied participation in the promotion
ceremony and related activities. There is no
“promotion ceremony probation” for these

The school administration will have the final decision in whether a
student will be allowed to participate in the promotion ceremony and
related activities.

                     Certificate of Promotion

1. Students who participate in the promotion ceremony shall receive
a Certificate of Promotion if they have cleared all financial
obligations. See AR 5125.2.
2. Students who have maintained a 2.0 grade point average, but
have failed to meet the other requirements of the Promotion
Ceremonies and Related Activities policy, will receive their
Certificate of Promotion if they have cleared all financial obligations.
See AR 5125.2.
Let’s have a great 2010-2011 School year!

  Go Blackstock!
    Go Panthers!

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