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									       Interior Design

Interior Design is a program in the applied visual arts that
prepare people to apply artistic principles and techniques
 to the professional planning, designing, equipping, and
  furnishing residential and commercial interior spaces.
Education     Interior Design programs intend to
              prepare people for employment in the
              various fields of Interior Design.
             Four-year programs
                interior designers

             Two-year programs
                interiors salespersons

                product representatives

                interior design service persons

                provide the first two years of a four-year
                 interior design program.
National and California Pay
             CALIFORNIA PAY:
              Wages vary by level of skill, experience and
              reputation. Earnings are typically low during the
              first years, but increase with experience and
              skill. Many earn salary plus commission.
             California Labor Market Information (LMI)
              Entry/Low          Pay Average       Pay Top
                 $3,315             $4,867      $5,823 & up
             NATIONAL PAY:
             Bureau of Labor Statistics
              Entry/Low      Pay Average          Pay Top
                $2,269           $4,252         $6,896 & up
                Licenses needed
 All interior designers must be
 pass a certification exam.
          Working conditions
 Large corporations work regular hours in well-
 lighted and comfortable settings.
 Smaller design consulting firms adjust their
  workday to suit their clients' schedules and
  deadlines, meeting with clients during evening or
  weekend hours when necessary.
 Consultants and self-employed designers work
  longer hours and in smaller, more congested
                 Job Outlook
 Job availability for any occupation can change with
 national and global economics, unexpected political
 events and natural disasters. Current events can
 change demand for jobs quickly.
          Preparation needed
 A.A. degree
 Training programs
  related to interior design
  and interior architecture.
 Additional on-the-job
 Experienced, three to
  five years of work
              College Preparation
 Computer applications drafting
 Graphic techniques
 Principles of interior lighting
 Acoustics
 Systems integration
 Color coordination
 Furniture and furnishing
 Textiles and their finishing
 The history of interior design
 Period styles
 Basic structural design
 Building codes
 Inspection regulations
 Applications to office, hotel,
  factory, restaurant and housing
 Attention to detail, ability to
  work under pressure, and ability
  to communicate and work with
 Knowledge of building systems,
  equipment, components, and
  interior construction.
 Knowledge of colors, textures,
  and design is important.
 Knowledge of woods, textiles,
  and decorating products.

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