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					Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing Definition
 unconventional marketing intended to get
  maximum results from minimal resources

 Guerrilla marketing, (J. Levinson in 1984 book
  Guerrilla Marketing) is an unconventional way of
  performing marketing activities (primarily
  promotion) on a very low budget

 It offers a way to engage highly targeted
  audiences, to develop a streetwise identity, and
  simply to jar consumers who are so inundated
  with advertisements
Guerrilla Marketing

   Presence – find ways to make yourself known at all times –
    chat rooms, forums, discussion boards, e-mail, radio,
    magazines, Yellow Pages
   Activity – be aware of opportunities to make your product
    known at all times and act on them
   Energy – continually marketing – ‘360 degree marketing’
   Networks – always looking to make contacts and develop
    networks – importance of relationships
   Smart – don’t offend customers or turn them off

 Flexible – because of small scale nature can be adapted
  quickly, relatively easy to respond to change
 Low Cost – one of the founding principles – ideal for
  firms who do not have massive marketing budgets
 Targeted – designed to reach the target market –
  reduces waste and ineffectiveness
 Simple – many of the methods simple and easy to use
  and implement – ideal for the smaller business
Non-traditional advertising methods
Non-traditional methods

 The Internet:
  Web sites – easy and cheap to set up
  Pop up ads (assuming they are ‘smart’!)
  24 hour availability and contact
  Using Internet technology – getting your name high up
   in search engines
  Using access/registration or subscription logs to full
  Use of banner advertising
  Web logs – ‘Blogs’ – personal Web ‘diaries’
Non-traditional methods

                The Nokia Series 60 is used to
                demonstrate how the telephone
                device can be used to take pictures,
                send them wirelessly to another
                phone or directly to a computer and
                posted to the Internet. Such devices
                open up new opportunities for low
                cost marketing opportunities and with
                the advent of 3G technology could
                increase these opportunities.

                Title: COMDEX Computer Technology Trade Show.
                Copyright: Getty Images, available from
                Education Image Gallery.
Guerilla Marketing Activity
Nike Move Bangkok

            ‘Nike Spirit’
Tuk Tuk     Cheer Team
 Non-traditional methods

Stickers – can be put anywhere –
 especially in the target area
Pavement chalking
Bio-degradable tree postings
Product give-aways
Spray paint logos
                           Bio-degradable Chalks for Linux
                                   San Francisco
Non-traditional methods

  Offering free demonstrations and talks – gets you
   and your product known
  Offering free consultations
  Finding a way of generating mystery and intrigue to
   involve consumers
  Peer marketing – putting people of similar
   interests/ages/segments together to generate
   interest in the product, e.g. one claim for
   downloading music is that it opens up the chance
   for ‘new’ music to be discovered and later
  Using SMS text messaging
Word of Mouth

  Roach Baiting – getting the company message/brand across
   by the use of an ‘actor’ behaving as a normal consumer in the
   hope of getting the message passed on.
  Undercover Marketing – also known as ‘buzz marketing’ –
   similar to above. Use of paid actors to actively promote the
   product/brand in a variety of situations or leaving products in
   high profile places to get them seen/used/noticed.
  Live commercials – paying for ‘live commercials’ in an
   appropriate setting, e.g. getting a group of young people to
   promote the use of ‘alco-pops’ in a club or theme bar
    'Illegal' methods
   Bill stickers
   Spray paint logos
   Graffiti Ads
   (Some of these may not be strictly illegal but may border
    on being so – not embraced by all ‘guerrilla’ marketers)
The anti-smoking movement with the
 creative and effective guerilla campaigns

                                  sniff strip reads: This is how you smell when you smoke.
4,000 toxic chemicals leave a stench no perfume can mask...just ask the people around you.
                      Please stop smoking, You'll smell better instantly. Call 1-800-438-2000
Guerrilla Advertising Definition
 The advertising designed so that the target audience is
  left unaware they have been advertised to, while leaving
  the desired impression fo the product.

  An example of this is a cellphone company hiring
  attractive young people (agents) to walk around asking
  people to take pictures of them with their new camera-
  phone. If the person who takes their picture remarks
  about the phone, the agent will recite a sales pitch under
  a pretext similar to “I love this phone and use it
 Amnesty International, Spain
This signs says:
‘More than 4000 condemned until death are waiting for
        their execution. No to Capital punishment’.
 Amnesty International, Spain

The following are a series of transparent ads
 done by Amnesty International highlighting
 injustice and hardship across the world. The
 Copy reads:

This is not happening here, but this is happening now
Amnesty International, Spain
Amnesty International, Spain
Anti-Pollution and Environmental
Green Belgium World Water Day Initiative

GREEN Belgium's goal is to give access to
 potable water to as many children as
 possible. For World Water Day, more than
 500 of these Green Belgium stickers were
 stuck in washbasins in cinemas, pubs,
 restaurants, public toilets, universities and
 stations in nine Belgian cities and in
 Mexico City (where the 2006 World Water
 Forum was held)
Ambient Media

Ambient Media = any number of advertising
 formats that can be classified as non-traditional,
 out-of-home advertising
 The effectiveness of the medium lie in the creativity of
  the ad placement.
   Example, ads to specific restaurants, hotels, etc.
   - printed on tickets and receipts from valet parking services,
     parking garages and lots.
 Other forms of ambient advertising through a continuous,
  though non-intrusive, periphery display of information,
  consists of logos or other immediately recognizable
  branded images or characters
What goes around, come around
What goes around, come around
  ANAD is a pro bono organisation that educates the public about the
   dangers of anorexia. They asked us to help them raise money and
awareness. To demonstrate the unhealthy beauty ideals promoted by
    the media and fashion industry we re-painted world famous
masterpieces. These paintings were then displayed in fine
 art museums - exactly where visitors would expect to see

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