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									                     Your Senior Year
          Fall Checklist - August through December
   Make sure you continue to meet high school graduation and college admission
    requirements. Organize and record relevant dates on a calendar so you can plan
    your year more efficiently. Register for the Advanced Placement (AP) tests, if

   Make copies of your admissions and financial aid forms. Practice
    filling them out before doing the final one.

   Meet with visiting recruiters from the schools that interest you.

   Arrange visits to schools you are considering and schedule admissions interviews
    if required.

   Make the final preparation of your portfolios, audition tapes, writing samples, or

   Evidence of talent required for admission and/or for scholarships. Finalize your
    resume to send with your applications.

   Submit your college admissions applications. Watch out for deadlines.

   Talk with your parents about what type budget you’ll be on your freshman year.

   Take or retake the ACT or SAT.

   Keep records of everything you submit.

   Identify at least two of the following to write solid recommendation forms for
    you: a teacher, an extracurricular advisor, a counselor, a principal, or an
    employer. Give the recommendation forms to teachers, counselors, etc. at least
    one month before they are due. Follow up on the progress of these
    recommendations. If seeking athletic scholarships, contact the coaches from the
    schools you are considering and include a resume of your accomplishments. If
    you plan to fill out the FAFSA online to be considered for financial aid, you and
    your parents will need to apply for a PIN number at
     Suffering Through Senioritis
       Spring Checklist - January through May
   Apply for financial aid by completing and submitting your Free Application for
    Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after January 1 as possible. The FAFSA is
    available from your guidance counselor, from your college’s financial aid office,
    or online at http ://

   Call the school of your choice and confirm that they have received your
    admissions applications materials, including letters of recommendation and
    housing applications.

   Request that your high school send a copy of your transcript to the school where
    you have applied. Make sure your first semester senior year grades are included
    on the transcript.

   The information you receive back, after the FAFSA is processed, is the Student
    Aid Report (SAR). If any portion of the information on the SAR is incorrect,
    please correct it and resubmit it to the processing center.

   Submit any additional financial aid forms and documentation that is required by
    the school of your choice. Some of these forms may be available online including
    the FAFSA and some admission

   Notify the school(s) in writing as to whether you are accepting or declining
    admission by the proper deadline.

   Review your financial aid award letter with your parents and be sure that you
    understand the terms and conditions that accompany each kind of aid. Sign your
    financial aid award letter and return it to the school.

   Notify the financial aid office of any outside scholarships or grants that you have
    accepted since your initial application.

   Be aware of due dates for tuition, fees, room and board, and other expenses.
    Find out how your financial aid will be disbursed and whether you can defer
    payments until the funds are available.

   Respond immediately to all correspondence regarding school, scholarships, and
    financial aid. Participate in summer orientation programs for incoming freshman
    after graduation.
    Meet all class registration deadlines.

        The financial aid process begins again in January
                       for the next year of study!
              Resources on the Internet
   Read carefully when accessing services on the web and make sure there are no hidden charges.
  Be careful when you give personal information because some free services may sell your
name to interested parties. Read the fine print when signing on.
   Accessing the web can be one of your best sources of information. Don’t be afraid to use
this valuable resource.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
See 360-degree x 360-degree views of thousands of college campuses all in one eye-popping
website. Includes a free national scholarship search and chance to win a $1,000 scholarship.

FAFSA on the Web:
File your FAFSA on-line which speeds up the financial aid process.

Financial Aid Homepage:
Guides you through the financial aid process. You can also do free scholarship
searches and find information on career planning.

Financial Aid Student Guide:
Written by the government to help you understand the financial aid process.

Mapping Your Future:
Guides you through the financial aid process plus assists students with choosing a school and
planning a career.

Test Preparation
Offers valuable information about the ACT test as well as online registration. Sample questions are
given to help you prepare for the ACT.

The College Board:
Detailed information on taking the SAT plus online SAT registration. All aspects of going to school
are addressed on this site including career and college selection.

Princeton Review:
Take a practice SAT on-line plus great tools to help with college and career planning.
More Resources on the Internet
Career Information and Selection
Kuder career assessment:
Use the results of your interests, skills, and work values assessments to plan for your education or
occupation. These assessments provide immediate online reports and offer proven reliability and
validity. Some states offer sponsored programs for students, so ask your counselor if yours is one.
Kiersey Test:
A personality test that will help you determine what kind of careers would be the best for you.
Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Detailed career descriptions are available on this site. An excellent tool for anyone trying
to decide on a career path.
University of California, Berkeley: Occup.cfm
Career exploration links that will help you research many different career options.
University of Manitoba:
Information on a variety of occupations plus a “What Can I Do with a Major In...?” section.

College Information and Selection
College Virtual Tours:
Visit thousands of virtual colleges from one convenient website. Also includes college planning
information and links to each college.
College Information:
Lists college info by state.

International Education Financial Aid:
Helps find financial aid if you wish to study abroad.
A resource for regulations and requirements for athletic scholarships and participation.
Study USA :
Provides helpful information for international students wanting to study in the United States.
Find scholarships, colleges, jobs and internships.
Plan, explore, and apply to college using great tools on this site.
Your source for researching and applying to college in Tennessee

                   La Vergne High School Counseling Website:
               What is is a student services website supporting the
public and private colleges and universities of Tennessee. It gives
students a vehicle to view and apply for Tennessee two and four year
colleges, as well as, complete a career assessment to assist students
in deciding a career path. ACT and SAT tutorials are also available
for students.

                      How Do I Register?

For LaVergne High School students, use the steps below to
create an account:

Go to, click “Create and Account” in the top
right corner of the page.

Username: lhs in front of your Novell username

Password: your 7-digit student number


Last names beginning with:

           A-C:        Terry Cozart
           D-Hi:       Steven Lay
           Hj-Mi:      Helen Beard
           Mj-Se:      Stacie Frazier
           Sf-Z:       Elizabeth Patt

If you selected to use the email provided by “Collegefor TN,” your
email address would be “yourusername” followed by

              For example:
         Steps for Getting A Scholarship
Start Early
 If possible, start the process at least two years before you need the aid.
 Always remember that you will be applying for scholarships about a year before you will actually
receive the aid.
 Get good grades—they will only help you and put you above the next applicant.

Prepare Yourself
 Often scholarships are awarded to students who are involved in activities both in school and
in the community. Well-rounded students have the best chance of receiving scholarships.
 Many clubs and organizations have scholarships associated with them. Doing your research in
the beginning may help you obtain more scholarships.

Do Research
 Figure out what makes you a special individual. This may include such things as academics,
volunteer work, athletics, or your family background.
 Consider unique circumstances or conditions that might make you eligible for aid such as being a
foster child, having asthma, being a single parent, or having a disability.
 Scholarship opportunities can be found in many places including financial aid offices, libraries, local
civic organizations, your (or your parents’) employer, local businesses, your high school guidance
office, the internet, or Student Outreach Services (call 1-800-337-6884).

Send Away for Applications and Information
 After you collect all of the information about the scholarships for which you are interested in
applying, you will need to contact the organization.
 Many organizations will require that you contact them through the mail to request applications and
other pertinent information. Some organizations will give potential applicants their phone numbers
and email addresses to expedite the request for information.
 Give the organization ample time to send you the necessary paperwork. Be aware of all deadlines
associated with applying.

 Once you receive the application and understand all of the information that you are expected to
send to the organization, you will need to apply for the scholarship.
 Many organizations require information such as a completed application, an essay,
recommendations, and/or a resume from each applicant. Make sure you have given yourself plenty of
time to gather all of the required information.
 Most scholarships will have deadlines for applying. You may want to keep a calendar with all of
the deadlines listed so that you do not let any expire.
 Before you send in your completed application, make sure to double -check the spelling and
grammar. Nothing looks worse on a scholarship application than a common spelling error.
 Remember that the application process takes time, and it could be months before you are notified of
any awards. Be aware that some organizations will not send any follow-up correspondence if you
do not receive the award.
 Always put your best effort into each application. Be neat and organized - First impressions count!
      Watch Out for Scholarship Scams
Just as there are many scholarships, there are many scholarship scams. Although many sound
legitimate and official, BE CAREFUL. Remember one cardinal rule: If it sounds too good
to be true, it probably is.

You should be suspicious of an organization if they do any of the following:

Request payment of fee to apply for scholarships.
Insist on your credit card number, any bank account number, calling card number, or social
security number. If given a number, they could charge unnecessary fees or drain your account.
Pressure you to act fast. “This offer will expire....”.
Request an advance fee to apply for a low-interest educational loan.
Offer to apply on your behalf or claim to have an influence on scholarship sponsors.
Guarantee scholarship winnings or search results.
 Have loose eligibility requirements.
Charge you for a scholarship.
Use a mail drop as a return address.
Do not include a telephone number for inquiries or have only an answering machine at the
number given.
 Send you a notification that you were selected to receive a scholarship for which you never
 Attempt to lure you in with financial aid information in order to sell you something else
(i.e. life insurance annuities, etc.).

Be cautious and remember that a toll-free number and official looking stationary are not
signs of legitimacy. These things are easy to obtain. Before you send money to an
organization, it would be a good idea to verify their legitimacy by doing the

 Contact your college financial aid administrator or high school guidance counselor.
Check with the Better Business Bureau (, the State Attorney General’s
Office, and the State Chamber of Commerce in your state and in the state where the
organization is located.
Visit to check the list of defendants of pending
 Contact the National Fraud Information Center ( at 1 -80 0-876 -7 060.
 Call the U.S. Postal Crime Hotline at 1 -800-654 -889 6.
 Send email to or fax a copy to 1-724-538-4502.
Take advantage of free sources of scholarship information and search services that are available
through your public library, the financial aid office, your guidance department, the internet, and
Student Outreach Services.
                         La Vergne High School
                               Transcript Request Form

Instructions: Complete this form with all applicable information. Student signature is required at
the time of ordering transcript(s). Please complete accurate address information for each
destination to mail transcript(s) to and indicate the number of copies to be mailed. It is the
student’s responsibility to provide accurate address information on this form.

                               (Cash or Money Order ONLY)
                                                                                    Pd: _______

Please Print or Type
Name (Last, First, MI)                                            Date of Birth

Permanent Address                                                 Phone Number

                 Yes     No        Date of Graduation         Previous Last Names
 Shot Record

Addresses for Mailing Transcripts
College                                           College

Address_______________________________            Address_______________________________
City__________________________________            City__________________________________
State________________ Zip _____________           State________________ Zip _____________

College                                           College

Address_______________________________            Address_______________________________
City__________________________________            City__________________________________
State________________ Zip _____________           State________________ Zip _____________

Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _______________

                                                              Date Completed _______________

                                                                                    Updated 08.09
                  College Day Procedures

Students are allowed one college day during their senior year. The
absence will be excused if the following procedures are completed:

  1. A letter from the parent requesting the date and particular
     college student is going to visit

  2. Take a letter to your counselor for verification of admission

  3. Must have good attendance record and good standing to

  4. Each of the student’s teachers and the Attendance Office must
     sign student’s permission form, and then return to Mrs.
     Garrison in Counseling Office.

  5. On the day the student returns to school, he/she must present
     the Attendance Office with a letter from the college verifying
     the date of the student’s visit. These can be picked up at the
     college’s Admissions Office.

STUDENTS: Please remember to call the college to set up an
appointment with admissions, financial aid offices and departments
you are interested in.

                                                            Updated 08.09
              La Vergne High School
              College Day Request Form for Seniors

Student: _________________________        Date: __________________

Date of Request: _________    School Visiting: _____________________

Number of Days Student Has Been Absent: _______

Teachers Signatures:

   1. __________________________________________

   2. __________________________________________

   3. __________________________________________

   4. __________________________________________

   5. __________________________________________

   6. __________________________________________

Counselor’s Signature: __________________________________________

Attendance Clerk’s Signature: ____________________________________

                                                             Updated 08.09

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