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					School of

Journalism                                                      and

The School of Journalism and                                                  Majors and Minors
                                                                  B.A. | Broadcast Journalism
Communication at Southern                                         B.A. | Communication Studies, with an optional emphasis:
                                                                             Intercultural Communication
provides students with the latest                                 B.A. | Journalism
                                                                  B.S. | Mass Communication, with emphases in:
skills and knowledge in the                                                  Advertising
                                                                             Media Production
diverse world of communication.                                              New Media
Overview                                                                     Writing and Editing
                                                                  B.S. | Public Relations
x The School of Journalism and Communication offers a
                                                                  B.S. | Combined Major: Public Relations
  broad, comprehensive, and balanced program.
                                                                         and Business Administration
x Faculty and students form a close-knit community.               A.S. | Media Technology
x Faculty members have a strong network locally and beyond      Minors | Advertising
  for helping students find internships and positions.                   Broadcast Journalism
x Small class sizes enhance student learning on high-tech                Intercultural Communication
  equipment.                                                             Journalism (News Editorial)
                                                                         Media Production
x Faculty prepare students to enter the workforce.
                                                                         Public Relations
Marks of Distinction
x Faculty members are experienced professionals with
  backgrounds in:
    x Television reporting and production
    x Newspaper reporting
    x Television and radio broadcasting
    x Corporate communication
    x Church communication
    x Public relations
    x Communication research
x The School of Journalism and Communication continually
  updates curriculum to respond to the industry trends and
  meets the standards of the Accrediting Council of Education
  in Journalism and Mass Communication.
x Computer technology and broadcasting equipment are
  upgraded every year.
Careers in Journalism and Communication Statistics to Note
x The School of Journalism and Communication helps          x The School of Journalism and Communication enrolls
  students with job placement through:                        between 150 and 170 students each year.
    x Local, national, and international internship         x Journalism and communication majors are eligible for nine
      connections                                             designated scholarships.
    x Local and national network of job seekers
    x Meet the Firms, a career fair held twice a year       Students in Action
x Academies, hospitals, and many nonprofit organizations    x Southern’s radio station, WSMC Classical 90.5, has an all-
  employ skilled communications professionals.                student staff of announcers and producers, and offers intern-
x Fundraising professionals often work hand-in-hand with      ships in addition to employment opportunities.
  public relations, marketing, and social work interests.   x Opportunities for gaining experience in writing, editing, lay-
                                                              out, design, photography, audio production, and videography
                                                              are available on campus in these and many other venues:
                                                                x Southern Accent (weekly student newspaper)
                                                                x Southern Memories (university yearbook)
                                                                x Strawberry Festival (the year-end multimedia produc-
                                                                x Southern Communicator (newsletter)
                                                                x Columns (the university magazine)
                                                                x Marketing and University Relations office
                                                                x Southern News Live (weekly newscast during the fall
                                                            x Students have access to 14 digital audio workstations
                                                              equipped with ProTools editing software.
                                                            x Advanced photography students are provided use of a digital
                                                              SLR camera and a new studio.
                                                            x Students in broadcasting have access to HD video cameras
                                                              and workstations equipped with Final Cut Pro editing soft-
                                                            x Students present research at academic conferences such as
                                                              the Southern States Communication Association’s annual
                                                            x Two low-power broadcast television stations owned by
                                                              3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting network) are managed
                                                              by the School of Journalism and Communication.
                                                            x An active Communication Club holds activities such as trips
                                                              to the CNN Center in Atlanta, communication oriented
                                                              community service projects, and special vespers programs.
                                                            x Southern has a chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the official com-
                                                              munication studies honor society, and a chapter of the Public
                                                              Relations Student Society of America.
                                                            x A student’s class project can lead to book manuscripts or
                                                              other publishing opportunities.
                                                            x Internships are available at local media outlets and
                                                            x The school has plans to expand its space and remodel its
                                                              television studio in the next year.
                                                            x Samples of student work are showcased online at
x The School of Journalism and Communication (on the first
  floor of Brock Hall) is designed to facilitate team building
                                                                 Lynelle Ellis
  and networking among faculty and students. An open area        assistant professor
  in the main office creates a hub for meetings and a seating    B.A., Walla Walla University
  area for reading the numerous periodicals and newspapers       M.A., Spring Arbor University
x Software and equipment are updated constantly to provide
  the latest available technology. Students gain experience
  with broadcast-quality digital studio cameras, a television
  studio with a professional news set, and live video produc-    Tara Hargrove
  tion equipment. The Intel Core duo iMac Lab contains           assistant professor
  25 computers with 24-inch screens in a newly remodeled         B.A., Colorado State University
  space. SLR cameras and up-to-date software are provided        M.A., Colorado State University
  for web design and publishing projects.

Alumni                                                           Pam Harris
Recent students accepted the following positions within two      professor
years of graduating at Southern:                                 B.A., Southern Adventist University
x Center for Non-Profits manager                                 M.L.S., George Peabody College of
                                                                 Vanderbilt University
x ADRA programs director for Somalia
                                                                 Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
x Advertising agency employee
x Writers for hospitals, magazines, and publishing companies
x Newspaper photographer
                                                                 Kendra Stanton Lee
x Radio, newspaper, and magazine reporters                       assistant professor
x Television news producer                                       B.A., Allegheny College
                                                                 M.L.A., Harvard University
x Public radio producer and manager
x Video producers for faith-based media groups
x Development directors for Adventist academies
x Hospital/healthcare marketer                                   Andy Nash
x Corporate public relations and media specialists               professor
                                                                 B.A., Southern Adventist University
x Restaurant marketer with prospects for ownership               M.A., Andrews University
x Graduate school students                                       Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln


                     Lorriane Ball                               Stephen Ruf
                     associate professor                         associate professor
                     B.A., Atlantic Union College                B.S. and M.S., University of
                     M.S., Clark University                      Tennessee, Knoxville

                      Linda Potter Crumley                       Greg Rumsey
                      professor                                  dean and professor
                      B.A., Pacific Union College                B.A., Southern Adventist University
                      M.A., University of California             M.A., University of Colorado
                      Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin         Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Professional Contributions
Linda Potter Crumley
Presentation: “[They] Taught Me to Fight: Experiencing Violence in Faith-
     Based Residential Care,” Summit on Interpersonal Violence and Abuse
     Across the Lifespan, co-presented with Tara Hargrove (February 2010)
Presentation: “I Don’t Think They Should Try to Force Religion Down Your
     Throat: Adolescents’ Perceptions of Religious Coercion in a Faith-
     Based Residential Treatment Facility,” American Public Health
     Association, co-presented with Rene Drumm of Social Work
     (November 2009)

Lynelle Ellis
Sermon: “Our Help I Trouble” – East Ridge SDA Church (2011)
Seminar: “Gospel Message, Visual Medium: Telling Stories for the
    Kingdom,” Southern Adventist University (2011)
Radio Guest: “Quick to Listen,” Steve Gallimore Live, LifeTalk Radio
Radio Guest: “Gossip,” Steve Gallimore Live, LifeTalk Radio

Tara Hargrove
Research Paper: “The Voice at the Front of the Room: Identity Dialectics of
     theIntercultural Communication Instructor,” National Communication
     Association, New Orleans, LA; Top Paper and winner of The Ralph
     Cooley Award for Outstanding Paper in the International and Intercul-
     tural Communication division, co-authored by Elizabeth Root, Mat-
     thew D. Petrunia and Anchalee Ngampornchai (November 2011)
Presentation: “It’s Like a Cake’: A Creative Approach to Teaching Ethos,       Contact Southern
     Logos, Pathos,” Southern States Communication Association, Little         Southern Adventist University
     Rock, AR; G.I.F.T.S. Great Ideas for Teaching Students Division           Enrollment Services
     (March 2011)                                                              P.O. Box 370
                                                                               Collegedale, TN 37315
Pam Harris
Research Paper: “A Content Analysis of News Transcripts of the Judiciary       1.800.SOUTHERN
    Committee Hearings to Confirm Clarence Thomas as a U.S. Supreme  
    Court Judge, October 1990,” presented at the 11th Annual Gender
    Conference, Western Carolina University (March 2012)
Research Paper: “Looking for a Supermajority Vote: How One
    Church’s Communication Process Created a Dilemma for Women                 Contact the
    Elders,” presented at The Art of Gender in Everyday Life VIII: A
    Multidisciplinary Conference, Idaho State (March 2011)
                                                                               School of Journalism
                                                                               and Communication
Andy Nash                                                                      Janita Herod, office manager
Lecture: March 2012, Avondale College, Australia                     
Columnist, Adventist Review                                                    423.236.2330
Article: “Navigating Family Sensitivities: Serving the Product or the People
     Who Look Like You?” Writer’s Chronicle, March-April 2011, p. 62-67.
Book: Love, Kirsten, co-authored with student Rainey Park (Pacific Press,
Book: Paper God (Pacific Press, 2010)

Stephen Ruf
DVD: “A Collection of Holiday Sermons,” Adventist Preaching,
   Vol. 24 (2009)

Gregory Rumsey
Poster Session: “Strategic Corporate Philanthropic Relationships: Nonprof-
     its’ Perceptions of Benefits and Corporate Motives,” Association for
     Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Washington, D.C.,
     honorable mention (2007)

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