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Hard-Floor Cleaners Accessories


									          The Floor Care People

Introduction to Victor           3           4-5

Daytime Cleaning                 6-8

Battery Scrubber Driers          9-13

Sweepers                         14-16

Tub Vacuums                      17-18

Upright Vacuums                  19

Wet & Dry Vacuums                20-21

Mains Operated Scrubber Driers   22-24

Carpet Spray Extractors          25-26

Steam Machines                   27-28

Specialist Machines              29-30

Rotary Machines                  31-36

Machine Specification             37-41

Accessories & Consumables        42

Training                         42

Aftersales & Servicing           43

Floor Care Faults and Fixes      44-45

Brush & Pad Selection            46

Machine Selection Chart          47

             The Floor Care People

Victor is at the forefront of design and innovation, evolving its range of cleaning

machines to meet the ever changing requirements of its customers and

environments. This evolution has created a commercial proposition that focuses

on customer and operative benefits.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by industry experts Dowding & Plummer Ltd,

the Victor brand is globally renowned and distributed in over 56 countries. With its

extensive knowledge of the marketplace and machinery, Dowding & Plummer Ltd

prides itself on offering the very best in client servicing, aftercare, training and support.

A team of dedicated Area Sales Managers ensure that clients receive the right machine

for the required task, with site surveys being conducted when required to determine

the needs of the environment, operative and client, prior to machine selection.

Demonstration machines are available for the client to trial without obligation.


Visit Victor online and enjoy the most complete
cleaning experience available in the UK. From
online ordering via credit card or via your credit
account, booking training, a service visit or
demonstration, browsing our product range,
viewing an online product demonstration or
training application, you can do it all.

All parts diagrams for Victor machines are available together with the ability to order
these parts straight from the website.

Book Training, Service Visits or Machinery Demonstrations

Victor is more than just a supplier of quality cleaning equipment, parts and
consumables. We have a team of engineers on the road together with a number of
Victor Service Agents located across the country to provide exceptional standards of
machinery service and repair throughout the UK mainland.

Utilising the Victor Service Organisation gives you an opportunity to keep your
machinery working for longer and performing better. We also have the ability to repair
other manufacturers machinery, so no matter what you use or where you use it, the
Victor Service Organisation (VASO) can repair it at a competitive price. Repairs can be
booked online.

Our base in Birmingham includes a BICSc approved assessment centre from which
we can offer tailor made BICSc’s training courses. Furthermore, we regularly offer
courses on hard floor care and carpet cleaning. Check the website for the latest course
information and dates, you can even book your place online.

Interested in a piece of machinery and would like a demo? No problem, simply fill in
your details and the machine you would like to try and we will contact you to arrange a
time for you to try it.

Complete Floor care Knowledgebase is a complete resource for you to use online to find out the best way
to clean floors and troubleshoot problem areas. Interactive product demonstrations and
training applications are available for you to download or access anywhere you can get
online. Ideal for carrying out training on the move or providing a place for refreshing
operatives knowledge.

                                                           Visit us
                                                           on the web

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Better connected with Dowding & Plummer

We want to make dealing with Dowding & Plummer Ltd. and buying and getting the
most out of Victor products as straight forward and simple as possible. The website
should give you everything you need to help you clean better for longer, however, if you
wish to know more please give us a call. Detailed below are some direct dial numbers
to help you get to the right person to help with your enquiry. Of course though, you can
still call us on 0121 706 5771 and speak to us.

Sales Office - 0121 765 2345 / 0121 765 2377

Service Department - 0121 765 2353

Accounts Department - 0121 765 2338

All your cleaning needs
Daytime Cleaning
                                     Victor V-9B
                                     Tub Vacuum

                                      Free yourself from the constraints of
                                      using cables with the Victor V-9B Battery
                                      vacuum. Quiet, powerful, robust and easy
                                      to manoeuvre, the V-9B is the choice for
                                      daytime vacuuming.

The unit comes complete with two battery packs means that the only time you need to
stop cleaning is to change battery packs.

                        Victor’s Fast Charge Technology means that a battery pack
                        can be charged from empty in the same time as a charged
                        pack in use runs out of power (20 mins approx.). All you need
                        to do is swap the battery packs and you are ready to go again.
                        Virtually continuous cleaning is available using the V-9B.


                               Dry Vacuuming of non-hazardous materials


                                            Daytime cleaning
                                            Very Quiet
                                            HEPA Filtration
                                            Easy change battery pack
                                            Virtually continuous use
                                            9-litre capacity
                                            Cost effective spare parts
                                            Excellent mobility
                                            Powerful Suction

                           Sprite 8

The battery operated Sprite 8 has been
designed to provide all operators with the
ability to clean the smallest areas of hard floor
and edges effectively.

The Sprite 8, Victor’s smallest rotary machine, ensures that every operator can provide
the pad or brush with the same mark removing downforce to give an effective clean
every time. The small brush size of 200 mm (8”) makes it ideal for small areas of
cleaning and edges, particularly during scrubbing or mark removal.

Save time and effort whilst improving your results when compared to a standard edging
tool. Optional accessories include the Victor 7-litre tank, scrubbing and polishing
brushes. A pad drive is included wth the machine.

The handle can be folded over for storage. The battery can be removed
and replaced quickly to give an extended run time. The battery provided
will run for about an hour.

The machine features an off board charger, so you can charge one battery
whilst using another.

The Sprite 8 is perfect for small areas such as washrooms and where there
are no power sockets available.


Hard floor buffing, spray cleaning, scrubbing and mark removal.
Edge cleaning during stripping or sanding.


Daytime cleaning
Isolation key to prevent tampering
Tank attachment available

                                      Victor FSX

                                       The Victor FSX battery burnisher offers
                                       ultra speed burnishing, excellent battery
                                       performance and dust collection to leave
                                       your floors in fantastic condition.

The Victor FSX has no trailing power leads allowing safe cleaning at any time of day.

The battery delivers an incredible run time of over 2 hours and can be re-charged
ready for use in two and a half hours.

The on board charger and charging cable gives you the flexibility to charge the
machine at your nearest socket.

                 The passive dust collection picks up dust and small debris without
                 creating noise pollution.

                 The FSX also features an isolation key that operates as an extra
                 layer of safety to prevent tampering or use by unauthorised


                                       Hard floor burnishing


                                       Daytime cleaning
                                       On board charger
                                       AGM batteries for performance
                                       Isolation key to prevent tampering
                                       1350 rpm for a better finish
                                       Robust design to cope with tough use

Battery Scrubber Driers

The V-MMG85 battery ride-on scrubber drier
delivers an excellent, innovative range of
features to help you clean better and faster
saving you money.

The simple to use control functions, allow you to control the scrubbing and drying
functions independently or together, so that you can tailor the clean to the floor surface
as required.

The brushes are shock proof and will swing in when accidentally impacted. While
the squeegee is uncoupled when impacted to prevent damage to objects and the
squeegee itself.

There is a brush pressure adjustment foot control
that allows the operator to increase brush or
pad pressure to remove a stubborn mark when


Scrubbing and drying of hard floors


On board charger
Can travel up gradients of 18% fully loaded
Quiet in use
Can’t reverse while squeegee is down
Park brake and beeper
Plastic squeegee stronger than metal
Tool free quick change squeegee
Brush or pad drive available
Easy clean recovery tank

                                       The MR60B Ride-on scrubber drier delivers
                                       up to twice the productivity of a pedestrian
                                       machine, for a similar capital outlay.

Simple to control the MR60B reduces the cost of cleaning your floors through
enhanced productivity. Simple levers control the raising and lowering of the brush and
squeegee without the use of electric motors, cutting repair and maintenance costs.

Operating at only 58dBA the MR60B causes minimum disruption in the workplace and
the turning circle of just 1.91m allows it to be operated in the tightest of spaces.

The MR60B is not easily damaged, the brush head automatically ‘swings in’ if
accidentally impacted and the squeegee will uncouple upon impact to prevent damage
to the machine.


                                       Scrubbing and drying of hard floors


                                          Daytime cleaning
                                          On board charger
                                          Quiet in use
                                          Can’t reverse while squeegee is down
                                          Park brake and beeper
                                          Plastic squeegee stronger than metal
                                          Can travel up gradients of 18% fully loaded
                                          Tool free quick change squeegee
                                          Brush or pad drive available
                                          Can be filled with hose or bucket
                                          Easy clean recovery tank


The M20R battery powered scrubber drier
delivers superb cleaning performance
together with ease of use and simple

40-litre capacity tanks give the M20R real cleaning capability.

The M20R features a breakaway squeegee to help prevent damage to either the
machine or surrounding areas.

At only 58 dBA the machine is extremely quiet and the simple control panel makes
operating the machine easy, perfect for less experienced operators.

The recovery tank is fully accessible for cleaning and keeping the machine fresh whilst
graduated markings show how much solution is left in the solution tank.


Scrubbing and drying of hard floors


Daytime cleaning
On board charger
Quiet in use
510 mm (20”) cleaning width
Simple to use controls
Solution level indicator
Easy clean recovery tank
Brush or pad drive available


                                         The M16 compact battery scrubber drier
                                         provides exceptional cleaning performance
                                         and double the capacity of most machines
                                         of the same footprint.

22 litre solution and 20 litre recovery tanks keep you cleaning longer and the small size
makes storage easy. Large wheels make the machine extremely portable particularly
on small steps.

The recovery tank is fully accessible and simple to clean to avoid any odour build up.
Operators are in total control thanks to the solution tap and easy touch control panel.

Whilst this machine is not traction driven it certainly feels like it making the M16 a joy
for cleaners to use. The parabolic squeegee swings around the brush and delivers
superb pick up even in the tightest corners.


                                         Scrubbing and drying of hard floors


                                             Daytime cleaning
                                             On board charger
                                             Quiet in use
                                             Brush or pad drive available
                                             Can be filled with hose or bucket
                                             Easy clean recovery tank
                                             22-litre capacity
                                             Easy to store
                                             Simple to use
                                             Cleans right to the edge of floors

                          V-GENIE B

The Genie B is a small walk behind battery
powered scrubbing machine. Perfect to
replace a manual mopping system in
small area’s, the machine can be easily
transported fitting in the boot of most cars.

With a cleaning width of 400 mm (15”) and solution and recovery tanks of 10 litre
capacity the Genie B is the ideal compact battery scrubber drier. The machine is easily
manoeuvrable and the cleverly designed squeegee means that you can clean around
objects and tight corners leaving the floor bone dry.

The Genie features an on board charging unit, allowing it to be charged at your nearest

All the cleaning functions can be controlled independently, giving you the flexibility to
pre-scrub area’s or pick up spillages before cleaning normally.


Scrubbing and drying of hard floors


Daytime cleaning
On board charger
Quiet in use
Brush or pad drive available
Can be filled with hose or bucket
10-litre capacity
Easy to store and transport
Simple to use
Cleans right to the edge of floors


                                       The V-S700B is a ride-on battery powered
                                       sweeper offers execptional productivity,
                                       class leading comfort and better
                                       manoeuvrability to help you sweep larger
                                       area’s quickly and more effectively.

The simple mechanical controls make operating the machine easy and reduce
engineering time and spare part cost making the V-S700B a low cost machine to run
over its lifetime.

The easy to follow operator controls reduce training time and help to minimise user
problems. The S700B also has excellent all round visibility in order to prevent damage
from collisions. The 700B has a manual hopper empty system however the bigger
version the 800B features a mechanical hopper lift and empty function.


                                          Large area sweeping
                                          Indoor or Outdoor operation


                                              Better visibility whilst driving
                                              Mechanical hopper empty (800B only)
                                              Simple to use, reducing training time
                                              Excellent productivity (1200 sq.m. / hr)
                                              87 litre hopper capacity


The FS50BT is an extremely manoeuvrable
battery powered sweeper capable of
cleaning indoor or outdoor floors quickly
and efficiently.

The traction driven sweeper conveys the dirt into the strong but lightweight hopper for
easy emptying. The suction can be turned on and off for sweeping of wet areas. The
filter can be easily replaced without tools and cleaned reqularly with the mechanical
filter shaker.

The side brush can be lifted to avoid raising dust into the air on really dusty floors.

The variety of brushes available allows you to clean virtually any floor surface


Sweeping of hard floors and carpeted


Easy to use. Little training required
Easy to empty collection hopper
Battery powered
Liftable side brush
Filter shaker
Variety of brushes available
40 litre hopper
Traction driven machine
Cleans right up to an edge
Low maintenance


                                       The Easy Sweep is a very effective manual
                                       push along sweeper.

The Easy Sweep push along sweeper is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, in areas
such as playgrounds, concert halls, sports centres and warehouses.

The Easy Sweep is extremely quiet, reliable and will pick up empty soft drink cans.

The Easy Sweep has two brushes, one main brush under the collection tray and a side
brush that will sweep right to the edge of the area to be cleaned.

The brush folds up and the handle folds over to allow the Easy Sweep to be stored in
the smallest of areas.


                                              Sweeping of hard floors and carpeted


                                              Easy to use. Little training required.
                                              Easy to empty collection bin.
                                              Fold over handle for easy storage.
                                              Cleans right up to an edge.
                                              Low maintenance.

Tub Vacuums

The Victor V-9 has been developed for the
commercial marketplace, from exceeding
HEPA filtration standard IEC60312, right
down to the five castors that provide ease of

One of the very best ways of creating an indoor airborne health hazard is to suck all the
bacteria, fungal spores, dust mite faecal particles, and any other particulate allergens
out of the floor covering and then blow them liberally into the surrounding air where
they travel easily from room to room contaminating the whole building.

What is IEC60312?

IEC60312 is the only international standard available for the measurement of air
filtration efficiency of vacuum cleaners for household and similar use.
The test is performed with the complete vacuum cleaner mounted inside a sealed test
rig specified by the standard. The cleaner inlet is dosed with measured amounts of
standard dust. Particles in the discharge air are then counted into six separate size
bands down to 0.3 microns. The test approximates to actual use conditions and the
results are standardised as a single percentage efficiency figure enabling the direct
comparison of one vacuum cleaner with another.

To meet the ‘HEPA’ standard of filtration the unit must remove particles larger than 0.3
Microns in diameter with more than 99.97% efficiency (i.e., fewer than 300 particles per
million of 0.3 Micron size should penetrate).

The Victor V9 HEPA 9 litre tub vacuum, in tests, achieves an efficiency of 99.9965% -
passing only 35 particles per million which is 8 times better than the standard allows.

Powerful suction and proven effective filtration make the Victor V-9 one of the most
productive tub vacuum cleaners available.


   A vacuum featuring a solid stainless steel
   canister, designed for everyday industrial
   and commercial use. The D-9 can be used
   with or without bags depending on the


Hard floor and carpeted areas
Curtains and drapes (using suction control)


Four corner castors for ease of movement.
Wand and full tool kit including dusting brush,
crevice nozzle and upholstery tool.
Quiet operation
Through flow motor to prevent overheating when
Wet pick up version available upon request.

Upright Vacuums

The twin motored Victor UCS offers powerful
cleaning performance using the vacuum and
brush to provide an extremely deep vacuum

With over 80% of dirt in carpets being dry soil, good vacuum performance is critical in
successfully maintaining carpets.

The UCS provides exceptional cleaning ability with the
independently powered brush and vacuum together with
the versatility of a tub vacuum through the built-in wand
and extendable hose.

The Victor Upright range also includes the V-470, a wider
area twin motor upright vacuum, complete with extendable
hose, wand and the availability of HEPA filtration.


Hard floor and carpeted areas


Available with HEPA filtration tested to IEC60312.
The removable wand with extending hose allows high
level, versatile cleaning.
On board crevice nozzle and round dusting brush.
Handle can be lowered to floor level to clean under

Wet & Dry Vacuums

                                       The Victor Wet & Dry range of stainless
                                       steel vacuums offer powerful suction with
                                       a low noise level. A choice of 20 or 55 litre
                                       machines, the latter fitted with two motors
                                       for unrivalled performance.

Ideal machines for wet pick-up during stripping and scrubbing applications both the
WD-30 and WD-60 come complete with dry filters and a complete range of tools for
both wet and dry use.


                                       Wet Vacuuming of hard floors
                                       Dry Vacuuming of hard floors and carpeted
                                       Dry vacuuming of upholstery


                                       Quiet operation.
                                       WD-60 has a dump hose for ease of emptying.
                                       The WD-60 features two vac motors for
                                       stronger suction.
                                       The majority of parts are interchangeable with
                                       the previous WD16 and WD58.



The WV35 and WV35N provide powerful wet
and dry vacuuming with a genuine 35 litre

The internal float assembly has the unique ability to float on foam, protecting the
motor from damage and both machines have a dump hose fitted at the rear for easy
emptying. The dry use filter option is HEPA for safer dust removal.

The WV35N has a wide cleaning width of 600 mm created by its self-levelling
squeegee and is easy and comfortable to use. Whilst the WV35 offers precision pick up
via the wand and hose.


Wet vacuuming of hard floors
Dry vacuuming of hard floors and carpeted areas
(With optional dry filter)


Genuine 35 litre capacity.
Dump hose for emptying.
Highly manoeuvrable.
Motor protecting float mechanism.

Mains Scrubber Driers

                                       The SD40 provides 35 kg of down force
                                       delivering a very heavy duty scrubbing
                                       action that will remove the toughest of dirt
                                       from the most demanding of floors.

The simple to use pictorial control panel makes operating the SD40 and training a new
operator quick and easy. All the functions can be controlled independently allowing
greater flexibility in your cleaning routine to maximise results. A pre-scrub can be
carried out by activating only the solution and the brush giving the chemical increased
reaction time before picking up the solution and dirt during regular passes with the
vacuum running.


                                              Scrubbing and drying of hard floors


                                              Large down force improves cleaning
                                              Pictorial control panel makes the
                                              machine easy to use and learn.
                                              40 litre solution and 50 litre recovery
                                              Quick change squeegee means no need
                                              for a service visit to change rubbers.
                                              Highly manoeuvrable
                                              Key operated to avoid tampering


The SD-15 is an effective hard floor
maintenance machine. Designed for
the regular scrubbing and drying of any
type of hard floor surface leaving floors
exceptionally clean and dry.

This 15 litre capacity scrubber drier can be operated either working forwards or
backwards due to the squeegee’s located either side of the brush. The brush itself is
fully floating so it can adapt to uneven floors giving them an even clean.

Furthermore, the SD-15 cleans right up to the edge of any floor due to its extended
brush. The brush can also be easily removed for cleaning or changing to one of the
others available for use on a different floor type.

The brush, vacuum and solution spray functions can all be
individually controlled allowing the operator to tailor the clean to
the floor requirement. For example on a particularly dirty floor you
may utilise the brush and spray functions to carry out a pre-scrub,
agitating the cleaning solution on the floor giving the chemical
maximum contact time for a more heavy duty clean.


Scrubbing and drying of hard floors.


Cleans up to the edge.
Independently controlled functions.
Cleans moving backwards or forwards.


                                        The Victor HyperGlide provides versatile
                                        hard or soft floor cleaning complete with
                                        effective drying performance. The contra-
                                        rotating brushes provide effective cleaning
                                        particularly on safety flooring.

The HyperGlide is extremely light in operation and even with a full tank is comfortable
to use with one hand. The responsive control allows even the most inexperienced
operators to be cleaning effectively in minutes. The solution feed from the 5-litre
capacity tank is simple to control using the finger operated gravity feed.

The HyperGlide comes complete with a set of universal white brushes as standard.
These work well on carpets and most hard floor situations.

                         Also available are several other brush sets for more
                         specialised applications including the green brush set, more
                         abrasive for heavy duty scrubbing, black brushes for rougher
                         and harder floors, natural fibre brushes for polishing and
                         brown brushes for carpets.

                         The HyperGlide weighs in at under 10kg and can be simply
                         moved around by operators without the use of a trolley.


                         Scrubbing and drying of hard floors.
                         Cleaning of carpets.
                         Excellent on safety flooring.


                             Versatile cleaner.
                             Highly portable, the tank can be easily removed for
                             Cleans moving backwards or forwards.

Spray Extractors

The CX-7 is a small, portable 7-litre carpet
and upholstery cleaning machine ideal
for spot removing and small area carpet

The CX-7 sprays a fine mist of cleaning solution onto the carpet then actively removes
the solution and dirt in one easy action. Weighing only 9.5 kg the CX-7 is easily
portable with its centralised carrying handle.

Separate solution and recovery tanks make the CX-7 quick to fill, easy to empty and
simple to keep clean. The clear dome allows the operator to see the dirt being collected
and whether foam is collecting in the tank.

Upholstery can also be effectively cleaned using the optional
upholstery attachment.


Carpet Cleaning.
Carpet stain removal.
Upholstery cleaning.


Lightweight, portable machine.
Upholstery tool optional.
Separate solution and recovery tanks.
Clear dome to see dirt and foam.


                                         The SX-15 offers the capability to deep clean
                                         carpets and using the optional tool kit the
                                         ability to clean smaller areas, stairs and

Utilising the power of the solution spray that is agitated deep into the carpet pile by the
chevron bristled brush, the SX15’s powerful vacuum then removes the solution and dirt
from the carpet depositing it in the separate recovery tank for simple emptying.

The brush is removable to allow quick cleaning of the brush and the housing to ensure
great results and long machine life. The solution dump hose allows easy emptying of
the solution tank but also doubles as a useful solution level indicator.

All the machines functions are individually controlled to give operators total freedom to
clean effectively given any situation.


                                         Carpet cleaning.
                                         Carpet stain removal.
                                         Upholstery cleaning.


                                         Agitating brush provides deeper carpet
                                         Independent functions allow tailored cleaning
                                         Separate 15-litre solution and recovery tanks.
                                         Optional wand and upholstery tool kit.

Steam Cleaners
                             SL 8000

Superb portable steam cleaner complete
with vacuumation for complete dirt and
water removal leaving surfaces clean, dry
and sanitised.

The Victor SL 8000 has a continuous fill facility allowing the operator to clean without
a loss in steam pressure and without having to depressurise the boiler to refill. This
provides an almost unlimited time in use.

The integrated HEPA filtered vacuum leaves surfaces dry and free from dirt and
also has 3 power settings that let the operator dictate the level of suction, but more
importantly the noise level depending on the environment in which the
machine is used.

The steam is released at 145 oC which provides a
sanitising effect on the surface it cleans. The temperature
also helps remove dirt and grease from surfaces without
the use of cleaning agents.


Cleaning and sanitising of hard floors.
Cleaning and sanitising of hard surfaces.
Cleaning and sanitising of carpets and upholstery.


Continuous fill.
Integrated vacuum with 3 power settings.
Steam provides sanitising effect.
Portable machine.
Wide range of attachments included.
HEPA filtration
                                                3000 A

                                        A powerful industrial steam cleaner with
                                        vacuum facility and chemical injection
                                        for exceptional cleaning and sanitising

The Vapor 3000A has a 5-litre water tank capacity and automatic boiler filling facility
for unrivalled time in use. The vacuum is also 5-litre capacity to allow longer cleaning
times between filling and emptying. Operating at 7 bar the steam pressure is powerful
enough to effectively clean most surfaces and remove dirt from grouting.

The unit allows for an additional chemical to be injected into the steam for extra
cleaning power in difficult cleaning situations.

                                                The robust stainless steel casing makes
                                                the machine tough and allows easy
                                                cleaning, ideal for use in the commercial
                                                cleaning environment.


                                                Cleaning and sanitising of hard floors.
                                                Cleaning and sanitising of hard surfaces.
                                                Cleaning and sanitising of carpets and


                                                Continuous fill.
                                                Chemical injection facility.
                                                Steam provides sanitising effect.
                                                High pressure steam for the ultimate in
                                                Wide range of attachments included.

Specialist Machines
                            Back Vac

The ideal solution to vacuuming hard to
reach areas, the Back Vac affords maximum
operative comfort and excellent productivity.

The harness allows the user to have both hands free to clean areas such as stairs,
high level shelving and seated areas such as those on coaches and in theatres.

HEPA filtration is available for the Back Vac for maximum cleaning power and operator
safety. Full tool kit including the crevice nozzle, round dusting brush and the upholstery
tool is supplied.


Vacuuming of hard floors and carpeted areas.
Vacuuming of upholstery.
Higher level vacuuming.


Freedom of movement to clean.
HEPA filtration available.
Full set of tools supplied to be carried in the pouch.


                                       The Woody is the ideal machine for use in
                                       areas where versatility is important and safe
                                       removal of dust is paramount.

The Woody features high specification HEPA filtration, the machine itself exceeding
IEC60312. HEPA filtration ensures particles collected down to 0.3 microns in size
(smaller than bacteria) are not dispersed back into the atmosphere.

The Woody is capable of cleaning 800 m2 / hr and has a large capacity of 35 litres. All
the dust is collected safely into a large paper dust bag making disposal safe. The mesh
bag inside the machine helps to prevent paper bag bursts and its carrying handles
make removing the paper dust bag and disposing of it clean, quick and easy.

                            The use of the wand and tool kit (including floor brush,
                            carpet tool and crevice tool) allows dust removal from
                            even the smallest of areas and from a variety of different


                                       Dry vacuuming of hard floors.
                                       Dry vacuuming of carpets.


                                       HEPA filtration.
                                       35-litre capacity.
                                       Wand & tool kit included.

Rotary Machines

The Victor Multispeed is a truly multi
functional machine. Scrubbing, spray
cleaning, burnishing and carpet cleaning
can all be carried out effectively by the

The Multispeed offers 3 operating speeds, 200 rpm, 400 rpm and 600 rpm. This
allows the user unlimited cleaning power with the capability to carry out any hard floor
cleaning task and effectively clean carpets.

The Multispeed features a controlled soft start. This is particularly
useful for inexperienced operators and makes the machine easy to
control on start up during carpet bonnet mopping or shampooing.
Available in 2 sizes 15” (400mm) and 17” (450mm).


Hard floor stripping
Hard floor scrubbing
Hard floor spray cleaning
Hard floor burnishing
Hard floor bonnet mopping
Carpet skimming
Carpet bonnet mopping


3 operating speeds for versatile cleaning ability.
Slow start for operator comfort and ease of use.
Full range of attachments can be fitted to maximise
cleaning result and efficiency.

                                          Europa &

                                      The Victor Europa provides excellent mark
                                      removal capability when scrubbing using the
                                      standard speed or spray cleaning at super high
                                      speed. The Europa V-Series combine this mark
                                      removal capability with active vacuumation for
                                      dust removal when spray cleaning or burnishing
                                      at super high speed.

The Victor Europa is available in two speeds, standard speed used for scrubbing, bonnet
mopping, stripping and carpet cleaning and super high speed for polishing and spray
cleaning. A wide variety of attachments can be added to these two machines to assist with
each cleaning task. For example, tanks and a splash skirt for scrubbing or an exhauster and
quick release skirt for spray cleaning and burnishing.

                     The Europa V-Series is available only in super high speed and comes
                     complete with an exhauster and quick release skirt. The vacuum
                     attachment, standard with the Europa V-Series, can be fitted with
                     HEPA filtration for improved cleaning and protection for operators and
                     building users. Available in 2 sizes 15” (400mm) and 17” (450mm).


                               Hard floor scrubbing (VR-E400S & VR-E450S only)
                               Hard floor stripping (VR-E400S & VR-E450S only)
                               Hard floor spray cleaning (Europa Super High Speed &
                               V-Series only)
                               Hard floor burnishing (Europa Super High Speed &
                               V-Series only)
                               Hard floor bonnet mopping
                               Carpet skimming (VR-E400S & VR-E450S only)
                               Carpet bonnet mopping (VR-E400S & VR-E450S only)


                                      Versatility across the range
                                      Reduced service costs


The Lynx operates at 1080 rpm to give
excellent productivity in spray cleaning or
burnishing and a superior finish on the floor.

The Lynx can be fitted with an exhauster for areas where an active dust collection unit
is necessary. However where sound is an issue the Lynx has the ability to be converted
to a silent passive dust collection system.

The simple to use Lynx keeps operator training to a minimum through its straight line
The fold over handle and castors on the rear of the
machine allow it to be stored in the smallest of storage


Hard floor spray cleaning
Hard floor burnishing


Active or passive vacuumation available.
Easy to use straight line operation cuts training time.
Fold-over handle and rear castors allow the Lynx to be
stored in the smallest of places.
High productivity
Excellent cleaning results.
Available in 3 sizes (15” (400 mm), 17” (450 mm) and 20”
(500 mm))

                                        Sprite 300

                                       The Sprite 300 offers ultimate cleaning
                                       performance and versatility in a convenient size
                                       for use where conventional machines are too

The Sprite 300 is one of the most versatile machines on the market today, the compact size
and low profile allows it to be used in the tightest of areas.

The Sprite 300 operates at our standard speed (240 rpm) to give the operator the
opportunity to carry out a number of cleaning tasks on both hard floors and carpets.

                   As you would expect from such a versatile machine, a full range of
                   accessories is available for the Sprite 300. These include tanks and
                   a variety of brushes, polypropylene for scrubbing, gumati brushes for
                   polishing and shampoo brushes for carpets.The fold over handle allows
                   the machine to be stored in the smallest of cleaning cupboards and the
                   brush hook on the rear of the handle provides convenient storage for
                   either a brush or drive board.


                        Hard floor stripping
                        Hard floor scrubbing
                        Hard floor spray cleaning
                        Hard floor burnishing
                        Hard floor bonnet mopping
                        Carpet skimming
                        Carpet bonnet mopping


                        Small, versatile machine.
                        Full range of accessories available.
                        Fold over handle and brush hook help with storage.


The Pro Series of rotary machines offers
unrivalled value and performance across a
range of hard floor cleaning tasks including
buffing, spray cleaning, scrubbing and
bonnet mopping.

At 300 rpm the Pro Series provide the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor
cleaning tasks. Fit the optional tank for scrubbing or bonnet mopping or change to pads
to carry out stripping, scrubbing, mark removal, buffing and spray cleaning.

The lower profile extended base allows users to clean effectively beneath overhanging
shelving or tables.
As with all Victor machines the Pro Series are delivered fully
assembled and ready for use. A drive board is included so you
can just attach the appropriate pad and start cleaning.


Hard floor stripping
Hard floor scrubbing
Hard floor spray cleaning
Hard floor burnishing
Hard floor bonnet mopping
Carpet skimming
Carpet bonnet mopping


300 rpm for maximum cleaning flexibility
Low profile for greater reach
Available in 400 or 450 mm
Delivered ready for use
Priced for your budget


                                        Designed for the heaviest of tasks the Trojan
                                        is a powerful workhorse. Available in 450
                                        mm, the handy weight box lets you adjust
                                        the amount needed quickly and simply.

The corrosion-proof undercover allows the strongest cleaning chemicals to be used
without causing damage to the machine.

An exceptionally powerful rotary, the Trojan is capable of being loaded with over 100
kg’s of weight. Operating at 180 rpm the Trojan is ideal for scrubbing and scarifying.

                     When used in conjunction with weight it is excellent at diamond
                     grinding of marble and other stone floors.

                     Despite its power the Trojan is well balanced and comfortable to
                     use even for inexperienced operators. The range of attachments
                     includes tanks (15-litre recommended), and a full range of
                     brushes including a high performance polypropylene scrubbing
                     brush and a couple of different scarifying brushes. The machine
                     comes complete with a drive board for use with pads or diamond
                     disks for marble preparation.


                                Heavy duty scrubbing of hard floors
                                Scarifying of hard floors
                                Marble and stone floor preparation
                                Carpet bonnet mopping
                                Carpet skimming


                                Can be loaded with over 100 kg’s of weight
                                Chemical resistant undercover

Machine Specification
Tub Vacuums / Uprights
Technical Data
Product Code            V-9          V-9E           V-UCS                        V-470                   V-WOODY

Voltage (V)             230 / 110    230 / 110      240                          240                     220 / 240

Motor Power (Watts)     1000         1000           Vac: 850 Brush: 300          Vac: 850 Brush: 300     1000

Airflow (l/s)            58           58             25                           25                      53

Waterlift (mm)          1800         1800           1650                         1650                    2300

Noise Level (dBA)       60           60             73                           73                      65

Weight (kg)             6            6              9.2                          9.7                     19.8

Capacity (litres)       9            9              4                            4                       35

Cable Length (m)        12.5         12.5           12.5                         12.5                    12

Cleaning Width (mm)     270          270            370                          470                     600

Wet & Dry Vacuums
Technical Data
Product Code            V-D9               V-WD30           V-WD60             V-WV35        V-WV35N

Voltage (V)             220 / 240          220 / 240        220 / 240          220 / 240     220 / 240

Motor Power (Watts)     1000               1000             2000               1000          1000

Airflow (l/s)            48                 53               106                56            56

Waterlift (mm)          2300               2300             2500               2300          2300

Noise Level (dBA)       65                 65               65                 65            65

Weight (kg)             8.5                9.8              24                 19.8          19.8

Capacity (litres)       9                  20               55                 35            35

Cable Length (m)        12                 12               12                 12            12

Cleaning Width (mm)     340                430              430                430           600

Scrubber Driers
Technical Data
Product Code                        V-SD15                              V-SD40

Voltage (V)                         240                                 240

Motor Power (Watts)                 Vac: 1150 Brush: 300                Vac: 1150 Brush: 1000

Brush Motor Speed (rpm)             1000                                180

Operating Down force (kg)           2.2                                 35

Waterlift (mm)                      2400                                2500

Noise Level (dBA)                   76                                  76

Weight (kg)                         32                                  73

Solution Tank Capacity (litres)     15                                  40

Recovery Tank Capacity (litres)     15                                  50

Cable Length (m)                    12                                  24

Dimensions LxWxH (mm)               570x465x710                         1000x570x1100

Drying Width (mm)                   420                                 750

Battery Vacuum

 Technical Data

 Product Code                         V-9B

 Voltage (V)                          24

 Motor Power Rating (Watts)           400

 Airflow (l/s)                         34

 Waterlift (mm)                       1100

 Weight with Batteries (kg)           13

 Noise Level (dBA)                    <50

 Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)          400x345x435

 Capacity (Litres)                    9

 Charge Time (Min)                    20 approx

 Runtime (Min)                        20 approx

Battery Scrubber Driers

Product         Description   Brush       Squeegee   Brush      Type    Max        Working   Solution   Recovery   Dimensions
Code                          Width       Width      Pressure   of      Gradient   Width     Tank       Tank       (mm)
                              (mm)        (mm)       (kg)       Drive   at Full    (mm)      (litres    (litres)

V-GENIEB        Small         350         450        20         semi    2          350       10         10         682x
                Battery                                         aut.                                               1115x440

V-M16           Small         410         450        20         semi    2          410       22         20         685x
                Battery                                         aut.                                               945x440

V-M20           20” Battery   510         742        30         semi    2          510       40         50         1178x
                Scrubber                                        aut.                                               1000x530

V-MR60B         60cm          610         790        35         Aut.    18         610       110        125        1485x
                Ride-on                                         Ride-                                              1320x679
                Battery                                         on

V-MMG85         85cm          850         1085       30         Aut.    18         850       110        125        1485x
                Ride-on                                         Ride-                                              1320x679
                Battery                                         on

 Rotary Machines
Product Code   Description            Voltage   Cleaning   Motor   Motor     Noise    Cable    Operating   Weight
                                      (V)       Width      Speed   Power     Level    Length   Down        (kg)
                                                (mm)       (rpm)   (Watts)   (dBA)    (m)      force
VR-MSI450      Victor Multispeed      240       450        200     1500      57       15       37.2        40
                                                           400               Vac:72

VR-E400S       Europa 400 Standard    240       400        230     1100      60       15       32          33

VR-E400SHNV    Europa 400 Super       240       400        400     1500      60       15       32          33
               High Speed

VR-E450S       Europa 450 Standard    240       450        230     1100      60       15       34          39

VR-E450SHNV    Europa 450 Super       240       450        400     1500      60       15       34          39
               High Speed

VR-E400SH      Europa 400 Super       240       400        400     1500      60       15       36.8        43
               High Speed c/w                                                Vac:72

VR-E450SH      Europa 450 Super       240       450        400     1500      60       15       38.4        43
               High Speed c/w                                                Vac:72

VR-L15         Lynx 15” (400 mm)      240       400        1080    1500      57       15       7           35
               Burnisher c/w Dust
               Control / Collection

VR-L17         Lynx 17” (450 mm)      240       450        1080    1500      57       15       9           37.5
               Burnisher c/w Dust
               Control / Collection

VR-L17V        Lynx 17” (450 mm)      240       450        1080    1500      57       15       9           41.7
               Burnisher c/w                                                 Vac:72
               Exhauster Unit

VR-L20         Lynx 20” (500 mm)      240       500        1080    1500      57       15       10          38.4
               Burnisher c/w Dust
               Control / Collection

VR-L20V        Lynx 20” (500 mm)      240       500        1080    1500      57       15       10          42.6
               Burnisher c/w                                                 Vac:72
               Exhauster Unit

VR-S300        Sprite 300             240       300        240     1500      57       15       20          22
               Standard Speed

VR-T17         Trojan 17              240       500        180     1100      60       15       35+         35-100
               Heavy Duty
               Low Speed

VR-PRO15       Pro Series 15          240       400        300     1100      57       15       27.4        32
               High Speed

VR-PRO17       Pro Series 17          240       450        300     1500      57       15       32.4        36
               High Speed

Carpet Spray Extractors                                                          Steam Cleaners
  Technical Data                                                                 Technical Data

  Product Code                          V-SX15             CX-7 (V-H2102)        Product Code           V-H9812        V-H9810

  Voltage (V)                           240                240                   Description            Victor Vapor   Victor
                                                                                                        300A           SL8000
  Motor Power (Watts)                   1000               1100
                                                                                 Voltage (V)            240            230
  Brush Speed (rpm)                     1000               N/A
                                                                                 Motor Power            1000           1000
  Brush Length (mm)                     295                N/A                   (Watts)
  Operating Down force (kg)             2.2                N/A                   Overall Power          3300           N/A
  Waterlift (mm)                        2400               2100
                                                                                 Operating              7              4
  Airflow (l/s)                          52.8               46.2
                                                                                 Pressure (bar)
  Noise Level (dBA)                     76                 78
                                                                                 Boiler Capacity        2.7            1.5
  Pump (bar / psi)                      3.4 / 50           2 bar max             (litres)

  Weight (kg)                           24                 9.5                   Water Tank             5              1.5
                                                                                 Capacity (litres)
  Solution Tank Capacity (litres)       15                 7
                                                                                 Recovery Tank          5              2.5
  Recovery Tank Capacity (litres)       15                 7                     Capacity (litres)
  Cable Length (m)                      12                 7                     Chemical               5              N/A
                                                                                 Injection Tank
  Dimensions LxWxH (mm)                 570x380x710        400x400x530           Capacity (litres)
  Drying Width (mm)                     380                260                   Cable Length           5              5
Specialist Machines
                                                                                 Weight (kg)            28             14.5
  Technical Data

  Product Code                           V-H2104

  Description                            EasySweep Manual Sweeper

  Weight (kg)                            18

  Dirt Collector Capacity (litres)       32

  Operating Width (mm)                   700

  Dimensions LxWxH (mm)                  1320x800x880

  Technical Data

  Product Code                           VG1102

  Description                            Victor Back Vac

  Motor Power (Watts)                    850

  Waterlift (mm)                         1650

  Airflow (l/s)                           25

  Noise Level (dBA)                      65

  Weight (kg)                            5.5

  Capacity (litres)                      4

Product         Description   Voltage        Brushes   Tank            Weight    LxWxH         Cable        Cleaning   Motor     Brush
Code                          (V)                      Capacity        (empty)   (mm)          Length       Width      Power     Speed
                                                       (litres)        (kg)                    (m)          (mm)       (W)       (rpm)
V-H9816         HyperGlide    230            2         5               10        300x380       12           300        300       680 /
                                                                                 x1200                                           1080

Battery Sweeper

 Technical Data

 Product Code                                V-FS50BT             V-S700B

 Forward Speed (km/h)                        0-4                  0-6

 Max Gradient at Full Load (%)               10                   18

 Debris Hopper Capacity (litres)             40                   87

 Central Brush Width (mm)                    500                  700

 Working Width (mm)                          650                  1540

 Power Supply (V) / Traction                 12 / mechanical      24 / mechanical

 Productivity (sq.m/h)                       2600                 12000

 Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)                     1430x1000x660        tbc

 Machine Weight without Batteries (kg)       75                   tbc

FSX Range

Product Code      Description    Voltage     Run       Charge     Battery      Rated        Noise   Pad    Pad        Weight
                                 (V)         Time      Time       Capacity     Power        Level   Size   Pressure   with
                                             (hrs)     (hrs)      (Ah)         (Watts)      (dBA)   (mm)   (kg)       Batteries
VR-BB450          FSX Battery    12          2.5       5          100          850          60      450    3          62.6

VR-BB450/300      FSX Spray      24          2.5       <6         60           300          <57     450    10         67

VR-BB150          Victor         12          1         4.5        53           800          50      200    25         31
                  Sprite 8

    Dowding & Plummer Ltd. reserve the right to amend the specification of its products at
    any time, without prior notification. E & OE.

Accessories & Consumables
           Victor supplies a full range of accessories and consumables
           for its cleaning machines including brushes, drive boards,
           cleaning pads and tools. By utilising the extensive range
           of accessories, the capabilities of each machine can be
           extended to ensure maximum effectiveness and productivity.

           All accessories are designed to make any
           task easier and the results more effective.

           Dowding & Plummer Ltd is fully committed to ensure that
           Victor machinery is installed with comprehensive product

           The performance of the Victor floor cleaning machine is
           considered paramount and all our product training courses
           are designed to clearly communicate machine capability and
           provide improved standards of efficiency for all operatives.

           Comprehensive machine training is available either on-site
           or at our state-of-the-art training facility in Birmingham. We
           are pleased to offer a full range of training courses on all floor
           maintenance and health and safety aspects, which can be
           tailored to specific customer needs if required.

           We can also offer BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning
           Science) training courses together with assessment and
           certification. Please contact your local Area Sales Manager or
           the sales office for more information.

Aftersales Support & Servicing
Victor floor maintenance products are supported by an
extensive selection of accessories and the full commitment
of the aftersales team and VASO engineers throughout the
UK. The Victor Approved Service Organisation (VASO) is a
nationwide network of in-house trained engineers capable of
servicing any cleaning machine.

Service plans can be tailored to suit each clients need,
including an agreed response time and pre-planned service

Victor machines are designed for easy servicing and
maintenance, with most machines allowing for repair on
site. If a machine does need to be repaired in-house, a
replacement can be provided, reducing down-time.

Technical advice and support on any machine or floor
cleaning circumstance is available from the Victor Area Sales
Manager team, sales office and service department, who are
fully trained to answer just about any cleaning question.

Service agreements are regularly evaluated and customer
feedback sought for further improvements.

For further information on Victor products,
training, servicing and aftersales support
please contact us

         by phone          +44 (0) 121 706 5771
         by fax            +44 (0) 121 708 1052
         by email
         or visit

Floor care Faults & Fixes

The following tables give you a range of common floor care problems complete with the
most common reasons and remedies for each. Victor loves your floors.

Task                 Problem                         Reason                      Remedy
                     Change of colour / Loss
                                                                                 Immediately stop stripping the floor and
                     of colour after stripping a
                                                                                 neutralise with an acidic neutralising
                     rubber or linoleum floor.
                                                     Stripping solution is too   product or mop with a table spoonful of
                     Seen as blue and greens
                                                     strong                      white vinegar in water. Following this
                     turning to yellow and
                                                                                 resume the stripping procedure with a
                     colours bleeding into each
                                                                                 weaker stripping solution mix.
                     other on patterned surfaces.

                                                     Too much Seal / Wax
                                                     / Emulsion polish has
Stripping                                            been applied to the
                                                     floor creating a heavy       If the seal / wax or polish is oleo
                                                     build up                    resinous (oil based) use a solvent based
                     Seal / Wax / Emulsion                                       stripping product. Alternatively, mix your
                                                     Dirt burnished into the
                     polish difficult to remove                                   regular stripping product with very hot
                                                     floor during routine
                                                                                 water to increase the rate of reaction.
                                                                                 Use a fresh black pad.
                                                     Seal / Wax / Polish
                                                     applied with a dirty

                                                                                 Re-strip, rinse and neutralise floor then
                                                     Floor not stripped and      re-apply polish / seal. Ensure that a pH
                                                     neutralised properly        test is carried out before re-application
                                                                                 of seal / polish.

                                                     Dirty mop or applicator     Re-strip, rinse and neutralise floor then
                                                     used with the stripper      re-apply polish / seal. Ensure that a pH
                                                     or during the polish        test is carried out before re-application
                                                     application process.        of seal / polish using clean apparatus.

                     Uneven or generally poor                                    Either strip and re-apply a coat of floor
                     result.                                                     seal before applying polish or apply
                                                     The floor is porous and
                                                                                 another thin coat of floor polish. Where
                                                     may need more coats or
                                                                                 a floor is worn apply a seal first. Ensure
                                                     a coat of seal first.
                                                                                 that the polish or seal is applied in thin
                                                                                 coats to gauge the porosity of the floor.

                                                                                 If it doesn’t look too bad use the dry
                                                     Polish or seal coats have
Polish Application                                                               stripping method described in the Victor
                                                     been applied too thickly
                                                                                 hard floor care manual to take off one
                                                     or before the previous
                                                                                 layer of polish. Otherwise strip and re
                                                     coat has dried.
                                                                                 seal or re-apply floor polish.

                                                                                 Wait for it to dry and if necessary
                                                     Floor seal or polish has
                                                                                 apply thinner coats. Refer to the floor
                                                     been applied in too thick
                                                                                 manufacturers guide or chemical
                                                                                 manufacturers recommendations.
                     Slow drying floor
                     (A coat of polish or seal                                   Floor polishes generally dry through
                     should take about 30-40                                     evaporation of water. If conditions
                     minutes to dry, CAUTION: it                                 are too humid or cool or if there is not
                     will take significantly longer   Lack of ventilation, air    enough air circulation then they may
                     than this to cure)              movement or other           dry very slowly. Adjust the temperature
                                                     atmospheric conditions.     control and the room humidity where
                                                                                 possible. Open all doors and windows
                                                                                 for ventilation using a wind blower only
                                                                                 in very extreme circumstances.

Floor care Faults & Fixes

Task           Problem                 Reason                                  Remedy
                                       Floor not neutralised properly prior    Strip the floor, neutralise and test the pH before
                                       to polish application.                  re-applying the floor finish.

                                                                               Ensure there is suitable barrier matting at
                                                                               each entrance. Barrier matting should cover 3
                                       Abrasive dirt or grit being walked
                                                                               paces. Re-coat the floor if it is worn. Maintain
                                       into the area.
                                                                               correctly, ensuring it is dust mopped or
               Polish wears quickly,                                           vacuumed regularly.
               lack of durability      Wrong pads are being used during
               resulting in the                                                Use a less abrasive pad or brush. Red pads
                                       spray cleaning or burnishing
               need for frequent                                               are generally designed for spray cleaning,
                                       maintenance. The pads are too
               re-coating.                                                     white or natural fibre are best for burnishing.
                                       abrasive or too dry.

                                       Floor is being maintained with too
                                       strong alkaline chemical or the         We recommend to use a burnishable neutral
                                       maintenance chemical is mixed at        detergent for floor cleaning and only use
After Polish
                                       the wrong dilution. Alternatively the   alkaline products as part of a periodic deep
                                       water used in the solution is too hot   clean.
                                       weakening the polish on the floor.

                                                                               Strip, rinse neutralise, test the pH of the floor
                                       Stripper not neutralised prior to
                                                                               prior to polish application. Re-apply seal or
                                       polish application.

                                       Floor is being maintained with too
                                       strong alkaline chemical or the         We recommend to use a burnishable neutral
               Polish powders
                                       maintenance chemical is mixed at        detergent for floor cleaning and only use
               following application
                                       the wrong dilution. Alternatively the   alkaline products as part of a periodic deep
               or during burnishing.
                                       water used in the solution is too hot   clean.
                                       weakening the polish on the floor.

                                       A poor quality finish has been used      Strip and re-apply or carry out dry stripping, to
                                       or the floor finish has been applied      remove one coat and re-apply a quality floor
                                       in too thicker coats.                   finish.

                                       The wrong detergent has been
               Too much foam                                                   Ensure that the detergent is low foaming and
                                       specified. The floor contains
               generated in the                                                has been diluted correctly. If there is a problem
                                       residues of previously used high
               scrubber drier or wet                                           with excessive foam in the recovery tank, use
                                       foaming detergents. The detergent
               pick-up.                                                        a defoamer.
                                       has not been diluted correctly.

                                                                               Deep clean the floor using a blue pad, a
                                       Substances walked in to a specific
General                                                                        standard speed rotary or scrubber drier and
                                       area from another, e.g. oil from a
Maintenance                                                                    a degreasing cleaning product. Place barrier
                                       garage or grease from a kitchen.
                                                                               matting at entrances.

               Slippery floor                                                   Spray clean with only water for several days.
                                       Excessive spray burnishing with a
                                                                               Alternatively use a blue pad and water or dry
                                       polymerised product.
                                                                               strip to remove the excess polymer.

                                       Residue left from incorrect detergent   Clean with an alkaline degreaser or strip the
                                       used on floor.                           floor and re-apply the finish.

A Guide to Brush Selection

 Brush Type                  Floor Type                   Usage
 Gumati                      All types of floor            Softer general purpose
                                                          brush for polishing and
                                                          spray cleaning
 Polypropylene               Synthetic, concrete &        Heavy duty for longer life
                             quarry tiles                 on concrete and quarry tile
 Bassine                     Synthetic floors              Scrubbing / Spray cleaning
 Silicone Mixture            Most floor types              Cleaning badly soiled
                                                          floors and spray cleaning
                                                          or buffing
 Short Trim Silicone Mixture Rubber studded floors         Burnishing and spray

 Scarifying Brush            Concrete                     Removing impacted
 (available in Coarse or                                  grease
 Medium wire grades)
 Nylon Shampoo Brush         Carpet                       Carpet shampooing

A Guide to Pad Selection

 Cleaning     Floor Machine Pad Speed
 Operation    Low - Standard High                Super High       Ultra High
              (120-250 rpm) (250-350 rpm)        (350-750 rpm)    (750-1500 rpm)
 Buffing       Tan, Red        Red, White,        Red, White,      Red, White,
                              Natural Fibre      Natural Fibre    Natural Fibre
 Spray        Red, Blue       Red, Blue          Red, Blue,       Red, Natural
 Cleaning                                        Natural Fibre    Fibre
 Scrubbing    Green, Blue     Blue
 Stripping    Black, Brown    Black, Brown

                                 EXCELLENT                                                    GOOD                                        SATISFACTORY

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Carpet Shampooing
                                                                                                                  Marble Preparation
                                                                     Hard Floor Bonnet

                                                                                                                                                                   Carpet Skimming
                                 Rubber Studded
                                 Floor Burnishing

                                                    Spray Cleaning

                                                                                                                                                                                     Carpet Bonnet
                                                                                                                                       Wooden Floor




























                                             Victor loves
                                             your floors.
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