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forest department of pakistan


									Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Forest department of Pakistan"
Role of Forests Department
Government has formed Forests Department for looking after forests and preparing new forests
and due to it there is a good increase in the number of forests every year. Forests are necassary for
the economic progress of a progress. According to experts 25% area of a country should be
consisted of forests for a balanced economy. Unfortunately our forests make 3.6% of the total area
of Pakistan which is 19 crore and 70 lac square acre forests cover an area of 72 lac acres. By
decrease in the amount of water, the vegetation decreases gradually.

Our Government is trying to increase the forests and has taken following steps.

1. Establishing nurseries in all big cities where plants are available.

2. Tree plantation weeks.

3. Newspaper, magazines, radio and TV provide necassary information and guidance to the
people and pursue them to plant trees.

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