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Search Engine Optimization

Presented to:

Innovation Asset Group (Insert Logo)
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By Cube Management LLC
(Insert Address)

April 28, 2005
Table of Contents
   Web Site Analysis
I. Company Background

Located in Tualatin, Oregon, Innovation Asset Group (IAG) helps knowledge-
driven organizations better understand – and maximize -- the economic value of
their intangible IP assets largely through the use of its integrated software
system, DECIPHER™.

The team at IAG is now looking for new, cost-effective ways to drive more
qualified leads in the door and shorten the enterprise-buying cycle. To that end,
IAG is considering the possibility of launching a strategic Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) campaign to improve the company’s online visibility – and, in
turn, generate more traffic, capture more leads and increase sales.

At Cube Management, our innovative Internet Marketing solutions are proven to
do just that.

II. Website Visibility Analysis

Our initial assessment of IAG’s web site reveals the following:

      The company’s web site comes up number one on Google, MSN and
       Yahoo search engines when its exact name is used.
      Number of back links:
          o Google 2
          o Yahoo: 23
          o MSN: 7
      The site's Alexa Ranking of 2,621,653 translates to "very low" visibility in
       the search engines
      According to the Link Popularity Tool at SEO-Chat, there are very few
       inbound links to IAG's website (this is a critical component of SEO)
      Several keyword strings from the company’s home page were used to
       conduct organic search on Google, Yahoo & MSN, with zero organic
       search results on the first two pages.

In summary, the natural search engine visibility of IAG’s web site is very low at
this point. As a result, in its current format, the IAG web site has very low
potential to deliver qualified leads and website conversions through natural
III. SEO Potential of IAG's Website:

Given the results of this initial assessment, it is our belief that IAG's website has
tremendous SEO “growth potential." A comprehensive SEO campaign will
greatly expand the number of inbound links to the company's website which, in
conjunction with textual optimization, will drive up search engine rankings for
relevant search terms. Consequently, website traffic will increase as IAG's
website gets "found" more often by prospects.

The expected outcomes from Cube’s proposed search engine optimization
project are as follows:

 • High rankings for all relevant keywords
 • Increased targeted traffic
 • Increased lead generation, resulting in higher sales*

*Note: lead generation is dependent on the existence of strong offers and
mechanisms that convert web site visitors into leads. These critical aspects are
not addressed in this proposal, but should be considered in order to optimize
IAG’s web-based lead generation prospects.

IV. SEO Campaign Development

To achieve optimum campaign results for IAG, Cube Management will define and
deploy an effective SEO strategy based on the following main components:
Engine Optimization 2
a.) Keyword Identification

This is a critical first step in any successful SEO campaign. Drawing from current
SEO Best Practices, Cube Management will:

      Perform a “feasibility analysis” of the keyword list to ensure that a
       reasonable expectation of high search engine rankings and targeted traffic

      Identify a list of keywords and keyword combinations that will drive
       targeted traffic to your website.

b.) Optimization of Current Website Content
Once the keyword strategy has been defined, we will then focus on the "content"
phase of the campaign by:

          Conducting a thorough review of IAG's current website content with an
           eye towards optimizing that content for targeted keywords

          Integrating targeted keywords into the current website in a manner that
           will achieve optimal search engine rankings for those keywords.

          Carefully maintain the website’s core messaging while reworking the
           content for maximum search engine visibility.

c.) Creation of New Optimized Website Content

Based on our initial review of IAG's website, we highly recommend that new
optimized content be created to provide the proper framework for a successful
SEO effort. Content creation is necessary when the existing website content
either lacks sufficient depth to conform to SEO Best Practices or doesn't map to
keywords targeted in the SEO campaign.

Following current SEO Best Practices, Cube will:

      Place each major service offering on a unique web page containing at
       least 250 words.

      Maintain or enhance the communication of IAG’s value proposition to
       motivate your prospects to contact you.

d.) Link-Building

A significant factor in achieving search engine success is the quality and quantity
of websites that link to your company's website. Even with the best textual
optimization, an SEO effort will likely fail without a strong link-building program in

On IAG's behalf, Cube Management will set up link exchanges between IAG and
other websites. We will link IAG to other websites in return for those websites
linking back. Our standard link building formula includes these tasks:

       • Creating links pages
       • Brokering link exchanges with other webmasters.
       • Placing links from trading partners on the IAG site.
We expect to establish at least 300 relevant inbound links to IAGs web site
during the initial project period of 3 months.

V.       Expected Results

Within six months from the beginning of the project, the expected results will be
as follows:

        IAG will achieve first page search engine visibility for at least 10 selected
         keyword strings
        Web site traffic from organic search will increase by at least 500 percent

We would be happy to evaluate and provide other expected outcomes from this
project to IAG, based on further evaluation of the company’s current web site

VI.      Project Pricing & Schedule

The above-mentioned scope of work will be delivered to IAG for a total of
$5,400.00. The project will be completed within 90 days of purchase order.
Invoicing will be monthly in the amount of $1,800 in arrears, with payment due
Net 5 from invoice date.

VII. Optional Monthly Reporting Services

In addition to the initial project described above, to ensure that IAG has the
necessary tools to measure ongoing campaign results, Cube will provide a
detailed analysis on all aspects of your SEO campaign, including but not limited

        Search Engine Rankings
        Source and Volume of Search Engine Traffic
        Analysis and reporting of basic statistics
        Recommended further actions to enhance search engine rankings and

This service will be provided for $500 per month, under the same payment terms
described above.
Optionally, Cube proposes to install and provide reports using ClickTracks, a
leading tool which provides advanced web analytics. This will allow us to provide
IAG with additional reporting, including

      Site Path Analysis
      Visitor Conversion Analysis
      Comparative Analysis Between Natural Search Traffic and PPC Traffic

This functionality will be incorporated at no additional charge to the above
pricing. This offer does include software licensing fees, which are for IAG’s

VIII. SEO Case Study: AllMed Healthcare Management


In October of 2004, Cube launched an aggressive SEO campaign for AllMed
Healthcare Management. Three months later, in January 2005, AllMed began to
see a large increase in natural search traffic. The rate of traffic increase
continued to accelerate further in February and March and continues to rise
today. Overall, Cube Management's SEO efforts have led to an increase in
AllMed’s natural search traffic that now reaches over 1,000%.

It is not unreasonable for IAG to expect a similar pattern of increase in
natural search traffic. “Natural” search represents a large untapped pool of
prospects that IAG is not reaching due to lack of online visibility. With a well-
focused SEO effort, IAG's website will no longer be “invisible” to prospects and
instead become an effective vehicle for converting visitors into leads. We
recommend a 3-6 month test in order to lay the foundation for explosive online
lead generation through top natural search engine rankings.

IX. About Cube Management

Cube Management provides sales acceleration services to emerging growth
and mid-market companies in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare and
business service sectors. The experts at Cube Management work across the
entire spectrum of marketing, sales and business development to provide
customized solutions that drive revenue and profit growth. Cube Management
combines Strategy, Process & People to deliver winning results.

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