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					   We specialize in helping build strategic relationships between SCORM
   vendors and their customers & partners. End users of C2S benefit by having a
   single access point to finding the latest SCORM software, services, and resources.
   You benefit by having access to potential consumers of your SCORM products
   and/or services!

   C2S is the world’s fastest growing SCORM community of professionals,
   companies, and organizations. We communicate with more than 1,000
   registered members worldwide and continue to grow every month since
   our initial launch in October 2005. The summary table below provides
   our statistical averages for visitors and advertising estimates for C2S
   since our initial launch. The advertising estimates are based on recent
   performance of ad campaigns during the past six months.

 Registered      Estimated           Estimated               Daily           Monthly
Members &         Monthly             Monthly               Website          Website
Subscribers      Ad Views            Ad Clicks               Hits             Hits

  1,000+           1,000+                  50+           5,000-18,000        250,000+

   Reach people when they are actively looking for information about SCORM software
   products and services online, and send visitors directly to what you are offering.
   With the C2S Sponsorship Package, you will save money for your advertising
   budget and effectively reach your targeted audience! Sponsorships are paid
   monthly, every six months or annually.

                Service Plan                                   Features                 Pricing
   Option #1: 12 Month Banner Ad                 •   12 Month Banner (392 x 72)          $999
   Placement (Header Section Throughout          •   Newsletter Placement
   Website in Rotation)                          •   Advertising Stats
                                                 •   Editorial Review
   Option #2: 12 Month Banner Ad                 •   12 Month Banner Ad (175 x 200)      $749
   Placement (Left Side Throughout Site)         •   Newsletter Placement
                                                 •   Advertising Stats
   Option #3: 6 Month Banner Ad                  •   6 Month Banner Ad (200 x 200 –      $499
   Placement (Home Page Only)                        Home Page)
                                                 •   Newsletter Placement
                                          •   Advertising Stats
Option#4: Monthly Banner Ad               •   Monthly Banner Ad (200 x 200 –    $99
Placement (Home Page Only)                    Home Page for __ Month(s))
                                          •   Advertising Stats

C2S Sponsorship includes unlimited directory listings, an editorial review,
placement in our monthly newsletter and a space for your banner advertisement
throughout the site.

     Feature                                   Description

                       Banner advertising on C2S is available at monthly, six
   Banner              months, or annual sponsorship rates. This feature
Advertisement          includes various options for premium placement on the
                       home page or throughout the C2S website for a static or
                       animated banner ad. Your ad can provide any information
                       regarding your company, product, service and/or event
                       and will link directly any URL you choose. For an
                       additional charge of $250 we can create a custom banner
                       ad for you. Please refer to your service plan options for
                       the specifics of your banner ad placement and available

  Advertising          Our advertising statistics are provided for all banner
   Statistics          advertising campaigns. You will be provided
                       administrative access to view statistics and create custom
                       email reports for Ad Views, Ad Clicks, and Click Through
                       Rates (CTR) for your campaign. Reports can be viewed
                       via a web-based interface or delivered as an email digest
                       on a daily, monthly, or summarized basis.

                       We will promote your products, services, and/or events
  Newsletter           with a spotlight listing in our email newsletter sent to
  Placement            every registered C2S member and our combined
                       partnership and prospect list of over 3,000 contacts. We’ll
                       work with you to collect the details necessary to deliver
                       an effective email campaign for your targeted audience.

                      We will provide an editorial review of your SCORM product(s)
    Editorial         and/or services for your listing(s) in the directory. The
    Review            reviews can be accessed by anyone visiting C2S, and will be
                      available as a "product review" link next to your listing.
                      Editorial reviews are usually created after conducting an
                      interview with you and based on your availability.
Listing your SCORM product or service independently in all of the major search
engines can be quite costly. By listing your SCORM product or service in the C2S
directory, you will have access & exposure to your targeted audience without
having to pay duplicated costs of listing your product or service in the top www
search engines. C2S already maintains paid Cost Per Click (CPC) accounts with the
top search engines to save you time and money, and increase your return on your
marketing investment! The table below provides a summary of the estimated cost
of listing your product or service in each of the top search engines. All prices are
USD estimates and based on data obtained from June 2005 through September

    Service                Setup            Monthly Cost          Estimated
                                                                 Annual Cost

                            $5               $200 - $1,000      $2,405 - $12,005

                           $199              $200 - $500         $2,450 - $6,050

                            $50              $200 - $500         $2,450 - $6,050

                            $15              $200 - $500         $2,415 - $6,015

 Estimate Totals:          $269             $800 - $2,500       $9,869 - $30,304

Whether you’re interested in exchanging services, software, or establishing a
strategic alliance, a partnership with C2S can provide you with powerful marketing
advantage for reaching your targeted SCORM audience. Expand your business
through cooperative marketing or make new connections with our partnership
network by contacting us today.


   Option #1 Banner Ad Placement (12 Months – Header Section): This will include twelve
   months of your banner ad (392 width x 92 height) placed in the header section of This banner ad will be located at the top of the website on every
   page throughout the website. The screen capture below (highlighted in green) depicts the exact
   location of the Option#1 Banner Ad Placement.
Option #2 Banner Ad Placement (12 Months – Left Side): This will include twelve months
of your banner ad (175 width x 200 height) placed in the left navigation section of This banner ad will be located at the left navigation section of the
website on every page throughout the website. The screen capture below (highlighted in green)
depicts the exact location of the Option#2 Banner Ad Placement.
Option #3 Banner Ad Placement (Six Months – Home Page Only): This will include six
months of your banner ad (200 width x 200 height) placed on the home page of This banner ad will be located at the main body section of the
website on the home page only. The screen capture below (highlighted in green) depicts the
exact location of the Option#3 Banner Ad Placement.
Option #4 Banner Ad Placement (Monthly Option – Home Page Only): This will include
a monthly option for your banner ad (200 width x 200 height) placed on the home page of This banner ad will be located at the main body section of the
website on the home page only. The screen capture below (highlighted in green) depicts the
exact location of the Option#4 Banner Ad Placement.


The services that C2S provides to you are to the following Terms of Use. You should
carefully read the following Terms and Conditions. By using the C2S website or the
services provided by Sharable Content Solutions, LLC you agree to be bound to the
Terms of Use. Sharable Content Solutions, LLC reserves the right to modify these
Terms at any time in order to best serve and accommodate the interests of the users of and/or the customers of Sharable Content Solutions, LLC.

The C2S website offers registered users access to information, resources and interactive
networking services and other web-based components owned and operated by Sharable
Content Solutions, LLC. C2S provides promotional and consumer information
regarding various SCORM products and services via its website and related web pages
located at and through email & community forums.

Sharable Content Solutions, LLC offers advertising and sponsorship packages to both
registered and non-registered users of C2S. Advertising rates may change or vary based
on availability of banner ad placement on the website. For the most current rates, please

Our Website may contain e-mail correspondence, Forums, company news, and business
related web pages specifically designed to enable you to communicate with the other
registered users and the administrative staff at Sharable Content Solutions, LLC. Using
your contact information, C2S will send you confirmation e-mail messages under the
following circumstances:
    • To respond to an inquiry or request for information
    • To confirm your registration as a new user
    • To confirm your submission for a new category or listing
    • To confirm your purchase in the online store
    • To notify you of special promotions
    • To communicate with you regarding customer service related issues.

Use of Services
Services may contain e-mail correspondence, forums, company news, and business
related web pages. The customer or registered user agrees to use the Forum only to post
messages and material that are appropriate.

When browsing our Websites or using the Forums, you agree not to upload, post,
transmit or make available any content that is in violation of both U.S. and International
Law, content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar,
obscene, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise

Sharable Content Solutions, LLC is not by any means obligated to monitor the Forum
and will not be held responsible for any content posted onto the Forum. Sharable
Content Solutions, LLC does, however, reserve the right to review, edit, modify or
delete messages posted and to remove any messages at any time, without notice, for
any reason whatsoever.
C2S provides links to products, services and resources for registered users and receives
its revenue from the advertising associated with the listing of SCORM-related products,
services, or events. Users of the C2S website acknowledge that the reproduction and/or
redistribution of content, information, data, or other intellectual property gained
through exclusive access to C2S or to any other party is in violation of copyright laws
and therefore would cause harm to the C2S website. You hereby agree that
reproduction and/or redistribution of any materials to any non-member shall require
prior written authorization from the owner. No material protected by copyright,
trademark or other proprietary right shall be uploaded, posted or otherwise made
available on C2S without the express permission of the owner of the copyright,
trademark or other proprietary right. We are a distributor of resources supplied by third
parties and Users of the C2S website. Any opinions, advice, statements, services,
offers, advertisements, or other information made available by third parties are those of
the respective author(s) and not of C2S or Sharable Content Solutions, LLC.

In order to fully use many features of the web site, you will be asked to complete a
registration form. During registration, you are required to provide contact information,
for you and the organization/company you represent as well as optional information.
C2S may use this contact information as a means of confirming your identity and/or
relationship to the particular company/organization. When you register to be User of
C2S, you must provide the requested contact information and create a Username and
Password. This information allows us to maintain an account profile for each member
so that we have a better understanding of the needs of our members so we can then
customize preferences for each member. We may use the information we collect during
the registration process to occasionally notify you about important functionality
changes to the web site, new services from C2S, and special offers from the C2S e-
Newsletter. User membership is effective until terminated by the registered user.
Sponsorships are effective until they expire, at which time they are downgraded to a
basic / Free Membership status, or are cancelled by the registered user. Refunds will
not be granted for cancelled memberships or sponsorship advertising. As a registered
User of C2S, you are granted a personal, nonexclusive, non-assignable, and
nontransferable license to use and display the information offered by C2S on any
computer of which you are the primary user. You acknowledge that you may not
sublicense, transfer, resell, or assign this license or the C2S concept without written
authorization from C2S. Any attempt to transfer, sell, loan, or assign the license may
result in its immediate termination and/or legal action.

Except where noted otherwise, the List Price displayed for products in our online store
represents the full retail price listed on the product or service itself provided by the
manufacturer or supplier. When an item is offered for sale by one of our merchants, the
list price is the price provided by the merchant plus transaction fees negotiated on
behalf of C2S. With respect to items sold by C2S, we do NOT charge your credit card
until after your order has verified. Your purchases from third-party sellers using C2S
are charged at the time you place your order, and third-party sellers may include
transaction fees issued by C2S in the listed price. The standard commission fee is a one
time 10% charge of the item sold.
The services C2S provides for you are for your personal and non-commercial use only,
unless otherwise specified as an agreed upon advertising sponsorship or service plan.
The CONFORM 2 SCORM brand on our Website is copyrighted information owned by
Sharable Content Solutions, LLC.

   •   You may not: permit other individuals to use the Content and Services except
       under the terms listed above; duplicate or modify use of the Content and
   •   You also may not copy or sell any works or otherwise transfer rights to any of
       Sharable Content Solutions, LLC's information, software, products, or Content
       and Services obtained from our Websites.
   •   You promise that you will not use or redistribute the Content and Services for
       any reason. You have no right to use the Content and Services for productive or
       commercial use.

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