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           They’re not parking tickets!

APA 2007                                  1
   Citations serve Two purposes
1) Give credit where credit is due!
           Don’t plagiarize, even by accident!
           (you’re smarter than that and so is your teacher!)

2) Allows a reader to find the same

APA 2007                                                        2
           Citations have Two parts!
• In-text citations
    – Lets the reader of your document know you
      are using someone else’s idea
                (great minds think alike!)

• Works Cited List
    – If someone wants to follow an idea, they have
      enough knowledge (or pieces of information)
      to go and get the same tools you used.
APA 2007                                              3
      Why are there different format
• Each major discipline has a preferred
• At MCC two styles are used

    – MLA [Modern Languages Association]
           • English, humanities

    – APA [American Psychological Association]
           • Psychology, sociology, education

APA 2007                                         4
• Know the ‘pieces’ you need AS you are
  conducting your research.

• Locate the ‘pieces’ you need AS you are
  evaluating your resources.

• Look for missing ‘pieces’ in order to use
  the best possible sources.
APA 2007                                      5
• Find the best format to put the ‘pieces’

• Often there is more than one way to site
  an online article.

APA 2007                                     6
           New APA Guidelines
• June 2007
• Digital Object Identifier
• Not all library subscription databases have
  an obvious DOI.

    – Databases with DOI have a clear example
    – Databases without DOI have no clear

APA 2007                                        7
           APA Example (DOI)
• Library Subscription Database

APA 2007                          8
           APA Example (no DOI)
• Library Subscription Database
• If there isn’t a DOI, use the number listed
  on your article.
• Some database call this number:
    – Document number or ID
    – Database number
    – Accession number
    – Entry number or record number
APA 2007                                        9
             APA Example (no DOI)

           Hager, M.H. (2007). Therapeutic diet order writing:
                    Current issues and considerations. Topics in
                    Clinical Nutrition, 22(1), 28-36. Retrieved from
                    ProQuest Digital Dissertations. (AAT 1434728)

            • List the database name and the document number

APA 2007                                                               10
• Be consistent
    – If you italicize instead of underline, make sure you do
      it throughout!
• Evaluate your sources
    – If you can’t find all the ‘pieces’, should you be using
      that source?
• Capitalize
    – Only capitalize the first letter of the article

APA 2007                                                        11
• Instructor (if you are confused, ask for
• Librarian (Person or Ask-A-Librarian)

• MCC’s APA Citing Unusual Sources Guide
• APA Documentation (Diana Hacker)
    – Click on drop down menu to find example

APA 2007                                                     12

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