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Table of content

Executive Summary                                   3

Company Profile                                     4

Marketing Strategy – Current Period                 5

      Company Background                           4
      Organization Chart                           5
      Procurement                                  6
      High Level Work Process Diagram              12
      Current Problems                             14

E-Procurement                                       16

    Pantavanij E-Procurement                       17
    Benefit of E-Procurement                       18
    High Level Work Process Diagram                19

Implementing E-Procurement to organization          24

Advantage and Disadvantage of e-Procurement         25

Recommendation                                      28

Conclusion                                          30

References                                          30

Executive Summary

With current global and high competitiveness in the business, many organizations are seeking

for the systematic approach to help them simplify the work process meanwhile also make it

more effective and easy to analysis for continuous improvement to maximize their benefit

with lowest cost.

E-Procurement is one of the choices that can help the organization meet the goal by solving

their current problems. Many suppliers also see this opportunity to enhance and maximize

their profit by make the E-Procurement and introduce widely in the package of system with

various levels of cost which results in different level of the efficiency.

The Petroleum and Petrochemical College of Chulalongkorn University, PPC, is another

organization that facing the purchasing problem and could not fully utilize the fund cleverly. I

choose this company because I used to work in this organization and being the scientist and

researcher that need to do the purchasing job. This make me get the overview of process steps

including their problems.

With this study, I elaborated the advantage and disadvantage of e-Procurement system

including the famous ‘Pantavanij’ e-Procurement compare with the traditional purchasing in


 Company Profile

 Plan-it Consultants Limited was founded in 1997 by Hugh O’Connell and Kunthira

 Chulasamaya. The company is dedicated equally to providing the best-quality corporate

 personnel training in Thailand, at affordable fees, and to preparing Thai students for successful

 post-secondary study abroad, at universities in the UK, Australia, and the US. Plan-it has

 quickly earned a reputation as a high-quality training and human resources development

 company. Plan-it also has had notable successes placing Thai students in leading international

 institutions of higher education. It has followed up on those placement achievements with a

 complete program to fully prepare Thai students for the challenges of studying abroad.

 Returning students report a high degree of both accomplishment and enjoyment in their post-

 graduate experiences in foreign universities that they attribute directly to Plan-it's thorough

 preparation programs


 “To be Thailand’s top English preparation programme for tertiary studies abroad”


“Provides the professional services as a one stop centre for people who want to develop their



    To increase company revenue by 10% from last year

    To expand our connection with more universities around the world to support the need of


Marketing Strategy – Current Period

       a. Service – Plan-it currently services are corporate training, pre-master and English

          programme, and consultant for study abroad

       b. Price – A current prices have been offered to middle to high income people

                 Average Fee Structure

                 Per Student placement : 70,000 THB

                 Per Preparation Course : 300 THB per hour in a group

                 Corporate Training      : 50,000 THB per day

       c. Place – the location is in the central area of Bangkok which is Alma Link Building,

          Chidlom. This is considering as a good point for plan-it since the location is in the

          well-known area that people able to transport in many ways whether to come by

          bus, taxi or even sky-train.

       d. Promotion – Plan-it does not offer any promotion yet

1. Situation Analysis

   The method that uses to analyze and understand the current situation of Plan-it Company

   is five forces model. The Porter’s competitive forces are as the following:

      Barrier to Entry

       The consulting business for study abroad and English teaching programme in Thailand

       is not restricted because the capital investment is not too high, about 4 Million Baht.

       Moreover, the good human resources to hire as the instructors and consultants are

       easily to find because nowadays there are more foreigners who live in Thailand and

    willing to teach their native language for living and more Thai student who graduated

    from abroad and able to teach English professionally.

   Threat of Substitute Products

    Consulting business for study abroad has a low threat of substitute services except

    people can contact with their expected university directly and apply by themselves. But

    for English preparation programme, this business has a high threat of substitute

    services since there are growing numbers of people who interest to learn other

    language like Japanese, Korean, Chinese or German language. All theses institutions

    consider being our indirect competitors in foreign language teaching business because

    it will take away our market share from customers who decide to learn only one

    language as their second language.

   Bargaining power of buyers

    In the nature of student placement business, we act as a brokerage so we don’t have

    direct buyers but the one who pay us is all the universities that being our partner. They

    have a high bargaining power so that we have to accept the commission rate that

    already fixed and being their policy. In the contrary, the buyers for English preparation

    programme have low bargaining power since we sell it at the fix price individually so

    they don’t have a group or high volume bargaining power. Moreover, because of the

    good reputation of our instructors, customers are willing to pay a reasonable price for a

    high quality course.

    Bargaining power of suppliers

    For suppliers side, the famous instructors and trainers might have high bargaining

    power but general staff have a low bargaining power.
       Competition among existing firm

    There are a lot of direct competitors compete in the same business with Plan-it Consulting

    Company. Most of them also located central area or around the university areas in

    Bangkok such as New Cambridge, ACL and IDP company. For English preparation

    programme, our direct competitors are Wall Street, British Council, Kaplan and etc.

SWOT Analysis


   Qualified staff: Plan-it’s consultants, trainers, and teachers come from a wide variety of

    backgrounds, corporate and industrial affiliations, and educational and training specialties.

    Core members of its English-teaching staff have been official IELTS examiners, providing

    them a deep understanding of this critically important aspect of international education

    today. All of Plan-its trainers and instructors, regardless of prior experience, are given

    rigorous additional training before working with Plan-it clients, and their work remains

    under close supervision by management specialists throughout their tenure at Plan-it.

    Routine corporate and student evaluations similarly attest to the consistently high quality

    of both the training and teaching at Plan-it.

   Location: Plan-it offline office locates in central area of Bangkok. There are many

    transportation ways to get there; BTS sky-train, Taxi, Bus or even your own personal

    vehicle because it has a parking space.

   A good connection with many quality universities abroad: The Plan-it Pre-Masters

    Programme, which prepares students for tertiary studies abroad, was established in

    conjunction with England’s Bournemouth University and the University of Northumbria.

    Plan-it also is the Thailand representative for the University of Central Lancashire, the
    University of Luton, Middlesex University, the University of Newcastle, the University of

    North London, the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, and the University of

    Surrey. You can also apply to the University of Bath, Bristol University, Cardiff

    University, the University of Exeter, the University of Kent at Canterbury, Liverpool John

    Moores University, the University of Nottingham, the University of Salford, the

    University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Warwick and the

    University of Westminster through Plan-it.

   Varieties of services: Plan-it offer wide range of services; corporate trainers, student

    placements, preparation courses and pre-master programme.


   Low loyalty of corporate trainers: It is generally for high skill trainers to change their work

    place frequently. Their reputation will attract other companies and they are ready to move

    if those companies offer them better benefits.

   Strategic focus: Since Plan-it provides varieties of services so it will lack of strategic

    focus. With limited resources, all of the services that they provide are not meet the

    ultimate effectiveness and efficiency as it should be if they focus on a specific business.


   More people tend to study post graduate degree

   Some big companies prefer abroad graduated. With more demand, this will effect to the

    decision of people when they find a place to study in the future.

   Because of Thai Baht appreciation, there is more people interest to study abroad because

    the study fee and other expenses to study abroad are decrease.

   Internet access are more available


   High competition in consulting and English programme business

   The fluctuation of exchange rate that create an unstable demand of customers. If Baht

    depreciation, it will decrease the demand to study abroad in the market.

   The growing trend of internationalization of education in Thailand is also being our threat.

    There are more Thai universities that provide international course so students will have

    more choices in order to study international program.

                                         Online Vision

“To be the top online consulting company in Thailand by providing innovative service”

                                         Online Mission

“To apply new effective e-marketing strategies in order to better serves customers and gain

more revenue”

E-Business Model

         The e-business model we will use for our e-commerce strategies are:

         1.1. Infomediary

         Our Plan-it website is aiming to provide as much information on universities and

institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India as possible.

We also gather a lot of useful information related to living in the foreign countries for the

users to view for free. There are also free online English-Thai, Thai-English and English-
English dictionaries that anyone can use. Traffic is expected to be gained from using this


         1.2. Advertising

         We sell banners as well as PPC advertising on our website. We also serve as a portal

website in that we gather links of many universities and institutions, containing both our

partners’ and those that are not yet our partners, and list them by countries. This is another

great way to generate high traffic because we provide access to these links for free. As we

have generated high enough traffic, more and more companies want to spend their money to

advertise their products and services on our website.

         1.3. Merchant

         We offers virtual online classes in English preparation courses and intensive courses

on TOEFL, ILETS and TOEIC to our customers. Payment for courses can also be made online

as well. With this model, our virtual online courses can be sold to anyone who has access to

the Internet (and a webcam).

         1.4. Affiliate

         To generate more revenue, we will join in affiliate programs with bookstores, language

institutes, travel agencies and brokerages. By using this model, Plan-it will gain revenue

mainly from the commission earned from the total transaction fees made via Plan-it website

with each affiliate merchant partner.     In other words, the revenue will come from the

commission rate agreed on with each of our affiliate partners.

2. Relationship Management Strategies

         2.1 Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
   Plan-it’s main focus will be on B2C relationship since our main customers are students

and people who are interested in studying English or going abroad. We believe that by

focusing on this business relationship, it will greatly help us in generating more revenue due to

the satisfaction and convenience our company delivers to our customers. The changes in

lifestyle, especially those of the city people, have made the Internet an indispensable tool since

it helps people not only in their works but also in their personal lives too. Plan-it will use the

strengths, which are easy accessibility, convenience, flexibility, and time-saving, of the

Internet to bring our products and services to our customers and not the other way around.

Therefore, building a strong B2C relationship lies at our company’s heart in relationship

management. We believe that without them customers, there would be no us.

       2.2 Business-to-Business (B2B)

   We expect that part of our revenue comes from doing businesses with other businesses.

These are selling advertisement spaces on our website as well as joining in affiliate programs

with other businesses such as bookstores, language institutions, and travel agencies and

brokerages. In the future, we also plan to partner with other unrelated business industries such

as entertainment business, restaurants, banks and hospitals to further expand our customer


Marketing Mix

1. Product

       1.1. Student Placement

       - We will provide student placement for those people who are interested in studying

abroad in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, India and

European countries
       - The student placement does not only cover the universities but also language

institutions as well. That is, we offer student placement for those who want to go study foreign

languages in the mother countries.


       - We use our website to provide information on several universities and institutions in

many different countries. Students can directly go to these university and institution websites

to find out more about what programs are being offered as well as other related information

about studying at those places. This will help the students to gain some insight information on

the places they feel interested in and assist them in deciding where they would want to go.

       - Any student who wishes to receive the free consultation with a Plan-it consultant

must register with Plan-it via the website and fill out the personal information form necessary

for the consulting process. After the form has been sent via Plan-it website, the information

will be kept automatically in Plan-it student database system for further references.

       - For consultation, each student must make a time arrangement via Plan-it website to

schedule an appointment with a Plan-it consultant. This can be done through Plan-it website as

well. The student can easily make this appointment by finding the time he/she prefers first and

put in the request form. After 1-2 minutes, the system will inform the student whether the

preferred time is available or not. If the preferred time is already taken, a timetable illustrating

available slots in the next 7 days will appear with the name of each consultant written for

those slots. The student can choose the new preferred time depending on his/her availability or

on the specific consultant if the student knows who he/she prefers to consult with.

       - When the selected time is available, there will be a confirmation button appears on

the screen for the student to confirm his/her appointment.

       - After confirming the appointment, a reference number with the student name, the

consultant name and the appointment time will be shown on the last screen for the student to

print out or save for further references.

       - Cancellation can also be done online or by phone. Cancellation for the appointment

should be done at least 4-6 hour before the appointment time.

       - Plan-it appointment system is fast and reliable and it allows users to know the results

of their appointment time within 1-2 minutes. This is because all of the consultants’ schedules

are put into the system. The availability of each slot will be automatically crossed out after a

confirmation from the student/user is made. This software is especially designed to assist in

the ease of making appointment as well as reduce the number of human labor to perform the

scheduling tasks.

       1.2. English Preparation Courses

       - Every student who wishes to take our English preparation courses is required to take

a placement test to evaluate each student’s English proficiency and place him/her on the most

appropriate level

       - There are 5 levels for English preparation courses (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4,

and Level 5) with each level containing approximately 72 lesson hours.

       - All of our English preparation courses are offered online only

       - Our online teaching approach is a virtual online classroom where students and

teachers can see and hear each other. Since every class is based on real-time, teachers and

students can interact with each other, for instance, asking questions.

       1.3. Intensive Courses for TOEFL, IELTS and TOIEC
        - Every student who wishes to enroll in our intensive courses is required to take a

placement test or summit the latest score of any one of the three English standardized exams

2. Price

        2.1. Student Placement

        The consultation for student placement is free of charge. Anyone who is interested in

receiving the consulting services from Plan-it can be done online. This online consulting

method helps the students/users to save the commuting time and cost since they do not have to

come to Plan-it in person.

        2.2. English Preparation Courses

        - Each English course contains 72 hours. Each week, a student is required to take 6


        - Students can choose to take 2 hours, 3 days a week, or 3 hours, 2 days a week.

        - Plan-it offers time flexibility in that students can choose to take classes at the time

most suitable for them. However, the options are still limited due to the virtual classroom

nature of online classes that requires interactions between teacher and students.

        - The tuition fee for each English level course is 12,000 THB

        2.3. Intensive Courses for TOEFL, ILETS and TOEIC

        - Intensive courses for TOEFL, ILETS and TOEIC cost 18,000 THB per course

        - Each course contains approximately 80 hours. Ten hours each week are required for

each student to log in and study these courses.

       - Each student who wishes to enroll in these intensive courses is required to either take

a placement exam provided by Plan-it or submit a score obtained from the previous English

proficiency exam (TOEFL, ILETS or TOEIC) in order to evaluate if the student’s English is

good enough to be enroll in these courses.

       - However, if the student does not previously have a good enough score on the English

proficiency exam, the student is not recommended to enroll in these courses. Persisting

students can still enroll in these intensive courses, but Plan-it will not guarantee the result after

taking these courses as we do on those students whose test scores are at the acceptable level.

       - For those people whose scores are considered to be good enough to enroll in these

intensive courses, Plan-it offers a guarantee on the score improvement upon completing the

courses. For example, Plan-it guarantees that upon completing the intensive TOEFL course,

every qualified student will get at least 520 on the paper-based exam. As for IELTS, Plan-it

guarantees a minimum score of at least 5.5 upon completing the course. As for TOEIC, a

minimum score of 750 is guaranteed.

       - In cases that the qualified students fail to make the minimum scores, Plan-it will

allow these students to retake these intensive courses one more time at no additional cost.


       Plan-it offers customers 4 payment options as follow:

       (1) Cash: Students can download and print invoice from Plan-it website and pay at

           bank or counter service such as 7-eleven, mailbox services, etc. By using this

           method, students will be responsible for the charge of payment themselves.

       (2) Money transfer: This can be done at the bank counter, via ATM machine or online

       (3) Credit Card: Plan-it will join with some banks and use credit card payment system

           to provide guests alternative type of payment which will be more convenience for

           the customers. However, if the students wish to pay with credit cards issued by

           other banks that are not partner with Plan-it, an additional 3 percent charge will be

           added to the total payment charge (in order to absorb the transaction fee made by

           the credit card payment).

       (4) E-pay Link: In addition to the above options, Plan-it will accept payment from


       Within 24 hours of making the payment, a confirmation email from Plan-it will be sent

to the student’s email with the confirmation number and reference information.

3. Place

       3.1. Student Placement

               A. Student consultation is done online either via instant messenger

                      Plan-it Interactive Instant Messenger (accessible via Plan-it website)

                      Instant Messenger (Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail)

               B. All documents and information are available in soft file.      Most necessary

       documents can be directly download from Plan-it website or links provided on the

       website. Other documents that are not posted can be requested. Plan-it will send the

       soft file to the customers’ email accounts.

               C. All brochures and leaflets are also available in soft files. However, interested

       students can come to pick these brochures and documents up at our Plan-it office as

               D. For documents that cannot be sent online, students can either send their

       documents at the post office or drop them off at Plan-it office.

       3.2. English Preparation Courses

               A. All 5 English preparation courses are virtual online courses where teachers

and students can interact with each other.

               B. Although most computers nowadays have webcam ready installed, some

students might still not have them. Therefore, Plan-it offers 2 options as follow:

                       (1) Rent a webcam: Plan-it offers portable webcams for rent. Students

               who wish to rent our webcams must register our webcam rental form (either

               online or at the office) with the credit card information. The credit card

               information will be kept confidential and no money will be charged during the

               rental period. However, if the student fails to return the webcam to Plan-it after

               our rental period is over, we have the right to charge money from the registered

               credit card for the webcam as stated in our rental contract between Plan-it and

               the student. During the rental period, if the webcam fails to function properly,

               the student can come in and exchange for a new webcam without additional

               cost. The rental contract can also be done online without the necessity to come

               to Plan-it office. Furthermore, the student can pick up the webcam at the Plan-it

               office or have it sent to him/her by mail. For the latter option, the student will

               be responsible for the postal cost of sending the webcam and that cost will be

               added to the total fee for the course.

                       (2) Buy a webcam at a discount price: Plan-it will partner with some

               sellers that sell webcams (both online and offline stores) such as Power Buy,

               Macro Office Center,,, etc. in order to offer

               special discount prices on webcams for Plan-it students.

       3.3. Intensive Courses (TOEFL, ILETS, and TOEIC)

               A. Plan-it intensive courses will be offered in the same manner as the English

preparation courses. That is, our intensive courses are offered through a virtual online

classroom setting.

               B. Students have the same options of acquiring webcams as those enrolled in

our English preparation courses.

4. Promotion

       4.1. Advertising

               4.1.1. Online Advertising

                      A. Banners

                      B. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) with search engines such as Google and Yahoo

                      C. Affiliate programs with other sites

               4.1.2. Offline Advertising

                      A. Leaflets and handbills

                      B. Magazines whose target customers are between 15 – 35 years old

such as Seventeen, Ray, Sudsapda, Lisa, Computer Today, eBusiness, and PC Magazine.

These magazines are positioned for those customers who are mostly upper-middle class

people and aged between 15 – 35 years old.
                        C. Free newsletters such as VIVA Bangkok newsletter

Note: Use celebrities (age between 15 – 30 years old) who are either the former or current

students of Plan-it to be the presenters on our published online and offline advertisements to

attract more target customers.

       4.2. Sales promotions

                 A. Promotional packages:

             PACKAGE DETAIL                               PRICE          BENEFIT
Dual Package Any 2 English preparation courses            22,560 THB     Save 6% (1,440 THB)
Tri-Package  Any 3 English preparation courses            30,960 THB     Free Webcam
                                                                         Save 14% (5,040 THB)
All-in Package        All 5 English preparation courses   48,000 THB     Free Webcam
                                                                         Save 20% (12,000 THB)
Best of 2 Worlds      Either English level 4 or 5 + 1 27,600 THB         Free Webcam
                      Intensive course                                   Save 8% (2,400 THB)
Intensive Duo         Any 2 of the three intensive 32,400 THB            Free Webcam
                      courses                                            Save 10% (3,600 THB)

                 B. Referral program:

       Plan-it will offer a referral program where people can make money by referring people

to study or receive consulting services with Plan-it. Registration with Plan-it is required in

order to participate in this program since every registered member will receive a personal ID

number, access code as well as reference number that every referee from this person must put

when enrolling in each course. Whenever a referee enrolls in a course or is being placed and

accepted by a university/institution, a referrer gets a 5% commission from Plan-it. The more

people whom the person refers to Plan-it enroll in the courses or get a university placement,

the more money that person receives money.

        This program is beneficial to Plan-it in that it helps save a lot of marketing

expenditures that might be wasted by other marketing methods. The referral program serves

more like a PPC rather than CPM since the money will be paid only when a referee takes

some actions such as enrolling in one of the Plan-it courses or receiving consulting service for

student placement with Plan-it.

                 C. Seasonal promotions:

        Plan-it will offer seasonal promotions by offering special prices on English preparation

courses for students enrolling in specific timeframe. Each promotion varies depending on the

period of the year and will be determined by Plan-it Management team which type of

promotions is the most suitable for each period of the year. These seasonal promotions will

use a time-sensitive method. In other words, these promotions will be offered only at a short

period of time and announcements on these seasonal promotions will be notify a few weeks

(not more than 10 days)just before a promotional period starts. This tactic encourages people

to constantly log into the website to check if there is any new seasonal promotion being


        4.3. Direct Email - Sending emails to current and potential target customers

                 - Sending emails is another powerful online marketing tool that Plan-it will use

to communicate with our target customers.

                 - Private sales will only be announced via direct emails. Customers will tell

their friends and relatives about the news (word of mouth) and this is another way to generate

the feeling of exclusiveness for our members since not everyone will receive these emails on

private sales.

                - Updated news and seasonal promotions can be communicated through

sending these emails.

Revenue Model

1. Affiliate Fee Model

We gain revenue by contact to the companies that have an affiliate program in order to put

their website link in our webpage. The companies that we contact are air ticket agency,

bookstore and hotel agency. Every purchase customer make to those websites, we will be get

the affiliation fee.

2. Sale Model

The revenue from this model will be generates from selling our consultant service and virtual

English programme class. This model is the main revenue to the company. We expected it to

be 70% out of total income.

Customer Analysis



                Age : 15-40 years old

                Sex : Male and Female

                Family Income : 40,000 baht and above / month/ household

                Status : All

              Education : High school, Bachelor degree, Master degree

              Occupation : School and college students, white collar workers and etc.


              Location : Mainly focus to people who live in Thailand


              Personality : Energetic/ Active/ Self-confidence/ Smart/ Up-to-date

              Attitudes : Value-oriented/ Open-minded/ Optimistic/ Eager to success

              Lifestyle : Self-improvement/ Trendy/ Outgoing/ Youthful/ Fun with friends/


              Interest : Technology/ Music/ Sports/ Films/ Traveling


                      Lean on parents for financial sustenance

                      Influence purchases made by parents

                      Regularly invest in education and for self-improvement


Student Placement Service

Since one of Plan-it’s main businesses is to be an educational specialist who provide

consultant and all supporting services to deliver students study oversea , most of our target

customers will be people whose aged in between 18-30 years old. We aim to target this age

group because it generally covers the age of high school student who plan to further their

Bachelor degree in foreign universities, as well as the age of graduate students who intend to

further their Master degree in universities in USA, UK, Australia, India and other European

countries. The family income of our prospect customers will be in the middle to upper income

range since most of our customers are high school and college students or newly graduates

who just starting their work for a few years, however, the majority are still lean on parents for

financial sustenance especially in the education expenditure.

Online English Study Program

Plan-it also provides Basic English courses and intensive TOELF, IELTS and TOEIC

preparation programs as another key product lines that can generate main revenue stream to

company. However, all the courses are uniquely designed by using new technology to deliver

the curriculum in virtual classrooms on Plan-it website. The target customers of our English

programs will be categorized into 2 major groups according to the types of English programs

we offer – first type is Basic English course and second type is Intensive English preparation


      Basic English Course

Basic English Course is designed to deliver the fundamental study of English which will be

catered into 5 levels that cover from the first level—basic English to the fifth level—advance

English. The target customers could be anybody at any age ranges from high school students

to group of working people who want to develop or strengthen their English knowledge and

efficiency.   The family income of target group should be more than 40,000 bath/ month/

household as one level of our English program is priced at the average of 5,000 bath/ month

and the course takes about 3 months for one level.

      Intensive English Preparation Program (TOELF/ IELTS/ TOEIC)

The intensive English preparation program is designed to response the need of students who

want to practice and prepare their English exams for TOELF, IELTS and TOEIC in advance

as it is required by universities and organizations before entering their schools and world class

institutions. All classes are delivered to people at any age groups but most of them will be at

the age in between 18-40 years old with family income more than 40,000 baht/ month/

household. Nevertheless, all of our target customers for all types of company products and

services could be living in any parts of Thailand since people can find all of information and

do all activities such as submit papers or transfer payment as well as contact company

personnel through internet, telephone line and mail service.


Plan-it tries to position itself as the web portal that provides one stop service and information

to people who are planning to further their study in universities in USA, UK, Australia, India

and other European countries. The image of Plan-it is the world class company that delivers

student placement and other supporting services as well as provides high quality online

English program on Plan-it website. Conclusively, Plan-it mainly emphasizes to deliver

professional services and high quality products to customers and means to be the number one

educational website that provides full services to customers via World Wide Web.

Implementation Plan

Homepage Objectives

    To generate more sales and increase profit of the company

    To be the number one Thai website that provides full e-learning service and

       information for student placement
Homepage Concept

  •   Homepage Name

  Our homepage name is We use the same name as company’s name in

  our website to make it easy to remember for people who want to search on internet. The

  company name and domain name represents our business nature in providing consultant

  and planning for students who want to study abroad in USA, UK, India and some

  European countries.

  •   Website design and layout

  As our website acts like the web portal that provides number of information about

  universities and institutions in USA, India and Europe, our website and layout are

  designed in the most clear and clean way to allow easy navigation for people so that they

  can find out information they want within a short time.

  •   Website Theme

  Our website is created by using the dark color background and light color of font as well

  as the use of orange color to highlight some areas on Plan-it logo and background to make

  it outstanding. The website theme is to deliver the feeling of modern interactive company

  that provides professional educational services with international standard to new

  generation of customers. The look of being the specialist in educational businesses will be

  communicated through the use of dark background, while the feeling of lively, creative

  and young organization is communicated in orange color.       Customers will also look &

feel this image of Plan-it via the use of simple font type that will be presented throughout

every pages of website in the clear content and contemporary design.

•   Meta Tag

We design our Meta Tag to capture all the words to represent us as we are the number one

Thai website that offer full student placement services for students to USA, UK and other

countries as well as provide English study courses through virtual classroom on our

website. Below are the following keywords that we use for the best web search engine

optimization purpose:

“Study abroad, Study oversea, Study in US, Study in UK, Study in Europe, Study in India,

Study in Australia, MBA, Study MBA, English courses, Study TOELF, Study TOEIC, Study

IELTS, English study program, Student placement”

Plan-it Prototype Website

   1. Home

   This is the first page of our website that people will see when they enter

   The homepage will contain the entire main menu that could be linked to other pages in our

   website. The keys to navigate website in homepage are grouped and catered into three

   main sections. First is the title bar that provides all menus for people to search about the

   background and description of company, products, promotions, study tips and contact

   address. Second is the registration section for student log-in to enter virtual classrooms of

   various Plan-it English courses. Last is section of all additional features such as free

   online consultant service on MSN, online time reservation system, advertising areas that

   include paid-advertising, affiliate programs as well as related links. All of the latter

   features are provided as the value-added things to customers in navigating the site and

   helps Plan-it create connection and visibility to the other sites.

2. Products

This page contains all information of Plan-it products which will be divided into two main

categories – Student placement service and Online English study programs. Customers

can choose between to use our consulting service in recommending the universities and

arranging all supporting services in studying abroad or selecting to study the varieties of

online English programs in virtual classroom on Plan-it website.

List of Universities

The lists of universities and institutions in many countries such as USA, UK, Australia,

India and etc will be contained in the page of product. However, users will need to click

to the link of “list of universities” before they could find the country name and cities that

will be later presented in this link. After users select country and city they wish to go to,

the list of universities and institutions available in that chosen area will be illustrated and

users can find more information of each university in details as well as the university
website by clicking to the name of that university. This system enables users to find out

information of universities and institutions from number of cities in each area easily within

several clicks. The title menu bar and left-hand sided menus will always be presented

throughout every web pages to prevent customer confusing and allow easy navigation.

List of English Study Programs

Customers can find the information of our English programs the same way as they click to

the link of university. In the product page, there will be the topic of “English Study

Programs” for customers to click into the list of English programs they interested in. For

example, when customer click to the TOELF programs, it will show all descriptions of the

course curriculum, class activities, program fee, class schedule, information of instructors

as well as how to settle the payment online. After customer agrees to study this course he

will need to settle the payment via payment system that presented on Plan-it website and

he will get confirmation from Plan-it when payment is confirmed with the login and

password code provided to enter the virtual classroom.

3. Promotion

In this page it will contain the advertising promotion of Plan-it products and services. For

example, there will be the promotion of contracted universities or institutions that offer

special prices for Plan-it students in applying to its courses within a specific time period.

If customers want to know what kinds of promotion that Plan-it provides at this month

they can just click into this area to find out. The promotion page is also a place where

Plan-it uses to introduce new products and services such as new study programs, new

universities or new institutions offered.

4. Study aboard Tips

This page will provide students a lot of tips and useful knowledge and articles that students

should know when they go to study aboard. The topics will help students to prepare

themselves and get basic idea when living oversea. For example, the articles about culture

shock, work and study, shopping guide or the general tips such as how to do international

driving license or how to make international free calls from oversea and etc.

5. Contact Us

   This page will bring you to all contact information of Plan-it which includes the full

   address of office location, telephone number, e-mail address, contact person and operating

   hours. Customers who wish to visit Plan-it office for personal consultant can make

   appointment beforehand by using telephone or online time reservation system. On the

   right hand side of the page, customers can also fill in the form for personal information

   and requirements so that Plan-it could use it as information to provide better consultant

   service to customers. based on 7Cs framework


On Plan-it website it will be presented in a relatively clean and clear design with some use of

graphics, controllable sound and animation in order to communicate the look of interactive

business professional to customers. The color of background and font we use will be in the

same tone and style for every page in our site. The web design will deliver the image of world
class organization that provides the best consultant specialist and student placement service

along with international standard of online English programs to customers. On the top of page

will include the menu bar that can allow people to navigate all information they want about

Plan-it business and products. On the left hand side, there will be other additional features

that Plan-it provides as value-added services such as online consultant, online time

reservation, student gallery and other free links and affiliate websites. In the middle of the

page is the area that uses to depict the information that customers search for. To allow easy

navigation in finding specific information and avoid customer confusing in going around our

website, we have designed our menu bar at the top of page and additional menus in the left

hand side to be fixed in every web pages so customers will know where to go if they want to

leave the existing page for other information. Therefore, only the contents in the middle area

will be changed to illustrate different information according to the topics customers want to



On Plan-it website we mainly use texts to dictate the search topics on the top menu and at the

left hand side menu bars. However, pictures are also used in the content as it can show

emotional factors and deliver the feeling of messages to customers better than using words

only. For example, in “student gallery” we also use a lot of pictures of happy students along

with the text that describe their personal impression and experiences with Plan-it services.

These pictures can bring a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as credibility to Plan-it

website since it is like friends are telling their friends about the valuable experiences they’ve

got from studying oversea with Plan-it. As a psychological factor, these pictures could be a

more reliable source to convince new customers in selecting Plan-it as one of their choices

when they think of studying oversea and want to hire educational consultant because Plan-it

has many experiences in this business and can gain a lot of customer satisfaction from its past



In order to create visibility and enable the search engine optimization to place Plan-it as the

first ranking sites of the search page, we try to make Plan-it website appeared at the other

websites as much as possible so that when people go to other sites they may see Plan-it and

visit us. To increase visibility and traffic rate of our website we will post the banners and

advertisements in other website as well as do the affiliate programs with contracted partner

websites such as institutions in Thailand, education businesses and other related companies.


Plan-it plans to use website as the main channel to generate income and increase profit of the

company. The company expects that almost 100% of revenue will come from the products

and services we provided to customers through the contacts via website. Our off premise at

Alma-link building will have only receptionist area and the place for all virtual classes will be

broadcasting, however, people who still wish to have personal consultant at office are

welcome but prior appointment should be made. On Plan-it website, the main revenue stream

would come from student placement service and online English study programs which are the

core products and services of company. However, we also plans to generate more income by

providing other related products and services to our business through affiliate programs with

other websites. The examples of these products are books, air ticket or accommodation.

Another source of income that we think Plan-it can add to its revenue is the sale of banners

and advertising areas to other companies which will be in both of the forms of selling

advertising space and Pay per click ads.


Plan-it also provides area in the website that all visitors can share the knowledge and

experiences in studying oversea between each other. On Plan-it web board, people will be

able to freely ask questions, share ideas and opinions or create conversation on topics related

to Plan-it products and services as well as any other topics about study aboard.         Plan-it

expects that in the future this web board will be an important source of information that

gathers a lot of useful questions and answers and creates the community of Thai students

studying oversea. If Plan-it web board are known and shared by many people due to it is a

centre of information for people who are going to study oversea, it will make Plan-it gain

higher traffic and increase the opportunity to make higher revenue in the future.


Not only Plan-it provides all contact information of company in the page of “Contact” in menu

bar of Plan-it website, it also provides the fastest and easiest way of communication that

company uses to contact with customers online through “Online Consultant” feature. With

this feature, customers would be able to ask direct questions to Plan-it via MSN which it is the

automatic system that pop up when student clicks at “Online Consultant” on Plan-it website.

The web administrator of Plan-it would stay online and answer all customer questions in real

time.   For more details in communication or to depict the company existence, prospect

customers can visit our office at Alma-link building or call via telephone line at the numbers

and address shown in website.


In the log-in section, Plan-it students will receive different login name and password code to

enter the virtual classrooms as well as access to other learning materials according to the rights

and agreements made between Plan-it and individual students. The students will be able to

check their exam result, comments for papers, check home works and study record through

Plan-it website and e-learning system. However, for student placement service, customers can

choose to customize their appointment time with Plan-it by using “Online Time Reservation

System”. This system will allow customers to make prior appointment with Plan-it for

personal consultant. When customers click into this feature, customers will be asked to put in

the date & time they want at Plan-it calendar to do the appointment, system will automatically

check with immediate response to confirm whether the schedule is available or reserved by

other customers. If the later case occurs, customers will be asked to put the new schedule date

again until the appointment date and time are confirmed.


Doing online business for Plan-it now is the best way to expand the market efficiently because

it is higher reach to big group of target customers which is now internet is part of their life.

This online website of Plan-it will create some low cost and low investment when compare to

the off-line business and can reduce some of fix asset including the rental area as our proposal

to change some part of business by cutting of the corporate training and preparation course at

the offline office. The cost for operating on-line business are hardware which already existing

but need high speed and good network equipment, labor cost, transaction fee, advertisement

on search engine website ‘Google’, ongoing cost and the package for web hosting from
                                              -36- which includes initial set up fee, domain name, web hosting, monthly fee, and

website design. The financial statement for 5 years expected cost is following.

       As we mentioned above, we expect that the daily basis is approximately 10000 visitors

and the conversion rate is approximately 1%. From each customer, we assume that they will

buy at minimum order by 3,000 pairs of shoes. Therefore the total revenue adding per year is

about 2.4 million baht and continues increasing approximately by 20% in each next 5 years

and the payback period is only within 2 months. As a result, we recommend you to operate on-

line business as you can generate high revenue and expand the market all over the world in the

big target group which they are mostly using internet as part of their life.

Evaluation Plan

After Plan-it relauches the website to be a main part of the marketing plan, Evaluation should
be implemented for every quarter in order to check whether it will meet yearly targeted as plan
or not. There are 4 criteria to evaluate whether online marketing is achieved as yearly plan by
end of the particular year.

      Visibility

       Plan-it will measure how many visitors and times to access Plan-it website, and also
       assess the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization and Advertising Promotion.
       This criterion is very important for our business especially in student placement
       because the students who are interested to have further study in other countries might
       change their mind or the university that they choose might not accept. Therefore, we
       have to get the most visibility to get the most target market to consult with us. The
       yearly target goal from year 1 to year 5 is 100, 500, 1500, 3000, and 5,000 visitors per
       day consecutively.

      Traffic and Stickiness

       Plan-it will check how long does it take in loading each webpage when the customers
       log into the website. No customers like to wait for long time to see each webpage and
       lead to reduce stickiness of the website. We have to check this rate so that we can
       continuously improve the website. In the case, the automatic count tools can use to
       count the number of customer who log into our website. The target page views should
       not be below 3 pages.

      Conversion Rate

       Plan-it is able to know exactly conversion rate as a daily and monthly basis from the
       number of registered member through the website who take the virtual English class
       and after the university accept the students who apply from our company. We plan the
       conversion rate for virtual English class and student placement separately. The yearly
       target of conversion rate of the virtual English class are ……………………… and
       student placement are ……………………………..

      Return on Investment

       ROI is the one of critical tools in finance to check whether the company operates at the
       good performance or not. Our target ROI from year 3 to year 5 is 3.3, 23.5, and 103.

Contingency Plan

Since the company will monitor the rate of visibility, stickiness, conversion rate and page
view every quarter, the company will study and review to take the immediate action plan if
possible in order to meet the target plan at the end of the year. In case the company cannot
achieve the targeted goal and plan that set in the criteria, the company may study and analyze
to find the root causes:

Issue 1: Low visibility


      Revised keyword in order to make it right and hit to the popular search engine
      Advertise our website in other communication channels or portal. For example, to have
       a pop up advertise on the first page of the personal email page to get more attention or
      Send an email to the member to recommend their friends to see our website by giving
       a free course to the member to review in return.

Issue 2: Low conversion rate


      Revise the e-marketing plan
      Launch attractive promotion to on-line customers
Issue 3: Low page view number


        Update the information such as when we have just been appointed to be representative
         of the new university in Thailand, we have to put into our website as soon as possible
        Revise the sitemap and reorganize the information to make the arrangement simpler
         and convenience to the customer.

Issue 4: Low Return of Investment


        Minimize operating expenses to match with the income
        Put more marketing campaign to convince the customer take course continuously per

24       Exit Plan

When the e –marketing plan is not worked, we will take the contingency plan. If the
contingency plan does not work, we will have the exit plan. However, we will continue to
have the website to provide the information about student placement. The website is another
channel for customers to get the information and know our company from the website.
Finally, our customers will use our offline services.


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