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How To Choose The Best Retail Display Fixtures For Your Store _135_


									How To Choose The Best Retail Display Fixtures For Your Store
When it comes to choosing the best retail display fixtures for your store, you might feel a bit
overwhelmed. From plastic, acrylic, glass, wire mesh, and wooden basket containers to all the
different kinds of racks and stands to hold the containers, the possibilities seem endless.
To help you choose the best retail display fixtures for your store, take some time to first think about
your store's environment, the kind of merchandise you sell, and the customers with whom you
normally do business.
1. Consider Your Environment
It's always best to consider your environment first, because no matter what kind of product you're
displaying, you have to first think about how much space you have to display it.
If you have a lot of space to work with, you have many options! You can use many items like wire
display racks, bucket display racks, wire mesh basket displays, and wooden basket displays to
showcase your merchandise. If you don't have much space to work with, you can still use these same
kinds of display fixtures - you'll just need to be aware of how many you can use while still leaving
enough room on your store's floor for your customers to conveniently move about and browse your
2. Consider Your Merchandise
Just as you need to think about the number of display fixtures you use, you need to think of the sizes
and style that will work best for the amount of space you have to work with. Thinking about your
merchandise will help you determine both the best size and the best style of retail display fixtures for
your store.
Fortunately, nearly every kind of display fixture available - from plastic containers to wire display
racks - is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making it easy for you to choose the fixture
that will be the right size and style for the kind of merchandise you plan to display as well as the
space you have to display it in.
Of course, you also have to consider any special needs your merchandise has. For example, wooden
basket displays are great for non-edible merchandise and items like packets of seeds and flower
bulbs, but they're not the best choice for unwrapped candies. If you plan to display edible
merchandise that isn't already covered with some sort of protective wrapper, consider looking for
retail display fixtures like glass or plastic containers with lids. You might also want to look for
containers with handles or handgrips, as well as think about accessories like aluminum or plastic
3. Consider Your Customers
Finally, you must think about your customers, and for two reasons: safety and convenience.
You want the retail display fixtures you choose to be safe for your customers. Fixtures like candy
containers, for example, are available in both glass and plastic models. Choosing glass containers
will work if you have a lot of space to work with and your customers generally consist of adults and
not rowdy children, but plastic is probably the better option if you manage a store where space is
limited and you cater to lots of children excited to get their hands on your merchandise.
You also want the retail display fixtures to be convenient for your customers. This includes choose
fixtures that are large or small enough to comfortably hold the merchandise, as well as fixtures that fit
well within your store.

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