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					                                                                                Fundamental Daily                                                                                        15-Nov-2011

Market Roundup                                                          Industry & Economy News
 The Key benchmark indices weakened to hit their lowest level           The annual wholesale price index-based inflation rate in October rose
 in almost three weeks in late trade as European stocks                 9.73% compared to the previous month’s annual increase of 9.72%.
 reversed initial gains. The market opened on a firm note but           Food inflation was up sharply to around 11% in October from just over
 volatility was high. Volatility was at the forefront as key            9% in the previous month on account of items such as vegetables,
 benchmark indices regained positive zone after slipping into           pulses and poultry products surging on a yoy basis during the latest
 the red for a short while in mid-afternoon trade.                      reported month.

 The market breadth, indicating the overall health of the
 market, was weak. On BSE, 1985 shares fell and 865 rose. A
 total of 94 shares were unchanged. The breadth was positive
 earlier in the day.

Indian Indices                                                          BSE Sectoral Indices
                          Close      Change       Change %                                                                      Close                       Change                          Change %
SENSEX                 17118.74       -74.08        -0.43               METAL                                                11027.14                       -243.24                          -2.16
S&P CNX NIFTY           5148.35        -20.5         -0.4               HC                                                    6074.07                         27.23                           0.45
BSE MIDCAP              6063.75        -98.6         -1.6               FMCG                                                  4220.97                        -13.64                          -0.32
BSE SMLCAP              6645.49      -119.23        -1.76               CD                                                    6256.72                       -131.37                          -2.06
CNX MIDCAP              7044.65        -79.6        -1.12               TECk                                                  3517.75                         26.44                           0.76
BANK NIFTY                9275        -17.55        -0.19               AUTO                                                  8956.61                       -181.49                          -1.99
CNX IT                   6210.3        41.45         0.67               OIL&GAS                                               8829.15                        -81.44                          -0.91
CNX Defty                3549.8       -15.45        -0.43               PSU                                                   7236.59                        -96.77                          -1.32
CNX 500                 4074.55       -26.35        -0.64               BANKEX                                               10651.42                        -35.55                          -0.33
                                                                        CG                                                   10499.92                       -111.04                          -1.05
                            P/E        P/B         Div. Yield           IT                                                     5783.1                         38.97                           0.68
Sensex                    17.98        3.42       1.49                  POWER                                                 2134.54                        -40.49                          -1.86
BSE Midcap                16.04        2.05       1.45                  REALTY                                                1763.29                        -46.24                          -2.56

Crude, Gold & Silver                                                    Daily Trends In FIIs Investments (Rs Crore)
                                       Last    Change Change %           2500

Brent Crude                 ($)      114.04      -0.12     -0.11
Gold                       (Rs)      28,954         68      0.24
Silver                     (Rs)      57,715         21      0.04







Exchange Rate


                                       Last    Change Change %          -1000
Dollar / Rupee             (Rs)       50.33       0.21           0.43
                                                                                                                                          Oct 25
                                                                                 Oct 17

                                                                                           Oct 18

                                                                                                    Oct 19

                                                                                                              Oct 20

                                                                                                                        Oct 21

                                                                                                                                 Oct 24

                                                                                                                                                   Oct 28

                                                                                                                                                              Oct 31

                                                                                                                                                                       Nov 01

                                                                                                                                                                                Nov 02

                                                                                                                                                                                          Nov 03

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nov 04

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nov 08

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nov 09

Euro / Rupee               (Rs)       68.85      -0.18          -0.26

Source :Capitaline
                                  Ajay Kumar Srivastava                 Swati Saxena
                                                               Corporate News

 Oil India, reported a 24.2% increase in net profit at Rs 1,138.5 crore for the quarter ended September 2011. It was Rs 916 crore in September
 2010.Total income also jumped 50% to Rs 3,952 crore as against Rs 2,633 crore in the same period a year ago.

 Adani Enterprises posted an 8.6% increase in net profit at Rs 553 crore for the quarter ended September 2011. In the same period a year
 ago, the company's net profit was Rs 509 crore. Net sales jumped 75.3% to Rs 10,084 crore from Rs 5,752 crore in September 2010.

 Areva T&D, has bagged a Rs 200 crore contract from state-owned PowerGrid Corp for setting up a transmission network at Bareilly, in Uttar

 Balrampur Chini Mills reported a net loss of Rs 39.44 crore in July-September quarter. The company had reported a net loss of Rs 78.34 crore
 in the year-ago period. The net sales fell marginally to Rs 502.75 crore in the second quarter as against Rs 508.28 crore in the same period
 last fiscal.

 Mahindra & Mahindra reported 3.18% rise in its consolidated profit after tax for the quarter ended September 30 at Rs 761.5 crore. The
 consolidated total revenue during the second quarter this fiscal also increased 33.86% to Rs 8,298.8 crore from Rs 6,199.6 crore in the year-
 ago period.

 India Cements Ltd has reported a net profit of Rs 69.71 crore for the second quarter ended September 30, 2011 against a net loss of Rs 33.63
 crore during the same period in 2010-11. Total income for the quarter under review rose to Rs 1,091.92 crore from Rs 843.47 crore.

 IVRCL Ltd has bagged orders worth Rs 1,867.19 crore, including a mining order from Hindustan Copper Ltd.

Sensex Gainers                                                         Sensex Losers
Stocks                    Close      Change        Change %            Stocks                         Close    Change         Change %
Bharti Airtel             405.30         9.8          2.48             Mahindra & Mahindra           790.40        -48          -5.73
Hero MotoCorp           2,209.90       36.35          1.67             Tata Steel                    412.65     -17.35          -4.03
HDFC Bank                 470.70        6.75          1.45             Maruti Suzuki               1,027.85     -31.35          -2.96
Sun Pharma                510.40        6.55          1.3              SBI                         1,753.05      -44.6          -2.48
Wipro                     386.55        4.85          1.27             DLF                           223.10      -5.25           -2.3

Nifty Gainers                                                          Nifty Losers
Stocks                    Close      Change        Change %            Stocks                         Close    Change         Change %
RANBAXY                    484         15.65          3.34             RELINFRA                      419.45      -34.25          -7.55
BHARTIARTL                 405           9.4          2.38             RPOWER                          94.5       -6.95          -6.85
HEROMOTOCO                2210         37.05          1.71             M&M                             790        -51.4          -6.11
HDFCBANK                 471.45          7.4          1.59             TATASTEEL                      413.5      -16.35           -3.8
DRREDDY                   1645          25.6          1.58             MARUTI                         1025       -34.75          -3.28

BSE 500 Gainers                                                        BSE 500 Losers
Stocks                    Close      Change        Change %            Stocks                         Close    Change         Change %
Kingfisher Air             21.35         1.7          8.65             Shree Renuka Sug               38.40       -13.3         -25.73
KPIT Cummins              168.15       11.75          7.51             Bilcare-$                     236.90       -59.2         -19.99
Infotech Enter            128.85         8.2          6.8              S Kumar Nation                 31.25       -5.05         -13.91
Shree Global Trd          218.05        9.05          4.33             Balrampur Chini                45.20       -5.55         -10.94
Sun TV Network            286.30        11.6          4.22             VIP Inds-$                    130.60      -15.25         -10.46
Sunteck Realty            386.20        14.2          3.82             Educomp Sol                   216.90      -24.85         -10.28
Ranbaxy Lab               483.90        15.8          3.38             Subex                          31.70        -3.1          -8.91
Shree Cement            2,092.00       66.95          3.31             Triveni Engr                   18.25       -1.75          -8.75
United Spirits            862.80       27.55          3.3              Everest Kanto                  50.30        -4.6          -8.38
Zylog Systems             451.05        14.3          3.27             REI Agro                       19.55        -1.7            -8
NSE : Volume Shockers- Turnover Wise                                       NSE : Volume Shockers- Quantity Wise
Stocks                  Turnover Total Traded      Close Change %          Stocks                   Total Traded     Turnover    Close Change %
                           (Rs Cr.)    Quantity                                                        Quantity       (Rs Cr.)

SBIN                      501.10 2812303           1741.7         -3.15    RENUKA                   89096407         353.53       38.05      -26.19
ICICIBANK                 444.00 5387906            820.6         -0.05    KFA                      23346869          48.44       21.55        9.67
M&M                       387.67 4755449             790          -6.11    TATAMOTORS               15767673         285.24       176.3       -2.84
RENUKA                    353.53 89096407           38.05        -26.19    UNITECH                  15370372          41.04       25.45       -6.78
RELIANCE                  324.35 3656473            873.6         -1.33    GVKPIL                   11241738          14.09        12.3       -6.46
TATAMOTORS                285.24 15767673           176.3         -2.84    SUZLON                   11103971          37.62       32.75       -5.35
BHARTIARTL                238.90 5906547             405           2.38    LITL                     10133823          15.14       14.65       -3.62
TATASTEEL                 214.71 5102520            413.5          -3.8    JPASSOCIAT               10030025          76.68       74.75       -1.45
HEROMOTOCO                187.79   847401           2210           1.71    HDIL                      9554396          84.42        85.1       -6.38
LT                        183.23 1377704          1328.35         -0.15    DISHTV                    9135712          61.67       66.35       -8.04

                                                                  Corporate Action
Symbol              Company Name                            Ex-Date        Purpose
ALLCARGO            Allcargo Logistics Limited                17-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND RE.1/- PER SHARE
FINANTECH           Financial Technologies (India) Limited17-Nov-11        2ND INTERIM DIVIDEND RS.2/- PER SHARE (PURPOSE REVISED)
ASTRAL              Astral Poly Technik Limited               17-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND RE.0.50 PER SHARE
JPINFRATEC          Jaypee Infratech Limited                  17-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND
AMTEKINDIA          Amtek India Limited                       21-Nov-11    BONUS 1:1
BURNPUR             Burnpur Cement Limited                    21-Nov-11    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
SRTRANSFIN          Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited 21-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND RS.2.50 PER SHARE
TIMKEN              Timken India Limited                      21-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND RS.20/- PER SHARE
ELFORGE             EL Forge Limited                          22-Nov-11    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
AMBIKCO             Ambika Cotton Mills Limited               22-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND RS.2/- PER SHARE
SOLARINDS           Solar Industries India Limited            22-Nov-11    INTERIM DIVIDEND RS.5/- PER SHARE
NOVOPANIND          Novopan Industries Limited                23-Nov-11    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
INFINITE                                                      2
                    Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited 4-Nov-11   INTERIM DIVIDEND RS.4/- PER SHARE

                                                                      Result Calender
Company Name                                                            Meeting Date                              Purpose
ALCHEMIST LIMITED                                                         15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
SAMTEL COLOR LIMITED                                                      15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
ESTER INDUSTRIES LIMITED                                                  15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
SYNCOM HEALTHCARE LIMITED                                                 15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
TATA POWER COMPANY LIMITED                                                15-Nov-11                               Financial Results
K SERA SERA LIMITED                                                       15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
GATI LIMITED                                                              15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
ICSA (INDIA) LIMITED                                                      15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
TECH MAHINDRA LIMITED                                                     15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
PRIME SECURITIES LIMITED                                                  15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
SAH PETROLEUMS LIMITED                                                    15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
KINETIC MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED                                             15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
KARUTURI GLOBAL LIMITED                                                   15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
TANLA SOLUTIONS LIMITED                                                   15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
RUCHI INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED                                              15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
GOKUL REFOILS AND SOLVENT LIMITED                                         15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
VASWANI INDUSTRIES LIMITED                                                15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
BEST & CROMPTON ENGG. LIMITED                                             15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
CURA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED                                                 15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
DYNACONS SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS LIMITED                                      15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
ZENITH COMPUTERS LIMITED                                                  15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
ZENITH INFOTECH LIMITED                                                   15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
ATCOM TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED                                                15-Nov-11                               Results/Others
KARUR K.C.P. PACKKAGINGS LIMITED                                          15-Nov-11                               Board Meeting Postponed
TWILIGHT LITAKA PHARMA LIMITED                                            15-Nov-11                               Un-audited Financial Results
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