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         FII’s betting big on Banking Sector, but on the short side.
Recent bounce back in market and in BankNifty has been quite decent and was predominantly due
to short covering. In the following data we want to highlight that how during last one month open
interest of BankNifty has significantly increased and if we look at price action then it is evident that
bulk of these positions formed are short positions. Interestingly most of the days when there was
significant built-up in banking index, it was with negative price movement and above all, at the end
of the day, FII’s index figure represented that these guys have shorted index futures with rise in
open interest. In the corresponding period Nifty index futures too have witnessed rise in open
interest but quantum (in %) was certainly far lower than BankNifty indicating that most of the shorts
formed by FII’s in index futures were in BankNifty index futures.

From 24th April till date, BankNifty has added 52.56% in open interest. Now these short positions
can be either let to expire or rolled over. BankNifty has already seen 48.43% rollover with
Wednesday and Thursday’s data still to be taken into consideration. This indicates that shorts are
getting rolled over and since most of the shorts were formed by FII’s, we are contemplating that
FII’s are rolling over their short positions in BankNifty.

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One would argue if there are so many short positions in BankNifty then there could be short
covering rally. Point taken. But, there is no big trigger which would compel FII’s to cover these short
positions. If we look at Euro-Dollar chart then technically possibility of further depreciation of Euro
looks quite likely and this would have impact on rupee-dollar equation too. So taking cues from
currency we are not anticipating any major short covering.

                                         Euro Vs Dollar

With recent bounce from around 9000 levels, BankNifty had almost touched 9800. Taking above
all arguments and data into consideration, we don’t see meaningful upside in index but downside
can be significant. We don’t want to give any number to this downside but we want to highlight
that, negative trend continues and recent low can be breached for further downside.

      Siddarth Bhamre                                          Derivatives Research Team
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