; system of government
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system of government


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									Understanding / definition system of government - means a whole system consisting of several parts
that have a functional relationship. Government in the broad sense is the government / state agencies
are doing everything good government as the executive, legislative and judicial branches. System and
system of government has a goal to maintain the stability of the country. But in some countries is often
an act of separatism as the system of government is considered to burden the people or harm people.
System of government has a strong foundation which can not be changed and become static. If a
government has a system of government is static, absolute, and it will last forever until the insistence of
the minority to protest it.

Broadly it means the system of government to maintain the stability of society, keeping the behavior of
the majority or minority, guard the foundations of government, to maintain political power, defense,
economic, security thus becomes a continuous, system of governance and democracy where people can
participate should contribute to the development of the system of government them. Until now only a
few countries can practice the system of government as a whole.

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