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									Benefits of tea could be a threat of prostate cancer - Apparently not too many good tea consumption
can invite health prostate cancer, sebagimana following article which I quoted from the following
detikhealth. Everyone will agree the content of antioxidants in tea can prevent cancer risk. But according
to a recent study, drinking too much tea can make turn a threat to the benefits of prostate cancer in
men. Research carried out at Glasgow University that involved more than 6,000 men aged 21-75 years.
The participants were observed during the 40 years since 1970, including the habit of drinking tea and
the risk for prostate cancer.

Of all participants involved, approximately 25 percent is a big fan of tea. Within a day, tea enthusiasts
who entered the category of weight fans can spend more than seven glasses of her favorite drink is.
Observations during the four decades shows, 6.4 percent of participants who consumed more than
seven cups of tea every day eventually have prostate cancer. Participants did not mention the figure on
the other, only to say that this figure is higher than other groups. "We do not know whether the tea
itself is a risk factor, or jutru tea fan so more longevity and is still hjidup when the threat of prostate
cancer from coming," said Dr. Khasif Shafiqque who led the study, as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday
(19/6 / 2012).

Overall, the observations do show that the tea fans tend to run a more healthy lifestyle. Participants
who often drank tea less frequently consume alcohol, are generally not obese and have normal
cholesterol levels. Shafique admitted that the results of this study did not conclude that the tea is the
leading cause of cancer, but only shows an association that mnuman fan of tea tends to be more at risk
of prostate cancer taxable. Moreover, as is known so far, the content of antioxidants in tea can actually
prevent the risk of cancer. (Up / ir)
Well, that's a glimpse of the benefits of the following articles from the excessive consumption of tea
may cause prostate cancer I quote from detikhealth hopefully useful.

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