How To Cut Pictures in CorelDRAW by emakecil


									How To Cut Pictures in CorelDRAW

It is recommended to use CorelDRAW X5 ..!
Who says cutting (croping) images in CorelDRAW difficult or limited facilities! .. nor tu ... even crop the image in CorelDRAW
there are many different ways, and Mas Bro all can freely choose the way which according sampeyan good in life, even thought
all the features that serve to cut in CorelDRAW all works fine and easy to operate;

The features that can be used to cut the object, among others;
1. PowerClip
2. Crop tool
3. Knife
4. Eraser
5. Shape tool
6. Lens
7. trim
8. Intersect
Lo .. lots of it!!. OK let's cover one by one, as the example we will cut the photo above is the object;

1. PowerClip
Prepare a picture (Fig.1), Create a box with the Rectangle tool and set in accordance with the wishes placed on the object to be
cut (Fig.2), then click the object image and the Menu Bar -> Effects -> PowerClip -> Place Inside Container ... then the big arrow
will appear, navigate to the object box, the picture will be cut off like (Figure 3) that in a sense not quite fit the location of the
results of our pieces, click on the object PowerClip result, back in the early steps but select Edit Contents ... and adjust the
position of the box, if it is enough return on the initial step click Finish Editing This Level, complete

2. Crop tool
In the Toolbox select the Crop tool, highlight and selection on crop the photos to be on the Crop tool (Fig.1), and set-side
navigation bar beside her to determine that we cut the image, then double-click inside the box area and the results such as
3. Knife tool
In the Toolbox select the Knife tool point on one side and then click geserKnife tool on the other side and click on (Fig.1), and
then try to slide one object is truncated (Fig.2)

4. Eraser
In the Toolbox select the Eraser tool to keep press the mouse point to be in the croping area and drag the Eraser tool in other
areas and release the mouse (Fig.1), then do not forget to press Ctrl + K to separate the pieces and discard objects that are not
considered object necessary (Fig.2)
5. Shape tool
Click on one node, which is beside the object image with the Shape tool (Fig.1), then slide into it will be like (Fig.2)

6. Lens
This trick only berkaku in CorelDRAW 12 and under, as it features Intersect, Trim, unable to cut the object image / bitmap, and
the Crop tool does not exist, when used in CorelDRAW X3 to the top is no longer effective. The trick: make a circle or any
object, place it above the object image, and then on the Menu Bar -> click Effects -> Lens (Alt + F3)

Later in the Docker Rollup set as shown below;
Try to slide laterally the lens was the result as shown below

7. trim
Create a box or any object, point to the object image to be cut (Fig.1), then the object box in a state selected / active press Shift
+ click on the Keyboard on the object image and click on the Property Bar Trim results such as (Fig.2 ), and dispose of the
object that serves as a box cutter before, a result like (Figure 3)
8. Intersect
Create a free object with Bezier tool that aims to cut, then select the object (Fig.1) and the Property Bar click on Intersect and
Intersect results sampeyan try sliding laterally, as a result (Fig.2)

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