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                & UPHOLSTERY
CARPET SHAMPOOS                                           SPOT AND STAIN REMOVER

AIRX 80                                                   AIRX 83

Airx 80 is a low foam concentrate that cleans and de-     Airx 83 Peroxide Stain Remover is a convenient, ready
odorizes in one step. For use with all models of car-     to use, hydrogen peroxide based formula that is effective
pet extraction or “steam cleaning” equipment. Con-        on most of the toughest stains, oils, and greases. The per-
tains a blend of non-caustic builders to produce mild     oxide action provides the unique ability to deodorize and
but effective cleaning. Fortified with airicide to neu-   remove stains caused by pet soils, vomit and spoiled food.
tralize unpleasant odors. Contains built-in defoamers     Dilution: RTU.
and optical brighteners. Dilution: 1:64.
                                                          190305                  909mL
081250                      4L
081280                     20L
                                                          DEFOAMING AGENTS

Airx 81 is a water based concentrated liquid alkaline     SUPER D-FOAM
detergent designed to pre-clean and deodorize heav-
ily soiled carpets prior to extraction or deep steam      Super D-Foam is a highly concentrated, highly effective
cleaning. Contains builders, detergents, water soften-    defoamer that can be used in conjunction with any type
ers, solvents, odor counteractants and optical bright-    of defoaming operations. A silicone defoamer for extrac-
eners. Dilution: 1:4.                                     tion tanks and vac tanks where foam must be eliminated.
                                                          Dilution: RTU.
081300                       4L
                                                          050610                       1L

Airx 82 is carpet cleaning chemical that cleans better
and dries faster than competitive products. Its unique
technology eliminates the sticky residue that often
causes resoiling. By preventing resoiling it lengthens
the time between cleaning. Airx 82 is great for bon-
net cleaning, brush applications, extraction, rotary
shampooing and spot cleaning. Dilution: 1:64.

081325                       4L

W.E. Greer Ltd. Product Reference Guide


Carpets are a little more tricky than hard floors, since they have three dimensions to take into consideration rather than just two: width,
length, and depth in the form of the carpet pile. Dirt gets trapped inside of carpet fibres, and if not taken care of properly, will quickly bring
down the quality of appearance in your facility. Keep on top of issues by performing regular maintenance tasks, and make sure to remove
spots and stains as they occur, to keep the dirt from setting.

Alternately blot and drench area with water as soon
as possible after occurrence.

Airx 83 will remove both water based and oil based
spots. Blot the spot, spray with Airx 83, allow it to
sit for 5 minutes, blot the spot again, and vacuum
when dry.

If spots from organic matter remain, redo with Airx
65. Do not rinse until spot is gone.

Dilute Airx 81 with water in a ratio of 1:4.

With sprayer set half way between mist and coarse                         BONNET CLEANING
stream, spray solution to dampen soiled areas.
                                                                          Whichever system is used, first vacuum carpet
Allow treated areas to stand undisturbed about 10                         thoroughly and clean spots and stains.
minutes to penetrate and loosen soil.
                                                                          For light soil and quick drying, spray bonnet and an
                                                                          area of carpet about 10’ x 10’. Lightly buff treated
                                                                          area. Turn bonnet frequently when dirty.
                                                                          For heavier soil use with two buckets. #1 with Airx
Vacuum thoroughly. Where needed, spot clean and
                                                                          82, diluted 1:32 with water, and #2 with Airx 82
pretreat soiled traffic areas (see above).
                                                                          diluted 1:64 for rinsing the bonnet.
Mix cleaner accurately by adding it to the water.
                                                                          Diluted bonnet cleaning solution may be dispensed
Airx 80 and Airx 82 is diluted 1 part into 64 parts
                                                                          through a flow through pad driver.
                                                                          Allow carpet to dry thoroughly before replacing
Foam from products used previously may indicate
                                                                          furniture and before opening area to traffic.
need for defoamer. Super D-Foam is an ideal
product to use.

Overlap each path of the machine slightly, but make                       FINAL RINSE AND CONDITION
only one pass in each direction when injecting the
cleaner.                                                                  Dilute Brown Out into water at a ratio of 2-3 oz per
Avoid over wetting carpet during cleaning.
                                                                          Add solution to supply tank of extraction machine
                                                                          and proceed as you would with a regular extraction

                                                                          If you have high pile carpet, before dry, brush carpet
                                                                          in one direction with stiff brush or carpet rake.

                                                                          ROTARY SHAMPOOING
                                                                          Vacuum thoroughly before shampooing. Spot clean
                                                                          and pretreat soiled traffic areas.

                                                                          Scrub with Airx 82 soil resistant shampoo. Mix at a
                                                                          ratio of 1:32 with water.

                                                                          Optional: It is good practice to finish with an
                                                                          extraction rinse.

                                                                                                                        Carpet & Upholstery



•	 Single nozzle spray system allows for even
     coverage over the cleaning path
•	 Optional kit for hard floor scrubbing
•	 5 gallon solution tank
•	 12 inch cleaning path
•	 Single spray jet technology allows for even
     coverage over cleaning path


•	 Integrated onboard spotting and upholstery
     tool on XP and FLX models
•	 Low moisture and restorative cleaning            SPECIALTY MACHINES
   available on 16XP and 18FLX
•	 1.5 three stage vacuum motor
•	 117 inches of waterlift, 50 foot (15m) cord      ADPHIBIAN™
•	 Brush and vacuum shoe removed without
   tools                                            •	 Full function extractor and scrubber with
                                                       AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing
AQUAPLUS™ AND AQUAPLUS™ AXP                            System
                                                    •	 Single deck, less than 30 seconds to change
•	 AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing                   from extracting to scrubbing
     System on AXP model                            •	 CRI SOA Approved Deep Cleaning
•	 LIFT™ technology for low-moisture                   Extractor in both LIFT™ low-moisture and
     cleaning                                          restoration cleaning modes
•	 One-Touch™ operation                             •	 Dual, anti-microbial counter rotating
•	 Deep Treat™ cleaning for pre-spray and              brushes with debris collection hopper
     post cleaning treatment                        •	 Brushes, squeegee and vacuum shoes are
                                                       removable without tools
•	 Total Carpet Care System
•	 28 inch cleaning path                            •	 Durable rotocast Polyethylene stackable
•	 28 gallon solution and recovery tanks              blower with a 0.5 hp motor
•	 4 cleaning modes — Dry-sweep, Interim,           •	 3 speed settings to select the right amount
     Pre-Treat, Restorative                           of air movement
•	 Onboard open chemical system                     •	 Blower can be angled in three different
•	 Brushes and vacuum shoes are removable             positions to direct air as needed
   without tools                                    •	 25 foot power cord to reach those distant
•	 Superior 63 inch (160 cm) turning radius           outlets
•	 65 dB A sound level
                                                        QUESTIONS? CALL OUR SERVICE
PORTABLE EXTRACTORS                                      DEPARTMENT AT 1-866-722-9144

•	 Clear recovery tank with 2 dumping ports
•	 Exhaust air is filtered for maintaining
     indoor air quality
•	 Optional cart is designed with a tray and
     holds cleaning accessories


•	 13 gal solution and 10 gal recovery tank
•	 Single 3-stage vac motor, 137 inch waterlift
•	 100 psi or 400 psi pump choice
•	 Instantaneous heat (100H and 400H models)
•	 Circuit Finder for dual plug on Heater models
•	 Available with AquaWand or Stainless Steel
     Cleaning Wands
•	 A variety of accessories and options available

W.E. Greer Ltd. Product Reference Guide


EUROCLEAN GD930                                   RELIAVAC® 12 AND 12DC

•	 1,000 Watt, 1.4 hp motor                       •	 12 inch path is cleaned with a durable steel
•	 74 cfm airflow                                   brush roller
•	 3 gallon dust bag capacity                     •	 ReliaVac® 12 top fill bag enhances
•	 Five stage filtration system                     vacuum power
•	 50 ft cord                                     •	 ReliaVac® 12DC model has an easy to
                                                    empty dirt cup
CANISTAR®                                         •	 Removable clear fan cover allows for
                                                    identifying and removing clogs
•	 Super quiet sound level for daytime clean-
  ing - 53 dB A                                   SPECTRUM™ 12P AND 15P
•	 1,100 Watt motor for superior suction and
  cleaning performance                            •	 11.5 or 14.5 inch cleaning path
•	 Built with serviceability in mind to provide   •	 Powerful 1,000 Watt, 2-stage motor
  the lowest total cost of ownership              •	 Adjustable brush height
•	 Full complement of tools for commercial        •	 Certified HEPA filtration standard
  cleaning tasks                                  •	 Tools-free removable brush
•	 Available HEPA filtration                      •	 Heavy duty cord restraint
                                                  •	 Convenient front handle for lifting
VP300 / GD110                                     •	 Accessories are conveniently tucked
                                                    behind wand
•	 900 Watt motor, 69 dB A sound level            •	 Sealed, maintenance-free cog belt
•	 Filter basket standard for bagless operation
•	 Three levels of filtration standard
•	 33 foot cord, rotating dust brush and crev-    DUAL-MOTOR UPRIGHT VACUUMS
   ice tool stored onboard
•	 Telescopic aluminum wand optional
                                                  SPECTRUM™ 15D AND 18D

                                                  •	 14.5 or 17.5 inch cleaning path
                                                  •	 Separate vacuum and brush motors for a
                                                    powerful performance
                                                  •	 1,350 Watts of power with combination of
                                                    independent brush and vacuum motors
                                                  •	 Adjustable brush height with low brush
                                                    height indicator light
                                                  •	 Certified HEPA filtration standard
                                                  •	 Tools-free removable brush
                                                  •	 Heavy duty cord restraint
                                                  •	 Convenient front handle for lifting
                                                  •	 Accessories are conveniently tucked
BACKPACK VACUUMS                                    behind wand
                                                  •	 Sealed, maintenance-free cog belt
                                                  RIDER VACUUMS
•	 Comfortable, lightweight design
•	 Powerful 1,300 Watt motor
•	 Premium harnessing system                      VACRIDE™
•	 Quiet 62 dB A sound level
•	 Cord restraint clips onto the safety           •	 Side broom creates 34 inch (86 cm) clean-
   cord and holds it in place                       ing path
•	 Exhaust port directs warm air up and           •	 28 inch (71 cm) dual counter rotating
   away from the operator                           brushes
•	 SaniSeal™ self-sealing adhesive rim            •	 Dual vacuum motors with Quiet Mode
   on bag seals to contain all dust and             provide superior suction and dirt pickup
   dirt                                           •	 Includes detail wand
•	 Four levels of filtration, HEPA filter         •	 Dual HEPA filters protect indoor air quality
   option                                           (IAQ)
                                                  •	 7.8 gallon capacity dual layer disposal bag
                                                  •	 Optional 20 foot (6 m) hose with S-Wand,
                                                    tools and caddy

                                                                                             Carpet & Upholstery


Agility 6XP/10XP 491471058500         Vacuum Bags 6XP, 10/pk          GD110               495304           Vacuum Bags, 10/pk
                 491471097510         Vacuum Bags 10XP, 10/pk                             491408003000     Combo Tool
                    491471104500      HEPA Filter                                         AG1407990020 Hose
                    1471095500        Prefilter                                           AG1408025000 Prefilter
                    1471089500        Exhaust Filter
                                                                      GD111               491408618000     Vacuum Bags, 10/pk
Agility Hip Vac     495301            Vacuum Bags
                                                                      GD930               495305           Vacuum Bags, 10/pk
Backvac XP          495028            Vacuum Bags, 5/pk                                   491407087500     Combo Tool
                    4912018501        Combo Tool                                          AG1402782500 Hose
                    AG22199500        Hose                                                AG1403260500 Paper Filter, 5/pk
                    AG100960          HEPA Filter, 2/pk                                   AG1401515500 Foam Filter
                    AG100957          Prefilter
                                                                      Spectrum            491471058500     Vacuum Bags, 10/pk
Canistar            495025            Vacuum Bags, 5/pk
                    491408492510      Combo Tool                      Quickstar           495025           Vacuum Bags, 5/pk
                    AG12018001        Hose                                                491408492510     Combo Tool
                    AG1408436500 Paper Filter, 5/pk                                       AG12018001       Hose
                    AG1408435500 Foam Filter                                              491470678500     Dry Filter Basket
                    AG1408551500 Motor Filter                                             AG1470670500 Motor Protection Filter
                    495042            HEPA Filter

Carpetwin 14        495075            Vacuum Bags, 10/pk                   QUESTIONS? CALL OUR SERVICE
                    AG646888          Filters, 5/pk                         DEPARTMENT AT 1-866-722-9144

EXTRACTORS                                                            VACUUMS
Daily:                                                                Daily:

•	   Clean and remove any debris from the pick-up tool and/or         •	   Check vacuum bag and replace when it is 3/4 full or less.
     shoe                                                             •	   Check the hoses for clogs
•	   Clean debris off the brush
•	   Clean dome where hoses go into the machine                       Weekly:
•	   Remove dirty water from recovery tank and rinse
                                                                      •	   Remove and clean the beater bar (if applicable) with a razor
•	   Wipe the electrical cord
                                                                           or pair of scissors
•	   Wipe the outside of the machine with a clean damp towel
                                                                      •	   Remove any debris build-up from the brush housing
                                                                      •	   Check the brush belt for wear and replace if necessary
•	   Clean the solution filter
•	   Clean the ball float assembly                                    •	   Check the cord and plug for damage and replace if necessary


•	   Check solution valve / spray nozzle and lubricate if necessary


•	   Have W.E. Greer Ltd. come in and perform a detailed Pro-
     grammed Maintenance call.

W.E. Greer Ltd. Product Reference Guide

The custodial closet is often put on the bottom of a very long list      4. Keep things tidy and clean. Rinse out mops and buckets,
of to-dos, but a tidy and organized closet will keep costs down by          clean brooms, and sinks and floors, and rinse out and wipe
minimizing over-stock, and increasing worker efficiency.                    down cleaning equipment. This will help to keep germs at bay.
                                                                            Replace mops, cloths and tools as they become worn - there is
So what do you need to do to make your custodial closet the very            no point in cleaning with an old or dirty tool. Put the custodial
best it can be? Follow these tips:                                          closet on the maintenance schedule to ensure it gets cleaned
                                                                            regularly. A neat and tidy closet sets the standard for the rest
1. Streamline your chemical and tool selections. Let us help                of the building.
   you create a cleaning program, and then use that program to
   create a streamlined list of items you will need in your closet.      5. Make the custodial closet the central point for maintenance
   Purge any items you no longer use. Have a min-max inventory              processes. Labels can be used to define chemical usage, and
   order form, or have us set you up on a vendor managed system             your Greer process wall charts can be mounted as references
   to keep your quantities just large enough to supply your staff           for maintenance staff.
   between restocking days.
                                                                         6. Keep the custodial closet focused. Move items unrelated to
2. Use a dilution control system. Keep the cost of chemicals un-            custodial duties to other storage areas. For example, paints,
   der control, and minimize messy and unsafe chemical mixing               oils and other flammables should not be kept around cleaning
   by using a dilution control system. Not just for the big compa-          chemicals.
   nies anymore, these handy dispensers are compact and can be
   mounted on a wall to keep clutter to a minimum.                       7. Protect your investment. Limit access to the custodial closet
                                                                            and keep track of inventory to prevent theft.
3. Organize your closet for maximum safety and efficiency.
   Hang items such as mops, brooms and vacuums. Use metal                Following these tips will keep your custodial closet in peak form,
   racking to store cleaning chemicals and paper rather than keep-       and make a little space go a long way.
   ing things in boxes. This will keep tools handy, minimize floor
   clutter, and keep mold and mildew down. Order the products
   on shelves by task and type. Keep heavy items lower to prevent
   injury. Finally, label everything, and keep MSDS sheets close
   to the products for quick and easy reference.

FLOOR SCUFFS                                                             CARPET MENDING TIPS
In the fall, just before kids return to school, custodians prepare for   We sell a lot of great products to help you get your carpet as clean
the new school year by performing more high maintenance tasks            as possible, but sometimes carpets need to be repaired due to dam-
such as stripping and refinishing floors.                                age caused by stains, burns, rips, tears, or holes.

It has been questioned why then floor scuffs are so much more            Follow these quick tips to spruce up a damaged section of carpet:
prevalent in the fall. This phenomenon has led custodians to con-
clude that it must be the new floor finish at fault. But this is not     1. Damaged fibres - affected area: small. If all you have to re-
so. It is unfortunate timing that makes custodians blame the prod-          pair are a couple of damaged fibres, or the tips of a small area,
uct, but the true cause of the increased scuff marks is simple: new         simply cut the damaged fibres or tips away. After, apply a little
shoes. Most kids will be wearing a new pair of shoes in the fall,           Airx 83 to the area and give it a light scrub. This small area will
which tend to leave more scuff marks.                                       never be noticed.

Having said that, what is the best way to get rid of these annoying      2. Damaged fibres or holes - affected area: medium. Cut a
marks? Elbow grease mainly, but there are a couple of tricks that           small square of carpet from a saved stash of carpet scraps, or
can be employed as well.                                                    take carpeting from an area were it will not be missed, such as
                                                                            a closet. Cut the piece so that it is slightly larger than the area
1. Footwear. Before performing floor cleaning tasks, throw on a             that you want to replace. Make sure you match up patterns and
   pair of tennis shoes with white soles. When you find a scuff,            carpet pile direction. Place the square over the area, and cut
   give the mark a rub with the heel of your shoe. This is a great          around it and through the carpet below (avoid cutting into the
   way to get rid of small and easily removed scuff marks.                  carpet padding below), creating an exact fit for the new piece.
                                                                            Lift out the old piece, and fit the new piece, trimming if neces-
2. Mops and pads. If you are using a mop and bucket, pick a mop             sary. Use adhesive or double face carpet tape to adhere the new
   with a wide band that you can use to scrub with. Also, if you            piece to the area. Brush the area to blend the fibres.
   are using a microfibre mop, we carry small scrub pads that can
   be hooked to the pole for quick and easy scuff removal.               3. Rips or tears. Lift the edges of the rip with a utility knife.
                                                                            Remove the old carpet tape from the area. Cut a piece of heat
3. Miraclean Erasers. If the floor scuff is a little tougher or             activated carpet tape long enough to cover the tear. Slip it un-
   larger, try a Miraclean Eraser. This product is a great tool             der the tear between both sides of the cut. Slip a seam iron
   to quickly erase stubborn floor marks. It is also an excellent           under the carpet to heat the tape. As you move the iron along
   tool for pen-marks, lime stains, grease, fingerprints, and dirty         the cut, press the two sides of the carpet down onto the heated
   white-boards.                                                            tape to seal.

Unfortunately, as long as kids are wearing new shoes in the fall,        For regular cleaning of carpet, and general stain removal, make
floor scuffs are going to be a nuisance. Hopefully, the tips above       sure you check out the carpet products and equipment in this sec-
will make your clean up quicker and easier.                              tion of this guide.

                                                                                                                     Carpet & Upholstery

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