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					BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701

 BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701
BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701

                Knight Fellowship in Visual Communication, Ohio University, Sept. ’02-June ’03,
Education       Athens, OH. Master’s Degree; graphics management, publication design, multimedia.
Platypus Video Workshop, April ’02. Intensive course for still photographers interested in video; includ-
ed story development, shooting, editing and familiarization with industry standards and ethics.
Michigan Journalism Fellowship, University of Michigan, Sept. ’00-April ’01, Ann Arbor. Kellogg
Public Policy Fellow, focusing on using journalism and the arts in developing community leadership.
Basic Management, Management II and Finance for the Non-financial Manager, Executive Education
Center, University of Michigan Business School, March-April 2001, Ann Arbor.
Rochester Institute of Technology, Sept. ’86 -May ’90, Rochester, New York. Bachelor of Arts, Magna
Cum Laude, May 1990; Photo Illustration/Photojournalism.

Experience         Ohio University, Sept. ’02-present, Athens, OH
                   Visiting professional and fellow, School of Visual Communication: teach various graduate and
undergraduate photography and photojournalism courses, as well as audio and video storytelling.
Opportunity International, 2004-present, Chicago, IL
Freelance videographer/photographer, video editor and post-production: twice traveled around the world gath-
ering footage and stills for production of numerous featurettes about the work, people and impact of
Opportunity’s work with microfinance and the poor.
The Orange County Register, Jan. ’91-Aug. ’02, Santa Ana, CA
Senior Staff Photographer: general and international assignments, long-term projects.
Eddie Adams Workshop, Oct. ’88-Oct. ’93, NY
Faculty Coordinator: ’93, ’91, ’90; Staff: ’89; Student Liaison: ’92; Student: workshop awarded opportunity to
produce story for Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine.
U.S. News and World Report, June-Sept. ’90, Washington DC
Freelance/Intern: general assignment.
Sunshine Magazine, The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, April ’90, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Freelance Photographer: publication of a cover story shot in Mexico.
Inquirer, The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Oct. ’90 & Nov. ’89 Philadelphia, PA
Freelance Photographer: photographed cover stories.
World Vision Inc., March-April ’90 & Nov.-Dec. ’89, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador
Freelance Photographer: photographed various assignments, including street gangs, open-heart surgery, a
burns institute, and community development projects.
Democrat & Chronicle, Times Union, Gannett Newspapers, June-Sept. ’89, Rochester, NY
Intern: worked as a staff photographer under two daily deadlines, shooting, printing and studio work.
Reporter Magazine, Sept. ’88-May ’89, Rochester, NY
Director of Photography: generated story ideas, assigned shoots, edited, assisted in design, oversaw budget.
Sudan Interior Mission International, Nov. ’88, Asia
Photographer: shot assignments in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on cultures and missions work.
TIME Magazine, June-Sept. ’88, New York, NY
Intern: edited film, showing selects to section editors and managing editor.
World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc., HCJB, June- Aug. ’87, Ecuador
Photographer: covered medical, community and cultural development.
BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701

Awards List
2002-03        Knight Fellowship in Visual Communication, Ohio University: Master’s program in
               newsroom graphics management/publication design. Yearlong program is awarded to
one photojournalist each year and includes teaching. Ohio News Photographer Association: 2nd place
portrait; California Press Photographer’s Association: 3rd place spot news; honorable mention (HM)
general news. Society for News Design: Award of Excellence for Attack on the US: Special Section.

2000-01      Kellogg Public Policy Fellow, University of Michigan Journalism Fellowship: Topic of
             research and study: using journalism and the arts in developing community leadership.
Courses revolved around new media and business, including film and video, animation, e-commerce and
new venture startups, as well as participation in the Executive Education Center, including management
and finance offerings.

1999     National Press Photographers Association, POY competition: Award of excellence for issue
         reporting: Homeless With Child – The Dressing Room; award of excellence for editing a multiple
page feature story: To the End of the Earth. California Press Photographer’s Association: 2nd place fea-
ture story; HM feature. Associated Press News Executives Council: 2nd place picture story: Homeless
With Child. Orange County Press Club: 1st place portrait; 2nd place photo essay.

1998     Lowell Thomas Travel Award: 1st place photo story/illustrated story. California Press
         Photographers Association: 1st place sports feature; 1st place general news. Orange County Press
Club: 2nd place portfolio; 3rd place sports. Joan Boris Press Photographers Contest: 2nd place picture
story; 3rd place pictorial.

1997    California Newspaper Publishers Association: 2nd place feature photo: Minnie Street. Joan Boris
        Press Photographers Contest: 1st place pictorial.

1996      National Press Photographers Association, POY competition: 2nd place newspaper series editing
          award (with M. Cardon and J. Steck: The Fight for Minnie Street); California Press Photographers
Association: 2nd place Photographer of the Year; 2nd place portrait; 2nd place fashion/illustration; HM
portrait. Joan Boris Press Photographers Contest: 1st & 2nd place portrait.

1995    California Press Photographers Association: 3rd place general news; 3rd place sports feature.
        Freedom Forum Asian Studies Fellowship: alternate.

1994    Associated Press News Executives Council of California/Nevada: 1st place features. California
        Photographer of the Year competition/Gold Seals: 1st place features; 2nd place in Wildfires ’93
category; 2nd place pictorial; HM news picture story; HM features.

1993     California Press Photographers Association: 1st place Photographer of the Year; 1st place general
         news; 2nd place portrait; HM general news; HM general news; Clarion Award for newspaper fea-
ture article: The Autumn of My Grandparents (AMG); Orange County Press Club: 1st place photo essay:
AMG; Pulitzer nominations (three): Heart and Lung Transplant, AMG, Laguna Beach Fires (staff entry);
Society of Newspaper Design: Silver Award for special section: AMG (with B. Shoun); Associated Press
News Executives Council: Certificate of Merit for picture story: AMG.

1992     National Press Photographers Association, POY competition: 2nd place general news; California
         Press Photographers Association: 1st place picture story; HM Photographer of the Year, HM
feature picture story, HM portrait, HM general news. Atlanta Seminar on Photojournalism: 2nd place
portfolio; 2nd place Campaign ’92; 3rd place general news; HM general news.
BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701

Other Recent Accomplishments
Books    “Armenia: The Story of a Place in Essays & Images” (2001) about life in the post-Soviet
         republic. • Work also featured in “Ohio 24/7” (2004), “The Best of Photojournalism” (1992, 1996,
1999), “The Cross,” “Sunday In America” and “Inferno: The Laguna Beach Fires.”

            At the request of the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador, spent two weeks presenting photojournal-
Lectures    ism workshops and consulting with national publications to optimize use of photographers
and their images. • Featured speaker in San Jose State University’s NPPA lecture series. • Featured
speaker at the national Southwestern Photojournalism Conference in Dallas. • Guest speaker for the Los
Angeles Unified School District’s ethnic awareness series. • Guest speaker for the Armenian Society of
Los Angeles annual banquet, commemorating the genocide suffered by its countrymen in the early 20th
century. • Have spoken and shown work numerous times to communications and photojournalism classes
at various California State University campuses, at Ohio University, Rochester Institute of Technology
and at the University of Michigan. • Taught “People as Landscape” for Julia Dean Workshops. • Is regu-
larly sought for portfolio reviews and judging.

                 Shot and edited series of 18 short videos featuring the work, clients and impact of
Productions      Opportunity International, a non-profit organization that provides entrepreneurial
microloans to the world’s poorest people. • “Oma & Opa,” a short documentary about a loving couple’s
journey through Alzheimer’s, narrated by their grandson, the photographer. • “Shadows, Darkness – and
Light,” a 10-minute compilation of photojournalistic work from daily newspaper assignments and from
travel around the world – both single images and long-term projects – that culminates with a glimpse
into the cold and lonely world of an asylum in northern Vietnam. • “Armenia,” a 5-minute A/V show of
work shot while on assignment covering an American ophthalmologist who donates time and supplies
to a strong and courageous people long ravaged by war, communism and misfortune. • “Cuba,” an A/V
featurette about the island-nation.

            “Armenia,” a group show in Glendale, Calif. “The World is Round 2000,” a 56-photographer
Exhibits    show in Los Angeles, which my wife and I coordinated. “Shadows, Darkness – and Light,” a
solo, six-week show of domestic and international photojournalism at Irene Carlson Gallery in California;
a variation on display for 15 weeks at The Orange County (Calif.) Register. • Participated in “Perro
Pequeño: I See Therefore I Am” at Steamers gallery in Fullerton, Calif. • Participated in “Moments,” a
roving exhibit in Orange County. • Participated in “Let There Be Light,” exhibit in Lake Forest, Calif. •
Long-term exhibit at LightChasers Gallery in Orange, Calif.

Professional Activism         Visiting professional at Ohio University, teaching various graduate and
                              undergraduate courses in photojournalism and audio and video storytell-
ing. • Formerly on the board of directors of the Cal Poly Pomona newspaper; also acted as counselor to
photo students there. • Team leader at the first Pinnacle Photo Workshop. (2002) • Founded and pro-
duced Photo Night® in an effort to unite and energize the photographic community through discussion,
camaraderie and education; began with 25 people in 1995 in California, went on to draw up to 500 per
evening and has caught on both here and abroad. Monthly gatherings involve informal discussion during
dinner, a guest speaker and presentation, a question-and-answer period, then more casual interaction. Past
Photo Nights have included one-night gallery exhibits and joint ventures with the National and California
Press Photographers Associations. (See attached Photo Night history and
BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701

Photo Night®
History      Photo Night® began in mid-1995 as the brainchild of Bruce and Claudia Strong in an ef-
             fort to quench a growing thirst for camaraderie, community and discussion among Southern
California photographers. After enlisting the help of their colleague Paul Rodriguez, the group set off on
what became a successful venture of goodwill and an invaluable opportunity to meet with and learn from
others who share similar visions and aspirations. The first Photo Night, on Sept. 28, 1995, was held at Bruce
and Claudia’s house and featured a Pulitzer Prize-winning guest speaker and about 25 photographers from
throughout the region. Photo Night went on to attract up to 500 photographers at a time, with regulars from
all over California and even Mexico. Over the past few years, other Photo Nights have begun to meet in vari-
ous cities around the country. In October 1997, Photo Night held its first overseas meeting with 80 people in
Quito, Ecuador. Later, Photo Night expanded into Asia with a new group in Tokyo.
      The format is simple and informal – a potluck gathering once a month where everyone is encouraged
to get to know one another and enjoy themselves. The group eats, mingles and decompresses for the first
hour or so, then moves into the featured speaker and presentation. These have varied from narrated three-
carousel presentations to photographers who prefer spontaneous commentary as their images appear on
screen. Audience participation generally consists of questions during and after the show.
      Photo Night aims to have the best speakers nationwide and to cross over traditional lines, allowing for
great variations in style and genre. Photo Night has sought photographers whose work is recognized for
its quality. The shows have varied in subject matter as well, from the grand adventures of various Nation-
al Geographic photographers to an inside look at Hollywood, celebrity portraiture, the fashion world and
more traditional news photojournalism.
      A Photo Night Web site keeps the group abreast of photographic events in the region, provides links
to photographer web pages as well as other sites of interest, and includes information about other Photo
Nights around the country. (Visit Photo Night has been featured in various photo-
graphic publications, including articles in Photo District News.

Past speakers              Sam Abell (National Geographic) • William Albert Allard (National Geographic) • James Nachtw-
                           ey (Magnum Photos/VII) • Antonin Kratochvil (Saba) • Lauren Greenfield (Sygma) • Don Bartlet-
ti (Los Angles Times) • Gerd Ludwig (National Geographic) • Jeff Jacobson (Freelance, formerly Magnum) • David Hume
Kennerly (Freelance) • Gerard Burkhart (Pulitzer winner, Gamma/Liaison) • David Butow (Freelance & U.S. News & World
Report) • Elsa Medina Castro (La Jornada, Mexico) • Carolyn Cole (Los Angeles Times) • Corinne Dufka (Reuters) • Amy
Eldon, Kyra Thompson & Alan Palmer (Producer, director & director of photography/“Dying to Tell the Story”) • Stephen
Ferry (Gamma/Liaison) • Colin Finley (Saba) • Michael Franklin & Robert York (Co-directors of Photography, San Diego
Union-Tribune) • Jim Gensheimer (San Jose Mercury News) • Mando Gonzalez (Freelance) • Michael Goulding (The Orange
County Register) • Kari Rene Hall (L.A. Times) • Douglas Kirkland (Freelance) • Dave LaBelle (DOP, Ventura County Star)
• Steve Lehman (Freelance) • V.J. Lovero (Sports Illustrated) • Genaro Molina (Los Angles Times) • Paul Morse (Los Angeles
Times) • Bryan Patrick (Sacramento Bee) • Joanna Pinneo (National Geographic) • Matt Rainey (Pulitzer winner, New Jersey
Star-Ledger) • Anacleto Rapping (Los Angeles Times) • Rick Rickman (Pulitzer winner, Matrix International) • Dan Ander-
son (The Orange County Register) • Paul Rodriguez (The Orange County Register) • Mindy Schauer (The Orange County
Register) • Maggie Steber (Saba) • Jodie Steck (Photo Editor, The Associated Press) • George Steinmetz (National Geograph-
ic) • Pat Tehan (San Jose Mercury News) • David Turnley (Pulitzer winner, Corbis) • Antonio Turok (Freelance) • William
Vasta (Clinton White House Photographer) • Jose Luis Villegas (Pulitzer winner) • Hal Wells (Photo editor, Long Beach Press
Telegram) • Clarence Williams (Pulitzer winner, LA Times) • Cindy Yamanaka (Pulitzer winner, The O.C. Register) • David
Yoder (The Orange County Register) • Robert York (San Diego Union-Tribune) • Nick Ut (Pulitzer winner, freelance) • Peter
Turnley (Corbis) • Eli Reed (Magnum) • Lara Jo Regan (Saba) • Chris Rainier (Freelance) • Arnold Newman (legend)
BRUCE StRonG; (714) 612-6108 (c) and (740) 593-5898 (h); 104 Sunnyside Dr., Athens, Ohio, 45701

As both a staff and freelance photojournalist, Bruce has shot in nearly 60 countries while working on
assignments and personal projects. His work has been published in Time, Newsweek, US News and
World Report, National Geographic and various international magazines, as well as The Orange County
(Calif.) Register, where he was on staff for more than a decade. Bruce is currently serving as the visiting
professional at Ohio University School of Visual Communication, where he previously was awarded
the Knight Fellowship in Newsroom Graphics Management and Publication Design. He now teaches
graduate and undergraduate classes in photojournalism and video and audio storytelling. Bruce also
served as the Kellogg Public Policy Fellow at the University of Michigan Journalism Fellowships
Program, during which time he and his wife, Claudia, also published their first book, “Armenia: The
Story of a Place in Essays & Images.”

Over the years, Bruce’s photography has received much attention and many honors, including
California Photographer of the Year, as well as recognition from the National Press Photographers
Association, the Society of Newspaper Designers, the Associated Press News Executives Council and
Women in Communications. He also founded Photo Night®, a monthly gathering of photographers that
has drawn up to 500 professional photographers as well as such renowned speakers as James Nachtwey,
Arnold Newman, Antonin Kratochvil, Douglas Kirkland, Corinne Dufka, Jeff Jacobson, and Sam Abell
and William Albert Allard of National Geographic.

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