Banking by yurtgc548


									Banking in the UK
          Bin Zou--XJTLU
• Debit card: Cash account, and other two
   higher interest accounts
 --Deposit or withdraw money in bank
   counter/cash machine everywhere without
--shopping, pay bills, fees, online shopping,
   booking travel (coach/train/air ticket)
• Check/cheque book-pay bill, or sb.
• Credit card – shopping, pay bills, fees, online
   shopping, (coach/train/air ticket, hotels-
----pay back in 45 days, or you have to be charged
------receiving statement letters from your bank
   each month
• You can have two bank cards
• Online banking: pay bills online; manage your
   account; transfer money; cancel direct debit (e.g.
   mobile phone contract; broadband contract,etc.)
• Opening a new bank card and a credit card

• Visit a local bank and ask what you need to bring to open
(passport; previous and present address; contract of your
  accommodation (university or private); university offer
  letter; your check from China or deposit your extra money)

• Filling a form and give it back to the bank

• Waiting for about 1-2 weeks, a letter from a bank will be
  sent to your home address

• Opening it-- signing your name on the back-
Inserting your bank card into a cash machine and changing
   your password/pin number

----Using your debit card every day
----No need to take a big money every day
• An online cash machine
-------interactive instruction


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