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									Acid throwing

Acid throwing is a social menace which is increasing day by day at a threatening rate.
Mostly women are victims to it. Generally a young man throws acid at a young girl when
she refuses to love him. Or it may happen when a dowry hunter husbands throws acid on
his wife. Acid damages the part of the body where it gets and gives the victim an
indescribable feeling of pain and anguish. It takes a long time to get round it. The damage
is incurable. The place of the body becomes defective forever. Though the victim,
however, recovers from physical pain, the painful experience can never be for gotten.
Government has taken some steps to prevent such inhuman act. We should co-operative
with the government to remove the curse of acid throwing from the society.

Necessary Steps:

       1. Government awareness,

       2. Government law,

       3. Public awareness by government,

       4. Revolution mass media

       5. Create literate people etc.

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