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July 2011                                                                                    

                           Our Next Monthly Meeting is August 5, 2011

                      August Competition - Shot In The Dark
           The obvious interpretation here is for an image taken in the dark, using natural or artificial lighting
      (including light painting). However, you’re free to play with the theme if you have a different interpretation.

                                      President’s Message
      One of the things I get to do as President of SPS is act as an
      "ambassador" of sorts. I take time each month to visit with local
      sponsors and SPS supporters, growing those relationships and
      looking for ways that I (and SPS) can help their businesses as                                           Page
      much as looking for new opportunities for them to contribute to      July Competition Winners             2-4
      our success. I view these relationships as extensions of the SPS
      family and the success of our sponsors frequently translates into    August Speaker and Judge             5
      more opportunities for SPS and our members. Great supporters
      like Sammiches N' Stuff, Showcase, Digital Arts Studio, Hunts        Competition Reminders                5
      Photo and Video, Camera Concierge, and others are worthy of
      YOUR support and I hope that each of you do take advantage of        Upcoming Gallery Shows               6
      the many discounts, quality products, and local expertise that       for SPS Members
      sponsors make available to you as SPS members.
                                                                           Meet-A-Member                        7

      August is shaping up to be "photo show bonanza month" at             Change Your Focus Point              8
      SPS, with show openings at Digital Arts Studio (DAS) and our
      gallery at Sammiches!! With over 50 juried images in our             NG3C 2011 Shootout                   9
      "Sacred Places" show and many new first-time presenters
      showing their work at DAS, I hope you'll make the time to come       Through the Lens Juried Show 9
      out to both show openings to enjoy the great photography and
      support your fellow SPS members! See all the details for both        Gottlieb Photography Exhibit         10
      openings on our web site and please do RSVP so we have a
      rough head count.                                                    Membership News                      10
      Now, get that lens cap off and get out and shoot!                    Procedure for Digital                11
      Ken                                                                  Submission Image Sizing

                                                                           2011 Competition Themes              12

                                                                           SPS Board Members and                13
                                                                           Contact Information
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                           Black and White Print Winners July 2011
                               Theme-Death and Decay         Judge-Tom Vadnais
   No, not CSI photos – we’re looking for images of deserted old buildings, rusting cars, deserted urban de-
   cay and maybe even some interesting dead trees. Since we already have a separate ―graveyards‖ theme,
                                        let’s avoid them for this theme.

              Jeff Milsteen
                      “Off The                                                  Harriet Dye
         1st           Rails”
                                                                               “X Marks the
                                                                    2nd           Spot”

                                                              Hoke Smith
                                                                   “Siren at
          Catherine Costello                            4th       Pullman”

           Kel Kyle
               “Butts”                                                     Stephanie Scanlin
     HM                                                                               “Frosty
                                                                         HM           Leaves”
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                                    Color Print Winners July 2011
                            Theme-Death and Decay            Judge-Tom Vadnais
   No, not CSI photos – we’re looking for images of deserted old buildings, rusting cars, deserted urban de-
   cay and maybe even some interesting dead trees. Since we already have a separate ―graveyards‖ theme,
                                        let’s avoid them for this theme.

                                                                     Ron McKitrick
                  Harriet Dye                                               “Back To
       1st      “Old Glories”                                 2nd            Nature”

                                                                        Bonnie Gallow
                      Hoke Smith
               4th                                                  3rd

                                                                                        Carl Fredrickson
                                                                                              “Tree Hand”
                        Jack Martin
           HM        “Out To Pasture”
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                                      Digital Winners July 2011
                            Theme-Death and Decay            Judge-Tom Vadnais
   No, not CSI photos – we’re looking for images of deserted old buildings, rusting cars, deserted urban de-
   cay and maybe even some interesting dead trees. Since we already have a separate ―graveyards‖ theme,
                                        let’s avoid them for this theme.

                                                                        Laura Kresmin
             Paul Shimek
       1st        “Afterlife”                                       2nd         Love”

                            Hoke Smith
                                                                              Jim McCallum
                                 “Worn Willie
                    3rd         Wooden Wheel”                        4th          “Bananaface”

                     Mick Finn                                                  Jim Morgenthaler
                        “The Good                                                   “Death Salesman
               HM       Old Days”                                          HM                  ”
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                                                                  August Speaker and Judge
   This month’s speaker and judge is Dean Stevenson. Dean has
   presented and judged for us in the past. Dean is a professional
   freelance photographer in Atlanta specializing in a wide range of
   photographic genres including wedding, architectural, & people,
   with a photojournalistic nature. He has been teaching photography
   since graduating from Gwinnett Technical College in 2004.
   From Dean’s website:
   Photography is a love of mine. Teaching photography is a
   passion. As I learned photography, I loved the transformation that
   took place in me as I began to see the world in a different light and found out I might just be creative. I
   want to help you experience this too. Too much of our time is spent being technical throughout our here, do that, staple this. My philosophy is that if we are all made in the image of our Creator,
   then we must first be, creative beings. Photography, like any art form, is an excellent way to tap into your
   creative side and learn something more about yourself and the world around you. The classes taught at
   Atlanta Photo Workshops were developed with this in mind. See you in class!
   Check out Dean’s work and schedule of classes at

                                                                        Competition Reminders
   Digital Entries

   A number of people have asked if we can set up a confirmation system for digital entries. Now, if you
   include the word "competition" anywhere in the subject line of your entry you will receive an automated
   confirmation that it's reached the mailbox. However, don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself plenty
   of time and have your images into by midnight on the Wednesday before the com-

   Color and Black and White Print Winners

   Please remember to submit your winning images to so they can be included
   in each month’s newsletter, and you can get the recognition you deserve. One reminder will be sent out,
   but it’s much easier if you’ll send it in as soon as you can. Send it in that night, or the weekend following
   the meeting. Don’t wait to see the ―Image Not Available‖ message next to your name and image name in
   the newsletter.

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                                       Upcoming Gallery Shows for SPS Members
   Considering SPS’ first exhibit ever was last August, we are making significant progress with shows and
   exhibits to display the talent that exists within the club. By the end of this calendar year, SPS will have
   sponsored five events for our members. So far this year, we’ve had an exhibit and opening reception at
   Red Brick Brewery in March, and a an exhibit and opening reception at Sammiches and Such in May in
   conjunction with the Decatur Art Walk. Three exhibits are scheduled for the remainder of this year.
   Details for these upcoming exhibits are below.

                                      Springboard Art Show
                                       At Digital Arts Studio (DAS)
       August 6 through September 2.
       Targeted to those members who’ve never submitted for an SPS show in the past.
       Each SPS member may submit up to two images.
       If DAS will be processing, printing, and framing your image, the deadline for submission to DAS is
       July 28th.
       If you are printing, processing, and framing your own image you need to bring it to DAS by August 2.
       Opening Reception—August 6 at DAS, from 6 PM to 9 PM— RSVP on our Meetup site.
       Pick up your prints after the exhibit by September 10.

                           Sacred Places Photography Exhibit
                                        At Sammiches and Such
       August 8 through September 13.
       Ready to hang prints due at Sammiches by August 6.
       Opening Brunch—August 13 at Sammiches, beginning at 10 AM—RSVP on our Meetup site.

                                           Really Big Show
                                    At Sammiches and Such
                       In Conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography
       October 1 through November 30.
       Deadline for submissions August 15, with notification of acceptance to follow.
       Ready to hang prints due at Sammiches by September 23. Show hanging on September 25.
       Opening Reception—October 1 (more details to come).
       Find more details at ACP Show Details.

   Many thanks to Sheila McIntosh, SPS Gallery Show coordinator, for her hard work and efforts to schedule
   and set up these events. And more shows and exhibits are being scheduled for 2012.

   We also want to acknowledge the reception from and opportunity afforded SPS by Sammiches and Such
   in Decatur. We continue to build this important relationship with them to provide us a permanent,
   continuous show space for SPS in Decatur.
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                                                                       Meet-A-Member— Chet Burgess
   1. Where do you live in Atlanta?
   In the Brookwood Hills neighborhood in Buckhead, near Piedmont Hospital.

   2. What is your profession?
   I am a tax professional, with an Enrolled Agent’s license from the Internal Revenue
   Service. I prepare tax returns and do tax planning for individuals and small businesses.

   3. How long have you been a member of SPS?
   A little more than two years.

   4. How long have you been into photography, and how did you get started?
   I began shooting in high school, taking photographs for the student newspaper and year book, and continued that in college. I
   worked mostly in black and white early on and processed my own film. Over the decades, I began shooting more color nega-
   tive film off and on, but never managed to set up that home darkroom. About three years ago, I bought my first DSLR and have
   been shooting totally digital since then.

   5. Tell us about your equipment (camera brand, lens set up, gear etc.)
   I have been a Nikon shooter for about 25 years. I currently shoot with a D-90, though a D-7000 is on the purchase list for next
   year after I pay for the new laptop that was needed this year. The Nikon 18-200VR zoom is my ―default‖ lens for the majority of
   the shots I take, though I do love the Nikon 12-24 wide angle zoom and occasionally fall back on the traditional 50mm prime
   lens. I carry a set of extension tubes for macro work and a 1.4x tele-extender. There are circular polarizers for each lens and a
   set of Singh-Ray, Lee and Cokin graduated and full neutral density filters that will fit all of my lenses. The tripod is a basic but
   sturdy Flashpoint carbon-fiber with a Flashpoint ball head. There is a Nikon SpeedLight 800 and a monopod in the kit as
   well. In the field, most of this gear, short of the tripod and monopod, fits nicely into a ThinkTank Photo belt system.

   6. What is your favorite subject/what inspires you?
   No secret here – I am inclined toward landscape photography primarily (seascapes work too), with some florals, macros and an
   occasional architectural shot in the mix. The National Park system provides an abundance of subject matter – so many parks
   and so little time!

   7. If you do your own post-production work, what software are you using?
   Lightroom 3 is an extremely powerful post-production software package and I am dedicated to learning to use as many of its
   features as I can. Probably 80-to-90 percent of my processing is now done in Lightroom, with Elements 8 handling the images
   that require layers work to finish. Also, I find the clone stamp tool in Elements is still superior in many respects to the spot tool
   in Lightroom.

   8. Do you do your own printing? What type of printer do you use?
   Yes, I do most of my own fine art printing, using the big Epson printers at the Serenbe Photography Center. I have been using
   the Epson Stylus Pro 9600 for a year and a half, and am migrating to the Center’s new Epson 9880. For black and white im-
   ages, I print some on the big Epsons, but also have some printed on Kodak Endura by the outstanding folks at mypho- (former known as Color Genesis).

   9. Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your photography?
   One body of work consists of images processed in two layers, one sharp and one blurred. The technique was developed in the
   1980’s by Canadian photographer Michael Orton and it gives images something of the feel of watercolor paintings. The tech-
   nique works particularly well with foliage in landscape images. I enjoy working with this technique and taking landscape images
   beyond the level of straight representation.
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                                             Change Your Focal Point by David Akoubian
   One thing I do when I am determining the best composition in an image is to change focal points whether
   it be in my mind or in the camera. With digital it is easier to see the visualization because of the LCD
   screen on the camera. The images below show the difference in choosing focus points. The results show
   two very different images, even the mood of the image changes. One image focusing on the closest point
   is sharp and detailed but the image focusing on the center has a softer look but still maintains detail. Both
   images were made at the same f-stop, f5 in this case. The images were made on the D-300s, Tamron
   60mm Macro, Vanguard Alta Pro 284CT tripod and SBH-200 ball head, Marumi circular polarizer, Interfit
   Delta Remote shutter release.

    David is a professional photographer, instructor, and lecturer who has called Georgia home for 40 years.
            He has provided presentations and judged several SPS competitions. Visit his website at to view his work, read other photography related articles, and check out his
                                     workshop schedule and information.
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                                                                              2011 NG3C Shootout
   On Saturday, October 1, 2011, SPS will again participate in the North Georgia Camera Club Council
   (NG3C) Shootout event in Cartersville, GA. Participating camera clubs compete to see who can shoot,
   process, and submit the best images in each of five categories. In addition to goody bags and door
   prizes, the day ends with an awards ceremony which includes cash, prizes, and ribbons for individuals for
   the best 4 images in each category as well as the announcement of the winning clubs. In between,
   participants can visit vendors and sponsors, get sensors cleaned, attend presentations, tour the Booth
   Museum, or just enjoy meeting other participants. This is a really fun day of photography, camaraderie,
   and competition. To see typical categories and a gallery of the winning images from previous years’
   Shootouts, check out

   To participate for SPS and/or for additional information, please contact Harriet Dye via email at before September 1. Please include your email address, what
   post-processing software you use, and whether you will be bringing a laptop to the Shootout and doing
   your own image processing. We will have a meeting in early September to discuss details, as well as a
   group visit to Cartersville to check out shooting locations in advance. Details and deadlines appear
   below. You must be a current SPS member to participate.

   Details and Deadlines:
   Date: Saturday, October 1, 2011
   Time: 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
   Place: Booth Museum, Cartersville, GA
   Cost: $15 per participant or less (lunch provided for an additional fee)
   SPS Contact: Harriet Dye (
   Contact Deadline: Thursday, September 1, 2011
   Payment Deadline: Saturday, September 10, 2011

                                      Through the Lens Juried Photography Show
   The second annual ―Through the Lens‖ fine art exhibit and sale, sponsored by the Sawnee Artist Associa-
   tion began accepting entries on July 1. The deadline for entry submission is August 15. This year’s
   theme is Visions of the Southern Appalachians, and will be judged by well known professional photogra-
   pher and frequent SPS presenter and judge Larry Winslett. Information and complete details can be
   found at The entry form can be found here.
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                           Gottlieb Photography Exhibit at Fernbank Museum
   The Fernbank Museum of Natural History ( is featuring an exhibit by Sandra
   Gottlieb through August 7, 2011. With a keen eye for the fleeting phenomena of clouds and light, Gottlieb
   captures the skies and waters of the Atlantic Ocean in this special exhibition with beautiful large-scale im-
   ages that range from the abstract, to the painterly, to the highly dramatic.

   Seascapes is a series of 40 large-scale photographs that concentrate on the sky and water. The images
   were taken primarily from a single vantage point overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Rockaway Beach,
   Queens, NY. Some of the later pictures in the series were shot on the southeast coast of Florida.

   Most of the photographs were taken during sunrise and sunset, but the photographer also includes a few
   from the midday hours. Each day's photography brought a different view of the sea - peaceful and calm,
   tumultuous and angry, and often a combination of both - depending on time of day, time of year, and the
   weather. Each day's work produced just one image, whether it took a single shot or a number of rolls to
   capture. Gottlieb's process included focused awareness of the delicate changes in the light and the
   clouds. A former dancer, the photographer regards her dancing experience as the source of her apprecia-
   tion of movement in nature.

   Check out her other work at

                                                                                 Membership News
                     Please welcome the following new and renewing members to SPS
   Robert Tyler      Mark Sinderson          Gloria Brown     Armetrice Cabine         LiAn Chapman
           Edie Gang        Mary Lee Johnson         Marilyn Nieves            Harvey Yaschik
           Breest Family (Dean, James and Renee)              Tobias and Ganna Roybal
                            Keenan Wright                             Frank Carter

                           Our total membership as of July 31, 2011 is 224 !!
    Remember, if you are an SPS member and win an award, are published, or otherwise recognized
           for your photographic talents, LET US KNOW! We’ll spread the good news!
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                                    Procedure for Digital Submission Image Sizing
   SPS has a new digital projector. The new projector
   has much higher resolution, greatly expanded color
   gamut, and dramatically increased contrast ratio. All of
   our images should look much better on the screen as
   the new projector will handle them much more accu-
   One change you’ll notice right away—the projector will
   fill less of the height of the screen. Because the pic-
   ture is more oblong, keeping the sides in bounds
   means a shorter height.
   High resolution projectors are designed for HD movie
   and TV content, and follow the HD specs. Our projector sup-
   ports 1080p, meaning its resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The
   old projector was 1024x768.
   Aspect Ratio Change
   Aspect ratio refers to the ratio between width and height. The
   35mm / APS-C size all of our standard cameras produce is
   1.5 : 1, meaning the width is one and a half times the height.
   The old projector’s aspect ratio was 1.33 : 1. This is why you
   had to either crop your horizontal images on the left and right
   or not quite fill the screen.
   The new projector’s aspect ratio is 1.77 :
   1. Once again your image will have to be
   cropped a bit top and bottom or display
   some black borders.
   Sizing your image un-cropped
   If you want to display your image un-
   cropped, size it so that it fits within the
   1920x1080 projector dimensions. Both
   horizontal and vertical images will show
   some black margin on the sides.
   Photoshop In Photoshop, for both hori-
   zontal and vertical images set the height
   to 1080 and allow the width to size automatically (it should end up around 1624 for horizontal and 718 for
   vertical). The projector will have empty black space left and right.
   In Lightroom, set the Export Image Sizing to 1920x1080. These are constraints, so Lightroom will auto-
   matically size the image without cropping to fit in these dimensions.
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                                                                                         2011 Competition Themes
   Meeting Dates
  Monthly / 4th Tuesday

                          Open (Vintage): The Open competition allows photographers to enter their best work on any subject.
    January 7 / 25        Since this is also a "vintage" competition, the image can be from any prior year (not just within the
                          past 12 months as for the non-vintage themes).
                          Landscape: The subject for this theme should be a natural outdoor setting showing an expansive
   February 4 / 22
                          point of view. Grand vistas with few (if any) man-made objects are what we’re looking for.
                          Travel: The primary criteria here is that the image must give the viewer a sense of place outside of
     March 4 / 22
                          Atlanta. This might be someplace out in the country [near Atlanta] or some far away land.

                          Macro: Show us a world in that is seldom visited, sometimes too small to appreciate in any other way.
      April 1 / 26        Macro is extreme close-up photography – the eyes of a bee, the ridges on a coin, or some other crea-
                          tive subject too small for us to appreciate without your skill and vision.
                          Portrait (not formal portraits): What we’re looking for here is to have people (person) as the primary
      May 6 / 24
                          subject but not done as a formal portrait (not posed). Catch people in the act of being…people.

                          Churches and Graveyards: Explore the architecture and mood of these beautiful and sometimes
      June 3 / 28
                          haunting environments.

                          Death and Decay: No, not CSI photos – we’re looking for images of deserted old buildings, rusting
      July 8 / 26         cars, deserted urban decay and maybe even some interesting dead trees. Since we already have a
                          separate ―graveyards‖ theme, let’s avoid them for this theme.

                          Shot in the Dark: The obvious interpretation here is for an image taken in the dark, using natural or
    August 5 / 23         artificial lighting (including light painting). However, you’re free to play with the theme if you have a
                          different interpretation.
                          Flowers: Not much to clarify here – flowers of any and all varieties in any composition you can envi-
  September 9 / 27
                          Patterns and Repetition: Repeating patterns is one of the strongest elements in art and something
    October 7 / 25        we always notice in photography. Here your challenge is to present strong repeating patterns or
                          shapes (3 or more) in your composition.

                          Sunlight and Shadow: Light and shadow is what photography is all about and in this theme we ask
   November 4 / 22        you to really explore that relationship by making the light and shadows the actual subject of your im-
                          Members Choice: Show us your best image from the last 12 months whether you’ve already had it in
   December 2 / 27
                          competition or not. Digital submission only – no prints – and one image per person.
*4th Tuesday Topics To Be Determined. And Dates Subject to Change
*July and September Monthly Meetings are on the SECOND Friday due to holiday weekends
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                           2011 Officers                                               2011 Committee Chairs
         President                                                         Competitions
                         Ken Ross                                                              Ray Davis

      Vice President                                                          Facilities
                         Mike Boatright                                                        Stan Bowman

         Secretary                                                           Programs
                         Cherie Truesdell
                                                              Jack Martin

         Treasurer                                                          Membership
                         Elton Saulsberry
                                                            Stephanie Scanlin

      Past President                                                     Communications
                         Wendell Tudor
                                                                  Josh Earhart

                                                                           Gallery Shows

                                                                                               Sheila McIntosh

                                                                                           Exposure Notes
                                                                      Published monthly by the Southeastern Photographic Society
                                                                                  P. O. Box 49646, Atlanta, GA 30359.

                                                                      Newsletter Submittals: Information and articles for the
                                                                      newsletter should be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting
                                                                      date. Articles should be sent electronically to Josh Earhart at the
                                                                      email address above (please no .pdf documents).
Meeting Location: The Southeastern Photographic Society (SPS) normally meets in the Fellowship Hall of Briarcliff Baptist Church,
3039 Briarcliff Road, on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 PM.
Directions: Take the Clairmont Road exit from I-85. Go south on Clairmont Road toward Decatur/Emory. At first light, turn right onto
Briarcliff Road. Turn left into the drive way adjacent to the wrought iron fence adjacent to Ed’s IGA and park in the lot. An awning
labeled 7'6" CLEAR covers the entrance to the hall that leads to the Fellowship Hall.

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