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									Job Description – Food Technology Specialist

General Information
TechnoServe is an international business development organization whose mission is to solve poverty. Our
approach is based on hiring high-performing people who share our vision of private sector solutions that create
long-term transformation in people’s lives. We believe in hard work, creativity, and leveraging the dynamism of
talented people. We are committed to innovation, learning, and results. Our global team is drawn from world-
class industry and management consulting firms. We work in over 20 countries in Africa, Latin America and India.
See www.technoserve.org for more details.

Project Description
The USAID Market-Based Solutions, or Tuboreshe Chakula Project is a key activity of the Feed the Future (FtF)
initiative, a major U.S. Government effort which aims to address the root causes of global hunger by sustainably
increasing agricultural productivity to meet the demand for food; supporting and facilitating access to strong
markets; increasing incomes for the poor so that they can meet their food and other needs; and reducing
malnutrition. The purpose of the USAID Tuboreshe Chakula Project is to transform a critical segment of Tanzania’s
agro-processing industry – maize, rice and oilseed processing – and dramatically increase the supply of and
demand for nutritious and fortified foods, especially among vulnerable populations in the food insecure regions of
Morogoro, Dodoma and Manyara.

The project is implemented by Abt Associates, in collaboration with TechnoServe (TNS) and Partners in Food
Solutions; a consortium of three food companies – General Mills, Cargill and DSM. The Tuboreshe Chakula team
will deliver its assistance through the implementation of four core project components: which are Business,
Enterprise, and Market Development, Technology Transfer, Support to Food Processing Institutions and Industry
Associations and Demand Creation.

The Food Technologist(s) will work with small and medium-scale enterprises as part of the Technology Transfer

Major Responsibilities
    Provide support, training, and recommendations to client enterprises on issues related to:
           o Safety and quality of food products, including development of quality systems like Good
                Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control
                Points (HACCP)
           o Food Standards and Regulations as stipulated by regulatory bodies like TBS, TFDA, ISO etc
           o Technologies specific to process improvement, quality improvement and new product
           o Preparation of product costing based on raw materials and manufacturing costs to ensure
                profitable products; this includes the ability to properly calculate recovery rates for different
                steps in the process
    Client Identification and Development
           o Identifying potential enterprises which fit the program entry criteria
           o Conducting initial diagnostics of potential clients to evaluate the technical merits and deficiencies
                of potential clients
           o Work with selected clients to develop a Scope of Work for prioritized technical activities
       Reporting
             o Collect monthly and/or quarterly technical data from clients on a timely basis
             o Meet regularly with clients, and provide regular updates to management on client activities
             o Provide your Supervisor with regular documentation of all activities carried out (e.g., completion
                 of 5:15 document and training updates every week)
             o Input all information and material collected into an appropriate electronic format (e.g., Excel or
                 MS Access)
       Training
             o Develop and deliver relevant trainings to enterprise employees regarding the improvement
                 and/or adoption of food processing technologies
             o Monitor training outcomes; ensure uptake of new processes and procedures
             o Attend all trainings set forth by your supervisor
             o In areas where clients require additional support, develop and deliver formal technical trainings
       Communications
             o Liaising and cooperating with technical and business colleagues at TNS, with client personnel,
                 volunteers in Partners in Food Solutions, and other implementing partners
             o Communicate regularly with the leadership of existing clients in order to support their activities,
                 provide additional support, and track key metrics
             o Work with clients to manage their expectations around TNS support and involvement, and
                 correctly convey at all times what TNS will do for the client (as well as what it will not do)

    B.Sc. in Food Technology or equivalent experience in food technology and /or food nutrition. Master’s
       degree and ability to read engineering documents will be an added advantage
    A minimum of 3 years experience in the private sector food processing industry
    Demonstrated experience implementing quality management systems like GMP and HACCP
    Ability to develop well written, cohesive, and precise reports that quantitatively document technical
    Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
    Strong interpersonal skills and excellent oral % written communication skills a must
    Entrepreneurial and self motivated
    Ability to work as a team member and individual contributor
    Willingness to travel frequently domestically
    Computer literate (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
    Conscientious, reliable, and trustworthy
    Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English and Kiswahili
    Valid Tanzanian driver’s license

Position Location: Morogoro/Dar es Salaam/Dodoma

Reports To: Senior Food Technology Specialist

APPLY (by email only) to the Recruitment Coordinator at TZ-info@tns.org with the position title place in the
subject line. Please include (1) cover letter describing your interest, (2) curriculum vitae .Please include all
requirements in one document
Deadline for applications is 14 November 2011 Note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Phone
calls are prohibited and will disqualify application.

                                  TechnoServe is an equal opportunity employer.

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