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									Rhodia way,

    The way we do business

                             CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                    « Rhodia way » reference framework

A management system and a tool driving our ambitions
       • Broadcasting several best practices existing
       • A collective dynamic : federate around SD values, driver of our identity (KVD
         4 of the Group)
       • An integration in systems and tools existing (SIMSER+…) as well as in the
         Spring process

A « Self-assessment reference framework »
      • Which focuses on responsibilities for our 6 key stakeholders
      • Which enables business units to assess their practices and
        implement corrective actions

                                                                CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                            For which benefits?

A better control of our risks

A better attractiveness of our Group and a reinforced identity
   •   Transparency and responsibility image
   •   Competitive advantage
   •   Innovation source : new products, new markets
   •   Proudness of employees

A collective dynamic and a mobilization of our employees
 around a federating project

                                                       CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                                            and which results

• The referential is integrated to entity management

    processes :
      • The progress actions are registered in the entity
         management loop : integration to actions plan and

• A “quick” vision of the performance


       Suppliers                                    SITES


                                                                          CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
             A reference framework organized by stakeholder

Shareholders         Employees           Customers            Suppliers          Environment             Local
     Enhance           Proctect the          Improve        Buy quality raw     Reduce the impact     communities
   the Group’s      health and safety     performance        materials and       of our activities    Integrate our sites
  performance,           of every        of our partners        services                               more effectively
     stabilize      employee as well       in an effort      under the best                            into their natural
the shareholding     as develop their    to share value    market conditions,                            environment
 and guarantee            skills                               strengthen                                and develop
 good standards      and enhancing                          the relationship                             relationships
  of governance    their employability                     with our suppliers                              with local
                                                              and develop                            communities based
                                                              partnerships                              on mutual trust

                                                                        5                CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                Our responsibilities with respect to our stakeholders

Customers                                   Employees
1 Respect our responsibilities in the         1 Respect the basic labor        Environment
                                                                              1 Conserve our natural
interests of customer satisfaction            rights of our employees

2 Guarantee the sustainable                   2 Guarantee excellent
competitiveness of our products and
                                              employee dialogue               2 Reduce the impact on the
provide value added                                                           environment
                                              3 Develop skills
3 Drive innovation while protecting           4 Rally the support of          3 Manage the risks and
humankind and the environment                 employees                       impact related to logistics

4 Manage product-related risks

  Shareholders                               Suppliers                        Local
                                             1 Develop long-term              Communities
  1 Create sustainable value                 relationships with suppliers
                                                                              1 Manage the risks related
  2 Adopt a risk-management                  2 Integrate the Group's SD       to site operations in their
  approach to managing a site's              objectives into procedures for   regions or countries
  activity                                   choosing and assessing
  3 Guarantee the distribution and                                            2 Guarantee the
  compliance of the company's                3 Manage the industrial risks    sustainable integration of
  governance practices                       related to services provided
                                                                              sites into the regions where
  4 Communicate regularly and                                                 they are based
  transparently on all issues

                                                                              CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                                                                   General overview

                  20                      73
6 STAKEHOLDERS                                                            4 EVALUATION DEGREES
                  COMMITMENTS             LEVERS

1. Customers

2. Employees

3. Environment

                  3.1  Conserve natural
4. Shareholders   resources

                  3.2 Reduce impacts on   3.1.1 Energetic efficiency
5. Suppliers      environment
                                          3.1.2 Raw materials yield and
                  3.3 Manage risks and    utilization

6. Communities    impacts linked to                                       Level 1 : The entity determined its energy-
                                          3.1.3 Water consumption
                  logistics                                               consumption profile (quantité et type)
                                          3.1.4 Employees behavior        Level 2 : Studies have been carried out on
                                                                          potential improvement of processes in terms of
                                                                          energetic efficiency

                                                                          Level 3 : A plan for improvement actions of
                                                                          energetic efficiency had been carried out and driven

                                                                          Level 4 : There is a substitute policy for the benefit
                                                                          of renewal energies taking into account economic
                                                                          requirements of the Group

                                                                                        CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
2.1 Ensure the basic social rights of employees
                                                                                                                                             Level 4
                                                                                                      Level 3
                                                                   Level 2                       Fully Operational
                                Level 1

   Respect for basic     Basic social rights as defined     The RSE agreement signed             The RSE agreement with the           Basic social rights as defined
                         by ILO agreements and the          with the ICEM has been               ICEM is reported to all              by the ILO agreements and the
              rights     Global Compact are complied        translated into the Group’s          personnel and serves as the          Global Compact, as well as the
                         with in the framework of local     main working languages and           basis for a corrective action        responsibilities of the RSE
                         regulations                        submitted to management and          plan if needed                       agreement with the ICEM, are
                                                            to the employees’                                                         applied in full
                                                            representative bodies

    Identification and   There is a written document        Risk identification and              The risk assessment methods          Assessment methods take
                         that identifies the dangers and    assessment has been                  address normal working               account of the severity,
      management of      assesses the risks related to      conducted by means of                situations and accidents             probability and classification of
  health-related risks   each job                           systematic analyses (critical                                             the risk, as well as the nature
                                                            tasks, inspection reports, etc.)                                          of the groups exposed

        Work-related     There is a written system for      The investigation system             The investigation reports lead       Intermediate or higher
                         reporting accidents or             covers all types of accidents        to corrective and preventive         management participates
          accidents      incidents and for investigations   and incidents comprehensively        measures, which are followed         during the investigation for all
                                                            (severity, actual costs, potential   up and communicated to the           accidents and incidents that
                                                            costs, etc.)                         appropriate individuals              are serious or potentially

            Diversity    The entity will raise the          The entity establishes the state     The entity sets specific goals       The entity incorporates action
                         awareness of managers and          of the situation in term of          based on the policy defined by       plans linked to diversity within
                         train them in the issues of        diversity                            the Group and determines the         management processes in a
                         diversity                                                               action plans, incorporating the      continuous improvement
                                                                                                 specific tools developed by the      approach

                                                                                                                                   CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES

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