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					                       INDEX TO VOLUME VII

Abbe, Robert, 371, 377.                                Atkinson, F. R. B., 522.
Abbott, 460.                                           Atlas, Anterior dislocation of, as cause for inability
Abdominal pain, Chronic, In children (abstract),           to swallow solid foods (abstract), H. B. Orton
    K. U. Toverud, 81, 82.                                  179.                                             '
Abdominal pregnancy, Case of, R A. Arens and           Auvray, 366.
     A. R Bloom, 65-
Abromavitch, 466.                                      Baastrup, C I., 144, 148.
Actinomycosis of lungs, George Turner, 39.             Babcock, James W., 243, 248.
Agricola (1556), 318.                                  Bachem, Albert, 13, 261, 442.
Air hubble of stomach in carcinoma, Deformity of       Back scattering, amount of, What is? (Abstract.)
     (abstract), Jacob Buckstein, 276.                      K. Breitlander, 461.
Akerlund, 521, 525.                                    Back-scattering, Influence of, upon surface dose in
Albee, 520.                                                 roentgen-ray therapy (abstract), Otto Glasser
Albers-Schoenberg, 109, 471.                                and G. S. Reitter, 421.
Albert, S., 114.                                       Baehr, George, 425.
Alberti, w., 81, 458.                                  Baer, J. L., 231-233.
Alius, H. J., 526.                                     Bainbridge, W. S., 336.
Allen, Bundy, 398, 420.                                Baker, 179, 182.
Allison, R G., 266, 452.                               Balfour, 460.
Altenhofen, A. R, 171, 347.                            Bal1antyne, J. W., 435.
Altnow, 169.                                           Bannerman, R. G., 87.
Altschul, \V. , 110, 115.                              Barhat, 377.
Alvarez, Walter C. 179, 180, 264, 326, 445, 449.       Barclay, A E., 259, 341.
Amenorrhea, Sterility associated with habitual (ab-    Bardcen, C R, 116, 265, 450.
     stract), 1. C Rubin, 534.                         Bargen, ]. Arnold, 369, 370.
American Col1ege of Surgeons, 24, 38.                  Barium plaster X-ray protective walls for roentgen
American Jnstitute of Electrical Engineers, 4.              laboratories, H. N. Beets, 340.
American Radium Society, 244.                          Barker, 380.
American Roentgen Ray Society, 517, 525.               Barnes, IIarry A, 508-510.
Amreich, 99. 102.                                      Barringer, Osmond, 257.
Amundsen, P., 83.                                      Barrow, S. C, 118, 171, 184, 266, 451, 455, 459, 52~.
Anatomy of the living, 519.                            Bartlett, E. I., 178.
Andrei, 0., 356.                                       Basel clinic, 473.
Anemia, Aplastic, due to X-rays (abstract), ]. Lank-   Baumgartner, E. A., 366.
     hout, 89, 90.                                     Bayet, A, 134, 136.
Anemia, Leukopenic, of regenerative type due to ex-    Beck, Carl, 201, 202, 210.
     posure to radium and mesothorium: report of       Beck's paste, 393.
     case (abstract), G. S. Reitter and H. S. Mart-    Becker, Th., 189.
     land, 534, 535.                                   Beclere, A., 350, 351, 393, 396.
Anencephalus, Early diagnosis of (abstract), J. T.
     Case and ]. E. Cooper, 532.                       Bedside medicine for bedside doctors (abstracts),
Ankle joint, Derangement of, following fractures of          175, 176, 179, 180, 364.
     lower end of tibia and fibula (abstract), L. D.    Beeler, R C, 478.
     Prince, 355.                                       Beets, II. K., 68, 290, 340.
Anschiitz surgical clinic, Kiel, 471-473.               Belden, W. W., 261, 442.
Aortitis, Rheumatic (abstract), F. Bezancon and         Belfield, W. T., 276.
     :M.-P. Weil, 183, 184.                             Bell, J. C, 264, 446.
Appclrath, II., 111, 115                                Berg, 296.
Appendicitis, chronic, Inquiry into nature of (ab-      Berg, of Frankfurt, 521.
     stract), A. E. Hertzler, 61.                       Berger, Samuel S., 184.
 Archangansky, 467.                                     Bergerhoff, W., 79, 462.
 Arens, Robert A, 65, 68, 171, 210. 227, 239-241, 263, Bergmann, 377. See also Von Bergmann.
     264, 290, 326, 443, 444, 446, 500, 505.            Bergondie, 242.
 Arkassy, of Leningrad, 466.                            Bcrjamini, Mario, 112, 115.
 Arloing, 293.                                          Berkley, Hugh, 176.
 Armstam, 466.                                          Berlin Clinic, 473.
 Arnold, Lloyd, 527.                                    Berlin, University of, 267.
 Arnsperger, L., 377.                                   Bernhard, 293.
 Arthritis, Acute pyogenic, of hip joint in infancy     Bernstein, M. A., 266, 451, 500.
      and in childhood (abstract), :M. B. Cooperman,    Bertrand (1779), 292.
      13.                                               Bervan, Elis, 70.
 Aschoff, 98. 102.                                      Betel-nut chewing, 131-133.
 Ashhurst, Astley P. C, 268, 377.                       Bettman, R. B., 264, 446.
 Assmann, H., 188, 189.                                 Bevan, A. D., 204, 492, 497.
 Asthma, bronchial, Deep therapy of (abstract), W.      Bezancon, F., 184.
      Bergerhoff, 79.                                   Bier, 525.
 Astragalus and os calcis, Unusual articulation of      Bier Clinic (Berlin), 473.
      (abstract), C E. Farr, 108.                       Bierich, 273.
 Astraldi, 392.                                         Binet, 387.
 538                                            RADIOLOGY

 Bird, A. A., 364.                                          Brain tumors, New results in study of roentgen-ray
 Bissell, F. S., 202, 210, 267, 451.                            effect on (abstract), M. Sgalitzer, 362.
 Blacktan, 416-418.                                         Bramesfe1d, H., 272.
 Bladder and diverticulum, Recurrent dumb-bell              Brams, Julius, 524.
      stone in (abstract), W. S. Calhoun, 76.               Brams, William A., 524.
 Bladder, Exstrophy of (abstract), C H. Mayo and            Braudy, 466.
     W. A. Hendricks, 367.                                  Breast cancer, Post-operative irradiation of, J. Bo-
 Blaine, Edward S., 171, 265, 450.                              rak, 471.
 Blair, V. P., 132, 136.                                    Breast cancer, post-operative treatment of Is it
 Blakeway, H., 377.                                             justified? (Abstract.) H. Holfelder, 365.
 Blakie, N. H., 92.                                         Breast cancer, prophylactic treatment of, Is it justi-
 Blanc, H., 521.                                                fied? (Abstract.) O. J tingling, 365.
 Blanche, 227, 233.                                        Breast, carcinoma (of), Bone dystrophy in (ab-
 Bland-Sutton, 377.                                             stract), S. Laborde, H. jouveau-Dubreuil, and A.
 Blondeau, A., 367.                                             Roques, 84, 85.
 Blood, cholesterin content of, in health and disease,     Breast, carcinoma, Late results after amputation of,
     Effect of roentgen radiation on (abstract), M.             for (abstract), A. V. Moschcowitz, R. Colp and
     Levy-Dorn and F. Burgheirn, 272.                           P. Klingenstein, 528.                       '
Blood corpuscles, red, Effect of roentgen rays on          Breast, carcinoma (of), Treatment of 15 cases of
      (abstract), F. Krorneke, 364.                             operable, by radium and X-rays (abstract)
 Blood, Effect of roentgen rays upon (abstract), E.             J. H. D. Webster, J. P. Thierens, and F. G:
     Kolta and J. Forster, 76.                                  Nicholas, 85, 86.
 Blood, Effects of mercury vapor arc baths upon,           Breast carcinoma, X-rays and radium in manage-
     Some (abstract), R. G. Bannerman, 87.                      ment of (abstract), G. E. Richards, 174, 175.
Blood vessels after roentgen radiation, Regarding          Brehm, 0., 377.
     functional changes of: L-Pharmaco-dynamic             Breitlander, K., 274, 461.
     investigation of functional stage of blood ves-       Brewer, 377, 378.
     sels in isolated ears of rabbits after previous ra-   Brewer, G. E., 51, 53, 58, 133, 136.
     diationin vivo ( abstract), N. W. Lazarew and         Brewster, P. D., 452.
     A. Lazarewa, 462.                                     Brickner, Walter M., 268.
Bloodgood, ]. C, 10, 52, 53, 58, 332, 336, 459, 510.       Bridges, E. C, 492, 497.
Bloom, Arthur R., 65.                                      Briggs, A. D., 45, 50.
Bloomberg, M. W., 529.                                     Briggs, W. T., 456.
Blum, Theodor, 510.                                        Bright, 492, 497.
Blunt, 293.                                                Brock, 180.
Boardman, W. W., 179, 180.                                 Broders, A. C, 51, 53, 58, 249, 252, 448.
Boehm, 377.                                                Bromberg, P., 479.
Bohm, 79.                                                  Bronchial affections, Use of iodized oil in diagnosis
Bollack, 393.                                                  and treatment of (abstract), S. Pritchard, B.
Bolliger, 169.                                                  Whyte, and ]. K. M. Gordon, 82, 83.
"Bolus," 5.                                                Bronson, W. T., 171.
Bone dystrophy in carcinoma of breast (abstract),          Brown, L. G., 436.
     S. Laborde, H. jouveau-Dubreuil, and A.               Brown, Marion E., 265, 450.
     Roques, 84, 85.                                       Brown, R. Mark, 166.
Bone, lesions of, benign and malignant, Brief sum-         Brown, T. H., 478.
    mary of (abstract), J. C Bloodgood, 459.               Brugmann, W., 275.
Bone malignancy from roentgenological aspect, H. E.        Brullova, of Leningrad, 468.
    Ruggles and Lloyd Bryan, 24.                           Brummer, K., 275.
Bone Sarcoma Registry Committee of American                Bruns, 377.
    College of Surgeons, 38.                               Bryan, Lloyd, 24, 178.
Bone tumors, medullary, Diagnosis and results in           Bryan, R. C, 378.
    radiation treatment of some, Ralph E. Heren-           Buckstein, Jacob, 175, 276.
    deen, 140.                                             Bugbee, Henry G., 265, 449.
Bone tumors, Radiation in treatment of, Albert Soi-        Buis, John, 493, 497.
    land and W. E. Costolow, 36.                           Bumpus, Hermon C, Jr., 533.
Bone tumors, Surgical aspect of, H. W. Meyerding,          Bundesen, Herman N., 266, 453.
    29.                                                    Burgheim, F., 272.
Bones, membranous, Defects in, diabetes insipidus          Burnam, Curtis F., 265, 444.
    and exophthalmos (abstract), B. S. Denzer, 85.         Burnham, M. P., 210.
Bones, thyroid metastasis to, Three cases of (ab-          Burrows, M. T., 138, 139, 267~ 279, 354, 449.
    stract), W. M. Simpson, 87.                            Busby, Mrs., Department of Child Welfare Univer-
Bonnet (1845), 292.                                            sity of Iowa, 400.                        '
Borak, J., 84, 471.                                        Busit, A., 114.
Bordier, 112, 115.                                         Butterfield, E., 50.
                                                           Buyo chewing, 131-133.
Bourland, ]. W., 227, 233.
Bovie, W. T., 262, 444.
Bowditch, 366.                                             Cabot, A. T., 456.
Bowel, large, Carcinoma of (abstract), F. A. C             Caldwell, E. W., 210.
    Scrirnger, 80, 81.                                     Calhoun, 169.
Bowen, Charles F., 266, 452.                               California, X-ray deep therapy installations in (ab-
Bowing, Harry H., 89, 139, 181, 234, 262, 444.                  stract), W. E. Chamberlain and R. R. Newell, 75.
Braasch, W. F., 263, 475, 478, 479.                        Callison, ]. G., 403.
Brain, Animal experiments with roentgen rays ad-           Cameron, 378.
    ministered to (abstract), R. Demel, 276.               Camp, .John D., 44, 267, 454, 522.
Brain tumors in children: their general symptoma-          Campbell, A. R., 86.
    tology (abstract), M. Critchley, 75, 76.               Campuzano, Jorge, 478.
                                       l~DEX      TO      VOLC~E      VII                                    539
Cancer, breast, Post-operative irradiation of, J.          Carcinoma (of) stomach, Clinical picture of begin-
    Borak,4il.                                                 rung (abstract), H. 1. Wie1, 176, 177.
Cancer, breast, Post-operative treatment of, Is it         Carcinoma (of) stomach, Intragastric radium treat-
    Justified? (Abstract.) H. Holfelder, 365.              _ merit of (abstract), T. O. Mcnees, 274.
Cancer, breast, Prophylactic treatment of, Is it justi-    Carcinoma (of) tongue, Technic of use of removable
    fied? (Abstract.) O. Jiingling, 365.                    _ radon seeds. in (abstract), Joseph Muir, 173.
Cancer (of) cheek, Radiation of, Joseph Muir, 131.         Carcinoma ~ten, Radium treatment of (abstract),
Cancer, Increase in incidence of (abstract), L. Im-         _ (,.. G. Ward and L. K. P. Farrar, 363, 364.
   bert, 369.                                              Carcinomata (of) cervix uteri, Significance of his-
Cancer, lingual, Treatment of, by radiation, Joseph            tological "malignancy index" for prognosis and
    Muir, 332.                                                 treatment of (abstract), H. Schmitz, W. Hueper,
Cancer (of) lungs, Primary: clinical report of 17              and L. Arnold, 526, 527.
    cases (abstract), J. A. Lichty, F. R Wright,           Cardiac diagnosis, X-ray in, G. E. Knappenberger,
    and E. A. Baumgartner, 365, 366.                           297.
Cancer metastasis, Mechanism of (abstract), M. T.          Cardiac diameter in man, Estimation of transverse
    Burrows, 354.                                              (abstract), F. J. Hodges and J. A. E. Eyster,
Cancer (of) rectum, Operability of (abstract), C. J.           364.
    Drueck, 527, 528.                                      Carelli, H., 86, 330, 392, 396.
Cancer (of) skin, Causes of (abstract) , J. F.             Carlson, A. J., 454.
    Schamberg, 456.                                        Carman, Russell D., 71, 170, 179, 201, 202, 205, 210,
Cancer (of) stomach (abstract), J. W. Shuman, 183.             226, 258, 259, 370, 371, 378, 517, 525.
Cancer, uterine, Operable and inoperable, after X-ray      Carmody, 418, 419.
    therapy (abstract), H. Seidemann, 355.                 Carroll, Grayson, 357.
Cancer, uterine, Prognosis in (abstract), Bohm and         Carter, L. J., 81, 86, 175, 210, 264, 447, 527, 529.
    Zweifel, 79.                                           Carty, John R, 63.
Cancer (of) uterus, Surgery versus radium in treat-        Carwardine, 378.
    ment of (abstract), J. Y. Welborn, 355.                Cary, S. B., 478.
Cancer, vitamin needs of organism and, Effect of           Case, James T., 71, 144, 147, 148, 171, 201, 204, 210,
    X-rays on, ~L T. Burrows, L. H. Jorstad, and               264, 371, 378, 445, 447, 449, 532.
    E. C. Ernst, 279.                                      Castex, 11:. R., 86, 88.
Cancers, cervix, Morphology of, as basis for differ-       Catsaras, J., 49.
    entiation of their sensitivity to radiation (ab-       Cauda equina, Tumors of (abstract), J. M. Wolf-
    stract), R Cordua, 360.                                    sohn and E. J. Morrissey, 275.
Cantrell, T. D., 384.                                      Caufman, H., 91.
Carcinoma (of) bowel, large (abstract), F. A. C.           Cauvain (1815), 292..
    Scrimger, 80, 81.                                      Cave, E. H. P., 391, 396.
Carcinoma (of) breast, Bone dystrophy in (ab-
    stract), S. Laborde, H. J ouveau-Dubrcuil, and         Cecil, R. L., 378.
    A. Roques, 84, 85.                                     Cecum and ascending colon, Malposition of; case
Carcinoma, breast, Late results after amputation of,           report, Fred S. O'Hara, 166.
    for (abstract), A. V. Moschcowitz, R. Colp, and        Cecum, Volvulus of: report of case complicating
    P. Klingenstein, 528.                                      typhoid (abstract), H. F. Graham, 66.
Carcinoma (of) breast, Treatment of 15 cases of            Central New York Roentgen Ray Society, 68.
    operable, by radium and X-rays (abstract),             Cerebral tumors, X-ray treatment of (abstract),
    ]. H. D. Webster, J. P. Thierens, and F. G.                H. Saethre and R. R Jorgensen, 535, 536.
    Nicholas, 85, 86.                                      Cervix, carcinoma of, Surgery, radium, and roent-
Carcinoma, breast, X-rays and radium in manage-                gen rays in treatment of (abstract). H. H.
    ment of (abstract), G. E. Richards, 174, 175.              Bowing, 89.
Carcinoma (of) cervix, Surgery, radium, and roent-         Cervix uteri, carcinomata of, Significance of histo-
    gen rays in treatment of (abstract), H. H. Bow-            logical "malignancy index" for prognosis and
    ing, 89.                                                   treatment of (abstract), H. Schmitz, W. Hueper,
Carcinoma (of) colon, right segment (abstract),                and L. Arnold, 526, 527.
    C. H. Mayo and W. A. Hendricks, 118.                   Cevey, F., 88.
Carcinoma (of) colon: study of 60 proved cases             Chamberlain, W. E., 28, 75, 176, 185, 239-241, 419,
     (abstract). K. A. Meyer, W. A. Brarns, and J.             420, 454, 519.
    Brams, 524.                                            Chaoul, 525.
Carcinoma, Combined treatment of, with roentgen            Charcot, 293.
    rays and intravenous injections of dextrose,           Charlton, C. F., 137.
    E. G. Mayer, 14.                                       Chauvin, 293.
Carcinoma, Deformity of air bubble of stomach in           Chavannaz, G., 378.
     (abstract), Jacob Buckstein, 276.                     Cheek, Radiation of cancer of, Joseph Muir, 131.
Carcinoma (of) esophagus, Diagnosis of. and short          Chest, deformity of, Bifurcate ribs, unusual cause
    discussion of treatment (abstract), E. B. Free-            of (abstract), M. W. Bloomberg, 529.
    man and H. E. Wright, 460.                             Chiari, 358.
Carcinoma (of) esophagus, Unusual: case report,            Chicago Roentgen Society, 171.
    J. R Carty, 63.                                        Childhood, Exophthalmic goiter in (abstract), H. F.
Carcinoma (of) lip, lower, Radium treatment of,                He1mholz, 362.
    Joseph Muir, 51.                                       Children, abdominal pain in, Chronic (abstract),
Carcinoma (of) lung, primary: clinical and path-               K. U. Toverud, 81, 82.
    ological study from Cook County Hospital, with         Children, Brain tumors in: their general symptoma-
    report of 21 necropsies and 3 biopsies (abstract),         tology (abstract), M. Critchley, 75, 76.
    J. S. Grove and S. E. Kramer, 461, 462.                Children, "Cyclic vomiting" in infants and, L. T. Le-
Carcinoma (of) prostate: clinical study of 1,000               Wald, 410.                    .
    cases (abstract), H. C. Bumpus, J r., 532, 533.        Children, Examination of (W. W. Wasson), 418.
Carcinoma, skin. Problem of biological effect of           Children, goiter in, Observations on (abstract), H. L.
    hard and soft rays in relation to roentgen ther-            Cronk. 88, 89.
    apy of (abstract), W. Alberti, 457, 458.               Children, Osteomalacia in: study of mineral metab-
540                                           RADIOLOGY
    olism (abstract), H. L. Dwyer and O. S. Eckel-       Cooperman, Morris B., 13.
    berry, 356, 357.                                     Copher, Glover H., 276.
Children, Pneumothorax in young: with account of         Coplin, W. M. L., 319, 325.
    case (abstract), A. Moncrierf, 78, 79.               Cordua, R, 360.
Children, sinusitis, Paranasal, in infants and in        Cori, Carl F., 1, 13.
    young (abstract), P. C Jeans, 531, 532.              Coste, 394.
Children, tuberculosis in, Diagnosis of incipient (ab-   Costolow, William E., 36, 181.
    stract), W. H. Donnelly and H. A. Reisman, 278.      Cotte, 392, 394.
Childs, D. S., 69, 171.                                  Cottenot, P., 530.
Chinisse, 103.                                           Couch, 51.
Cholecystectomy, "Gassy indigestion"-its signifi-        Coxa vara (abstract), T. P. Noble and E. D.
    cance as symptom of gall-bladder disease, with            Hauser, 77, 78.
    review of 60 cases of (abstract), A. R Camp-         Crane, A. W., 189, 262, 446.
    bell, 86.                                            Crill', G. W., 1, 38, 52, 58.
Cholecystography (abstract), F. S. Eveleth, 536.         Critchley, Macdonald, 76.
Cholecystography in cases coming to operation, Ex-       Cronk, H. Leslie, 89.
    perience with (abstract), C C. McCoy and R S.        Cross, W. W., 460.
    Graham, 272.                                         Crotti, Andre, 416, 418.
Cholecystography in dogs, Effect of liver damage on,     Crouse, H., 210.
    by use of sodium tetraiodophenolphthalein (ab-       Culver, George D., 55, 58, 429, 430.
     stract), B. M. Fried and L. R. Whitaker, 88.        Cummings, J. C, 364.
Cholesterin content of blood in health and disease,      Curl, H., 171.
    Effect of roentgen radiation on (abstract), M.       Curtis, Arthur, 139.
    Levy-Dorn and F. Burgheim, 272.                      Cushing, E. H., 61.
Cholesterol, irradiated, Prevention of rickets by        Cushing, H. B., 268.
     (abstract), R. Fabre and H. Simonnet, 90, 91.       Cushway, Bertram C, facing page 68, 76, 78, 79, 82.
Christian, 169.                                               84, 85, 87, 89-91, 171, 179, 181, 183, 268, 361.
Christie, Arthur C, 529.                                 Cutis verticis gyrata (abstract), R J. Sisson, 174.
Cinematograph, roentgen, Study of heart action with,     Cutler, Elliott C, 455.
    W. E. Chamberlain and William Dock, 185.             Cyst, Mediastinal, L. G. Brown, 436.
Clark,325.                                               Cystographie, La, Etude Radiologique de la Vessie
Clark, John G., 139.                                          Normale et Pathologique (review), H. Blanc and
Clark, W. L., 134, 136.                                       M. Negro, 521.
Clunet, 139.                                             Czepa, A., 357, 360.
Cluzet, 113.
Coagulation, Endovesical (comment), Scheele, 521.        Dandy, 388.
Cochran, Guy, 364.                                       Dannmeyer, P. F., 357.
Cockayne, E. A., 78.                                     Darling, Bryon C, 69.
Codman, 38, 258.                                         D'Arsonval, 293.
Coffey, 367.                                             Dautwitz, F., 457.
Cohen, Milton B., 184.                                   Davidson College, North Carolina, 257, 258.
Cohn, A. E., 189. .                                      Davis, 421.
Cohn, L. C, 266, 451.                                    Davis, E. G., 478.
Cole, 378.                                               Davis, George G., 131, 136.
Cole, Lewis Gregory, 148, 201, 202, 210, 266, 445,
    449, 452, 525.                                       Davis, K. S., 350.
Cole, Warren H., 276, 512.                               Davis, L. E., 265, 454.
Colitis, chronic ulcerative, Etiology and treatment of   Day, R V., 478.
     (abstract), J. A. Bargen, 369, 370.                 Dean, 217, 377.
Colitis, ulcerative, Roentgenologic findings in (ab-     Deaver, J. B., 372.
     stract), RD. Carman and A. B. Moore, 369, 370.      Debicki, J. r, 176.
                                                         DeBuys, L. R, 417, 418.
Colon, ascending, and cecum, Malposition of; case        Deep therapy, 1 et seq., 75, 79.
    report, Fred S. O'Hara, 166.
Colon, Carcinoma of right segment of (abstract).         Deep therapy, Scattered radiation in treatment rooms
     C H. Mayo and W. A. Hendricks, 118.                     for (abstract), H. Scheffers, 367.
Colon, Carcinoma of: study of 60 proved cases (ab-       De Gennes, 394.
    stract), K. A. Meyer, W. A. Brams, and J.            deGroot, J r., ]., 49.
    Brarns, 524.                                         DeKraft, F., 268.
Colon. Diverticulitis of (abstract), J. F. Erdmann,      Delcher, H. A., 478.
    359.                                                 De Lee, Joseph B., 233.
Colon, Diverticulitis of, with especial attention to     Demel, R, 276.
     diagnosis, Charles D. Enfield, 371.                 Dennis, 529..
                                                         Denzer, Bernard S., 85.
Colon, Family diverticulosis of, Frank W. Mackey,        Derr, J. S., 240.
    498.                                                 Desjardins, Arthur U, 121, 130, 238, 259, 261, 350,
Colp, Ralph, 528.                                            351, 441-443.
Comby, ]., 112. 115, 410, 415.                           Desplats, R.. 110, 114.
Commandon, 185, 188.                                     Dessauer, 189, 273.
Compton. 66.                                             Destot. Etienne, 522.
Condit, 378.                                             Deutsch, 317.
Conlin, should read Conlon, Philip, 139.                 De Witt, C. H., 174, 177, 461, 524, 528.
Converso CA., 110, 114.
Cook, Enos Paul, 364.                                    Dextrose, Combined treatment of carcinoma with
Cook. P. H .. 144, 147, 260.                                 roentgen rays and intravenous injections of, E.
Coolidge, W. D.. 260. 261, 454.                              G. Mayer, 14.
Cooper, A. L.. 266. 453.                                 Diabetes insipidus and exophthalmos. Defects in
Cooper, John E., 532.                                        membranous bones (abstract), B. S. Denzer, 85.
                                        IKDEX TO VOLUME VII                                                 541
Diagnostik und Thcrapie sowie deren Verhutung,          Emerson, C P., 254.
    lrrtumer der allgemeinen (review) I 69.             Emery, Edward S., J r., 493, 497.
Diamond, 525.                                           Emphysema of neck and chest (pre-operative), Re-
Diathermy, Surgical, for tumors of trachea (ab-             port of case of, following inhalation of piece 01
    stract), H . H. Bowing and 1'. 1'. Vinson, 180,         nut (abstract), H. H. Forbes, 90.
    181.                                                Enfield, C. D., 61, 76, 78, 79, 83, 84, 171, 271-277,
Dick X-ray Company, St. Louis, 341.                         355, 356, 358, 362, 366, 371, 506, 529, 531, 532.
Dickinson, j. C, 171.                                   Epiphysitis, Osteochondritis, or (abstract), A C
Dillon, 466, 467.                                           Christie, 529.
Discussion of scientific papers (abstract), \Y. H.      Epithelioma of car, Radium treatment of, William
    Dudley, 367-369.                                        H. Kennedy, 249.
Diverticulitis of colon (abstract) I J. F. Erdmann,     Epithelioma of skin, Treatment of (abstract), G. E.
    359.                                                    Pfahler, 458.
Diverticulitis of colon, with especial attention to     Epperson, P. S., 171.
    diagnosis, Charles D. Enfield, 371.                 Erdmann, John F., 359, 373, 374, 378.
Diverticulosis of colon, Family, Frank \"1. Mackey,     Erickson, O. Charles, 342.
    498.                                                Ernst, Edwin C, 264, 266, 267, 279, 443, 445, 449.
Diverticulum of jejunum, Solitary, H. Swanberg          Erosion, Infectious muscular: end-result in lumbar
    and E. B. Montgomery, 144.                              region (abstract), M. Wolfson and Lloyd Bryan,
Dobereincr (1816), 292.                                     177, 178.
Dock, William, 185.                                     Erskine, A W., 443.
Dominici, 134, 138, 139.                                Erythema, sun and quartz light, Contributions (0
Donaldson, R., 378.                                         knowledge of (abstract), C. Dorno, 115.
Donnelly, William H., 278.                              Erythrocytes, Experimental investigations on influ-
Dorland, W. AN., 70.                                        ence of roentgen rays upon (abstract), :M. D.
Dorno, C, 115.                                              Kooiman, 77.
Doub, H. P., 169, 227, 233, 263, 444.                   Esophageal distortion, Presentation of X-ray of in-
Douglas, J., 378.                                           teresting (abstract), H. H. Forbes, 91.
Downes, 293.                                            Esophagus and trachea, Congenital deformity of;
Downs, W. A, 38.                                            report of case, R. Mark Brown, 166.
Dresser, Richard, 44, 70.                               Esophagus, carcinoma of, Diagnosis of, and short
Dreyer, John W., 461.                                       discussion of treatment (abstract), E. B. Free-
Driak, F., 84.                                              man and H. E. Wright, 460.
Drucck, Charles J., 528.                                Esophagus, carcinoma of, Unusual : case report, J. R.
Drummond, Hamilton, 378.                                    Carty, 63.
Duane, W., 290.                                         Esophagus, Foreign bodies in, with respiratory syrnp-
Dubreuil, 113.                                              toms complicating diagnosis (abstract), J. B.
Duclaux, 293.                                               Naftzger and T. R. Gittins, 360, 361.
Dudley, William II., 369.                               Esophagus, Multiple sacculations of (abstract),
Duffy, James J., 265, 444.                                  Jacob Buckstcin, 175.
Duncan, Rex, 251, 252.                                  Esophagus, Traumatic perforation of (abstract),
Dunham, Ethel C, 365.                                       H. B. Orton, 182, 183.
Dunham, H. K, 114, 262, 446.                            Ethylene gas, 350.
Dunham, L. H., 339.                                     Evans, ]. A, 266, 447.
Dunn, A. D., 378.                                       Evans, William A, 114, 265, 417, 418, 449.
Duodenal niche (abstract), R. D. Carman and C G.        Eveleth, Fred, 260, 536.
    Sutherland, 525.                                    Evelyn, John (1661),292.
Dwight, 403.                                            Ewing, James, I, 13, 21, 22, 24, 50, 81, 137, 139-142,
Dwyer, Hugh 1.., 367.                                       265.
                                                        Ewing's tumor, 140-142.
Ear, epithelioma of. Radium treatment of, William       Exophthalmos, Defects in membranous bones, dia-
    II. Kennedy, 249.                                       betes insipidus and (abstract), B. S. Denzer, 85.
Eastman, 378.                                           Eyclcshyrncr, A. C, 9. 13.
Eherstadt, F., 49.                                      Eyster, J. A. E., 116-118, 188, 262, 364, 445.
Eckelberry, Orren S., 357.
Edsall, 310, 415.
Egan, Woo 171.                                          Faber, 176.
Ehrlich, 379.                                           Fabian, E., 49.
Eiselsherg, 473.                                        Fabre, R, 91.
Eisendrath, D. N., 263, 378, 444, 478.                  Failla, G., 290.
Eisenstaedt, .J. S., 532.                               Farmer, Jessie C, 176.
Eisler. F., 210.                                        Farr, Charles E., lOR
Electrical charge of erythrocytes as principal factor   Farr, Irvin H., 69.
    of sedimentation velocity (abstract), K Brum-       Farrar, Lilian K P., 364.
    mer, 275.                                           Faure (1774), 292, 293.
Electro-desiccation and electro-coagulation as means    Favus (abstract); K P. Frost and G. F. Koetter, 534.
    of destroying benign and malignant skin lesions     Fawcett, J., 492, 497.
     (abstract). E. K Stratton, 531.                    Felberbaum, David, 355.
Electroscope, Charging device for, Rohert B. Taft,      Fenwick, 411, 415.
    513.                                                Ferment increase in serum after light and roentgen
Ellinger, 291i.                                              theraoy an index of cell destruction (abstract),
Elliott, A. E., 266, 454.                                    A. Mertz, 273.
Elliott, A. R, 45, SO.                                  Ferre, 1.., 396.
Ellis, Aller G., 131, 136.                              Fetal death, Intra-uterine, Irving F. Stein and Robert
Embrvology and Ohstetrics, X-ray in, W. A. K.               A. Arens, 227.
     Dorland and M. J. Huheny (review), 70.             Fibroids and other gynecologic diseases, Roentgen
 542                                            RADIOLOGY
      ray as remedy in (abstract), Mary E. Hanks,          Gall-bladder disease, "Gassy indigestion"-its sig-
      174.                                                      nificance as symptom of, with review of 60 cases
 Fibrosis, Pulmonary, Clifford R Orr and William                of cholecystectomy (abstract), A. R. Campbell,
      F. Jacobs, 318.                                          86.
 Figi, F. A., 430.                                         Gall-bladder disease, Radiographic diagnosis of, Carl
 Files, Glenn W., 255.                                          S. Oakman, 201.
Finesilver, Benjamin, 355.                                 Gall bladder, Physiological significance of (abstract)
 Finkelstein, Harry, 109, 110, 114.                            J. G. Remynse, 3,,7, 358.                           '
Finsen Light Institute, 293.                               Gall bladder, Radiologic visibility of. See Bedside
Finsen, Niels, 293.                                            medicine for bedside doctors (abstract), 179, I~U.
Finsen therapy of lupus vulgaris with intensified          Galland, Walter 1., 111, 115.
      light and use of special glass filter to absorb      Gandulto (incorrectly spelled Gandolpho), R, 330,
      radiant heat rays (abstract), H. Haxthausen,             392, 396.
      276.                                                 Gardiner, J. P., 493, 497.
Fish hooks, Extraction of needles and (abstract),          Gasool, 467.
      O. Susani, 278.                                     Gaucher's disease (abstract), E. H. Cushing and A.
Fishberg, Maurice, 270.                                        P. Stout, 61.
Flatau, 102.                                              Gaudier, H., 180.
Fleischner, 521.                                          Gauillard, R D., 182.
Flesher, Roy E., 79.                                      Geddes, Mabel A., 364.
Fletcher, E. P., 185.                                     Geiringer, David, 478.
                                                          Geisler, 293.
Fluorescent screen, New type of, 1. Seth Hirsch, 422.
                                                          Gelatin capsules of tetraiodophenolphthalein Simple
Fluoroscope as aid in making pyelograms (abstract),         method of preparing, Bernard R Mooney, i67.
      W. W. Cross, 459, 460.                              Geller, 521.
Foerster, H. R, 171.                                      Georgantas, B., 49.
Food, Studies of effect of roentgen rays on (ab-          George, Arial W., 171, 201, 202, 204 205 210 375
     stract), A. Czepa, 357.                                   378 525                             '    ,    ,    ,
Forbes, 520.                                              Gerber,' Isaa~, 114, 210, 266, 268, 306, 446, 521, 525.
Forbes, Henry Hall, 90, 91.                               German Roentgen Ray Society, 365.
Ford, Frances A., 121.                                    Geyer, C W., 171, 517.
Foreign bodies, see Susani, 0., 278.                      Geyer, Mrs. C W., 171.
Foreign bodies in esophagus, with respiratory symp-       Gibson, Charles L., 459.
     toms complicating diagnosis (abstract), J. B.        Giffin, H. Z., 371, 378, 497.
     N aftzger and T. R Gittins, 360, 361.                Gilman, P. K., 524.
Foreign bodies, Non-opaque, in air passages (ab-          Ginsburg, 466.
     stract), W. F. Manges, 363.                          Gittins, T. R, 361.
Foreign body, see Emphysema of neck and chest             Glands, generative, and offspring, Irradiation of (ab-
      (pre-operative), Report of case of, following in-        stract), K. Seynsche, 79, 80.
     balation of piece of nut.                            Glands, human female generative, Experiments and
Foreign body introduced transpleurally and removed            histological examination to study mechanism of
     via bronchus three years later (abstract), C J.           effect of small roentgen-ray doses on (abstract),
     Imperatori, 83, 84.                                       G. A. Wagner and C Schoenhof, 182.
Forel (1902),294.                                         Glasser, Otto, 68, 267, 290, 421, 443.
Forestier, Jacques E., 329,358, 385.                      Gleichgewicht-Rochlina, of Leningrad, 468.
Forman, Jonathan, 133, 136.                               Glocker, R, 176.
Forssell, Gosta, 463.                                     Goiter, Exophthalmic: follow-up study of cases
Forster, J., 76.                                              treated with roentgen ray (abstract), B. ].
Fowler, R H., 435.                                             Sanger, 361.
Fox, Father, President Marquette University, 264,         Goiter, Exophthalmic, in childhood (abstract), H.
    448.                                                      F. Helmholz, 362.
Fracture, Estimation of date of (abstract), O.            Goiter, exophthalmic, Prognosis in (abstract), J. M.
    Andrei, 356.                                              Read,360.
Fraenkel, M., 93, 102.                                    Goiter in children, Observations on (abstract), H. L.
Frank,98.                                                     Cronk, 88, 89.
Franke, of Hamburg, 467.                                  Goldammer, 525.
Frankel, M., 109, 113, 114.                               Gonzalez, H., 86, 88.
Frankenthal, L. E., 65.                                   Gordinier, H. C, 378.
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 260.                    Gordon, J. K. M., 83, 263, 443.
Frazier, Charles H., 361, 362.                            Gott, Th., 189.
Freeman, E. B., 460.                                      Gottingen Clinic, 473.
Freudenthal, 246.                                         Graff, 102.
Freund, 14, 16.                                           Graham, E. A., 179, 201, 210, 277, 466, 512, 513.
Fricke, H., 290.                                          Graham, Henry F., 66.
Fried, B. M., 88.                                         Graham, R S., 272.
Fried, C, 260.                                            Granger. Amedee, 265, 450.
Friedlander, Alfred, 416, 418.                            Grant, Francis C, 454.
                                                          Graser, 371, 378, 498.
Friedrich iontoquantimeter, 173.                          Grashey, R, 69, 70, 505.
Friedrich. W., 290.                                       Gray, 431, 435.        .
Frain, 387.                                               Gray, A. L., 410, 415.
Frost, Kendal P., 534.                                    Gray, Irving, 493, 497.
Fuller, E. B., 479.
                                                          Green, Crosby, should read Greene, D. Crosbie,
                                                              which see.
Gabriel, G., 175.                                         Greenburg and Greenburg, 321; Greenburg and Win-
Gadsden, John. 292.                                           slow, 322.
Gaertner, 0., 271, 275, 461.                              Greene, D. Crosbie, 265, 444, 509, 510.
                                     INDEX TO VOLUME VII                                                543
Greenhill, ]. P., 227, 233.                            Hernia, Diaphragmatic, N. J. Nessa, 342.
Greenthal, Roy M., 417, 418.                           Hernia, Diaphragmatic (abstract), ]. W. Dreyer,
Gregoire, 393, 396.                                         460, 46l.
Grier, G. W., 135, 136, 265, 443, 454, 524, 525.       Hernia, ventral, X-ray findings in large, ]. E. Habbe,
Griffith, 410, 415.                                         51l.
Grille, M., 39l.                                       Herrick, John F., 69, 419, 447.
Groedel, Franz M., 69, 18B.                            Herrman, W. G., 383.
Grosglik, A., 362.                                     Herschel, Sir William, 292.
Grossman, 467.                                         Hertel, 293.
Grothus' law, 292.                                     Hertzler, Arthur E., 6l.
Grove, J. S., 462.                                     Herz (1888), 294.
Groves, Ernest .W. Hey, 432, 433, 435.                 Herz, R, 66.
Gruca, A., 77.                                         Hess, L., 49.
Gruere, 410, 415.                                      Heublein, A. C, 171.
Gruner, O. C, 378.                                     Heuser, Carlos, 329, 392, 393, 396.
Guilbert, C, 182.                                      Hewer, C L., 350.
Guillermin, 519.                                       Hibbs, 520.
Gusterin, 467.                                         Hickey, Preston M., 104, 171, 265, 450.
Gwyn, Norman B., 268.                                  Higgins, C C, 506.
Gynecological Congress, Leningrad, 1926,469.           Hill, 296.
Gynecology, Light therapy in (abstract), H. Brarnes-   Hill, Walter C, 171.
     feld, 272.                                        Hilsnitz, 0., 273.
Gynecology, Pneumoperitoneum in, 1. F. Stein and       Hip, Congenital dislocation of (abstract), V. Putti,
     R A. Arens, 326.                                       87, 8K
                                                       Hippocrates, 318.
Haas, J., 110, 114.                                    Hirsch, 1. Seth, 93, 266, 422, 452, 453, 463.
Haas, S. L., 53l.                                      Hitchcock, 243.
Habbe, J. E., 511.                                     Hodges, F. J., 116, 364.
Haden, R L., 184.                                      Hodges, Fred M., 68, 114.
Haenisch, Fedor, 69.                                   Hodges, P. C, 116, 117.
Haguenau, 388.                                         Hoffman, 169.
Hajek Clinic, Vienna, 14.                              Hoffman, M., 50.
Hajek, M., 14.                                         Holbauer, 99, 103.
Halban, 102.                                           Holfelder, Hans, 7, 9, 10, 70, 110, 114, 365, 474.
Halberstaedter, 102.                                   Holland, C Thurstan, 171, 210, 402.
Hamer, H. G., 478.                                     Hollander, Lester, 535.
Hanes, 377.                                            Holmes, George W., 24, 44, 350.
Hanks, Mary E., 174.                                   Holmes, Paul M., 321, 322, 325.
Hanovsky, of Leningrad, 466.                           Holmes, W. H., 264, 447.
Hansemann, 378.                                        Holthusen, 421, 467.
Hansen, E. W., 508, 510.                               Holzknecht, Guido, 7, 14, 99, 102, 109, 114, 176, 290.
Hardie, Eben, 257.                                          525.
Harpster, c. a., 475, 476, 478.                        Holzknecht Institute, Vienna, 14, 471, 472.
Harris, William, 510.                                  Hopf, 357.
Hartman, 169.                                          Horgan, Edmund, 268.
Hartman-Keppel, 435.                                   Horner, D. A, 227, 229, 231-233, 239.
Hartung, Adolph, 263, 443.                             Hornicke, C B., 276.
Hartwell, J. A, 378.                                   Hospitals-
Haudek, 47l.                                                Barnard Free Skin and Cancer, St. Louis, 354.
Hauser, Emil n, 78.                                         Boston City, 428.
Haxthausen, H., 276.                                        Buffalo City, 324.
Headache, Roentgen-ray findings in series of cases          Cincinnati General, 420.
    of, Arthur Schuller, 190.                               Cook County, Chicago, 462.
Healy, T. R, 492, 497.                                      Finsen Light Institute, Copenhagen, 293.
Heart. See Cardiac diameter in man, Estimation of           Hahnemann, Philadelphia, 63.
    transverse (abstract), F. J. Hodges and J. A            Halstead (Kansas), 61.
    E. Eyster, 364.                                         Huntington, Boston, 509.
Heart. See X-ray in cardiac diagnosis, G. E. Knap-          .T ohns Hopkins, Baltimore, 52.
    penberger, 297.                                         Massachusetts General, Boston, 44.
Heart action, Study of, with roentgen cinemato-             Memorial, New York, 53, 55, 139, 143, 246, 333.
    graph, W. E. Chamberlain and William Dock,                  458, 508, 509.
    185.                                                    Mt. Sinai, New York, 510.
Heart, Roentgenological examination of, F. J.               Newark City, 182.
    Hodges, 116.                                            Post-graduate, New York, 429.
Hedblom, Carl A, 492, 497.                                  Santa Cruz, Barcelona, Spain, 366.
Heimann, 355.                                               "Sun Cure" Institution, Leysin, 293.
Heliotherapy, artificial, Value of (abstract), G.           University, Ann Arbor, 205.
    Viana,9l.                                               University, Iowa City, 403.
Hellmann, .T., 110, 114.                                    University, Philadelphia, 361.
Helmholz, Henry F., 362.                                    Universitv of California, San Francisco, 178.
Hemorrhage. uterine, Treatment of functional (ab-           Vienna General, 222.
    stract), E. Novak, 84.                                  See also Mayo Clinic, etc.
Henderson, M. S., 113, 115.                            Howard, A G., 520.
Hendricks, William A., 118, 268, 367.                  Hubeny, Maximilian J., 70, 171,266,453.
Henry, eM., 264, 447.                                  Huber, Herman R., 431.
Herendeen, R E., 9, 13, 32, 35, 140-                   Huenekens, E. J., 358.
544                                             RADIOLOGY
Hueper, Wilhelm, 527.                                      Jerman, E. C, 59, 164.
Hulst, Henry, 129.                                         J esionek, Albert, 70.
Hume, J. B., 492, 497.                                     johnson, F. M., 507, 510.
Hume, J. R., 266, 451.                                     Johnston, 130.
Hunt, h. L., 147.                                          johnston, C G., 289.
Hunt, F. L., 340, 341.                                     Joints, Growth disturbances following resection of
Huygens (1678), 292, 295.                                        (abstract), S. L. Haas, 530, 531.
Hyperemia as sensitizer for X-rays in therapy (ab-         Jones, Sir Robert, 435.
   stract), W. Wynen, 277.                                 Jorgensen, R. R., 536.
Hypertelorisrn (abstract), E. A. Cockayne, 78.             jorstad, Louis H., 267, 279, 449.
                                                           J ourda, L. M., 268.
Ide, Charles E., 262, 445.                                 j ouveau-Dubreuil, H., 85.
Iglauer, Samuel, 273.                                      judd, E. Starr, 265, 378, 444.
Ileus, Chronic duodenal (abstract), C. C. Higgins,         jiingling (Juengling), Otto, 7, 14, 260, 365, 471, 521.
      506.                                                 Jurgens, H. J., 145.
Imbert, L., 369.
Imboden, H. M., 171.                                       Kahn, Max, 266, 346, 451.
Imperatori, Charles j., 84.                            .   Kallen, L., 205, 210.
"Indigestion, Gassy"-its significance as symptom or        Kaminer, 14, 16.
     gall-bladder disease,· with review of 60 cases        Kantor, John L., 226.
     of cholecystectomy (abstract), A. R. Campbell,        Kaplan, Ira 1., 3, 13.
     86.                                                   Kast, L., 13.
Infants, "Cyclic vomiting" in, and children, L. T.         Kastner, 7.
     LeWald,41O.                                           Kaupp, E., 176.
Infants, Paranasal sinusitis in, and in young children     Kay, W. E., 524.
      (abstract), P. C. Jeans, 531, 532.                   Kaznelson, P., 50, 102.
Infants, syphilis in, Diagnosis of congenital (ab-         Kearns, Walter M., 263, 444.
     stract), L. Nurenberger, 528, 529.                    Keen, 435.
Infancy, Thymus in newborn and early, G. J.                Keith, Arthur, 493, 497.
     Noback, 416.                                          Keith, D. Y., 171, 264, 446.
Infections, chronic respiratory, Radiographic exam-        Keith, J. Paul, 264, 446.
     ination as factor in diagnosis of (abstract), C. A.   Keller, 210.
     Stayton, 177.                                         Keller, Henry, 85.
Ingenhauss (1779), 292.                                    Kellogg, E. A. (should read Kellogg, E. L., sohict:
International Clinics, I, 36th Ser. (review), 268.             see),264.
Intestine. large, Roentgenological study of, S. B.         Kellogg, E. L., 447.
     Whitlock, 218.                                        Kelly, Howard, 139.
Iodized oil as pyelographic medium: with report of         Keloid, Roentgen-ray treatment of (abstract), ,;.
     27 cases (abstract), C. H. Neuswanger, 358, 359.           W. Grier, 524, 525.
Iodized oil, Roentgenological exploration of spinal        Kemp, c, 114.
     and cerebral spaces, genito-urinary organs and        Kennedy, Roger L. J., 362.
     other organic cavities with, J. A. Sicard and]. E.    Kennedy, William H., 249.
     Forestier, 385.                                       Kennedy, W. T., 396.
Iodized oil, Use of, in diagnosis and treatment of         Kenney, Lyell c., 454.
     bronchial affections (abstract), S. Pritchard, B.     Kerby, James P., 530.
     Whyte, and J. K. M. Gordon, 82, 83.            .      Kerley, Charles Gilmore, 412, 413, 415.
Iodized oil, Use of injected, in roentgen-ray diag-        Kermauner, 228.
     nosis (abstract). Samuel Iglauer, 273.                Kessel, L., 110, 115.
Iodized oils, Roentgenography and therapy with (ab-        Kidney, Effect of roentgen-ray therapy on (erli-
     stract), W. T. Belfield and H. C. Rolnick, 276.           torial), 169.
Irle, F., 462.                                             Kidney pelves and ureters, Observations on redupli-
Irradiation, Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia due to               cation of, with case report, Forrest L. Schu-
     certain benign diseases of uterus, and their              macher, 475.
     treatment by, Harry H. Bowing. 234.                   Kiel (Anschutz) Clinic, 471-473.
Irradiation of generative glands and offspring (ab-        Kienboeck, Robert, 109, 515, 516.
     stract), K. Seynsche, 79, 80.                         Kilbane, Edward F., 475, 478.
Irradiation of melanosarcorna (abstract), J. Borak         Kinney, Lyell C. (should read Kenney, Lyell C,
     and F. Driak, 84.                                         which see), 266, 492, 497.
Irradiation, scattered, Distribution of quality and        Kirkland, A. Stanley, 512.
     quantity of (abstract), R. Herz, 66.                  Kirklin, B. R., 201, 202, 205, 210, 266, 451.
Irwin, J. R., 258.                                         Kleinberg. Samuel, 504, 520.
Isaacs, Raphael, 119.                                      Klewitz, 521.
Ivy, A. C, 264, 447, 449.                                  Klinefelter, M. L., 435.
                                                           Klingenstein, Percy, 528.
Jackson, B. H., 171.                                       Klovekorn, G. H., 461.
Jackson, Chevalier, 179, 361.                              Knaggs, R. Lawford, 492, 497.
Jacobs, William F., 318.                                   Knappenberger, George E., 297.
jadassohn, 174.                                            Knee joint, Diagnostic inflation of, Maurice A. Bern-
Janeway, H. H., 51, 58, 173.                                   stein and Robert A. Arens, 500.
Janssen, K., 274.                                          Knee joint, Traumatic dislocation of: report of case,
J arre, H. A., 263, 443.                                       H. H. Huber, A. Yaffe, and H. B. Podlasky, 431.
Jarvis, D. C, 323. 325.                                    Knef, J. P., . 139.
Jeans, Philip C, 532.                                      Knox, R., 109, 110, 115, 201, 202, 210.
Jejunum, Solitary diverticulum of, H. Swanberg             Kodama, Shuichi, 356.
     and E. B. Montgomery, 144.                            Koehler, 102.
Jenkinson, E. L., 171, 265, 266, 379, 449, 451.            Koenig, Edward C, 263.
~ ennings, C H., 260.                                      Koernicke, H., 528.
                                    INDEX TO VOLUME VII                                                  545
Koetter, George F., 534.                              Leukoplakia of urinary tract: with report of one
Kohnstam, G. L. S., 391, 396.                             vesical and two renal cases (abstract), W. T.
Kolliker, 258.                                            Briggs and E. S. Maxwell, 456.
Kolta, E., 76.                                        Levene, S, A, 410, 415.
KooIman, M. D., 77.                                   Levick, G. M., 457.
Kornig, Edward W. (should read Koenig, Edward         Levy-Dorn, M., 272.
    C, which see), 444.                               Levyn, Lester, 384.
Kotchneva, of Leningrad, 468.                         LeWald, L. T., 38, 117, 147, 148, 225, 254, 264, 265,
Kraepelin, E., 268.                                       371, 378, 410, 417, 420, 449, 498, 50S.
Kramer, S. E., 462.                                   Lewis, Bransford, 357.
Kravkov, 469.                                         Lewis, F. T., 497.
Kress, Louis C, 54, 58.                               Lewin, Philip, 265.
Kristjanson, H. T., 50.                               Lichtenstein, A, 50.
Kroetz, 521.                                          Lichty, John A., 366.
Krorneke, F., 364.                                    Lieberman, of Moscow, 466.
Krontovsky, of Kiev, 467.                             Light and roentgen therapy, Ferment increase in
Kronig, 138.                                               serum after, an index of cell destruction (ab-
Kropatsch, A., 271.                                        stract), A Mertz, 273.
Krougnikova, 467.                                     Light therapy in gynecology (abstract), H. Brames-
Kundrat, SO.                                               Ield, 272.
Kupferberg, H., 183.                                  Lilienthal, H., 378.
Kuser, J. H., 364.                                    Lindsay, George A., 265, 450.
Kuster, A., 528.                                      Line fluctuation, Influence of, on doses in roentgen-
Kustnet, 467.                                              ray therapy (abstract), V. Wucherpfennig, 173,
                                                      Linser, K., 271.
Laborde, S., 85.                                      Lintz, 109.
Lacassagne, A., 334, 336, 534.                        Linzenmeier, 95, 102.
La Chapele, Albert, 350.                              Lip, lower, Radium treatment of carcinoma of, Jos-
Lafay, 385.                                                eph Muir, 51.
Lafferty, Robert H., 258.                             Lipiodol, 385; see also under Iodized oil.
Lain, E. S., 54, 58.                                  Lipiodol in skiagraphy and treatment (abstract), M.
Laird, AT., 92.                                            R. Castex, H. Carelli, and H. Gonzalez, 86.
Lamb, Edward J., 176.                                 Lipiodol in skiagraphy and treatment (abstract), M.
Lamp, Carbon are, based on new principles (ab-             R. Castex, N. Romano, and H. Gonzalez, 88.
    stract), A. E. Stein, 366.                        Lipiodol in skiagraphy and treatment (abstract), A.
Lanari, 392.                                               Lemaire, 89.
Lance, 390.                                           Lipiodol. See under Forestier, Jacques, 329.
Landauer, Robert S., 267, 442.                        Liss, 1. Edward, 417, 418.
Lane, Laura A., 426, 428, 430.                        Little, 416-418.
Lange, 416.                                           Liver damage, Effect of, on cholecystography in dogs
Lankhout, J., 90.                                          by use of sodium .tetraiodophenolphthalein (ab-
Lanza, 321, 322, 325.                                      stract), B. M. Fried and L. R. Whitaker, 88.
Lapatsanis, P., 272.                                  Liver function tests: comparative study of five meth-
Laplane, L., 396.                                          ods in 100 clinical cases (abstract), S. S. Berger,
Larkin, A J., 336.                                         M. B. Cohen, and J. J. Selman, 184.
Laroque, G. Paul, 268.                                Lochte, 493.
La Roy, L., 50.                                       Lodge, Sir Oliver, 71.
Larson, 7.                                            Loeb, L., 97, 109, 114.
Latzel, 16.                                           Loeper, M., 395, 396.
Lawrence, W. S., 261.                                 Lomon, 185, 188.
Lazarew, N. W., 462, 469.                             Loosen, 7.
Lazarewa, A., 462, 469.                               Lorenz, Johannes, 69.
Le Comte (1776),292,293.                              Lorey, Alexander, 69.
Leddy, E. T., 290.                                    Luckett, William H., 71, 72.
Lederer, 243.                                         Ludwig, 357.
Lee, 241.                                             Lung, abscess of, Experimental production of (ab-
Lee. Burton J., 9, 13, 445.                                stract), E. C Cutler and S. A. Schlueter, 455.
Lefevre, 394.                                         Lung, carcinoma of, Primary clinical and pathologi-
Le Fevre, Walter 1., 171.                                  cal study from Cook County Hospital, with re-
Leforestier, 395, 396.                                     port of 21 necropsies and 3 biopsies (abstract),
Legrand, 391.                                              J. S. Grove and S. E. Kramer, 461, 462.
Lehmann. 7, 113.                                      Lungs, Actinomycosis of, George Turner, 39.
Lejars, F., 378.                                      Lungs, cancer of, Primary: clinical report of 17
Lemaire, A., 89.                                           cases (abstract), J. A. Lichty, F. R. Wright, and
Lenard, 454.                                               E. A Baumgartner, 365, 366.
Leningrad, 463 et seq.
                                                      Lunsford, C J., 289.
Lenz, 111.
Leonard, Ralph D.. 202, 205, 210, 366, 375, 378.      Lupus vulgaris, Finsen therapy of, with intensified
Le Peyre (1776), 292, 293.                                 light and use of special glass. filter to absorb
Uri, Andre, 386, 530.                                      radiant heat rays (abstract), H. Haxthausen,
Leukemia, chronic, Observations during 1912 to 1924       276.
    of radium treatment of 30 cases of (abstract),    Lyman, 294.
    F. Dautwitz, 457.                                 Lyons, H. R., 427, 428, 430.
Leukemias, Roentgen treatment of, E. L. Jenkinson,    Lymphatics of extrahepatic biliary passages (ab-
    379.                                                 stract), S. Kodama, 356.
546                                              RADIOLOGY

Lymphoblastoma, G. W. Holmes, Richard Dresser,               Meader, Charles N., 356.
    and J. D. Camp, 44.                                      Meadows, L. H., 435.
Lymphoblastoma, G. R. Minot, 119.                            Means, J. W., 133, 136.
Lymphoblastoma, Radiotherapy for, A. U. Desjar-              Mediastinal tumors,Median sternotomy 111 (ab-
    dins, 121.                                                   stract), H. Gaudier, 180.
Lymphogranulomatose and roentgen-ray treatment               Meek, 118.
    (abstract), W. Brugrnann, 275.                           Meek, W. J., 265, 450.
Lymphosarcoma, Mediastino-pulmonary (abstract),              Megalo-urcters, Primary congenital (abstract), J. S.
    C. Roubier, 82.                                              Eisenstaedt, 532.
Lynch, Jerome, 226.                                          Melanosarcoma, Irradiation of (abstract), J. Borak
                                                                 and F. Driak, 84.
MacCarty, William c., 266, 448, 451, 452.                    Melena neonatorum, Etiology and healing process of
McCleave, T. c., 175, 176.                                       duodenal ulcer in (abstract), R. L. ]. Kennedy,
McConnell, G., 378.                                              362.
McCoy, C. c, 272.                                            Menees, T. 0., 266, 274.
MacCready, 243.                                              Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia due to certain benign
McCullough, John F., 171.                                        diseases of uterus, and their treatment by irra-
McGrath, B. F., 378.                                             diation, Harry H. Bowing, 234.
McGuffin, W. B., 264, 447.                                   Mercury vapor arc baths, Some effects of, upon
McKee, 524.                                                      blood (abstract), R. G. Bannerman, 87.
McKee, Edward N., 342.                                       Mertz, A, 273.
McKinney, J. T., 478.                                        Mertz, H. 0., 476, 478, 479.
McMahon, J., 171.                                            Mesothorium and radium, Leukopenic anemia of
McMaster, 358.                                                   regenerative type due to exposure to: report of
McMillan, 184.                                                   case (abstract), G. S. Reitter and H. S. Mart-
McMillan, J. c, 264, 447.                                        land, 534, 535.
McMurrich, J. Playfair, 226.                                 Metabolism, mineral, study of: osteomalacia in chil-
McPhedran, F. M., 188.                                           dren (abstract), H. L. Dwyer and O. S. Eckel-
McQuarrie, 169.                                                  berry, 356, 357.
MacRae, John D., 171, 267, 418.                              Metchnikoff, Elie, 138, 139.
McWilliams, C. A., 378.                                      Metchnikoff, Olga, 139.
                                                             Meyer, of Kiel, 471, 472.
Mackey, F. w., 148, 171, 498.                                Meyer, Karl A, 524.
Macleod, 210.                                                Meyer, William H., 68, 443.
Maguid, of Kiev, 467.                                        Meyerding, Henry W., 29, 38, 266, 452.
Major, Ralph H., 184.                                        Michaux, P., 134, 136.
Malignancies, skin, Diagnosis and prognosis of (ab-          Mikulicz, 377.
    stract), Lester Hollander, 535.                          Milch, Henry, 268.
Malignancies, superficial, Radiation treatment of (ab-       Miller, A. L., 216.
    stract), Albert Soiland and W. E. Costolow, 181.         Miller, C. Jeff, 268.
Malignancy, Bone, from roentgenological aspect, H.           Miller, Ernest W., 446.
    E. Ruggles and Lloyd Bryan, 24.                          Miller, James, 527.
Malignant disease, application of deep roentgen              Miller, ]. L., 382.
    therapy to treatment of, Some practical consid-          Miller, N. F., 417, 418.
    erations in, W. L. Mattick, 1.                           Millikan, 294.
Malignant disease, surgery of, Final results in: study       Mills, H. P., 266, 452.
    of 12-year follow-up (abstract), C. L. Gibson,           Mills, Walter, 467.
    458,459.                                                 Milwaukee Annual Meeting, 68, 171,260-267, 346-349,
Malignant diseases of paranasal sinuses, Use of ra-               442, 516, 518.
    dium and X-rays in treatment of (abstract), D.           Minami, 16.
    Quick, 76, 77.                                           Minot, George R., 119, 129, 130.
Malignant tumors, Proper interval in treatment of,           Misenheimer, C. A., 258.
     with fractional doses (abstract), W. Alberti and        Mocquot, F., 396.
    G. Politzer, 81.                                         Mornrn, 102.
Manges, Willis F., 179, 363.                                 Moncrieff, Alan, 79.
Marfan, 410.                                                 Monsarrat, 378.
Martin, should read Martland, H. S., 139.                    Montgomery, D. W., 55, 58, 429, 430.
Martin, 169.                                                 Montgomery, E. B., 144.
Martin, F. V., 384.                                          Monties, 394.
Martin, J. M., 264, 448.                                     Moody, R. 0., 519.
Martius, 102, 274.                                           Mooney, Bernard R., 167, 264, 447.
Martland, Harrison S., 535.                                  Moore, Alexander B., 370.
Masmonteil, 393, 396.                                        Moore, Sherwood, 129, 266, 277, 451.
Mason, Edward H., 268.                                       Morbus Werlhof (purpura hemorrhagica), Regard-
Mason, J. T., 58.                                                 ing roentgen-ray therapy of (abstract), A
Mattick, Walter L., 1.                                            Grosglik, 362.
Maver, M. B., 50.                                             Morestin, H., 132, 133, 136.
Maxwell (1868), 294.                                          Morris, Myrl, 176.
Maxwell. E. S., 456.                                          Morrison, L. B., 492, 497.
Maydl, 367.                                                   Morrissey, Edmund J., 275.
Mayer, Ernst G., 14. 306.                                     Morrow, H., 250, 252.
Mayo, Charles H., 118, 367, 378.                              Moschcowitz, Alexis V" 528.
Mayo Clinic, 51, 121, 130, 134. 179, 234, 259, 359,           Mosher, Harris P., 85.
     367, 370. 371, 426. 427. 452. 507-509, 516, 525, 532.    Moss, M. N., 227, 233.
Mayo, William J., 183, 264, 359, 371-374, 377, 378,           Mosser, W. Blair, 362.
     448, 497.                                                Mottram, 534.
                                     INDEX TO VOLUME VII                                                 547
Moure, 509.                                            Oldfield, c., 378.
Moxon, 370.                                            O'Neil, William J., 62.
Moynihan, 367.                                         Opitz, 7, 93, 102, 138, 139.
Muir, John, 171.                                       Oram, 210.
Muir, Joseph, 51, 131, 173, 242,268, 322, 426, 507.    Orndoff, Benjamin H, 171, 264, 326, 330, 454.
Muller (Rostock) Clinic, 473.                          Orr, Clifford R., 318.
Mulligan, P. B., 62.                                   Orton, Henry Boylan, 179, 183.
Mullin, W. B. (should read Mullin, W. V., which        Os calcis and astragalus, Unusual articulation of
   see), 265.                                               (abstract), C. E. Farr, 1080
Mullin, W. V., 449.                                    Os calcis, Apophysitis of (abstract), J. T. O'Ferrall,
Munich (Sauerbruch) Clinic, 473.                           529, 530.
Munk, Fritz, 267.                                      Osler, Sir William, 130.
Murphy, J. a, of Rockefeller Foundation, 137, 139.     Ossification centers of skeletal system, X-ray study
Murphy, James n., 378.                                     of development of, Bundy Allen, 398.
Murray, R. W., 378.                                    Ossification, Study of, in bone sarcoma, Do B.
Musgrave, W. E., 179, 180.                                 Phemister, 17.
Mutscheller, A, 211, 217, 340, 341.                    Ossinskaya, 4660
Myers, V. c, 1, 130                                    Osteochondritis, or epiphysitis (abstract), A C.
Myerson, M. c, 87.                                         Christie, 529.
Myocarditis, Paroxysmal tachycardia associated with    Osteomalacia in children: study of mineral metab-
   focal (abstract), R. H. Major and H. R. Wahl,           olism (abstract), H. L. Dwyer and O. S. Eckel-
   184.                                                    berry, 356, 357.
Myositis ossificans (abstract), A. Gruca, 77.          Osteomyelitis variolosa: report of case observed dur-
                                                           ing acute stage (abstract), E. J. Huenekens and
Nadson, of Leningrad, 468.                                 L. G. Rigler, 358.
Naftzger, J. n., 361.                                  Ottow, n., 183.
Nassau, Charles F., 268.                               Ovaries, Results of experimental radiation of (com-
National Pigment Company, St. Louis, 341.                  ment) , Geller, 521.
Needles and fish hooks, Extraction of (abstract), O.   Ovary, X-ray treatment of hypofunction of, with
    Susani, 2780                                           special reference to regulation of menstrual
Neelova, of Leningrad, 468.                                function, 1. Seth Hirsch, 93.
Negro, Mo, 521.
Nemenow, Prof., 463-467.                               Palate, Mixed tumors of (abstract), 1. A Souchet,
Neoplasm, pulmonary, Diagnosis of (abstract),               533,534.
    Maurice Fishberg, 2700                             Palmer, Derwin, 2100
Nephritis, hemorrhagic, Benign and curable form of     Pancoast, H. K., 38, 171.
    (abstract), George Baehr, 425.                     Papillomata, laryngeal, X-ray treatment of (ab-
Nessa, N. j., 342.                                          stract), 1. Solomon and A. Blondeau, 367.
Neuswanger, C. rr., 358, 359.                          Paraffin, Use of, as scattering material in roentgen
New, Go n, 134, 136, 430, 507, 5100                         deep therapy (abstract), C. Xarpell, 273.
New England Roentgen Ray Society, 260.                 Paralysis, laryngeal nerve, Treatment of recurrent,
New York Academy of Medicine, 1924 meeting, 111.            by nerve anastomosis (abstract), C. H. Frazier
New York State Institute for the Study of Malignant         and v: Bo Mosser, 361, 3620
    Disease, Buffalo, 2460                             Paramecium, Biological effect of roentgen rays on
Newborn and early infancy, Thymus in, G. J.                 single cell organisms, based on experiments with
    Noback, 416.                                             (abstract), Eo Schneider, 115.
Newcomer, E., 110, 114.                                Pariseau, L. Eo, 171, 397.
Newcomer, N. n., 110, 114.                             Partsch, r.. 500
Newell, Robert R., 75.                                 Pearson, 410, 415.
Newton, Sir Isaac, 292, 294, 295.                      Peet, Max Mo, 265, 449.
Newton, McGuire, 410, 415.                             Peiper, 5200
Nicholas, F. Go, 860                                   Penzoldt, Richard, 80.
Nichols, B. rr, 730, 171, 210, 262, 263, 444, 446.     Peribronchitis, Non-tuberculous, simulating occult
Niekau, B, 262, 445.                                        tuberculosis (abstract), C. No Meader, 3560
N oback, George J., 265, 416-420, 4490                 Perimann, So, 479.
Noble, T. Po, 78.                                      Perthes, 7, 471, 472.
Norton, Vera, 114.                                     Perthes Clinic, 365.
Novak, Emil, 84, 1020                                  Perthes' disease, Condition called, Eo Go C. Williams,
Novocaine injection on light erythema, Effect of            3370
    (abstract), St. Rothman, 3660                      Peter, 4500
Novotony, Ao, 500                                      Petersen, 00 n, 110, 1140
Nuernberger, L., 80.                                   Peterson, 326, 330.
Nurenberger, L., 529.                                  Peterson, R., 417, 418.
Nuzum, 243.                                            Pfahler, George E., 54, 58, 201, 202, 210, 211, 217,
                                                            264, 448, 458.
Oakman, Carl So, 201.                                  Pfender, C. A, 111, 115.
Ober, Frank R., 271.                                   Phalanges, Giant-cell tumor involving (abstract),
O'Brien, F. W., 202, 210, 264, 446.                         W. H. Cole, 184.
Obstetrics, X-ray in Embryology and (review), W.       Phelps, Kenneth, 4520
    A N. Dorland and M. J. Hubeny, 700                 Phemister, D. B., 17, 24.
Ocampo, A, 330, 392, 396.                              Phifer, F. Mo, 478.
O'Conor, Vincent j., 264, 4440                         Philippov, of Leningrad, 468.
O'Ferrall, John T., 530.                               Philips, Herman n, 109.
O'Hara, Fred So, 166.                                  Phlegmon, perimandibular, Vital indication for roent-
O'Hare, 1690                                                gen therapy in cases of (abstract), F. Pordes,
Old, Levi, 5120                                             2720
548                                              RADIOLOGY
Picton (1832), 293.                                             differentiation of their sensitivity to (abstract),
Pinos, A, 366.                                                  R. Cordua, 360.
Planck-Einstein equation, 173.                              Radiation, Scattered, in treatment rooms for deep
Platt, H., 435.                                                 therapy (abstract), H. Scheffers, 367.
Plaut, F., 268.                                             Radiation, Tissue reactions to (abstract), J. Ewing,
Pleasanton, Gen., 293.                                          81.
Pleuritis, Interlobar, and its differential diagnosis       Radiation treatment for superficial malignancies
     (comment), Fleischner, 521.                                (abstract), Albert Soiland and W. E. Costolow,
Plummer, Henry S., 454.                                         181.
Pneumoperitoneum in gynecology, I. F. Stein and             Radiation, Treatment of lingual cancer by, Joseph
    R. A Arens, 326.                                            Muir, 332.
Pneumothorax in young children: with account of             Radiation treatment of some medullary bone tumors,
    case (abstract), A. Moncrieff, 78, 79.                      Diagnosis and results in, Ralph E. Herendeen,
Pneumothorax, Spontaneous: report of case appar-                140.
    ently following whooping cough, B. A. Rhine-            Radio-active substances: their therapeutic uses and
    hart, 253.                                                  applications, Joseph Muir. Radium treatment of
Podlasky, H. B., 171, 431, 517.                                 carcinoma of lower lip, 51; Radiation of cancer
Pohle, Ernst A, 66, 76-81, 84, 108, 113, 115, 174-176,          of cheek, 131; Radium treatment of pathologic
    179, 180, 182, 183, 261, 262, 271-277, 355, 357, 360,       conditions of tonsil, 242; treatment of lingual
    362, 364-367, 442, 445, 457, 458, 461, 462, 526,            cancer by radiation, 332; Radium therapy in
    528, 531.                                                   rhinology, 426; Radiation of malignancy of
Politzer, G., 81, 317.                                          maxillary sinus, 507.
Pollock, 378.                                               Radiodiagnosis of late cranial syphilis (abstract), A
Pollock, H. L., 265, 454.                                       Leri and P. Cottenot, 530.
Poos, 99.                                                   Radiographic diagnosis of gall-bladder disease, Carl
Pordes, F., 272.                                                S. Oakman, 201.
Porges, 109.                                                Radiographic examination as factor in diagnosis of
Porter, Pender, 257.                                            chronic respiratory infections (abstract), C. A.
Portes, 227, 233.                                               Stayton, 177.
Portmann, U. V., 7, 13, 263, 444.                           Radiographically, relation of kilovolts peak to time
Portret, St., 392, 396.                                         of exposure, Glenn W. Files, 255.
Potter, C. F., 68.                                          Radiological Examination of Male Urethra, G. L. S.
Pregnancy, abdominal, Case of, R. A. Arens and A.               Kohnstam and E. H. P. Cave (review), 72.
    R. Bloom, 65.
Pregnancy, Danger of malformation of fetus in               Radiological Institute, Barcelona, Spain, 273.
    roentgen-ray treatment during (abstract), Emil          Radiology, College of, 171.
    Ries, 182.                                              Radiology, Scope of (editorial), A U. Desjardins,
Pregnancy, injury to offspring after roentgen radia-            439.
    tion previous to, Again, regarding question of          Radiology, Section of, American Medical Associa-
     (abstract), W. Schmitt, 79, 80.                            tion, 68.
Price, Weston A., 267, 453.                                 Radionecroses, Tardives, Contribution a l'Etude des
Prince, David, 493, 497.                                         (review), Albert La Chapele, 350.
Prince, Lionel D., 355.                                     "Radioplastin," 4.
Pritchard, Stuart, 83, 263, 443.                            Radiotherapie Profonde, Precis de (review), 1.
Proetz, A. W., 266, 443.                                        Solomon, 350.
Prostate, Carcinoma of: clinical study of 1,000 cases       Radiotherapy for lymphoblastoma, A U. Desjardins,
     (abstract), H. C. Bumpus, Jr., 532, 533.                   121.
Prostate, hypertrophy of, Roentgen treatment of (ab-        Radium and mesothorium, Leukopenic anemia of
    stract), C. Guilbert and R. D. Gauillard, 181, 182.         regenerative type due to exposure to: report of
Pryor, J. W., 400.                                              case (abstract), G. S. Reitter and H. S. Mart-
Ptosis (editorial), 67.                                         land, 534, 535.
Pucher, G. W., 1, 13.                                       Radium and roentgen-ray doses, Investigations of
Pujadas, J. M., 366.                                            biologically equal (abstract), G. H. Schneider,
Pupin, author of "From Immigrant to Inventor," 257.            276.
Putti, Vittorio. 88, 452.                                   Radium and X-rays, Treatment of 15 cases of oper-
Pyelograms, Fluoroscope as aid in making (ab-                   able carcinoma of breast by (abstract), J. H. D.
    stract), W. W. Cross, 459, 460.                             Webster, J. P. Thierens, and F. G. Nicholas, 85,
Pyelography. See Iodized oil as pyelographic me-               86.
    diurn : with report of 27 cases (abstract), C. H.       Radium and X-rays, Use of, in treatment of malig-
    Neuswanger, 358, 359.                                       nant diseases of paranasal sinuses (abstract), D.
                                                                Quick, 76, 77.
Quick. Douglas. 55, 58, 77, 248, 265, 336, 444, 445,        Radium, Biological effect of, C. F. Charlton, 137.
    507, 508. 510.                                          Radium Institute, Paris, 333, 350.
Quimby, Edith H., 211.                                      Radium laboratories, Method for study of scattered
                                                               and secondary radiation in X-ray and, Edith H.
R-units dosimetry in Germany, Theoretical and                   Quimby, 211.
    practical apnlication of (abstract of paper read        Radium, Regarding temporary sterilization with (ab-
   at Russian Roentgenological Congress), Holthu-               stract), H. Kupferberg, 183.
    sen, 467.                                               Radium, surgery, and roentgen rays in treatment of
Radiant energy, Development of knowledge of, as                carcinoma of cervix (abstract), H. H. Bowing,
    applied to medical uses. C. 1. Reed, 292.                  89.
Radiation in treatment of bone tumors, Albert Soi-          Radium, Surgery versus, in treatment of cancer of
    land and W. E. Costolow, 36.                                uterus (abstract), J. Y. Welborn. 355.
Radiation. indirect. of skin diseases, Experiments          Radium therapy in rhinology, Joseph Muir, 426.
    regarding the (abstract), S. Schoenhof, 180.            Radium treatment of carcinoma of stomach, Intra-
Radiation, Morphology of cervix cancers as basis for           gastric (abstract), T. O. Menees, 274.
                                       lXDEX TO VOLUME VII                                                  549
Radium treatment of carcinoma uteri (abstract), G.         Roentgen cinematograph, Study of heart action with,
    G. Ward and L. K. P. Farrar, 363, 364.                    Vol. E. Chamberlain and William Dock, 185.
Radium treatment of epithelioma of ear, vvilliarn H.       Roentgen deep therapy, Use of paraffin as scattering
    Kennedy, 249.                                             material in (abstract), C. Xarpell, 273.
Radium treatment of pathologic conditions of tonsil        Roentgen epilation, Sycosis barbse and (abstract),
     (Radio-active substances: their therapeutic uses         F. Thcdering, 531.
    and applications), Joseph Muir, 242.                   Roentgen Institute, Leningrad, 463-465.
Radium treatment of ;;0 cases of chronic leukemia,         Roentgen Interpretation (review), George \V.
     Observations during 1912 to 1924 of (abstract),          Holmes and Howard E. Ruggles, 350.
     F. Dautwitz, 457.                                     Roentgen laboratories, Barium plaster X-ray pr:i-
Radium, X-rays and, in management of breast carci-            tective walls for, H. N. Beets, 340.
     noma (abstract), G. E. Richards, 174, 175.            Roentgen photometer (abstract), H. Wintz and W.
Radiumhemmet, Stockholm, 70.                                  Rump, 277.
Radon seeds, Technic of usc of removable, in car-          Roentgen radiation, Effect of, on cholesterin con-
     cinoma of tongue (abstract), Joseph Muir, 173.           tent of blood in health and disease (abstract),
Radon tubes, New uterine screen and introducer for            M. Levy-Dorn and F. Burgheim, 272.
     inserting, into uterus (abstract), F. E. Simpson      Roentgen radiation itself or air charged by rays and
     and R. E. Flesher. 79.                                   high potential cause biological effect? Does (ab-
Raitz, of Moscow, 466.                                        stract), H. Koernicke and A. Kuster, 528.
Ransohoff, J., 378.                                        Roentgen radiation previous to pregnancy, Again,
Read, J. Marion, 360.                                         regarding the question of injury to offspring
Rectum, cancer of, Operability of (abstract), C. J.           after (abstract), W. Schmitt, 79, 80.
     ])rueck, 527, 528.                                    Roentgen radiation, Regarding functional changes of
Red rays, Therapeutic value of (abstract), G. :-'I.           blood vessels after. I.-Pharmaco-dynamic in-
     Levick, 457.                                             vestigation of functional stage of hlood vessels
Reed, C. 1., 292.                                             in isolated ears of rabbits after previous radia-
Regaud, Claude V., 1, 7, 13, 134-136, 173, 175, 333,          tion ill ~'ivo (abstract), K. W. Lazarew and A.
     336.                                                     Lazarewa, 462.
Rehfisch, 2R.                                              Roentgen ray as remedy in fihroids and other gyne-
Reiche, 525.                                                  cologic diseases (abstract), Mary E. Hanks, 174.
Rei fenstein, Edward C, 268.                               Roentgen-ray diagnosis, Use of injected iodized oil
Rciff ersheid, Karl, 70.                                      in (abstract), Samuel Iglauer, 273.
Reinberg, 465, 466.                                        Roentgen-ray doses, Experiments and histological ex-
Reisman, Henry A., 278.                                        amination to study mechanism of effect of small,
Reitter, George S., 421, 535.                                 on human female generative glands (abstract),
Remer, 68.                                                     G. A. Wagner and C. Schoenhof, 182.
Remer, John, 261, 442.                                     Roentgen-ray doses, Investigations of biologically
Remmert, Arthur, 444.                                          equal radium and (abstract), G. H. Schneider,
Remynsc, J. G., 357, 358.                                     276.
Reprev, of Harkov, 467, 468.                               Roentgen-ray effect on brain tumors, New results in
Respiratory system, Affections of, in relation to joint        study of (abstract), 11. Sgalitzcr, 362.
     tuberculosis (abstract), H. Keller, ~5.               Roentgen-ray findinvs in series of cases of head-
Reverchon, 393, 394.                                           ache, Arthur Schuller, 190.
Reyn, Axel. 293.                                           Roentgen-ray, follow-up study of cases treated
Rhinehart, B. A., 253, 492.                                    with: Exophthalmic goiter (abstract), B. J.
Rhinehart, D. A., 492.                                         Sanger, 361.
Rhinology, Radium therapy in, Joseph Xluir, 426.           Roentgen ray in diagnosis of tuberculosis, Limita-
Rhinoscleroma, 428, 430.                                       tions of, Guillermin, 519.
Rhodenburg. 98.                                            Roentgen ray in urology, James C. Sargent, 480.
Ribs, Bifurcate--unusual cause of deformity of             Roentgen-ray therapy, Effect of, on kidney (edi-
      chest (abstract). M. W. Bloomberg, 529.                  torial), 169.
Richards, G. E.. 175. 241.                                 Roentgen-ray therapy, Influence of back-scattering
Richardson, Dalton, 171.                                       upon surface dose in (abstract); Otto Glasser
Rickets, Prevention of, by irradiate cholesterol '(aI1-        and G. S. Reitter, 421.
      stract ): R. Fabre and H. Simonnet, 90, 91.          Roentgen-ray therapy, Influence of line fluctuation on
Rickets problem, Recent phases of (abstract), L. Von           doses in (abstract), V. Wucherpfennig, 173, 174.
      11eyscnbuz, 457.                                     Roentgen-ray therapy of morbus Werlhof (purpura
Rieder. H .. 210.                                              hcmor rhagica ), Regarding (abstract), A. Gros-
Ries. Emil, lR2.                                               glik, 362.
Rigler, Leo G., 358.                                       Roentgen-ray treatment during pregnancy, Danger of
Rippmann. 37R.                                                 malformation of fetus in (abstract), Emil Ries,
Ritter (1~01). 292.                                            182.
Roherts, n, 202, 205. 210.                                 Roentgen-ray treatment, Lymnhogranulornatose (ab-
Roberts, Douglas J .. 47R.                                     stract), VV. Brugmann, 275.
Roberts, Dudlev. 377.                                      Rocntqcn-rav treatment of bone tumors (editorial),
Roberts, J. E. H., 378.                                        Max Kahn, 345.
Robincau, 3M.                                              Rocntgcn-rav treatment of keloid (abstract), G. \V.
Robinson. C F., 245, 248.                                      Grier, 524, 525.
Rochlin, of Leningrad. 4«i.                                Roentgen rav, Tuberculosis of abdominal lvmph
Rodenbaugh. 21<.                                               nodes: diagnosis hy means of (abstract), E. C.
 Roederer. 390.                                                 Dunham and A. :-L Smythe, 365.
Roemer. Jacob, 259.
 Roentgen, 257. 439.                                       Roentgen-raved skin. Early histological changes in
 Roentgen apparatus. Comhined safety device on,                 (abstract), O. Hilsnitz, 273.
      with combined filter and time selector (abstract),   Roentgen rays administered to brain. Animal ex-
      F. Irk and W. Bcrgerhoff, 462.                            periments with (abstract), R. Demel, 276.
550                                           RADIOLOGY

Roentgen rays and intravenous injections of dex-         Roentgenologic examination of temporal bone,
   trose, Combined treatment of carcinoma with,              Technic of, E. G. Mayer. 306.
   E. G. Mayer, 14.                                      Roentgenologic findings in ulcerative colitis (ab-
Roentgen rays, Biological effect of, on single cell          stract), R. D. Carman and A. B. Moore, 369,
   organisms, based on experiments with parame-              370.
   cium (abstract), E. Schneider, US.                    Roentgenological aspect. Bone malignancy from the,
Roentgen rays, Comparative measurements of, with             H. E. Ruggles and Lloyd Bryan, 24.
   iontoquantimeter (Wintz) and ionimeter (Mar-          Roentgenological examination of heart, F. ].
   tius); contribution to standard dosimetry in              Hodges, 116.
   roentgen units (abstract), K. Breitlander and         Roentgenological exploration of spinal and cerebral
   K. Janssen, 274.                                          spaces, genito-urinary organs and other organic
Roentgen rays, Effect of, on nitrogenous and chlo-           cavities with iodized oil, J. A. Sicard and J. E.
   rine metabolism (abstract of paper read at Rus-           Forestier, 385.
   sian Roentgenological Congress), Yugenburg,           Roentgenological study of large intestine, S. B.
   467.                                                      Whitlock, 218.
Roentgen rays, Effect of, on spleen tissue studied       Roentgenology in Russia, 1. Seth Hirsch, 463.
   in vivo and in vitro (abstract of paper read at       Rohde, c, 210.
   Russian Roentgenological Congress), Krontov-          Rokitansky, 456.
   sky, 467.                                             Roilier, 293, 439.
Roentgen rays, Effect of, on unicellular living or-      Rolnick, H. c, 276.
   ganisms (abstract), G. H. Klovekorn and O.            Romano, N., 88.
   Gaertner, 461.                                        Romer, 292.
Roentgen rays, Effect of, upon blood (abstract), E.      Rongy, A. J., 93.
   Kolta and J. Forster, 76.                             Rontgendiagnostik innerer Krankheiten (review),
Roentgen rays, Experimental investigations on in-            Fritz Munk, 267.
   fluence of, upon erythrocytes (abstract), M. D.       Rontgcndiagnostik und Strahlentherapie, Irrtumer
   Kooiman, 77.                                              der (review), 69.
Roentgen rays, Influence of, on animal organs (ab-       Roques, Alice, 85.
   stract), G. Gabriel, 175.                             Rosenthal, J., 189.
                                                         Rosenthal, test, 184.
Roentgen rays of various qualities, Biological effect    Ross, Martin, 248.
   of (abstract), H. Wintz and W. Rump, 274.             Ross, W. L., 103, 244.
Roentgen rays on food, Studies of effect of (ab-         Rost, G. A., 70.
   stract), A. Czepa, 357.                               Rostock (Miiller) Clinic, 473.
Roentgen rays on human organism, Contribution to         Rothschild, N. W., 144, 147, 148.
   systemic effect of (abstract), P. Lapatsanis, 272.    Roubier, C, 82.
Roentgen rays on red blood corpuscles, Effect of         Rous, 358.
    (abstract), F. Kromeke, 364.                         Rowlands, R. P., 378.
Roentgen rays, Protection against, 349.                  Roy, Dunbar, 429, 430.
Roentgen rays, Regarding question of injury to germ      Rubaschow, S., 210.
   by (abstract), L. N uernberger, 79, 80.               Rubin, 1. c., 326, 393, 534.
Roentgen rays, soft, Significance of, for experi-        Ruggles, Howard E., 24, 38, 117, 118, 180, 185, 18(l,
   ments with bacteria (abstract), O. Gaertner, 275.         188, 189, 350, 396, 397.
Roentgen rays, surgery, and radium in treatment of       Rump, W., 274, 277.
   carcinoma of cervix (abstract), H. H. Bowing,         Runyon, Mefford, 410, 415.
   89.                                                   Russel, 14, 16.
Roentgen rays, Synthesis and analysis of life pro-       Russell, Eleanor H., 71.
   cesses under effect of (abstract of paper read at     Russell, W. Kerr, 71.
   Russian Roentgenological Congress), Reprev,           Russia, Roentgenology in, 1. Seth Hirsch, 463.
   467.                                                  Russian Roentgenological Congress, Leningrad, 1926,
Roentgen Society of the Union of Socialist Soviet            463.
   Republics, 463.
Roentgen therapeutic observations of peculiar case       Saethre, H., 536.
   of multiple skin tumors of sarcomatous char-          S1. Lorant, 102.
   acter (abstract), A. Czepa, 359, 360.                 S1. Rothman, 70, 366.
Roentgen therapy, deep, Some practical considera-        Salzmann, Fritz, 70, 110.
   tions in application of, to treatment of malig-       Sampson, J. A., 378.
   nant disease, W. L. Mattick.T.                        Samuel, E. c., 68, 171, 417, 418.
Roentgen therapy, Evaluation of stimulative, in cer-     Sanger, Bertram J., 361.
   tain surgical and neuro-circulatory diseases,         Sansum, William D., 265, 450.
   H. B. Philips, 109.                                   Sante, L. R., 13, 61, 66, 72, 77, 85, 87-89, 149, 171,
Roentgen therapy, Ferment increase in serum after             182, 238, 264, 270, 278, 326, 330, 340, 341, 354,
   light and, an index of cell destruction (abstract),       357, 359, 361, 362, 364, 365, 446, 532, 533.
   A. Mertz, 273.                                        Sarcoma, bone, Study of ossification in, D. B.
Roentgen therapy of skin carcinoma, Problem of               Phemister, 17.
   biological effect of hard and soft rays in rela-      Sargent, Tames C. 444, 480.
   tion to (abstract), W. Alberti, 457, 458.             Sargent, Percy, 396.
Roentgen therapy, Vital indication for, in cases of      Sauerbruch Clinic, Munich, 473.
   perimandibular phlegmon (abstract), F. Pordes,        Schachner, August, 118.
    272.                                                 Schaeffer, 421.
Roentgen treatment of hypertrophy of prostate (ab-       Schall, L., 526.
   stract), C. Guilbert and R. D. Gauillard, 181, 182.   Schamberg, J. F .. 456.
Roentzen treatment of leukemias, E. L. Jenkinson,        Scheele (1777), 292.
   379.                                                  Scheele, 521.
Roentgenography and therapy with iodized oils (ab-       Scheffers, R., 367.
   stract), W. T. Belfield and H. C. Rolnick, 276.       Scheinin, 466.
                                      INDEX TO VOU;11E VII                                                551

Schempp, 521.                                               and soft rays in relation to roentgen therapy of
Schlagenhaufcr, F., 50.                                      (abstract), W. Alberti, 457, 458.
Schlesinger, 525-                                       Skin diseases, Experiments regarding the indirect
Schluder, 450.                                               radiation of (abstract), S. Schoenhof, 180.
Schlueter, S. A., 455.                                  Skin, epithelioma of, Treatment of (abstract), G. E.
Schmidt, H., 210.                                           Pfahler, 458.
Schmieden Clinic, 365.                                  Skin, human, Reaction of, to ultra-violet radiation
Schmitt, Walther, 80.                                        (erythema curve). Regarding biology of ultra-
Schmitz, Henry, 139, 444, 527.                              violet light (abstract), L. Schall and H. J.
Schmitz, II. W., 13.                                        Alius, 525, 526.
Schneider, E., 115.                                     Skin in visible spectrum, On reflection and ab-
Schneider, G. H., 276, 277.                                 sorption of (abstract), W. Schultze, 108.
Schnitz, 7.                                             Skin lesions, Electro-desiccation and electro-coagula-
Schoemaker, D. M., 9, 13.                                   tion as means of destroying benign and malig-
Schoenhof, C, 182.                                          nant (abstract), E. K. Stratton, 531.
Schoenhof, S., 180.                                     Skin malignancies, Diagnosis and prognosis of (ab-
Scholl, A ]., ] r., 475, 478.                               stract), Lester Hollander, 535.
Schrader, R., 114.                                      Skin, roentgen-rayed, Early histological changes in
Schreiner, B. F., 10-13, 54, 58.                             (abstract), O. Hilsnitz, 273.
Schroder, 102, 360.                                     Skin, Sensitization and desensitization of, to ultra-
Schugt, P., 70.                                             violet light (abstract), K. Linser and A. Kro-
Schuller (Schueller), Arthur, 190,311,313,315,317.          patsch, 271.
Schultze, 169.                                          Skin-tumors, multiple, of sarcomatous character,
Schultze, W., 108, 366.                                      Roentgen therapeutic observations of peculiar
Schumacher, Forrest L., 475.                                case of (abstract), A. Czepa, 359, 360.
Schumann, 294.                                          Skinner, E. H., 71, 267, 449.
Schwalbe, ]., 69.
Schwarz, Gottwald, 7, 16.                               Skull Fractures Roentgenologically Considered, Wil-
Scoliosis--Rotary Lateral Curvature of the Spine            liam H. Stewart (review), 71.
     (review), Samuel Kleinberg, 520.                   Sleyster, Rock, 171.
Scrimger, Francis A. C, 81.                             Sloan, Edwin P., 278.
Searls, H. H., 178.                                     Sluder, Greenfield, 428, 430.
Seeger, Stanley]., 266, 448.                            Slye, Maud, 262, 445.
Seelman, J. ]., 171.                                    Smith, Erwin, 291.
Seemann spectograph, 173, 273.                          Smith, Henry Louis, 257, 258.
Seidemann, H., 355.                                     Smith, Joseph, 264, 448.
Seitz, 7, 102, 103.                                     Smith, Leon H., 247, 248.
Seizfell, E., 109.                                      Smith, S. Alwyn, 435.
Selman, ]. J., 184.                                     Smythe, Arnold M., 365.
Seynsche, Karl, 80.                                     Snook, H. Clyde, 453.
Sgalitzer, M., 362, 473.                                Snow, W. B., 268.
Sheldon, F. B., 75, 176-178, 180, 181, 355, 364, 454,   Sodium bromide solutions, Vesical lesions produced
     459, 530, 531, 534.                                    by (abstract), B. Ottow, 183.
Shoemaker, 378.                                         Soiland, Albert, 36, 68, 107, 135, 136, 181, 262, 445.
Shoemaker, H., 50.                                      Solomon, 1., 273, 350, 367.
Shoup, ]., 210.                                         Sonnenschein, Robert, 430.
Shterhman, 467.                                         Sorrel, 390.
Shuman, John W., 183.                                   Sosman, M. C, 169, 260, 265, 454.
Shurly, B. R., 243, 248.                                Souchet, I. A., 534.
Sicard, ]. A., 358, 385.                                Southard, J, D., 110, 114.
Siemens dosimeter, 274.                                 Spalding, A. B., 227, 229, 231-233, 239, 241.
Silberstein, 14, 16.                                    Spangler, Davis, 227, 233.
Simmons, 325.                                           Spectograph, Accuracy of potential measurements
Simmons, C C, 131, 133, 136.                                 with a (abstract), R. Glocker and E. Kaupp, 176.
Simon, 367.                                             Spine, Anomalies, diseases, and injuries of (ab-
Simonnet, H., 91.                                            stract), ]. P. Kerby, 530.
Simons, 102.                                            Splenectomy, Mortality and end-results of (ab-
Simpson, 524.                                                stract), W. ]. Mayo, 359.
Simpson, B. T., 1, 11-13.                               Stacy, Leda J., 235, 238.
Simpson, C A, 244, 248.                                 Standardization Committee, 2, 441.
Simpson, Frank E., 79, 336.                             State Institute for Study of Malignant Disease, Buf-
Simpson, Walter M., 87.                                      falo, N. Y, 1.
Sinus, maxillary, Radiation of malignancy of, ] os-     Stayton, Chester A., 177.
     eph Muir, 507.                                     Steiger, A., 78.
Sinuses, paranasal, Use of radium and X-rays in         Stein, Albert E., 366.
     treatment of malignant diseases of (abstract),     Stein, Arthur, 326.
     D. Quick, 76, 77.                                  Stein, Irving F., 227, 239, 241, 264, 326, 413.
Sinusitis, Paranasal, in infants and in voung chil-     Stein, O. ]., 430.
     dren (abstract}, P. C Jeans, 531,532.              Steinach. 99.
Sippel, 99, 103.                                        Steindl, Roo 50.
Sisson, Ravmond T., 174.                                Steinthal, 365, 473.
Sistrunk, W. E., 58.                                    Stejskal, 16.
Sittenfield, M. J" 110, 115, 262, 445.                  Stenosis, pyloric, in infants, Symptoms and evidence
Skin, cancer of, Causes of (abstract), ]. F. Scharn-         that warrant diagnosis of (abstract), A. Weeks,
     berg, 456.                                              G. Cochran, J. C Cummings, A A. Bird, M. A.
Skin carcinoma, Problem of biological effect of hard         Geddes, J. H. Kuser, and E. P. Cook, 364.
552                                           RADIOLOGY

Stenstrom, Anette, 12.                                   Tachycardia, Paroxysmal, associated with focal
Stenstrom, K. W., 7, 10, 13.                                 myocarditis (abstract), R. H. Major and H. R.
Stenvers, 310, 312, 315-317.                                  Wahl, 184.
Sterility associated with habitual amenorrhea (ab- Taft, Robert B., 513.
     stract), 1. C Rubin, 534.                           Talley, Daniel D., 171.
Sterility in women, Treatment of (abstract), H.          Tamann, 113.
     Caufman, 91.                                        Tannin, To what is the light protection oi, due?
Sterilization, Temporary, and injury to germ (ab-             (Ahstract.) jacob Buckstein, 276.
     stract), R. Penzoldt, 79, 80.                       Taussig, Laurence, 55, 58, 250, 252, 336.
Sterilization, temporary, with radium, Regarding Technic, One hundred milliampere Bucky diaphragm,
     (abstract), H. Kupferberg, 183.                          E. C Jerman, 59.
Stern, of Saratov, Russia, 466.                          Telling, .W. H. 11., 378.
Stern, W. G., 113, 115.                                  Temporal bone, Technic of roentgenologic examina-
Sternberg, 130.                                               tion of, E. G. Mayer, 306.
Sternberg, C, 50.                                        Terano, see Turano, L.
Sternotomy, Median, in mediastinal tumors (ab- Terplan, K., 50.
     stract), H. Gaudier, 180.                           Teschendorf, W., 210.
Stevens, G. W., 171.                                     Tetraiodophenolphthalein, ~ on-secretion of, A. Stan-
Stevens, R. H., 128, 290, 444, 445, 453.                      ley Kirkland, 512.
Stevens, J. T., 261, 444.                                Tetraiodophenolphthalcin, Simple method of prepar-
Stewart, H., 189.                                             ing gelatin capsules of, Bernard R. Mooney, 167.
Stewart, William H., 71, 326.                            Thaler, 103.
Stirling, W. Calhoun, 76.                                Thedering, F., 531.
Stomach, Cancer of (abstract), J. W. Shuman, 183. Theile, 293.
Stomach, carcinoma of, Clinical picture of beginning Therapy, light and heat, Regarding combination of
     (abstract), H. I. Wie1, 176, 177.                       . (abstract), A. Steiger, 78.
Stomach (in) carcinoma, Deformity of air bubble of Thicrens, J. P., 86.
     (abstract), Jacob Buckstein, 276.                   Thomson-Walker, Sir John, 72,210.
Stomach, carcinoma of, Intragastric radium treat- Thorndike, A., 435.
     ment of (abstract), T. O. Menees, 274.              Three Triangular Field Method of Stenstrom, Mat-
Stomach, Congenital abnormalities of, D. A. and               tick, and Schreiner, 10.
     B. A. Rhinehart, 492.                               Thymoma, Case of (abstract), James Miller, 527.
Stomach, gas-filled, Gastric ulcer demonstrated by, Thymus in newborn and early infancy, G. J. K oback,
     E. N. McKee, 342.                                        416.
                                                         Thyroid metastasis to bones, Three cases of (ab-
Stomach, Syphilis of: case report, P. B. Mulli-               stract), W. 11. Simpson, 87.
     gan, 62.                                            Thyroid, Substernal (abstract), David Felberbaum
Stone, Recurrent dumb-bell, in vesical bladder and            and Benjamin Finesilver, 355.
     diverticulum (abstract), W. S. Calhoun, 76.         Thyroidectomy, Total, in thryotoxicosis of ex-
Stone, W. S., 130.                                            ophthalmic type: preliminary report (abstract),
Stout, A. P., 61.                                             P. K. Gilman and W. E. Kay, 524.
Strahlenforschung, Ergebnisse der medizinischen Thyroiditis (abstract), H. H. Searls and E. I. Bart-
     (review), 520.                                           lett, 178.
Stratton, Ernest K., 531.                                Tibia, Chronic abscess of (abstract), Auvray, 366.
Strauss, 525.                                            Tice, Frederick, 318, 325.
Strockov, 466.                                           Tichy, 7.
Struble, 176.                                            Tissue reactions to radiation (abstract), J. Ewing,
"Sun Cure" Institution, Leysin, 293.                          81.
Surgery, orthopedic, Diagnosis in (abstract), Frank Todtenhaupt, W., 179.
     R. Ober, 271.                                       Tongue, cancer of. See Cancer, lingual, Treatment
Surgery, radium, and roentgen rays in treatment of            of, by radiation, Joseph Muir, 332.
     carcinoma of cervix (abstract), H. H. Bow- Tongue, carcinoma of, Technic of usc of removable
     ing, 89.                                                 radon seeds in (abstract), Joseph Muir, 173.
Surgery uersus radium in treatment of cancer of          Tongue, Roentgen and radium treatment of (com-
     uterus (abstract), ]. Y. Welborn, 355.                   ment), Schempp, 521.
                                                         Tonsil, Radium treatment of pathologic conditions of
Surgical aspect of bone tumors, H. YV. Meyerding,              (Radio-active substances:      their therapeutic
     29.                                                       uses and applications), Joseph Muir, 242.
Susani, 0., 278.                                         Toverud, Kirsten U, 82.
Sussig, 1.., 50.                                         Trachea and esophagus, Congenital deformity of;
Sutherland, Charles G., 171, 266, 451, 525.                    report of case, R. Mark Brown, 166.
Swallowing, difficulty in, Exostoses of cervical ver- Trachea, tumors of. Surgical diathermy for (ah-
     tebra: as cause for (abstract), H. P. Mosher, 85.         stract) , H. H. Bowing and P. P. Vinson, 180,
Swanberg, Harold, 144.                                         181.
Symmcrs, D., SO, 130.                                    Transner, H., 435.
Sycosis barbse and roentgen epilation (abstract), F. Trcbandcau, 242.
      Thedering, 531.                                    Triangular Box Method, 10.
Syphilis, congenital, Diagnosis of, in infants (ab- Trostler, 1. S., 73, 267, 347, 453.
     stract), L. Nurenbergcr, 528, 529.                  Tuberculosis (of) abdominal lymph nodes: diag-
Syphilis, cranial, Radiodiagnosis of late (abstract),          nosis by means of roentgen ray (abstract), E. C.
      A. Leri and P. Cottenot, 530.                            Dunham and A. M. Smythe, 365.
Syphilis of stomach: case report, P. B. Mulligan, 62. Tuberculosis, glandular, X-ray treatment of (ab-
Syphilis of trachea and bronchi, Obscure chest con-            stract). P. Amundsen. 83.
      ditions, with positive bronchoscopic findings; in- Tuberculosis, incipient, Diagnosis of. in children
      cluding two cases of (abstract), M. C Myerson,           (abstract), W. H. Donnelly and H. A. Reisman,
      H6, S7.                                                  278.
                                       INDEX TO VOLUME VII                                                   553
Tuberculosis, intestinal, X-ray studies of (abstract),    Ultra-violet light, Sensitization and desensitization of
   N. H. Blakie and A. T. Laird, 92.                           skin to (abstract), K. Linser and A. Kropatsch,
Tuberculosis, joint, Affections of respiratory system          271.
   in relation to (abstract), H. Keller, 85.              Ultra-violet, phlogogenous, Regarding absorption of,
Tuberculosis, laryngeal, X-ray treatment of (ab-               in human skin (abstract), W. Schultz and St.
   stract), J. J. Debicki, 176.                                Rothman, 366.
Tuberculosis, Non-tuberculous peribronchitis simu-        Ultra-violet Radiation and Actinotherapy, E. H.
   lating occult (abstract), C. N. Meader, 356.                Russell and W. K. Russell (review), 71.
Tuberculosis, prophylaxis against, Search for more        Ultra-violet radiators, Intensity measurements in
   efficient (abstract), F. Cevey, 88.                         "health-promoting" part of certain (abstract),
Tuberculosis, roentgen ray in diagnosis of, Limita-            P. F. Dannmeyer, 357.
   tions of, Guillermin, 519.                             Universitats-Frauenklinik, Hamburg, 528.
Tucker, 361.                                              Unna, 174.
Tumor, Ewing's, 140-142.                                  Upson, W.O., 493, 497.
                                                          Ureter, tortuous, Maneuver to facilitate passage of
Tumor, Giant-cell, involving phalanges (abstract),             catheter through markedly, for securing roent-
   W. H. Cole, 184.                                            genograms (abstract), Bransford Lewis and
Tumors, bone, Diagnosis and results in radiation               Grayson Carroll, 357.
   treatment of some medullary, Ralph E. Heren-           Ureters and kidney pelves, Observations on redupli-
   deen, 140.                                                  cation of, with case report, Forrest L. Schu-
Tumors, bone, Radiation in treatment of, Albert Soi-           macher, 475.
   land and W. E. Costolow, 36.                           Urethra, Male, Radiological Examination of, G. L. S.
Tumors, bone, Roentgen-ray treatment of (edi-                  Kohnstam and E. H. P. Cave (review), 72.
   torial), Max Kahn, 345.                                Urinary tract, Leukoplakia of: with report of
Tumors, bone, Surgical aspect of, H. W. Meyerding,             one vesical and two renal cases (abstract),
   29.                                                         W. T. Briggs and E. S. Maxwell, 456.
Tumors, Brain, in children: their general symptoma-       Urology, Roentgen ray in, James c. Sargent, 480.
   tology (abstract), M. Critchley, 75, 76.               U slenghi, Jose, 394.
Tumors, brain, roentgen-ray effect on, New results in     Uteri, carcinoma, Radium treatment of (abstract),
    study of (abstract), M. Sgalitzer, 362.                    G. G. Ward and L. K. P. Farrar, 363, 364.
Tumors (of) cauda equina (abstract), J. M. Wolf-          Uterine cancer, Prognosis in (abstract), Bohm and
    sohn and E. J. Morrissey, 275.                             Zweifel, 79.
Tumors, cerebral, X-ray treatment of (abstract),          Uterine hemorrhage, Treatment of functional (ab-
   H. Saethre and R. R. Jorgensen, 535, 536.                   stract), E. Novak, 84.
Tumors, malignant, Proper interval in treatment of,       Uterus, benign diseases of, Menorrhagia and met-
   with fractional doses (abstract), W. Alberti and            rorrhagia due to certain, and their treatment by
    G. Politzer, 81.                                           irradiation, Harry H. Bowing, 234.
Tumors, mediastinal, Median sternotomy in (ab-            Uterus, cancer of, Surgery versus radium in treat-
    stract), H. Gaudier, 180.                                  ment of (abstract), J. Y. Welborn, 355.
Tumors (of) palate, Mixed (abstract), 1. A. Sou-          Uterus, New uterine screen and introducer for in-
   chet, 533, 534.                                             serting radon tubes into (abstract), F. E. Simp-
Tumors, skin, of sarcomatous character, Roentgen               son and R. E. Flesher, 79.
    therapeutic observations of peculiar case of mul-
   tiple (abstract), A. Czepa, 359, 360.                  Valshavsky, 466.
Tumors (of) trachea, Surgical diathermy for (ab-          Van den Bergh test, 184.
    stract), H. H. Bowing and P. P. Vinson, 180,          Vanderhoof, D., 210.
    181.                                                  Van de Vel de, 93, 103.
Tunick, 1. S., 112, 115.                                  Van Hengel, 358.
Turano, L., 112, 115.                                     Van Nuys, R. G., 519.
Turner, Dawson, 430.                                      Van Ree, A., 114.
Turner, George, 39.                                       Vanysek, F., 112, 115.
Typhoid, Report of case of volvulus of cecum com-         Vanysk, see Vanysek, F.
   plicating (abstract), H. F. Graham, 66.                Van Zwaluwenburg, 326, 330.
                                                          Vertebras, cervical, Exostoses of, as cause for diffi-
                                                              culty in swallowing (abstract), H. P. Mosher, 83.
Ulcer, duodenal, Etiology and healing process of, in      Vesical lesions produced by sodium bromide solutions
    melena neonatorum (abstract), R. L. J. Ken-               (abstract), B. Ottow, 183.
    nedy, 362.                                            Viana, G., 91.
Ulcer, Duodenal, from partial obstruction at duode-       Vinson, Porter P., 181.
    noj ejunal junction (abstract), E. P. Sloan, 278.     Virchow, 378, 379.
Ulcer, Gastric, demonstrated by gas-filled stomach,       Vitamin needs of organism and cancer, Effect of
    E. N. McKee, 342.                                         X-rays on, M. T. Burrows, L. H. Jorstad, and
Ulcer, X-ray, Peculiar cause for development of               E. C. Ernst, 279.
    (abstract), W. Todtenhaupt, 178, 179.                 Vogel. 379.
Ulcers, duodenal, Roentgen symptoms of (com-              "Vomiting, Cyclic," in infants and children, L. T.
    ment) , Berg, 521.                                        LeWald, 410.
Ulcers, gastric and duodenal, Questions involved in       Von Bergmann, 525.
    operative procedures in cases of (abstract), A.       Von Mcysenbug, L., 457.
    Schachner, 118.                                       Voskrasensky, of Kiev, 468.
Ullmann, H. J., 103, 175, 176, 179, 180, 243, 265, 267,
    290, 420, 445, 451.                                   Wagner, G. A., 182.
Ulrey, C. T., 452.                                        Wahl, H. R., 139. 184.
Ultra-violet light, Regarding biology of. III. Re-        Wallace, W. H., 262, 446.
    action of human skin to ultra-violet radiation        Walther, H. W. E., 479.
    (erythema curve), L. Schall and H. J. Alius           Walton, Sydney, 71.
    (abstract), 525, 526.                                 Warburg, 14, 16.
554                                         RADIOLOGY

Ward,293.                                             X-ray and radium laboratories, Method for study of
Ward, George Gray, 364.                                    scattered and secondary radiation in, Edith H.
Warfield, L. M., 50.                                       Quimby, 21l.
Warthin, A. S., 169.                                  X-ray therapy installations in California (abstract),
Washington and Lee University, 257.                        W. E. Chamberlain and R R Newell, 75.
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Wucherpfenniz, V., 174.                               Zenker. 318.
Wynen, \V., 277.                                      Zweifel, 79.
                           RADIOLOGY                                             lx

X-RAY SUPPLIES                         "TESTED" CHEMICALS

                               C&CFilm Filing Cabinet
                                    UP TO AND INCLUDING 14x 17

                                     Fireproof... Waterproof
                                     UNIQUE FEATURES
                               1. Welded Throughout.
                               2. Roller Bearing Slides.
                               3. Automatic Latch.
                               4. Drawer Strike.
                               5. Compressor is Entire Width of
                               6. Capacity, 4000 Films.
                               7. Provision made for connecting up
                                    cabinets in series.
                                     Price    $55 00       •        f. o. b.
                                                                   New York

                                     Set of 4 legs - - $6.00 f. o. b. New York

                               NOTE Bulletin other hadare featured with a num-
                                    These two items
                                    ber of
                                             to be
                                                   specials in our November
                                                        on request.

C & C Film Illuminator
          SIZE FILMS

All Glass and Metal Construc-
        tion Throughout
 A Limited Number Offered at a
         Special Price

      $11    • 50
                    New York

CLI~~ST. COOPER           & COOPER, Inc. NE~.~~RK
It                                        RADIOLOGY

            ~~             ~~
                           ~y              ~~
                                           ~~                    ~~
                                                                 ~>~              ~~
     ) t,

                  ,l   r
                                 ,I   r
                                                      !   r,.;
                                                                        ,I   rv

            ~ Announcing ~                                                        ~
     I~                                                                                ~
     I      ~                                                                     P
      ~                                                                                ~
            ~                                                                     ~
     ~                                                                                 ~
            ~                                                                     ~
      ~                                                                                ~
            ~                                                                     ~          I

     P           ~~             ~~               ~p                    ~~              ~
            ~~             ~~              ~~                    ~~               ~~
            ~~             ~~              ~r                    ~F               ~~
                                             EDITORIAL                                                            XI

'These Capsules of IODEIKON with
the special keratin composition coating, are
giving excellent gall-bladder shadows in the
hands of many of the leading radiographers
    SWA!\-My.ERS   Iodeikon Capsules contain 0.25 gram of Iodeikon
    (tetraiodophthalein sodium), manufactured by the Mallinckrodt
    Chemical Works, and are protected from gastric digestion by a
    special process-a keratin composition coating free from salol and
    other active medicinal ingredients. They are accepted by the
    council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical
    Association. The capsules are made small to assure the fact that
    they will not excite pyloric spasm.
    Of all the substances tried as a coating for the    tant to aeid digestion and is slowly soluble in the
    capsules or tablets, keratin, an inert substance,   alkaline juice of the in testines.
    seems to be the most promising. Keratin is resis-      The satisfactory use of any Iodeikon capsules
                                                        is dependent upon two factors, that they pass
                                                        the stomach without producing vomiting, and
                                                        that a sufficient number of them will be disin-
                                                        tegrated in the intestines to allow the absorption
                                                        of enough of the dye that, as it collects in the
                                                        gall-bladder, the X-ray film will show a satisfac-
                                                        tory shadow of this appendage.
                                                           \Ve would not be so sure that the coating on
                                                        this capsule is just what you want if it were not
                                                        giving such complete satisfaction in the hands of
                                                        so many men. They do give pictures and they
                                                        practically never nauseate.

                                                        Swan-Myers Iodeikon Capsules
                                                            are supplied in bottles 0/100 at $4.00
                                                                      Canadian prices plus duly
                                                         The leading X-ray supply houses carry them in stock

                                                        IODEIKON is the trade-marked name and exclusive prop-
                                                        erty of Mallinckrodt, Chemical Works, 51. Louis, Mo.,
                                                        for the tetraiodophcnolphthale in sodium salt. By using
                                                        exclusively this "Council Accepted" product of the
                                                        Mallinckrodl Chemical Works in these capsules we have
                                                        authority 10 use l!,e name Icdeikon,

  Certain abnormal patient» show abnormal results. Let us help you in workhlg out these difficult cases.

 SWAN-MYERS COMPANY                                               l'   Indianapolis, Indiana
                           Pharmaceutical and Biological Laboratories
Jtii                                                        RADIOLOGY

                                                                                                     FOR FINEST
                                                                                         Our Potter Bucky Diaphragm was
                                                                                      the first on the market. Several thou-
                                                                                     sand satisfied users are our best "ads."
                                                                                         Our fine type grid is a proven suc-
                                                                                     cess, giving finest detail with the con-
                                                                                     trast so necessary on obscure cases of
                                                                                     gall-bladder, kidney or spine diagnosis.
                                                                                     Our speed control is famous for re-
                                                                                     liability and accuracy.
     \Ve believe it is the best value on the market. Made in large quantities, the price is very low for such a high
grade accurate mechanism. The electrically welded frame and base make it practically indestructible. No castings to
break. No warping. No continual "service" required to keep it in operation. Operates in either horizontal or vertical
position. Special devices to center all makes of cassettes. Exposure distance from 16 to 40 inches. Permits stereo-
scopic exposures. Timing, I to 90 seconds. Electric contacts for making exposures automatically while grid is moving.
All Buckies furnished with compression band and winding attachment at no extra charge.
                              NO X-RAY LABORATORY IS COMPLETE WITHOUT ONE.
FLAT TOP BUCKY                            This is made in two sizes, one taking '4X'7 cassettes either way, the other tak-
                                           ing IIXI4 cassettes in one direction and IOXI2 cassettes both ways. Smaller size
arranged to take head clamps and rods to tilt for head work. Both have electric contact device for operating exposure
switch as regular equipment.
Curved top style for 14XI7 cassettes; Aluminum top with compression band and winding attachmenL . ..... $250.00 list
Flat top style for '4X'7 cassettes; Bakelite top with compression band and winding attachment...                   260.00 list
Flat top style for IIXI4 cassettes; Bakelite top with compression band and winding attachmenL                       '75.00 list
Curved top Bucky table           $I60.00      Flat top Bucky table       ._.$260.00  Tube stand and rails..            $250.00
BUCK X-0 GRAP H                   4 verv fast. screen, with durable, cleanable surface. Highest grade screens at a low
                                  list price, with heavy cash discount for quick payment.
PAT T E R SON                     Favorably known for years. Cleanable, fast screens, used for years in large quantities.
EASTMAN SCREENS                     Smooth surface, cleanable, preferred by some laboratories.
                                  We recommend Buck cassettes as being the best value on the market. Solid frame
CASSETTES                         and back with many exclusive features. Superior contact. Light weight. N on-warp-
ing. Thin front. Best for fast, accurate work.
     All makes of screens are sold singly or in pairs. We will mount them in your own or in new cassettes without
charge. We will allow a discount of 20 per cent from list on Buck cassettes when ordered with screens. Send for spe-
cial price list showing net prices on the cassettes alone or when mounted with screens.
      At this season a good tank is a valuable asset, as cold wash water will chill the developer, causing thin films with
little detail and very slow development. Soap stone tanks are the best value, being practically indestructible. Our six-
compartment tank is considered the best designed tank           TIme Compar/m.nfs
made. All our regular stone tanks have a chamber next          t6inches lon4inside   (jl'f!rl!o~
to the developer for ice or hot water, for maintaining        ~<=~~~~=:r;:=;t=;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
                                                                     ACID BATH
the developer at the proper temperature. The five- and
six-compartment tanks also have a 4-inch air space next                  ICE ORWATER
the washing chamber. The five-compartment tank is ex-
cellent for general laboratory use. For hospitals or spe-
cialists we recommend the six-compartment tank.
SOAP STONE TANKS                    4-Comp. 5-Comp. 6-Comp.
F. O. B. Chicago, Brooklyn or
  Boston _ .._._...__..._._.__.        $50.00    $58.50   $65.00
F. O. B. Virginia factory_________ 45.00           53.50    60.00
ENAMELED TANKS                          8XIO      IIXI4     14XI7
3-Compartment style                ....$22.50    $27.00   $39.00
EARTHENWARE TANKS 47.50; 3-Comp. style $40.00
                                            F. O. B. Akron.
    These prices subject to a 10 per cent discount
                         for cash in 10 days.                                                   -     40-2 inehes r-r»
    These are the greatest aid in fast, accurate head X-Ray diagnosis ever made. .You can duplicate the exact position
every time and standardize your work. Impossible to go wrong if used with proper angle blocks furnished. Made for
use with any make cassette desired. Prevent mistakes in diagnosis of mastoid conditions and make stereoscopic work
unnecessary by using Arcelin position. Specify outside size of your 8XIO. cassette when ordering.
Mastoid localizer set with 13 degree double tilt angle block.   .    .....        ._. ._...__.    ._________________________ $20.00
Mask for sphenoids and frontal sinus with 17 degree to 23 degree combination block             .. .          .           .___ 13.00
       TETRA-IODIDE for                              BARIUM SULPHATE                                     DENTAL MOUNTS
       VISUALIZATION OF                             OUf "Paragon" Barium has been                      We furnish both cardboard and all-
        GALL-BLADDERS                            the standard for twelve years. Pur-                celluloid mounts at low prices. Send
A standard make for intravenous use.             est available. Economical. A very                  for quotations on sizes and styles de-
100 gram bottle      .              $8.00        dense product giving sharp shadows.                sired.   Weare sure to save you
 25 gram bottle__..    ..
                    .._ .      .___ 2.50         "Regular. JJ       "Semi-fluff" or fluffy          money and furnish you mounts that
  5 30 gram ampules .....__..._..._ 5·00         types. Used by hundreds of promi-                  please.   Heavy cash discounts al-
      For oral administration.                   nent roentgenologists.                             lowed from standard list prices. Get
                       Per           Per           5 Ibs·---····_$1.75     50 lbs.;__. $12.50       our latest circular.
                          100        1000        10 Ibs ..        3.50    100 Ibs.      20.00
34     gr~   capsules     $4·00     $3 6 . 0 0   25 lbs.       7.~0     300 Ibs.c.     57.00
  5 gram capsules        5.00         57·00     Freight prepaid on 100 Ibs. or over.
  5 grain tablets__.__ 7.50           60.00
                                   We handle a complete line of X-Ray supplies. We can promise quick shipments of reli-
                   & OTHER
 FILM              SUPPLIES
                                   able merchandise at low prices and liberal discounts. Get our quotations before you
                                   place your order elsewhere.
                                                                  Don't throwaway good money.     Before you invest-

GEO.               w.        BRA D Y &                          CO•          802 South Western
                                                                                          Ave.                  CHICAGO
                                                    RADIOLOGY                                                            xiii

      Angles and position in the                 Technician's                           Transparent image
        stereo-radiographic unit                  blueprint                             interpretation unit

                                               SEE OUR EX-
                                               HIBIT AT MIL-
                                               BOOTH NO.4.

The RADIOGRAPH-SCOPE, the Rolls-Royce of stereoscopes'
Owes its leadership to the appreciation of its users.

T ventsgreaterlesser densitiesthe opaque body pre-
                 densities of
                                from registering on
                                                                 sitions and angles to the optical center of the mirror
                                                                 box. These shadows, when reflected from the mir-
the film, hence the selective positions of the target,           rors to the observer's eyes are Projected by his
patient and cassette in the stereo radiographic unit             Optical Complex which builds in relief a transparent
are obvious. These positions determine the photo-                image of the opaque body. By the habit of accu-
graphic angles of the .r-rays through the body and               rately registering with other data these positions
through the duplex film when making stereo shad-                 and angles, errors in standard technique are soon
owgraphs. By registering these angles (1, 2 and 3                eliminated and the individual selective technique be-
shown above) and other data in the upper right                   comes standard so that any roentgenologist or his
hand corner of the film, a permanent record (or                  successor can take acornparative stereo pair at a
blueprint) is made for placing shadowgraphs in the               later date, duplicating the same topographical rela-
illuminating-boxes and duplicating their relative po-            tions for diagnosis.
                            TO PLACE SHADOW                     GRAPHS PROPERLY
     o place shadowgraphs properly in the illuminat-
T    ing-boxes: Superimpose the shadowgraphs with
                                                                 marker registration is in the lower right hand cor-
                                                                 ner; in this case double-arrow would point up and
the marker registration in the upper right hand cor-             down. The marker in the upper right hand comer,
nero If the shift is Across the body plane, shift                rotate the shadowgraphs so that the marker regis-
angle is parallel and in the same plane to the ob-               tration is in the lower right hand comer and after
server's eves and double-arrow is on a line with                 being rotated the arrow is in the same plane with
observer's' eyes. Body part displaced to the right               the observer's eyes. Body part displaced to the
 (the left shift) is placed in the right illuminating-            right (the left shift) is placed in the right illumi-
box with marker registration in the upper right hand             nating-box with the marker registration in the lower
comer. Body part displaced to the left (the right                right hand corner. Body part displaced to the left
shift) is placed in the left illuminating-box with                (the right shift) is placed in the left illuminating-
marker registration in the upper right hand corner               box with the marker registration in the lower right
as the observer faces the illuminating-boxes. When               hand corner, as the observer faces the illuminating-
marker registration shows that shift was With the                boxes.
body plane, rotate the shadowgraphs so that the
                   FOR DUPLICATING PHOTOGRAPHIC ANGLES                                   1,2   AND 3
(Angle I). Target radiation angles. Determined by the            responding side. When tube is other than 900 to casette
exposure distance. In this case ~5 inches as shown on            without angle board register the tube angle to cassette.
Universal Marker in illustration.                                   Shadowgraphs having been properly placed in illuminat-
(Angle 2). Shift angle. With or Across body plane. In            ing-boxes duplicate angle one and set No. 3 unit at zeros.
this case Across, and is indicated by the double-arrow point-    which is for 90° exposures. To duplicate angle three when
Right and Left.                                                  angle board has been used or tube angled to cassette and
(Angle 3). Angle board above is 23° registered at the top        dash-arrow points up pull down center angle control. When
of marker by moving arrow head from dash-a-each point            dash-arrow points down push up center angle control.
from dash to arrow is 5°· Angle board reversed toward the        When dash-arrow points right rotate center angle control to
feet dash-arrow should register at bottom of marker. When        left. When dash-arrow points left rotate to right.
angle board is to right or left dash-arrow registers at cor-

Serial number. In this case 98r.                                Position of the opaque body. P A (posterio anterio). For
Personal identification mark.                                   other positions use other letters as: A P (anterio poeterio) ,
Date. 2-6'26.                                                   R L (lateral exposure, right to left), etc.
           Its salesman is the increased diagnostic efficiency by use of first surface mirrors, binocular lenses,
                                   chromatic illumination, angulation and coordination.

    RADIOGRAPH-SCOPE COMPANY, Box 1494, Greensboro, N. C..
XIV                                            RADIOLOGY

       A Distinctly New Medical Book Which Every Physician Should Have

                                         THE X-RAY

                          W. A. NEWMAN DORLAND, A.M., M.D., F.A.C.S.,
       Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics and Head of the Department of Obstetrics in the
              Post-graduate Medical School of Chicago; Lieutenant Colonel in the Medical
                               Reserve Corps, U. S. Army; Etc., Etc.,
                       MAXIMILIAN JOHN HUBENY, M.D., F.A.C.R., F.A.C.P.,
       Editor of RADIOLOGY; Director of the Department of Radiology of the Physicians and
           Surgeons Institution; Consulting Radiologist to the Grant, Henrotin, and Policlinic
                     Hospitals of Chicago; Past Consulting Radiologist to Cook
                                         County Hospital; Etc.

            The comprehensive scope of this unique work and its practical as well as
       its scientific aspect are indicated by the table of contents which follows:

       Introduction by George W. Bartelrnez, Ph. D.,                            Chapter IX
            Chicago, Ill.                                    Visceral Anomalies of Development as Revealed
                            Chapter I                            by the X-rays.
       The Influence of X-rays and Allied Substances                            Chapter X
           on Living Tissues.                                The Female Pelvis Considered Obstetrically and
                           Chapter II                            Radiographically.
       Embryonic Development as Revealed by the X-                              Chapter XI
           rays. Osseous System.                             Radiography of Pelvic Contraction.
                           Chapter III                                         Chapter XII
       Gastro-Intestinal Tract.                              The X-ray Diagnosis of Normal Intrauterine
                           Chapter IV                            Pregnancy.
       The Respiratory System.                                                Chapter XIII
                            Chapter V                        Radiography of Abnormal Pregnancy.
       The Vascular System.                                                   Chapter XIV
                           Chapter VI                        The Etiologic Significance of the X-ray in Tera-
       The Urogenital System.                                    togenesis.
                          Chapter VII                                         Chapter XV
       Radiography of the Pelvic Organs.                     Teratologic Radiography-Single Monsters.
                          Chapter VII I                                       Chapter XVI
       Anomalies of Skeletal Development as Shown by         Teratologic Radiography (Cont.)-Double Mon-
           the X-rays.                                           sters.

       It matters not whether you are a roentgenologist, obstetrician, gynecologist,
       surgeon or family physician, you will be better equipped to efficiently serve
       humanity after reading Dorland and H ubcny's Obstetrical Roentgenology.
       It contains more pertinent material than any other publication. The context
      deals with embryology, normal pregnancy including different positions, mul-
      tiple pregnancy, pelvimetry and abnormalities such as anacephaly, hydro-
      cephaly and monstrosities of different kinds, etc.
                      Cloth Binding,     420   Pages,   260   Halftone Illustrations
                                                Price   $10.00

      See this book on exhibit at the meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Milwa uk ee

                        THE BRUCE PUBLISHING CO.
                        SAINT PAUL                                 MINNEAPOLIS
                           RADIOLOGY                        xv

       Pattersons Exclusively
The Patterson Screen Company makes its own fluo-
rescent chemicals and exercises the strictest scientific
control over the process whereby they are applied to
the screen base.
This is one reason why Patterson Fluoroscopic
Screens are absolutely free from afterglow-why
they are exclusively used in practically every labora-
tory for accurate roentgenological diagnosis.

Patterson Screen Company       Dept. R     Towanda, Penn.
xvi                                              RADIOLOGY

      French Intensifying Screens
                                 With Protective Covering
      THE ONLY SCREEN sold with any form of GUARANTEE or SERVICE
        to you!
      THE FASTEST SCREEN on the market today, with a range of detail un-
        equaled! (Prove this by your own comparative tests.)
         CIENCY, and with a YEARLY RECOVERING SERVICE at $1.00 a
         Screen to keep them 100% efficient and spotless far beyond the Guar-
         antee Period!
           Size                    Each      Pair             Size               Each     Pair
      14    x 17------------------$30.00   $60.00           8    x   10 -       $10.00   $20.00
      11    x 14------------------ 22.50    45. 00          6%   x    8%          8.00    16.00
      10    x 12 __ ,              16.00    3 2 •0 0        5    x    7           6.00    12.00

                         (No Replacement for 3 Years and Longer)
      EVERY SALE REGISTERED, and the name of the Purchaser entered
         upon our Service Records for notification as Screens are due for Re-
         covering Service. This supervision insures your Screens being 100%
         efficient during the life of our THREE-YEAR GUARANTEE and

         clear, brilliant image with a minimum of X-ray power. Offered at a big
         saving to you. In all sizes-prices upon request.

           Let us send you samples of French Screens and estimate upon
                      your Screen and Cassette requirements

                                                       The French Screen
                                                   507 Hofman Bldg.         2539 Woodward Ave.

                                                          Detroit, Mich.
                                     RADIOLOGY                                       xvii

X-RAYS                   In         SILENCE
                                 The MONEX, developed in
                              the Laboratories of the Wappler
                              Electric Company, and tested
                              for consistency and durability
                              under strenuous hospital condi-
                              tions, places at your service an
                              X-Ray Generator of High Power,
                              minimum space, no rotating
                              parts, that operates with greater
                              efficiency and in
                                    ABSOLUTE SILENCE

                              Send today for Bulletin No. J07-A

                                                  Enhanced Comfort
                                                   and Convenience
                                                  The SQUIER CYSTOSCOPIC
                                                  X-RAY TABLE equipped with
                                                  leg and shoulder rests provides
                                                  additional comfort to the patient
                                                  and convenience to the operator.

                                                        Send today for Bulletin
                                                        No. l05-A which fully
                                                          describes this Table.

 Wappler Electric Company, Inc.
     General Offices and Factory:                             Show Rooms
 Long Island City, N. Y., U. S. A.                173 East 87th St., New York City

xviii                                     RADIOLOGY

Are purchased by discriminating institutions, such as Mayo Clinic, Cudahy
Packing Company, Illinois Central RaH.
way,and other medical departments, where
the patient is the prime consideration.

                                                     II. In both the Polytherm and Portable Models are
                                                    found a well- balancedembodimentoflarge capacity,
                                                    flexible and effective controls, durable construction,
                                                    beautiful mahogany cabinets, duco finished.
                                                    Write for literature and name ofnearest distributor.
                                                       New reprints are consranrlv available to the profession
                                                                upon request, without obligation.      .

Manufactured by - -        ACME-INTERNATIONAL X-RAY COMPANY
Cable Address: INTERACME                703j"WEST LAKE STREET                            CHICAGO, U. S. A.

Exclusive Manufacturers of             PRECISION CORONALESS X-RAY APPARATU:{

        X-Rays cannot penetrate this plaster
         A GAINST X-rays and the Gamma rays of radium, Barium Sulphate
               Plaster forms an impenetrable barrier. Even rays are
           stopped without leakage in rooms where this plaster is applied to walls,
           floors, and ceilings.
                Barium Sulphate Plaster is applied the same way as ordinary wall
           plaster. It can be painted any color. It leaves no cracks or joints. It
           provides complete X-ray protection. It is less expensive than other
                Because Barium Sulphate Plaster combines attractive appearance
           with complete protection, hospitals are specifying it both for new con-
           struction and for refinishing their present X-ray rooms. Doctors also
           are using Barium Sulphate Plaster in their private X-ray rooms.
                License permitting plasterers or contractors to install Barium Sul-
           phate Plaster is included without additional charge when barium sul-
           phate and barium sand are purchased from us.
                The formula for the proper mix and specifications for the use of
           Barium Sulphate Plaster will be sent you on request. (Process patented.)
                               THE DICK X-RAY COMPANY
                           Home Office: 3974-76 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo.
                                                    RADIOLOGY                                                                  XIX

        TI·U; L:F I;;Ll;CTRIC SCALPI;L
 Opens lip new possibilities in electro-surgery. Using an
 electrode which will not cut in the ordinary sense of the
 word, when the current is applied it separates the tissues
 as readily as the sharpest scalpel, with little if any resist-
 ance to the passage of the electrode. The severed edges of
 tissue present a thin depth of dehydration or electro-coagu-
 lation which seals up the capillaries and prevents bleeding
 or oozing from them.
     Similar to electro-coagulation or electro-dessication
 methods, there should be relative freedom from surgical
 shock.                              .
     While the greatest immediate application for this instru-
 ment is undoubtedly in dealing with malignancies, our reo
 searches indicate it should also find useful application in
 certain other branches of surgery

                                              Our earliest researches indicated that if such apparatus is to find extensive.
                                          practical applicatton the objectionable features inherent in radio transmitting
                                          tubes must be overcome. This we have accompllshe d by using the spark gap
                                          principle, which offers constancy and reliability of performance, freedom from
                                          delicate tuning requirements, low initial cost, little jf any maintenance expense,
                                          and most Important of all. makes possible a controllabl.. and vartable depth ot
                                          dehydration of the severed tissues. This is absolutely essential tor best results.
                                             'JIhe performance of the electric scalpel is superior to anything
                                          obtained heretofore, even with the very expensive high power
                                          radio tube equipments. It must not be confused with spark gap
                                          type "cutting machines," or "combination high frequency and
                                          cutting machines" being offered the profession.
                                                More detailed literature on request.
                                               Price for 110Volt. 60Cycle, alter nattng current, with standard accessories,
                                          ~85.00, f.o.b. Cincinnati.

                                              THE LIEBEL-FLARSHEIM COMPANY
                                                                         MANUFACTURERS OF
Patents are pendIng covering variable                     PHYSIOTHERAPY AND X-RAY APPARATUS
depth of dehydration, variable voltage,
wiring system. filters, spark gap. and       410-416 Home St., Dept. X, CINCINNATI, OHIO, U. S. A.
other novel features.
xx                                                RADIOLOGY

     Leak-Proof and Tr 0               U     b le-P roo f
     Made entirely in one piece, without seams,
     slabs or interlocking joints. Tanks do not
     peel, flake, chip, stain or become slimy.
     Each tank is unqualfiedly guaranteed to be
     acid, alkali and corrosion proof with or
     without the glaze.
             List Prices F. O. B., Akron, Ohio
        3 compartment tank (14x17 size) - $48.00
        4 compartment tank (14x17 size) - . 57.50
        5 gallon solution tank (14x17 size) - 15.00
     Write for New Bulletin describing our entire X-Ray line

             Works (Since 1865), Akron, Ohio
          New York Office, 52 Church St.

          Schedule of Prices for Reprints of Articles
              Published in RADIOLOGY
                                       100             200       50 0     1000      Add'lIOOO
          4 Pages                  $II·75           $14·5°     $18.00   $25·5°       $16.25
          8   "                     21.45            24.00      32.00    41. 25       26.00
        16    "                     33·75            37.5 0     50.00    68·75        38.75
        20    "                     44.25            50.00      65·5°    91.75        54.50
        24- "                       53·75            60·5°      79.25   II 1.45       63·5°
        Cover Add'l                  6·75             8.00      11.25    16.25        II·75
     Envelopes Printed
        874 XII %                      3.25            4. 25     7.00    11.00         g.oo

          The above prices are for reprints supplied in the page size of
     RADIOLOGY on the same quality of stock. If smaller or larger sizes
     are required, special prices must be obtained. Address

                                  J.   R. BRUCE, Business Manager
                                           2429 University Avenue
     ST. PAUL                                                                     MINNESOTA
                                         RADIOLOGY                                                         XXl

   Simultaneous Cholecystography                                                                               I
    and Test of Hepatic Function                                                                               I
                                         BY USE OF

          ( ~ Phenol-tetraiod-phthalein Sodium)
            ISO-IODEIKON is the isomer of Iodeikon developed in our labora-
       tories in connection with the further investigations of Dr. Graham. Be-
       cause of its property to sufficiently stain the blood serum, functional
       tests of the liver can be carried out simultaneously with cholecystog-
           REDUCTION IN PRICE. Owing to increased production, we
       have been able to materially reduce our selling price.
                     Full particulars and circular sent upon request.

         ST. LOUIS            MONTREAL             PHILADELPHIA                   NEW YORK

                                                   The Post Graduate Hospital
lHI@lfllil~lk~ ~ the Original                          and Medical School
      M(§).llft®cdl Millllk                                        2400 S. Dearborn Street
                                                                     CHICAGO, ILL.
                                                                Announces Practical Instruction
                                                                      in all branches of

                     in X-Ray work                                 X-RAY WORK
                                                                Inc1udin~DEEP THERAPY.
                                                          Treatment of Mali~nancy with X-RAY
                Roentgenologists and techni-                          and RADIUM
                cians in hospitals and labora-                  FOR PHYSICIANS
                tories everywhere have found                         A Special Course In
                Horlick's Malted Milk to be
                the most satisfactory medium          DIAGNOSIS FOR PHYSICIANS
                                                             Also inexpensive short courses in the
                for the suspension of Barium                           fundamentals of
                Salts. It not only holds the       X-Ray and Physiotherapy Technique
                Barium in uniform and com-         given to Physicians' Nurses and Radiologists' Assistants.
                plete suspension, but is palata-
                                                           B. C. Cushway, D.D.S., M.D.
                ble and offers the patient eas-
                ily-digested nourishment.                        New Classes are started on
                                                                 the First of Each Month.
                                                      For full particulars and information on X-ray Courses,
        Our X-Ray booklet free                     other post-graduate courses for Physicians and instruc-
                                                   tion for Laboratory Technicians, write to
Horlick's Malted Milk Corporation                      POST GRADUATE HOSPITAL AND
           Racine, Wisconsin                                 MEDICAL SCHOOL
                                                             2400 S. Dearborn St.
XXIt                                     RADIOLOCY

                                       will give you
                   Correct Intensity and Distribution of Light
       You can now get the maximum diagnostic value of a negative. With a
       Keleket Single Illuminator, both the direct and reflected light of the high
       candle power daylight lamp passes through the opal glass and is diffused,
       giving an intensity that produces the best diagnostic effects.
       It is equipped with a universal bracket for mounting on a wall, desk, or filing-
       cabinet. Being built of steel, it requires a verv limited space and comes fully
       equipped with lamp, switch, extension cord and Qlugs. This is only one of
       the many Keleket X-ray accessories preferred by the leading practitioners of
       the nation.
       Other Keleket accessories are:
       Aerial tubing and fitting-s, books for reference work, Bucky diaphragms,
       cassettes, cathode connectors, chemicals, compression bands, cones, Coolidge
       tubes, dark room equipment and supplies, drying racks, eye localizers, films,
       film filing envelopes, foot switches (with or without light controls), head
       rests, head tables, illuminators and stereoscopes, interval timers, meters, pro-
       tective materials and equipment, plate chests, reels and attachments, relays
       and circuit breakers, safe lights, screens, sphere gaps, tables (radiographic or
       fluoroscopic), tube racks, tube shields-everything for the Roentgenologist.
       Our representative in your territory will be glad to serve you-or write

                                        222 W. Fourth St.
                      COVINGTON, KENTUCKY, U. S. A., "The X-ray City"

                                    X-RAY EQUIPMENT
           Doctors-Our Philadelphia office, No. 2012 Sansom Street, is at your service when
       you visit the Sesqui-Centennial. Use it for the forwarding of mail, etc.
 A BSOLUTE accuracy, greater speed and additional convenience
£l. -these are the advantages offered to the Roentgenologist in
the Magnetic Sphere Gap.
    All the difficulties of measuring exact potential eliminated. A
mechanism is so arranged that an indicator is magnetically locked
to show the exact potential at which a spare-over first occurs.
This eliminates all the difficulties previously experienced in
measuring accurately high voltages.

                The method of operating the Magnetic Sphere
                Gap can be easily demonstrated. At yoltr re-
                quest, a representatice icill call at your office
                with a Sphere Gap and the facilities to hook
                it up and demonstrate it in connection with
                your own machine. This demonstration entails
                         no obligation on'your part.


                 JAMES PICKER, INC.
                 686   LEXINGTON AVENUE         .      NEW YORK

                739 Boylston St.~                   2.5)Alexander St.
                 Boston, Mass. ~                     Rochester, N.Y.
  Today the general practitioner is fortunate
  in being able to calion colleagues who are
  specialists in those newer branches ofmodern
  scientific medicine so important in combat-
  ing diseases.
     The roentgenologist-with his highly
  specialized training can be of the greatest
  service to the general practitioner.
    The public needs the general practitioner.
    The general practitioner needs you.

                   Eastman Kodak Company
Medical Division                           Rochester, N. Y.

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