CCR Meeting by pengxiang


									                                              CCR Meeting


Lisa Fellenz-Family Support Center
Geri Segal-Family Support Center
Julie Seaton-Family Support Center
Debbie Short-Department of Corrections
Jeff Buckwheat-Department of Corrections
Rick Carr-Bloomer Police Department
Wade Newell –DA Office
Tom LaMartina-LaMartina Counseling
Theresa Gregory-Victim Witness


-Members discussed the Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Bench Guide. The group would like the
information shared with the Chippewa County Judges. Geri and Tom will try to set up a meeting with
the judges.

-No contact orders and the process of obtaining a lift no contact.

-This history of the CCR was discussed. Members would like to send out post cards to community
professionals as a reminder about what the CCR’s mission is. The group would also like to see
information about the web site and an invitation to join the group included on the post card.

Next CCR Meeting

The next CCR Meeting is planned for September 15th 2010. At that meeting the goals and mission of the
CCR will be discussed.

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