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									                                      Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario
                                                        o/a InformOntario

Meeting Title       InformOntario Board of Directors - MEETING                                        Time       9:35 am

Date                Jan 22, 2008                                                                      Place      Teleconference

                                                  NOTE: Dial in number is 1-866-542-9023         Access Code: 8022751

Board Members: Pam Hillier (chair), John Allec, Trudy Beaulne, Christine Berry, Christine Geoffrion, Cathy Gowland, Marie Klassen, Laura McDonald, Suzanne Robinson,
Jennifer Tanner

Present: Pam Hillier (chair), Trudy Beaulne, Christine Berry, Cathy Gowland, Marie Klassen, Suzanne Robinson, Jennifer Tanner; Guest: Barbara McLachlan (recorder)

Regrets: John Allec, Christine Geoffrion, Laura McDonald

        AGENDA ITEMS                  Action                                     Discussion                                             Motion | Action Item

1      Agenda                      Approved        - no changes to agenda                                                Motion: That the agenda be accepted as
                                                                                                                        ;Christine Berry | Jennifer Tanner | Carried

2      Minutes:                    Approved        - no changes, etc                                                     Motion: That the Dec 7, 2007 Board minutes be
       - Minutes of Dec 7, 2007                                                                                         approved as presented.
                                                                                                                        Jennifer Tanner | Christine Berry | Carried
3.     Business Arising                            a) Meeting set for Jan 29 at FIS
       a) CCAC/IO Joint Meeting                    - discussed reps for IO and partners
                                                   - agenda to focus on strategies for provincial partnerships, how 2
                                                   groups can promote local collaborations to remove duplication

       b) Trudy’s access to
       Google Groups                               b) Trudy still experiencing access problems with Google Groups       b)  Action: Barb/Trudy to work on Google Groups

                                  Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario
                                                    o/a InformOntario

     AGENDA ITEMS                Action                              Discussion                                                 Motion | Action Item

4   Finance:                  Report      - ICF has formalized bookkeeping contract with Niagara               Motion: That IO enter into sub-contract with ICF
    a) Bookkeeping Services               Pennisula Accounting Services; IO will be sub-contract for          for bookkeeping services for Niagara Pennisula

        - Cathy Gowland                   approx $800 per year, plus outstanding 2007 fees of approx          Accounting Services, with an annual fee of approx
                                          $800.                                                               $800 a year, plus payment of outstanding 2007 fees
                                                                                                              of approx $800.
                                                                                                              Cathy Gowland | Trudy Beaulne| Carried

    b) Finance Report         Deferred    - no statement available

    c) 2008 Draft Budget      Deferred    - no info; deferred                                                  Action: Add to Feb agenda

    d) Signing Authority      Approval    - Current expense procedures and signing authority protocols         Motion: That IO Expense Procedures be accepted
                                          presented                                                           as presented, including the Signing Authority
                                          - Document posted on Google Groups                                  protocols for 2008.
                                                                                                              Cathy Gowland | Suzanne Robinson| Carried

5   Membership &              Report      - Marie and Trudy have worked on updating document                   Action: Obtain legal review of document before
    Administration:                       - Only cosmetic changes were required                               approval/dissemination to members.
    a) Bylaw - Marie                      - Document should be reviewed by legal counsel                       Action: Add to Feb agenda

                                          - Needs to be completed by end of March to allow 30-day review
                                          before AGM in May

    b) Current                Report      - draft documents posted on Google Groups                            Action: Barb to complete admin procedures
    Procedures - Barb

6   Committee Reports:        Update      a) Style Guide – progressing, but many factors impacting on final    Action: Barb to obtain Style Guide template for
    a) Standards &                        document, including French materials, appendix, changes for         posting on IO site and on IO Bulletin Board
    Accreditation                         CIOC, etc                                                            Action: Christine, Pam, Suzanne, Trudy to meet
    - Christine Berry                     b) Cmte would like to start work on accreditation; establish        on Jan 29 to begin outline for new task group
                                          deliverables, framework and terms of reference                       Action: Christine to distribute current document to

                                    Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario
                                                      o/a InformOntario

      AGENDA ITEMS                 Action                                Discussion                                                 Motion | Action Item

    b) Strategic Planning       Update        - Trudy and Laura continuing their cmte work
    - Trudy Beaulne

    a)   2008 Symposium         Update        - Cathy confirmed symposium at Durham College for May 12-13          Action: Cathy to prepare Memorandum of
                                                                                    th                            Understanding between InformDurham and IO and
    - Cathy Gowland                           - possible IO bd meeting on Sun, 11
                                              - cost between $180-$220 pp includes accommodations                 CIOC for 2008 symposium

                                              - InformDurham to do local coordination

7   Affiliate Reports:          Updates       a)   No report                                                      a)  Action: Pam to follow-up with Rosanna Thoms
    a)                        b)   No report                                                      on additional changes to membership MOU

    b)   Nat’l Implementation                 c) CCIRC at Ambassador Hotel, Kingston, Sept 28-Oct (including      c)  Action: add MOU to Feb agenda

    c)   CCIRC                                pre-convention events); investigating possible funding

    - Suzanne Robinson                        application

    d) ICF/IO                                 d) ICF to look at suggestions for ICF/IO membership form
                                              - additional changes to ICF/IO MOU discussed

8   New Business:               Discussion    - Suzanne looking for copy of IO logo and any policies related to    Action: Barb to send copy to board
    a) Use of IO logo                         its use                                                              Action: Barb to do research on logo usage

9   Next Meeting                Information   Tue, Feb 26, 2008 – 9-10:30 am                                       Action: Barb to send notices

9   Adjournment                 Approval                                                                           Motion: To adjourn. Suzanne Robinson | Christine
                                                                                                                  Berry | Carried


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