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  l Sign Rules Explained                         Melbourne                                                                      Community

    to Business Owners                                                                                                          from the
  l Meet the CAB Members                                                                                                        City of
  l City Employees Saluted                                                                                                      Melbourne
                                                               November 2011

Dramatic improvement is seen in Melbourne’s ‘ISO’ fire response rating
    The City of Melbourne has been rated
among the best in the country in the suppres-       Melbourne’s Fire Department
sion of structure fires, an accomplishment          operates from eight stations that
that is expected to reduce overall insurance        are distributed to allow quick
costs for homes and businesses in the city.         responses to fire and rescue
    After a detailed survey, an independent         incidents anywhere in the City.
company has assigned Melbourne with an
‘ISO’ insurance rating of 2, to be effective        In 2010, MFD responded to 227
on the first day of 2012. Melbourne previ-          fire incidents. Property loss was
ously had a rating of 4 on a scale that goes        just over $1-million.
to 10, with 1 being the best.                       The value of property placed in
    The ISO ratings, prepared by the New            jeopardy by the incidents in 2010
Jersey-based Insurance Services Office,             was estimated at $154-million.
Inc., are used nationwide by insurance
companies in determining rates. They are
issued with a lengthy ‘Public Protection         that have earned the 2 rating. Some 46,589          insurance rates should be substantial, although
Classification Summary Report.’                  communities have a lower rating, and only           more likely to be noticed by businesses.
    Fire Chief Paul Forsberg said the im-        61 communities with fire departments have               “Insurance rates are determined by the
provement reflects work by his department        a rating of 1.                                      various companies, taking into account fac-
as well as others with responsibilities rang-        In Florida, 33 communities have a rat-          tors including the ISO ratings,” Forsberg said.
ing from maintenance of fire hydrants to         ing of 2, while nine have a rating of 1. An-            “In our community, there may be a
enforcement of fire safety codes and the         other 683 communities have a rating of 3 or         substantial overall savings. For individual
dispatching of emergency vehicles. The           higher, indicating a lower level of service.        businesses and homeowners, whatever rate
City was last rated 12 years ago.                    The ISO rating for Melbourne takes              reductions become available may be mod-
    “We have to continue what we are doing       into account factors that include the loca-         est. Obviously, in the current economy, any
and make additional improvements in order        tions of eight fire stations, the level of staff-   savings on insurance will be welcome.”
to maintain that rating and our level of pro-    ing and equipment, availability of water,               Insurance Services Office, Inc., conducts
tection for the community,” Forsberg said.       and the emergency notification options.             surveys when it appears a community’s rating
    The rating puts Melbourne in a cat-              Forsberg said the way in which Mel-             may have changed. Melbourne’s next rating
egory with 592 departments nationwide            bourne’s readiness to suppress fires impacts        survey will likely come in five years or less.

Chief Steve Mimbs is selected to continue leading the Police Department
    The selection of Steve Mimbs to con-             The selection came after a national             direction and a calming influence.
tinue to serve as chief of police for the City   awareness campaign resulted in 79 applica-              “He has described his vision of decreas-
of Melbourne has been announced by City                               tions. The recruitment         ing crime and improving customer service
Manager Jack Schluckebier. Mimbs began                                process included two           by using diverse means of continued im-
serving as chief following the health-relat-                          separate sets of inter-        provement for the department.”
ed departure of former chief Don Carey in                             views and background               Chief Mimbs credited officers and em-
March 2010.                                                           checks for finalists. In       ployees of his department for recent suc-
    Mimbs, 50, joined the department in                               addition to Mimbs, fi-         cesses in reducing crime. “The members
1980 and has earned promotions through                                nalists were Lee Spec-         of the department have pulled together
the ranks to the command staff. He was                                tor, who retired from          and have continually focused on reducing
promoted to the rank of commander in             the Ft. Lauderdale police department as a           crimes and improving the quality of life
2001 and began eight years of service as a       captain, and Robert Boone, currently po-            for our citizens,” Mimbs said. “The Mel-
deputy chief in 2004.                            lice chief for Rio Rancho, New Mexico.              bourne Police Department is an excellent
    Mimbs is a graduate of the FBI Na-               The City Manager commended Mimbs                law enforcement agency, and it is an honor
tional Academy and completed Florida             for his leadership and stabilizing influence        for me to be selected to lead an organiza-
Department of Law Enforcement senior             on the department.                                  tion with such dedicated employees.”
leadership training. He has earned several           “Chief Mimbs has risen to the occasion              The police department has 239 employ-
commendations as a police officer. He            and aptly demonstrated his capabilities.            ees, 168 of them sworn officers. The City's
holds bachelor's and master’s degrees from       He took leadership of a department that             police department operates on a $23.6-mil-
Barry University.                                was experiencing internal strife, providing         lion budget.
Awareness effort is focusing on adjustments to business sign rules
    When restrictions on business signs            listened to business people during the pro-
were relaxed two years ago, it was recog-          cess,” said Dan Porsi, the City’s Code En-
nized that getting the word out to all inter-      forcement Administrator.
ested parties would take time.                         The process of rewriting the sign guide-
    As part of that continuing effort, the         lines took two years to complete. It was an
City is now distributing a condensed ver-          effort required in part to ensure that the
sion of the rules.                                 community rules focus on types, numbers,
    “The new ordinance allows a lot more           and locations of signs while avoiding any
flexibility, and it reflects the fact that we      regulation of the actual messages that are
                                                   displayed. Court actions have emphasized
  Roadside Sign Removal Is Ongoing                 the need for that distinction.
       Most holidays and weekends bring a              “The changes in the code allow for a
  harvest of illegal, roadside signs that Code     business to put more signs on a building,             Code Compliance Inspector Terry Oliver dis-
  Enforcement Administrator Dan Porsi says         and also allow more ground signs for larg-            cusses opportunities for sign displays with
  must be removed from roadway rights-of-          er properties,” Porsi said. “A business can           Paul Altier, an owner of the Giftique store in
  way in order to ensure safe visibility for mo-   also have a mural, above and beyond the               Historic Downtown Melbourne.
  torists and pedestrians. The signs can also      signs that are allowed.”                            signs to murals and flags.
  end up where they block storm drains.                Although restrictions included in the               “Our code officers are providing the
       "We usually pick up more than 100 il-
  legal signs on holiday weekends," Porsi
                                                   sign rules reflect community concerns about         summary information as a way of helping
  said. "People who are placing these signs        public safety and the aesthetics, Porsi said        businesses understand the opportunities
  along the roads seem to think that we are        provisions also acknowledge the importance          that are available.”
  not working on holidays and weekends."           of signs to the success of businesses.                  The summary sheet that explains sign,
       Porsi would prefer to have those with           “The City encourages businesses to use          mural, and flag rules is available online at
  small signs follow the rules that are spelled    every advertising means available, from   
  out in Melbourne's city code. Signs are not
  permitted on any public tree, pole, or post.                                                       COMMUNITY SUCCESS in developing the First
  They are prohibited from all public rights-                                                        Annual Founders’ Day Fish Fry in the Eau Gallie
  of-way, roadway medians, and landscaped                                                            Arts District has been saluted by the Florida Sec-
  or grassed areas.                                                                                  retary of State’s Office. Pictured at center is Phillip
       "We make every effort to let people
                                                                                                     Wisley, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer,
  know that signs cannot go alongside the
                                                                                                     presenting an award at the annual Florida Main
  roads, because that costs them money that
                                                                                                     Street Conference. Accepting were (pictured from
  they could apply elsewhere to benefit their
  activity or business." Confiscated signs are                                                       left) Rick Dillen, Valerie Karas, Link Johnsten, and
  held for three days before disposal.                                                               Nancy Dillen. Johnsten originated the idea of an
                                                                                                     event reminiscent of celebrations from earlier days.

Contacting the City Council                        Reserve officers benefit MPD and community
l Mayor Harry Goode, 608-7220;                         The recent retirement of Melanie Flynn           tification as a police officer with arrest powers.                   from the Melbourne Police Department was                  Some instead choose the option of train-
l Mike Nowlin, District 1, 254-1886;               not unusual in that she was completing lengthy       ing as an auxiliary officer and will have arrest                   service to the community. On hand to com-            powers only when accompanied by a certified
l Mark LaRusso, District 2, 779-8505;              mend her service were City Manager Jack              officer. After the academy work is completed,                            Schluckebier and Chief Steve Mimbs.                  the Melbourne Police Department provides
l Vice Mayor Kathy Meehan, District 3,                 What was different is that Flynn’s 20 years      additional training, along with equipment.
   984-7588;         as a police officer was all volunteer service.            Mercaldo noted that some reserve officers
l John Thomas, District 4, 608-7220;               (Flynn is pictured as she was congratulated by       are police retirees. Others use the program as
                                                   Chief Mimbs.)                                                               a way to determine if they
                                                       Lt. Pete Mercaldo ex-                                                   want to seek a law enforce-
l Molly Tasker, District 5, 259-1719;
                                                   plains that Flynn, like other                                               ment career.                   members of the department’s                                                     “For people who have
l Greg Jones, District 6, 242-3444;                reserve officer program, com-                                               already completed the po-                 pleted rigorous training before                                             lice academy, serving as
E-mail received by the City of Melbourne           beginning her lengthy service.                                              a reserve officer can be a
is considered to be public record.                 Reserve officers contribute at                                              stepping stone toward full-
                                                   least 20 hours of their time each month.             time police work,” he explained.
The MELBOURNE MESSENGER                                “The reserve officers have an opportunity              At present, Melbourne’s program has nine
 Published by the City of Melbourne, Florida.      to experience the work of police officers and        reserve officers. Mercaldo expects the number
 Jack M. Schluckebier, City Manager                help their community,” said Mercaldo, who            to increase. “We will continue to develop the
 Mike Moore, Editor (321) 608-7260                 oversees the program. “They have the same            program to utilize these officers in a way that
 Write to City Hall at 900 E. Strawbridge Ave.,    responsibilities as a full-time officer.”            benefits them and the community.
 Melbourne, FL 32901.                                  Reserve officers must complete police                 “The availability of the reserve officers
 Email:              academy training at their own expense. Most          definitely gives the department greater flex-
 Web Site:                undergo extensive training that results in cer-      ibility in fulfilling our mission.”
                                                                                                     VOLUNTEER MEMBERS of the Citizens Advi-
                                                                                                     sory Board include, pictured on the front row from
                                                                                                     left, Eva Mills, Chairman E. Rhodie Humbert, Vice
                                                                                                     Chairman Yvonne Minus, and Michele Trotter. Pic-
                                                                                                     tured on the back row from left, Michael Montgom-
                                                                                                     ery, Sallyanne Cos, Eric Ellebracht, Carol Bush,
                                                                                                     and Dale Haynes.
                                                                                                          The committee serves as the formal means
                                                                                                     through which active citizen participation is provided
                                                                                                     to aid in the planning, oversight, and evaluation of
                                                                                                     federal- and state-funded housing and community
                                                                                                     development programs for the benefit of low- and
                                                                                                     moderate-income persons and neighborhoods.

Landscaping to protect the environment is encouraged
                                                                                                            ADJUSTMENTS TO AN ONLINE MAP that
    A City division that initiates educational       in creating landscaping plans that include the         shows locations of businesses in Melbourne
programs about water conservation and en-            most appropriate trees and plants.                     are being completed. Business owners are
vironmental topics is assisting homeowners               Also speaking at the workshops was                 encouraged to view the online map at www.
who would like to have their yards certified         Kathy Hill, educational coordinator with St. 
as ‘Florida Friendly.’                               Johns River Water Management District’s                and then forward any corrections via e-mail
    As part of the effort, workshops were            Indian River Lagoon program.                           to Re-
                                                                                                            quests for changes can also be directed to
held recently to provide information on the              Wilster explained that lawn maintenance            1-866-321-4044 or 1-866-578-0884.
certification process.                               techniques are being recommended to help
      “These workshops have been a great             homeowners save time, money, and labor on
way to get information out to our residents          their yards. Steps can be taken that also pro-         Improvement Projects
about how they can have beautiful yards,             tect the water quality of the lagoon, which          Projects Under Construction
using Florida-friendly plants and appropriate        is degraded by pollutants carried into the           q Babcock police facility air-conditioning
fertilizer and pest control methods, all while       waterway with stormwater runoff.                       system, 701 Babcock St., $299,855.
helping to reduce stormwater runoff that can             Additional information is available from         q Fire Station 71 replacement, $1.25-million.
harm our beautiful Indian River Lagoon,”             Wilster at 321-953-6302 and from Scalera at          q Grant St. Water Reclamation Facility reuse
                                                                                                            improvements, Phase I, $5.2-million.
said Jennifer Wilster, Melbourne’s Envi-             321-633-1702. Online information about the
                                                                                                          q Hibiscus Blvd. / Airport Blvd. traffic signal
ronmental Community Outreach Manager.                lawn certification program is available at http://     mast arm project, $236,625.
    Among the speakers was Sally Scalera,          q LED lighting replacements in five park
horticulture agent and master gardener                                                                      areas, the auditorium parking area, and
                                                         Additional Online Resources
coordinator for the University of Florida                                                                   Babcock Street retention pond area,
Brevard County Extension Office (IFAS).                                    $98,112.
                                                                     q Pressure sustaining valves on master
The certification program is operated by the               http://www.                    water meters serving West Melbourne,
extension office. Scalera assists homeowners                                                                $213,000.

 Development Projects in the City of Melbourne                                                            q R.O. water production plant byproduct
                                                                                                            concentrate main relocation, $1.1-million.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION:                                  n Prestige AB Ready Mix, 2585 Avocado                q Sewer force main replacement in the vicin-
n Aircraft Tubular Components (ATC) building           Ave., commercial facilities.                         ity of Stewart Road, $1.6-million.
  and parking lot expansion, 3939 Dow Rd.            n Pritchett’s Metal Packaging Center, 863            q Strawbridge Avenue medians, $353,113.
n Baer Air, hanger modification, office build-         Washburn Rd.                                       Under Design or Ready to Bid
  ing, 160 S. Apollo Blvd.                           n Racetrac Petroleum, site modifications,            q Babcock Street Phase 3 improvements,
n Chung’s Commercial Center, 3900 Dairy                4641 Eau Gallie Blvd.                                Apollo Blvd. to Alma Drive.
  Rd., retail.                                       n Ryanwood Condominiums, west side of                q Babcock Street widening by FDOT, Mel-
n Crossings at Bay Meadows, Grand                      U.S .1, south of Post Rd.                            bourne Ave. to Fee Ave.
  Meadows Blvd./Wickham Rd., multi-family            n Salvation Army building expansion, parking         q Mast arm traffic signal installation, inter-
  residential.                                         modifications, 1080 S. Hickory St.                   section improvements at University Blvd.
n Discover Life Church, 3550 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.     n 702 Downtown, building renovation for retail         and Lipscomb St.
n Dry cleaning building addition, 1900 S.              space, parking lot, 702 E. New Haven Ave.          q Shenandoah outfall drainage basin im-
  Babcock St.                                        n Signature Self Storage, 3137 Sarno Rd.,              provement, Phase 1.
n Eau Gallie Office Complex, 2010, 2020,               mini-storage.                                      q Spain outfall drainage basin improvement,
  2030 W. Eau Gallie Blvd, office buildings.         n Sonata at Melbourne, 3260 N. Harbor City             Phase 2.
n Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc., area 2,              Blvd., adult congregate living facility.           q Trimble Road area water service line
  aircraft manufacturing and administrative          n Stack Crossings, 1505 Palm Bay Rd., retail/          installations.
  sales office, 1055 General Aviation Drive.           mini-storage building.                             q University Blvd. stormwater pipe replace-
n Florida Tech Commons, offices and class-           n Turtlemound Pointe commercial subdivi-               ment, at Grant St.
  rooms, 3001 S. Babcock St.                           sion, 3897 Eau Gallie Blvd.                        q West Eau Gallie drainage basin project
n Flowers Food Distribution facility, 4305 Dow Rd.   APPROVED FOR CONSTRUCTION:                             (Kingsmill area).
n Dr. Kumar Medical Center, 1616 S. Apollo           n Aloha Melbourne Airport hangar, 2008               q S. Wickham Rd. widening by Brevard
  Blvd.                                                General Aviation Dr.                                 County, NASA Blvd. to U.S. 192, and 30-
n Lansing Square, 2255 N. Wickham Rd.,               n Harbor Pines Crisis Stabilization Unit park-         inch waterline relocation.
  retail, mini-storage.                                ing addition, 880 Airport Blvd..
                                                                                                             For more information contact Tami Gillen,
n Palmwood Subdivision Phase 2, end of               For information contact the City of Melbourne
                                                                                                             P.E., Assistant City Engineer, 953-6313.
  Elena Way, 29 single-family lots.                  Engineering Department at 953-6361.
City employees are commended for their service to the community
    Seven employees are to be honored with       ing “outstanding support” to employees in        selected for his current post in 2005.
the City Manager’s ‘Service is Our Business’     many divisions. A nomination notes Fallon’s          His nomination cites training and
Award, an annual salute to those who make a      accomplishments as manager of the City’s         multiple certifications,
special effort to serve the public and improve   United Way campaign. “Sue’s positive atti-       explaining that “he re-
municipal operations.                            tude toward her job and her compassion for       searches and trouble-
    Each was nominated by fellow employ-         people are inspiring to all who know her.”       shoots problems to come
ees and then selected by City department                                                          up with the best solu-
directors. They are to receive the awards             Dave Lindsay has since 1997 served in       tions.”
during a ceremony in December.                   the Facilities Maintenance Division, with            The nomination cites
    City Manager Jack Schluckebier said          assignments as a repair                          Manchester’s “willing-
the honored employees exemplify the City’s       worker and painter be-                           ness to help out and give support at all
‘Service is Our Business’ slogan.                fore promotion to Acting                         hours of night and even on his days off,”
    “The award indicates that each of these      Facilities Maintenance                           and explains that he is a “reason for our
individuals makes every effort to serve the      Supervisor in 2010. His                          department’s great success.”
public and to also help their co-workers in      nominations point out that
maintaining a high level of municipal service    he left the supervisor’s                             Terry Sprinkle has in ten years with the
for Melbourne community.”                        post temporarily to serve                        City advanced from his initial assignment as
                                                 as acting superintendent responsible for all     a computer technician to his current service
    Richard Berry is a Code Compliance           division operations.                             as an Application Support Analyst, develop-
Inspector who was nominated by a half-                Commended for a positive attitude and       ing knowledge that is credited with helping
dozen other employees who commended his          a ‘can do’ approach to his work, Lindsay         ensure availability of emergency services.
                   expertise and applauded       is described as “demonstrating the City’s            “He has gone above and beyond what is
                   his work. “His knowl-         ‘Service Is Our Business’ motto toward all       necessary to ensure that
                   edge and skills in both the   of his job duties and in handling requests       the critical nature of the
                   electrical and mechanical     from citizens as well as from co-workers.”       ‘24/7’ police department
                   trades has allowed him to     Accompanying his nomination is a lengthy         operations remain con-
                   be extremely helpful to       list of commendations and a record of exten-     stant and uninterrupted
                   our citizens and contrac-     sive training that he has completed.             to the citizens of Mel-
                   tors, saving them both                                                         bourne,” his nomination
time and money,” one nomination reports. A           Lynn Maffie is described as “a perfect       notes.
second nomination points to the wide variety     illustration of customer service in its high-        He is also saluted for his key role in
of inspections that he is asked to perform,      est form” by her nomination, which goes on       automating vehicle accident reports and
noting his “rare gift” in clearly explaining                        to explain that she may       implementing computer tools used by the
safety requirements.                                                handle 1,000 calls during     police command staff. He recently received
    Berry began work for the City in 2004 as                        a month of service in the     a master’s degree in business and organiza-
a water production electrician, later joining                       City’s Utility Billing and    tional security from Webster University, his
the Code Compliance Division. He holds                              Collections Division. She     second advanced degree.
multiple state licenses as an inspector and                         started work in that divi-
plans examiner, and represents Melbourne                            sion, which handles pay-          Cheryl Trainer joined the Melbourne
on a Central Florida professional code com-                         ments for utility services,   Police Department in 1996, and has served
mittee.                                          in 1996. Since then, she has been promoted       as a sergeant since 2005. Award nominations
                                                 three times and now serves as a Chief Ac-        provide lengthy descriptions of her accom-
    Sue Fallon serves as Principal Secre-        counts Clerk.                                    plishments, especially in the development of
tary for the Financial Services Department,          During her service, Maffie has been a        training programs for fellow officers.
handling multiple responsibilities in an ef-     leader in the implementation of changes              “What the citizens of Melbourne don’t
fective way that prompted                        that included conversion to a new computer                          see is the dedication and
several co-workers to                            system.                                                             excellence that goes into
nominate her.                                        “No matter what is presented new in her                         making our officers some
    “Sue gives everything                        division, she has successfully tackled and                          of the finest in the law en-
a high level of atten-                           mastered it,” her nomination reports. Her                           forcement community,” a
tion, whatever the task,”                        efforts have included volunteering to assist                        nomination explains.
a nomination explains.                           during hurricanes.                                                      Sgt. Trainer’s service
“Finance relies on her                                                                                               as a supervisor is saluted
excellent judgment and initiative because            Darrell Manchester, the City’s Lift          in the nominations, as are other responsibili-
she always goes above and beyond what is         Station Maintenance Supervisor, was              ties including service on the stress manage-
asked of her.”                                   nominated as a problem solver who “is very       ment team and peer support group.
    Fallon began City service in 2003 as a       prompt and courteous to any customers with           “Sgt. Trainer has shown she is willing to
clerical assistant, earning promotions that      concerns or complaints.” He joined the City      help her co-workers and fellow emergency
included her selection as Principal Secretary    as a maintenance worker in 1990, advancing       responders in the time of need by tasking
in 2007. She is commended for handling jobs      through promotions to serve as an environ-       herself with the additional workload,” one
outside her normal responsibilities, offer-      mental compliance technician before being        nomination says.

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