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                                              WELCOME TO THE SPA OF THE BRENNERS PARK- HOTEL & SPA

Dear Guests,

Step into the spa oasis at the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden and escape to a world of peace and relaxation. Dis-
cover our unique range of first class massage rituals, premium face and body treatments, and our medical therapies – all perfor-
med to perfection by our team of top class professionals. Fitness and nutrition experts are on hand to offer advice during your
daily training, to compile individual training and nutrition programmes, and will gladly accompany you by your activities in
the wonderful surrounding Baden-Baden countryside.

We wish you a memorable stay and look forward to welcoming you to our spa and to advising you on your own personal spa

                                                                   Best wishes,

                                                              Hans-Peter Veit & Team
                                                                  Spa Manager
                                                                                                                   OUR PRODUCTS

Our spa treatments are carried out with a wide selection of quality products from around the world. The products are as varied
as the skin types of our guests and as diverse as the philosophies and application theories of these product partners. Our à la
carte treatments for face and body care are offered using international top product lines from Sensai (Japan), Sisley (France),
SkinCeuticals (USA), NIANCE® (Switzerland) and the private label "Brenners Park-Hotel - Spirit of Jaipur". Our spa specialists
will provide you with comprehensive information on the workings and emphases of the treatments of our cosmetics partners,
explain the contents of our programmes and offer you complimentary advice on topics such as sunscreens and skincare.

We will gladly help you choose the perfect treatment, devise a daily or weekly programme and will advise you individually and
competently at our Spa Reception or privately in the comfort of your hotel room.

Our spa experts can be reached daily between the hours of 9am and 7pm by dialling extension #500.

                       External beauty is a reflection of inner harmony. Any internal
                       disorder will make itself noticeable in your outer appearance.
                       Likewise, external factors can influence your emotions and your

                       Traditions from the Far East are harmoniously united with in-
                       novative, western technologies. The use of exclusive skincare
                       products in combination with unique massage techniques re-
                       sults in a comprehensive programme that pampers the body,
                       refreshes the soul and has an energising effect on the skin. In
                       this way, the skin is helped to display its true, natural beauty.
                                                                    PRODUCT LINE: SISLEY – PHYTOCOSMETICS

Sisley offers a complete line of cosmetics consisting of highly
effective care products for face and body, wonderful make-up
products and enchanting perfumes – all based on formulas that
use natural plant extracts and essential oils. The Sisley founder
Hubert d'Ornano recognised at an early stage that the plant
world presented him with a broad field of research and one
which mankind is, to a certain extent, dependent upon.

As a true pioneer his laboratory specialised on phyto-cosmetolo-
gy, deciding to select only the finest plant extracts in order to
create the best cosmetic products.

The latest innovation from the House of Sisley, the Phyto-
Aromatique treatment, offers the perfect combination of
relaxation rituals and top quality skincare.

                                                SkinCeuticals was developed in 1997 by a team of renowned
                                                American dermatologists and scientists and has changed the
                                                skincare industry with their significant technological develop-
                                                ments. In the USA the brand created the cosmeceutical market:
                                                high-tech care that borders between cosmetics and pharmaceuti-
                                                cal research.

                                                A SkinCeuticals research team paved the way for new antioxi-
                                                dant technology by developing the original formula for a stable,
                                                topical (externally applied) Vitamin C Serum. Antioxidants are
                                                perceived as decisive active ingredients that combat environ-
                                                mental skin aging and restore the skin’s youthful looks.

                                                The SkinCeuticals skincare philosophy, in its fight against skin
                                                aging, is based on three principles:

                                                • Prevention of premature skin aging
                                                • Correction of the visible signs of skin aging
                                                • Protection of healthy skin from damaging UV-radiation
                                                           PRODUCT LINE: NIANCE® – SWISS MOUNTAIN COSMETICS

NIANCE®, being a genuine Swiss premium brand, offers presti-
gious top quality products that combine exceptional levels of
anti-aging for the skin with pure luxury for the senses.
NIANCE® integrates the natural energy of the Swiss Alps with
the latest breakthroughs in Swiss skin research. Due to the cell
renewal effect of NIANCE®, the skin will regain its former intri-
guing freshness, smoothness and radiant shine that you will feel
and others will notice!

With NIANCE® you will experience the latest in Swiss skin rese-
• simultaneous anti-aging in all skin layers
• immediate tightening & long-term effects
• exceptional levels of tolerance
Specially developed relaxation and massage techniques combine
with this incomparable cosmetics range to make the NIANCE®
luxury treatments a dreamlike experience.

          CLASSIC SISLEY FACIAL                                               retention makes having a sallow or tired complexion a thing of
          Cleansing, peeling, Vapozon steaming, deep cleansing, face mas-     the past. The area around the eyes also takes on a bright and
          sage or lymph drainage, mask and final care.                        alert look.
          55 MINUTES                                   €     150,-            55 MINUTES                                   €    150,-
          80 MINUTES                                   €     200,-            80 MINUTES                                   €    200,-

          SPECIAL SKINCEUTICAL FACIAL                                         NIANCE® DELUXE
          Highly concentrated treatment to protect the skin from damaging     INCL. PREMIUM-GLACIER-EYE-DELUXE
          UV-rays and to prevent and correct light-induced skin aging.        The luxury treatment smoothes lines and wrinkles and tightens
                                                                              the facial contour. Gives you a youthful and rosy complexion.
          Optionally with Vapozon steaming or deep cleansing.                 Supplies the skin with essential micronutrients to accelerate the
          55 MINUTES                      €150,-                              natural repair functions. In addition, the eye receives pampering
                                                                              treatment for a radiant and lively look.
                                                                              55 MINUTES                                   €     150,-
                                                                              80 MINUTES                                   €     200,-
          The luxury treatment for men. Firms, strengthens and smoothes
          the skin. Calms stressed skin for a healthy appearance. Intensive
          feeding of skin cells with micronutrients plus increased moisture
VAPOZON STEAMING AND DEEP CLEANSING                                 This exclusive facial treatment includes all elements from
Customized high-tech active agents based on natural plant           the Luxury Face Treatment. It is carried out with the
extracts and essential essences, integrated into an intensive       Sensai Premier Luxury series and also extended with
relaxation ritual, will pamper your skin and enhance                the Inritsu/intensive eye treatment.
your well-being.                                                    80 MINUTES                                   €     230,-
55 MINUTES                                    €      180,-
80 MINUTES                                    €      230,-          SENSAI LUXURY FACE TREATMENT
                                                                    This treatment comprises of a combination of light, stroking
KINSEN FACIAL RITUAL SENSAI                                         movements and acupressure holds in order to improve lymph
This special Sensai facial treatment combines western and eastern   flow and circulation. Following an individual skincare mask you
massage techniques integrated into an intensive skincare ritual.    will be treated to a relaxing powder massage which calms and
Due to the stress-relieving and muscle-relaxing actions you will    enhances well-being.
sense a sustained treatment effect.                                 Our beautician will gladly recommend the skincare products
55 MINUTES                                    €      180,-          that best suit your needs.
                                                                    80 MINUTES                                   €     200,-

                  means finger pressure massage and is a holistic body and energy
                  application. By means of pressure, stretching and rotating tech-
                  niques the energy blockages and stresses in the body are released
                  and the self-healing powers activated.
                  The Shiatsu massage takes place on a mat or a massage chair in
                  comfortable clothing.
                  55 MINUTES                                   €     170,-

                  THAI MASSAGE
                  is a complex energetic treatment. By means of a unique tech-
                  nique, the body is bent, stretched, kneaded and energetically re-
                  vitalised. The body becomes more supple, tensions are released and
                  the energy flow activated.
                  The Thai massage normally takes place on a mat
                  in comfortable clothing.
                  55 MINUTES                                   €     170,-
                  80 MINUTES                                   €     250,-
ABHYANGA                                                             LOMI-LOMI MASSAGE
A traditional Ayurvedic total body massage with natural oils. Due    Lomi-Lomi basically means massage and characterises an ancient
to the combination of long, rhythmical strokes and the stimulation   Hawaiian massage technique. The harmonic change between
of the energy points, the energy flow is stimulated and renewed.     soft and hard grips makes this treatment the “king of massages”
55 MINUTES                                   €     170,-             (male therapist).
80 MINUTES                                   €     250,-             55 MINUTES                                 €     170,-

SYNCHRON-ABHYANGA                                                    LUXURY BODY MASSAGE SENSAI
The Abhyanga treatment is also available as a synchronised           This special body massage combines classic massage elements
massage with two therapists.                                         with Shiatsu techniques. Due to the combination of stroking,
55 MINUTES                                   €     250,-             kneading and pressing hand movements lymph flow and circula-
                                                                     tion are improved.
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                                  Our beautician will gladly recommend the skincare products
                                                                     from the following list that best suit your needs.
A reflective deep relaxation therapy, perfectly performed by
our medical massage specialists.                                     Kumikyoku / Moisturising, Senritsu / Firming,
                                                                     Shinon / Slimming
55 MINUTES                                   €     130,-
                                                                     55 MINUTES                                 €     150,-

      MASSAGE MENU                                                        AROMAOIL MASSAGE
      This unique treatment combines highly effective massage styles      The aromas will gently caress your senses triggering a healing
      and techniques in order to vitalise and relax the body from head    effect on your mind, body and soul.
      to toe. The warm Makadamia nut oil used provides for extra          Top quality aesthetic oils of your choice are then gently massaged
      well-being.                                                         into the skin. This total body massage can have either a relaxing
      55 MINUTES                                   €     150,-            or stimulating effect, depending on which aromas are used and
                                                                          the type of massage techniques applied.
      SPORT MASSAGE                                                       30 MINUTES                                   €      70,-
      The Sport Massage is designed to relieve tensions after sporting    55 MINUTES                                   €     130,-
      activities, but also a preparatory massage for training. Elements   ALSO BOOKABLE FOUR-HANDED                    €     240,-
      taken from traditional massage techniques are supplemented
      with stretching holds, enhancing regeneration and performance.
      55 MINUTES                                   €     130,-
                                                                                                               BODY TREATMENTS

LUXURY BODY TREATMENT                                          ONTAI
A combination of first class peelings and the appropriate      Intensive body peeling, on its own or available in connection
body mask.                                                     with all Sensai/Kanebo massage rituals.
55 MINUTES                                  €      150,-       30 MINUTES                                   €       90,-
                                                               In connection with the Sensai body mask
BACK TREATMENT                                                 55 MINUTES                                   €      180,-
Cleansing, peeling, Vapozon steaming, deep cleansing,
mask and final care.                                           ORGANIC VITALITY BODY (ANIKA)
                                                               Body Scrub with warm exotic Bio virgin coconut oil in combina-
40 MINUTES                                  €      120,-
                                                               tion with a vitalising algae pack and a hot neck roll. Rounded off
„BRENNERS PARK-HOTEL - SPIRIT OF JAIPUR“ PEELING               with a refreshing Bio body balm.
Aloe Vera pearls allow your skin to regain its suppleness.     75 MINUTES                                    €      180,-
30 MINUTES                                  €       90,-       SISLEY ANTI CELLULITE
                                                               The perfect combination of a tissue-relaxing dry massage and top
                                                               quality products whose effects are enhanced by special packing
The peeling massage that stimulates lymph flow combined with   techniques.
a detoxifying algae pack.
                                                               55 MINUTES                                  €     180,-
55 MINUTES                                  €      180,-       5-FOLD PACKAGE                              €     750,-

     JAPANESE REJUVENATION                     SENSAI LUXURY RITUAL                         BRENNERS LADIES DAY
     The care programme with the high regen-   An ideal combination of a Sensai body        · Aromatic body peeling with
     eration factor for skin that stimulates   ritual (body peeling for a silky soft skin     coordinated body mask
     and energises the metabolism.             followed by a massage ritual with Shiatsu    · Spa pedicure
     · Relaxing flower bath                    elements) and our Sensai Premier signa-
                                               ture facial to give you the perfect body     · Spa manicure
     · Shiatsu massage                         and skin feeling.                            · Luxury beauty spa facial with
     · Luxury Face Treatment Sensai                                                           caviar fleece (90 minutes)

     3 HOURS                     €    350 ,-   3 HOURS                       €    380,-     4,5 HOURS                      €   550,-
The FUTURESSE treatment “The Secret of the Lotus”, especially developed in co-
operation with Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, offers pure luxury for face and body.
After the magical introduction of the Lotus Ceremony and the stroking massage with
silk gloves the sheer enjoyment of this exceptional treatment then unfolds. A soft fa-
cial cleansing routine, firstly with silk peeling powder then with luxurious regeneration
pearls, follows. After, a caviar mask is succeeded by a mystic Lotus massage that pro-
mises total well-being and deep relaxation. The subsequent queen-like milk bath will
erase any remaining mundane thoughts from your mind. The fascinating Caresse
Lotus body massage, the fantastic Lotus silk pack, champagne and exquisite culinary
treats from our Michelin star chef Andreas Krolik round off the programme in our
exclusive FUTURESSE Suite.
Afterwards, you will receive an exclusive FUTURESSE product set to take with you.
220 MINUTES                                     €     850,-
The facial or body ritual may also be booked separately
(without the product set and culinary treats)
80 MINUTES                            each      €     230,-

     DELUXE                                                           PURE MASCULIN
     · Beauty bath                                                    · Vital bath
     · Beauty Spa Special for the body with body peeling              · Massage menu
       and aroma wrap                                                 · Niance® Men Facial (60 minutes)
     · Spa manicure or aroma oil massage                              · Spa manicure
     · Classic Beauty Facial (60 minutes) for face,                   3,5 HOURS                                  €     350,-
       neck and décolleté with deep
       cleansing, nourishing eye mask and spa aroma pack
                                                                      ORGANIC LUXURY (ANIKA)
       (choose between fleece or cream mask)
                                                                      · Beauty bath – beginning with finely composed bio essences
     3,5 HOURS                                    €     350,-         · Body scrub – with bio virgin coconut oil and fleur de sel
                                                                      · Detox body envelopment –
     EXOTIC                                                             with bio phyto-serum and ocean algae
     · Reviving foot bath                                             · Mineral mask – deep cleansing and bio phyto-serum
     · Exotic peeling                                                 · Algen face-eye lift –
     · Body mask                                                        with spirulina & active bio omega 3-6-9 oils
     · Beauty Spa Facial (for face, neck and décolleté, 90 minutes)   · Relaxing energetic – body balm
     · Day make-up                                                    3 HOURS                                    €     380,-
     3 HOURS                                      €     320,-

STYLING                                                       HAND & FUSS
Day make-up                                 from   €   40,-   Spa manicure                               € 85,-
Brenners make-up artist                                       Spa pedicure                               € 85,-
                                                              Nail art (upon request)                    € 180,-
Are you planning a gala dinner, a visit
to the Festspielhaus or simply a                              Nail art (Fill-up, upon request)           € 100,-
beautiful evening …                                           Nail varnish renewal                       € 20,-
Allow yourself to be professionally made
up by one of our own in-house                                 MISCELLANEOUS
make-up artists.                                              Face depilation                    from    €   15,-
Appointments after consultation             from   €   80,-   Body depilation                    from    €   40,-
                                                              Eyebrow tinting                            €   15,-
We will also gladly arrange a hairstyling                     Eyelash tinting                            €   15,-
appointment for you with our Coiffeur.                        Eyelash perming                            €   35,-

                       Good health is generally recognised as our most precious posses-
                       sion. If we look after it properly, it will guarantee us a good
                       quality of life!
                       The Medical Spa at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden
                       offers a wide range of preventative healthcare programmes: A
                       team of professionals using the latest and best examination and
                       diagnostic techniques is at your disposal to determine your health
                       requirements and to advise on such matters as preventative care,
                       therapy and a healthy diet. Your health is important to us!
                       • Prevent Check up
                       • Specialist Medical Care
                       • Aesthetic Dentistry
                       • Aesthetic Dermatology
                       • Naturopathic Diagnostics & Therapy
                       • Specialist Ophthalmologist
                       • Nutritional Coaching
                       • Physio Spa
                       For more information, please contact our Spa Team
                       under +49 (0) 72 21-900 500.
                                              THERAPIES IN BRENNERS MEDICAL SPA

30 minutes                 €    70,-   30 minutes                     €   80,-
                                       55 minutes                     € 150,-
MEDICAL MASSAGE                        10-fold package                € 1300,-
55 minutes                 €   130,-
                                       OSTEOPATHY (UPON REQUEST)
MEDICAL FOOT REFLEXOLOGY               60 minutes                     €   190,-
30 minutes                 €    75,-
                                       UNDERWATER MASSAGE
SWEDISH MASSAGE                        40 minutes                     €   110,-
55 minutes                 €   130,-
                                       FANGO PACK
MEDICAL LYMPH DRAINAGE                 25 minutes                     €    40,-
30 minutes                 €    70,-
55 minutes                 €   130,-
Our sports experts will analyse your body composition with the    By following a sensible diet you will attain new energy levels and
aid of bioimpedance analysis (BIA), determine your health and     mental vigour. We will draw up a balanced and extremely tasty
nutritional state and plan with you a personal strategy for a     menu plan (choose between 3 or 4 courses) from your favourite
healthier lifestyle.                                              dishes – either “only healthy” or calorie reduced.
55 MINUTES                                  €      150,-          PER WEEK                                     €      150,-
RETEST                                      €      120,-
                                                                  SPA CUISINE FULL BOARD
NUTRITION COACHING QPNT                                           Based on the nutrition consultation session we will gladly pre-
Our nutrition trainers will analyse your habits and help you to   pare for you individual meals consisting of breakfast, a 3 course
improve your long-term health with a balanced diet.               lunch and a 3 course dinner.
55 MINUTES                                  €      150,-          PER DAY                                      €      151,-

      PERSONAL TRAINING                            MIHA BODYTEC                                 FITVIBE
      Devote enough time to your health – our      What was once only possible after many       With the Fitvibe vibration plate you can
      sports experts will draw up an individual-   years of training is now achievable in an    complete a full training session in only
      ly designed programme for you that will      instant with electro-muscle stimulation.     30 minutes. Due to the vibrations your
      be fun to follow!                            Within a short period of time fat deposits   muscle fibres will receive a 100 % work-
      Running, Nordic Walking, aqua fitness,       and body weight will be reduced, muscles     out. Your metabolism will increase, circu-
      yoga, body and mind, strength and figure     gently built up, body shape and problem      lation will improve and tissue and skin
      training, weight management, back            zones tightened and power and stamina        tightened. Cellulite will be reduced, con-
      training, medical training therapy, cardio   strengthened.                                nective tissue will be continually built up
      training and vibration training.                                                          and fat burning increased. We will draw
                                                                                                up an individual training card for you to
                                                                                                use in connection with the Fitvibe vibra-
                                                                                                tion plate.
                                                   Body firming
      55 MINUTES                    €    130,-     30 MINUTES                    €     80,-     with trainer
      10-FOLD PACKAGE               €   1000,-     55 MINUTES                    €    140,-     30 MINUTES                     €     80,-
      PRIVATE                                                                                   55 MINUTES                     €    140,-
                                                   Anti-cellulite treatment
      WORK-OUT SUITE                               incl. body peeling                           without trainer
      PLUS                          €     150,-    70 MINUTES                    €    170,-     PER MINUTE                     €       1,-

For hiking and cycling enthusiasts the Black
Forest is a particularly attractive destination.
Here, every type will be able to find a route to
suit them. Whether on your own, as a family
or as a group, the Event Team at Brenners
Park-Hotel & Spa will arrange everything that
your cycling heart desires.

Personal trainer
PER HOUR                              €    130,-
Mountain biking
Including cycling jersey, cycling shorts
and cycling helmet (on a loan basis)
PER PERSON AND DAY                    €    45,-
By booking a personal trainer the rental
mountainbike is included.
Free your mind by treating yourself to a relaxing few hours in the unique
atmosphere of our Spa Suite: a private sanctuary with an asian ambience.
The Spa Suite can be booked on either a half or whole day basis.                       4 HOURS         € 280,-
Our experts will be happy to put together an individual pampering programme for you.   8 HOURS         € 550,-

Beauty bath, Inner Balance Massage Menu, fitness cocktail and snack                    FOR 2 PERSONS   € 600,-
Rose flower bath, aroma oil massage,
1 bottle of Champagne (0,7 l), spa snack                                               FOR 2 PERSONS   € 650,-
Spa breakfast with fresh juices, aroma oil massage, body peeling, body pack            FOR 2 PERSONS   € 750,-
The Brenners Spa is a place of peace and relaxation. In order to offer a relaxing atmosphere, we would kindly ask all spa visitors to keep
noise levels to an absolute minimum.
Use your time at the Brenners Spa to relax completely. Please turn off all mobile phones and avoid tobacco and alcohol before and
directly after your spa treatment. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the spa complex.

Prepare yourself …
Drinks: If you have booked a massage or a body treatment, or if you are using the saunas, please ensure that you drink enough water
or fruit juice. A balanced level of water will allow your body to profit from the detoxifying effects of our treatments.
Food: Do not begin your treatment when you are hungry or have just eaten. Avoid heavy meals at least one hour before the start of
your treatment. We will be happy to serve you with a selection of light spa dishes, healthy snacks and fresh juices after your spa visit.
Clothing: Feel comfortable. Easy to clean materials are particularly recommended due to the oils and care products used. Bath robes,
bathing shoes and towels are available in the spa. You are perfectly welcome, however, to come to the spa with the bath robe from
your room. In this case please use the spa lift on the first floor.
We recommend you start your treatment without make-up. The Brenners sauna is a naked area. You are more than welcome, however,
to use this area wearing a bathing costume.
Enjoy your spa experience …
Stress-free: Relax, take deep breathes and leave all your thoughts and problems behind.
Clothing: Most of our body massages are best enjoyed without clothing. For your comfort, the parts of the body not involved in the
massage will be covered with a sheet or towel. You are more than welcome, however, to keep your under garments on.
Communication: Speak to your therapists. Not all wishes can be read from your lips. Your therapist will ask you for your particular
wishes before and during the treatment. The right music and volume, the best oil or the desired room temperature are just some of the
important points that will turn your visit into a perfect spa experience.

After the treatment ...
Don’t rush: enjoy the spa complex and relax a little longer. We will be happy to serve you with a glass of fresh water or a green tea,
or you may wish to enjoy the tranquillity of our fitness terrace. Here, light snacks and drinks from our seasonal menu are served.
Be careful: in most cases you should avoid the sun after your treatment. If you booked a body peeling or oil massage you should wait
at least 12 hours before your next sunbathing session.
Extend your spa experience: in our Beauty Spa you will find a variety of products which will allow you to enjoy a similar relaxing
experience at home. The Beauty Spa assistants will be happy to advise you.

Opening times pool, sauna, fitness, Spa Suite
Monday to Sunday 7:00am to 9:00pm
24 hour service and In-Room service on request.

“Splash Hour” in the Brenners Pool
Daily between 4:00pm and 5:00pm all children can swim,
splash and snorkel to their heart’s content.

Due to the high demand for all treatments, it is recommended
to book your appointment prior to your arrival at the hotel.
Appointments can be made between 9:00am and 7:00pm
under extension +49 7221 900 500

All spa appointments may be cancelled free of charge
up to 24 hours before treatment is due to commence.

All prices are inclusive of sales tax.
Subject to alterations.
        Schillerstraße 4/6

 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
Telephone +49 (0) 72 21-900 500
   Fax +49 (0) 72 21-900 956

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