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        SPA Price List
                                  SPA=Salus Per Aquam
For centuries, Montecatini Terme has been identified as the capital of wellbeing, beauty and regenera-
tion thanks to an extraordinary natural gift: underground waters that, after making their way through
millennia-long deposits of limestone, jaspers and clay, spout from the depths of the earth and spill
into majestic thermal establishments immersed in beautiful parks. Their names evoke the magical
atmosphere that surrounds them: Tettuccio, Regina, Salus Per Aquam S.P.A..
Excelsior, Leopoldine, Salute, Redi and Torretta. They are the purest of waters rich with precious mi-
neral elements that are worldwide famous for their healing properties. Although hydropinic therapy,
that is drinking the water, is the most well-known treatment, these thermal establishments also offer a
complete range of healing and regenerative cares, such as massages, physical therapy, mud applica-
tions, sauna, ozonized baths, esthetic treatments, holistic packages, inhalation therapies, anti-aging
programs, as well as a full set of customized innovative solutions in the field of beauty and well-being.
Montecatini and its Spas therefore represent the best option for striking a perfect balance between
physical form and internal serenity.
SPA Wellbeing
Relaxing with thermal water                   3
Thermal & aesthetic facial care treatments    5
Thermal & aesthetic body care treatments      7
Anti-cellulite and slimming treatments        8
Beauty                                        9
Massages                                     11
Ayurvedic area                               16
Programs                                     19

The Classic SPA
Medical check-up and therapies               25
Thermal therapies                            26
Thermal pool                                 29
Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and gym     31
Tourist visits Terme Tettuccio               34


A special treatment which
    combines the tanning
   effects of infrared light
    rays with the benefits
            of the Jacuzzi.
Thermal oasis
€ 22,00 [50 min.]
                           This treatment consists of a Swedish sauna,
                           a Turkish bath with chromotherapy, emotional
                           thermal showers and a relaxing rest in thermal
                           vapours.                                                  with
€ 28,00 [20 min.]
                           A special treatment which combines the tanning
                           effects of infrared light rays with the benefits of
                           the Jacuzzi.
Ozone enriched             A relaxing soak in thermal waters enriched with
thermal bath               ozone to reactivate your circulation, reduce water
€ 25,00 [20 min.]          retention and relieve muscular tension.

Thermal Jacuzzi with       A relaxing soak in thermal waters enriched
Mediterranean fragrances   with essential oils, salts and Mediterranean
€ 30,00 [20 min.]          fragrances.

       Thermal &
  aesthetic facial
care treatements

          A purifying and
   for face and décolleté
Hyaluronic acid
facial mask
                          NEW   Rich in active ingredients based on hyaluronic
                                acid, gives the face hydration and elasticity
€ 38,00 [20 min.]

Thermal mud facial
                                contrasting the signs of ageing.

                                A purifying treatment which restores important
Montecatini Exclusive
€ 50,00 [50 min.]
                                minerals to the facial area and consists of
                                exfoliating treatment, facial mud pack, a thermal
                                shower and a massage which utilizes special
                                creams selected according to your skin type. The       facial care
                                treatment will impart luminosity and firmness
                                to the skin.                                          treatments
Aqua thermal             NEW    Treatment aimed in deep cleansing. It gives face
complex facial cleansing        a purifiyng effects, with the application of steam.
€ 65,00 [50 min.]               The exclusive patented Aqua Thermal Complex
                                is at the base of this treatment using thermal
                                waters of Montecatini.

Exclusive facial          NEW
                                Exclusively dedicated facial treatment for men: it
for men                         has revitalising and anti ageing effects.
€ 65,00 [50 min.]

Custom facial treatment         Facial treatment customized for different
€ 65,00 [50 min.]               characteristics of skin (skin impure, sensitive,
                                couperose, etc).

Thermal and   Intensive anti-ageing
              treatment with
                                      NEW   This anti-wrinkle treatment utilizes vitamins and
                                            amino acids to revitalize and rejuvenate all skin

aesthetic     vitamin C
              € 65,00 [50 min.]

facial care   Toning facial massage
              montecatini exclusive
                                            A facial massage using specialized products
                                            and followed by a light spray-shower of our

treatments    € 38,00 [20 min.]             thermal water, this treatment will leave your skin
                                            revitalized, giving your face a radiant splendour.

              Intensive treatment           Specific eyes treatment. It helps to minimize the
              eye contour                   appearance of under eyes.
              € 38,00 [20 min.]

Exfoliating treatment with
crushed olive stones
                             This treatment leaves your skin smooth and
                             purified thanks to an exfoliating cream with
                                                                               Thermal and
€ 58,00 [50 min.]

Sea salt exfoliating
                             crushed olive stones.

                             This treatment has a detoxicating effect on the
€ 65,00 [50 min.]
                             body. The mineral elements contained in the sea
                             salt leave the skin smooth and tonic.
                                                                                  body care
Body and face                A comprehensive treatment which includes body       treatments
thermal mud packs,           and face mud packs enriched with our thermal
Montecatini Exclusive        waters, a thermal bath with Jacuzzi and a brief
€ 115,00 [110 min.]          massage using special creams. The effects are
€ 105,00 [80 min.]           varied: purifying the body and removing dead
                             skin cells, toning up the muscles and leaving
                             you both revitalized and relaxed.

Mud packs with               The principal agents in our thermal mud leave
essential oils               your skin cleaned and radiant and your muscles
€ 58,00 [50 min.]            relaxed.

Cream mousse                 This nourishing and moisturizing treatment
nourishing pack              leaves your skin smooth and soft.
€ 58,00 [50 min.]

Anti-cellulite   Drain program anti-
                 cellulite treatment
                                       Specific anti-cellulite treatment. A special
                                       bandage that combines thermal steam to mineral

and slimming     € 75,00 [50 min.]

                                       elements to drain and tone the body.

                                       Using the latest equipment to work on cellulite
treatment        € 65,00 [35 min.]     at deeper levels, this treatment guarantees
                                       improvement in elasticity of the skin and
                                       helps eliminate the unappealing “orange peel”
                                       characteristic of cellulite. A truly effective
                                       treatment, which won’t fail to leave you pleased
                                       with the results.

                 Press therapeutic     Massage which use a machine to affect a
                 mechanical massage    revitalization of the circulatory system and
                 € 45,00 [40 min.]     reduction of water retention.

                 Slim fit              A special treatment using a unique apparatus
                 € 12,00 [20 min.]     which combines physical exercise and infrared
                                       pulses to leave you slim, toned up and in form.

Tanning of the face and
upper part of the body    Beauty
€ 8,00

Sun shower
€ 8,00

€ 35,00

French manicure
€ 10,00

€ 40,00

Total depilation
€ 45,00

Partial depilation
€ 30,00

Depilation of small
areas (eyebrow /
facial depilation)
€ 12,00
   Massage with
  volcanic stones

  Stones formed by cooling
       lava flows are heated
      and used to massage
  the body, face and scalp
     and induce relaxation,
restoring energy levels and
revitalizing the whole body.
Californian massage
€ 80,00 [50 min.]
                      Californian massage is known for its sensitivity
                      and be very relaxing. It has a toning effect on
                      the skin, acts on easing tensions of the muscular
                      system, stimulates the circulation of blood and      wellness
                      lymphatic, reactivates the vitality of breathing
                      and internal organs, calm and tones the nervous
                      system. Has an extraordinary beneficial effect
                                                                          and relax
                      on the mental activities, on emotions and the

Sensory massage       Full body and face massage. The body lays
€ 70,00 [50 min.]     on a warm water mattress while is massaged
                      and surrounded by the relaxing effect of the
                      chromotherapy. The colour changing lights
                      and the soothing massage create the perfect
                      experience to cuddle your body and mind.

Aromatherapy          A holistic massage using a combination of
€ 70,00 [50 min.]     essential oils selected according to your needs,
                      this treatment relaxes the body and mind and
                      improves circulation while at the same time
                      reactivating the muscles.

Massage with          Stones formed by cooling lava flows are heated
volcanic stones       and used to massage the body, face and scalp
€ 70,00 [50 min.]     and induce relaxation, restoring energy levels
                      and revitalizing the whole body.
Massages    Lomi Lomi massage
            € 70,00 [50 min.]
                                      This ancient form of Hawaiian massage uses long
                                      rhythmic movements to stretch the muscles and

wellness                              the limbs resulting in a relaxing and reenergizing
                                      effect. It grants serenity and a sweet sense of
                                      physical and mental equilibrium.
and relax   Shiatsu                   A Japanese massage which focuses on the
            € 70,00 [50 min.]         meridians and points of energy flow more
                                      commonly associated with acupuncture,
                                      pressure is applied with fingers elbows and
                                      knees by the masseur to leave you relaxed and
                                      free from stress induced tension.

            Reiki and           NEW   A special technique developer by Dr. Mikao
            Bach flowers              Usui in which the hands are used to channel
            € 70,00 [50 min.]         the universal energy, or Reiki, to various parts of
                                      the body. Noted effect include profound physical
                                      and mental relaxation and replenishment of your
                                      energy levels.

            Thai massage              The Thai massage combines yoga-like stretching
            € 70,00 [50 min.]         and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupressure.
                                      Thai massage techniques improve blood
                                      circulation and help to detoxify cells, relaxing
                                      body and mind and increasing muscular

Anti-stress massage
€ 65,00 [50 min.]
                               Stimulating the circulation and relaxing muscular
                               contractions this treatment reduces the physical
Lymphatic draining
                               symptoms of stress.

                               A delicate massage which works on the lymphatic
€ 65,00 [50 min.]
                               system to encourage circulation, reduce water
                               tension and improve the take up of oxygen in
                                                                                    and relax

Reflexology                    Massage performed on the feet and aimed at
€ 60,00 [40 min.]              restoring the natural equilibrium of the various
                               bodily organs through a manipulation of the
                               reflexive points localized at various positions on
                               the feet.

Thai partial             NEW   The Thai massage combines yoga-like stretching
massage (back)                 and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupressure.
€ 38,00 [25 min.]              It concentrates on back.

Thai partial massage     NEW   The Thai massage combines yoga-like stretching
(legs)                         and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupressure.
€ 38,00 [25 min.]              It concentrates on legs to improve blood

Olistic massage for      NEW   Soft massage for feet and legs to balance the
feet with Bach flowers         psychophysical wellness.
€ 38,00 [25 min.]
Massages    Green tea Karitè butter
            body massage
                                      The antioxidant effect of green tea leaves your
                                      skin elastic and radiant.

wellness    € 38,00 / [20 min.]

            Candle massage            Relaxing body massage with lights, fragrances
and relax   € 38,00 [20 min.]         and colours, which hydrates and nourishes skin.

            Relaxing back massage     Working to combat contractions in the back
            € 38,00 [20 min.]         muscles this massage imparts suppleness and
                                      leaves you feeling relaxed.

            Toning massage for        Aimed at reducing fat deposits and water
            legs and abdomen          retention this massage models and tones your
            € 38,00 [20 min.]         body.
            € 65,00 [40 min.]

            Massage with water Jets   A toning massage using Jacuzzi-effect sprays
            € 65,00 [40 min.]         and jets of thermal Spa water.

Aimed at inducing
a complete mental
relaxation, this massage
utilizes a continuous
warm trickle of oil on the
forehead and works on the
central nervous system
Ayurvedic   Abhyangam, Ayurvedic
            full body massage
                                       A traditional ayurvedic massage which aims to
                                       relax and restore inner balance, this treatment

massage     € 80,00 [50 min.]          uses special oils, selected according to your
                                       needs, and works to calm the nervous system
                                       while removing toxins and increasing flexibility of
                                       the muscles, rejuvenating the skin and restring
                                       energy levels.

            Shirobhyangam, Ayurvedic   Another traditional ayurvedic treatment this
            massage of head, face,     massage, with the use of warm oils, focuses on
            neck and shoulders         your head, face, neck and shoulders and helps
            € 70,00 [50 min.]          reinforce the nervous system and provides a
                                       tonic for the internal organs. It helps to improve
                                       memory, both experiential and cognitive, and is
                                       undertaken while you are comfortably seated.

            Thandabhyangam,            Another ayurvedic discipline, this massage
            Ayurvedic back massage     focuses on the back and works on both the
            € 70,00 [50 min.]          muscular and the skeletal system at once,
                                       relaxing and reinforcing the entire spine and its
                                       associated functions. Ideal for alleviating aches,
                                       pains and tension it also generates a general
                                       feeling of renewal, both physical and mental.

Padabhyangam, Ayurvedic
massage of feet and legs
                           An ayurvedic massage of the feet and legs,
                           this treatment stimulates all the organs of the
€ 70,00 [50 min.]          body and induces a state of total wellbeing. It
                           is particularly effective against insomnia and          massage
                           nervous disorders and improves circulation in
                           the lower limbs.

Shirodhara, oil trickle    Aimed at inducing a complete mental relaxation,
€ 90,00 [50 min.]          this massage utilizes a continuous warm trickle
                           of oil on the forehead and works on the central
                           nervous system.

Mukhabhyangam,             An ayurvedic massage of the face, this treatment
Ayurvedic face massage     is especially gentle and soft while at the same time
€ 40,00 [25 min.]          efficacious. It helps to recalibrate and reactivate
                           the sense organs and has a reinvigorating effect
                           on the skin as well as clearing the mind.

Mix of treatments
   and massages
created to satisfy
     every desire
Apricot massage
€ 60,00 [50 min.]
                            NEW   Softy peeling and massage for your skin with the
                                  apricot essences.
Rose massage                NEW   An exfoliating scrub, a hydromassage and a gently
€ 60,00 [50 min.]                 massage with rose cream.

Mimosa wellness             NEW   1 facial treatment mask and massage with
€ 60,00 [50 min.]                 delicate flowers of mimosa
                                  1 relaxing body massage with flower of mimosa

Cocoa fragrances            NEW
                                  Turkish bath and sauna with chromotheraphy,
€ 70,00 [90 min.]                 emotional thermal showers, cocoa savonage,
                                  face and body cocoa wrap treatment, and a
                                  relaxing body massage with aroma of cocoa.

Sweetness of honey          NEW   Turkish bath and sauna with chromotherapy,
and chestnuts                     emotional thermal showers. Chestnut savonage,
€ 70,00 [90 min.]                 face and body wrap treatment with honey and a
                                  sweet massage.

A taste of the Spa: relax         1 entrance to thermal oasis
€ 80,00 [120 min.]                1 sweet orange thermal bath
                                  1 relaxing back massage

Programs   Pregnant program
           € 80,00 [90 min.]
                                  NEW   Dedicated to pregnant women, including a
                                        thermal ozone bath to oxygenate and relax the
                                        skin, padahyangam legs massage which improves
                                        circulation and tones the muscles.

           Detox program          NEW   Includes a session of press therapeutic massage,
           € 80,00 [90 min.]            with specific machinery to stimulate the lympho-
                                        venous circulation, and reduction of water
                                        retention, improve cellulite, a mud bath with
                                        essential oils to help eliminate fat deposits.

           Lights and colours           1 entrance to thermal oasis
           € 95,00 [150 min.]           1 candle massage
                                        1 custom facial treatment
           Wellness Spa essence         Thermal oasis with sauna, Turkish bath, emotional
           of lavender                  showers with thermal water, chromotheraphy,
           € 95,00 [100 min.]           lavander savonage, body massage with rubbed
                                        butter to the essence of lavender.

           Aromatic wellness            1 entrance to thermal oasis
           € 110,00 [150 min.]          1 green tea karitè butter body massage
                                        1 tangerine thermal bath
                                        1 massaging chair treatment “Joy dream”, free

           Leisure break                1 exfoliating treatment with crushed olive stones
           € 150,00 [180 min.]          1 anti-stress body massage
                                        1 thermal mud facial Montecatini Exclusive
Thermal experience
€ 180,00 [5 hours]
                           1 entrance to thermal oasis
                           1 body mud pack Montecatini Exclusive               Programs
                           1 green tea karitè butter body massage
                           1 thermal mud facial Montecatini Exclusive
                           1 bath in thermal pool

Health and well-being      Key benefits of yoga:
through Yoga               1.helps us to be aware of the body through proper
Single Lesson € 10.00      2.helps control stress and tension, both physical
Monthly Program            and mental
1 lessons a week € 30,00   3.helps maintain flexibility in the joints of the
Monthly Program            4.helps keep young and healthy in spite of the
2 lessons a week € 55,00   age.

Bio natural program        Medical spa in nutrition specialist and holistic
Check-up                   counselor providing individually tailored advice
€ 100,00                   based on Montecatini thermal waters. Nutrition
                           check up and designing a healthy eating plan.
                           Indication of treatments, holistic massages and
                           physical activities;

Bio natural path

    Check-up, indication
     treatments, holistic
         and bio natural
    massages, indication
      of physical activity
Bio natural path
Montecatini wellness
                        NEW   Medical spa in nutrition specialist and holistic
                              counselor providing individually tailored advice       Programs
€ 600,00                      based on Montecatini thermal waters. Nutrition
                              check up and designing a healthy eating plan.
                              Indication of treatments, holistic massages and
                              physical activities;
                              6 days of treatment with waters of Montecatini
                              5 massages/ holistic and bio natural treatments
                              [50 min. each]
                              5 entrances sauna and Turkish bath [15 min. each]
                              1 thermal mud facial Montecatini Exclusive [50 min.]
                              1 exfoliating treatment with crushed olive stones
                              [50 min.]
                              3 sessions of physical activity
                              3 entrances to the thermal pool
                              pool kit (bathrobe, swimming cap and slippers )
                              review meeting at the end of program.

  Treatments are held at the Excelsior Spa, except the thermal pool
  (Redi Spa). The use of our kit of Montecatini Terme (bathrobes and
  soft cotton towels, slippers, disposable briefs and cap) is included.

   Water Cures
Terme Tettuccio

 The drinking water cure
 in the wonderful setting
         of Tettuccio SPA
Medical check-up
€ 50,00
                    A general check-up before undertaking spa
                    treatments.                                          Medical
Water cures         Montecatini waters will stimulate the proper
                    functioning of the body and are especially
                    recommended for those suffering from liver,
                    digestive system and metabolism illness.

Respiratory cures   Breathing in our thermal vapours helps combact
                    a range of disorders from inflammation of the      Montecatini Spa
                    respiratory tract to chronic nasal disorders and
                    asthma.                                              is accredited
Thermal bath        Soaking yourself in the thermal waters of          by the National
                    Montecatini will cure and prevent a variety of      Health Service
                    ailments related to joint, limb movement and
                    muscles. We can add ozone or carbon dioxide                 (SSN)
                    to our waters to treat circulatory problems.

Mud treatments      Thermal mud has long been recognized as potent
                    treatments for skeletal and muscular related
                    disorders, especially chronic rheumatic and
                    osteopathic ailments.

Physiotherapeutic   Relieves muscular aches and pains and prevents
massages            dysfunction of muscles and tendons.

Physiotherapy and   Instrumental physiotherapy programs in the
rehabilitation      rehabilitative treatment.
Thermal     Drinking water cures
            Terme Tettuccio
                                                           Respiratory cures
                                                           Terme Redi
therapies   Morning and afternoon entrance
            this can also be used at the Terme La Salute
                                                           Medical check-up for respiratory cures
                                                           € 80,00
            € 14,00
                                                           Direct jet
            Afternoon entrance                             (inhalation humid)
            € 6,00                                         € 12,00

            Cycle water cure pass from Terme La            Cloud inhalation
            Salute or Terme Tettuccio                      (dry Inhalation)
            € 80,00                                        € 12,00

            Annual ticket for water cures                  Thermal aerosol treatment
            € 240,00                                       € 15,00

            Drinking water cures                           Nasal cleansing
                                                           € 15,00
            Terme La Salute
            Morning and afternoon entrance                 Ear cleansing treatment
            € 9,00                                         € 30,00

            Afternoon entrance
            € 4,00

Thermal bath
Terme Redi
                                    Mud treatments
                                    Terme Redi
Thermal bath
€ 20,00
                                    Mud treatment, includes
                                    therapeutic bath and rest
                                    € 35,00
Carbon dioxide /
ozone enriched waters               Partial mud treatment (feet or hands)
€ 25,00                             € 25,00

Jacuzzi                             Additional charge for carbon dioxide
€ 25,00                             / ozone enriched waters thermal
                                    bath after the mud treatment
                                    € 7,00

Terme Redi
Physiotherapeutic full massage
€ 38,00

Physiotherapeutic partial massage
€ 20,00

Thermal pool

  Relaxing bath in
  the thermal pool
Bath therapy with
vascular treatment
                                A relaxing bath in the thermal pool, fed with
                                Leopoldina thermal water at 33°, excellent for
                                                                                     Thermal pool
€ 12,00 [60 min.]               rheumatic troubles and peripheral vascular

Aqua gym in the thermal pool    Keep-fit with our program of exercises all carried
€ 15,00 [45 min.]               out in the thermal pool, fed with Leopoldina
                                thermal water at 33°, excellent for rheumatic
                                troubles and peripheral vascular disease.

Hydrobike                       Physical exercises in thermal water with water
€ 10,00                         jets. It helps lower limbs rehabilitation.

Thermal pool subscription
€ 720,00 [1 year]

Bathrobe, swimming cap and slippers avaliable on rental.

         and gym

      Places dedicated to
        “remise en forme”
           with the help of
physotherapeutic massage
   and qualified therapists
Individual functional                Postural treatment “Gold”     Physiotherapeutic
re-education in the pool             € 270,00 [10 sessions]
€ 40,00 [30 min.]                                                      rehabilitation
                                     Growth treatment
Individual neuromuscular
re-education in the gym
                                     € 200,00 [10 sessions]                 and gym
€ 25,00 [30 min.]                    Idrokinesi treatment
                                     € 25,00 [25 min.]
Group neuromuscular re-education
in the gym with vascular treatment
€ 15,00 [30 min.] min. 3 pax.

Pulmonary ventilation                Postural Treatments Card
€ 19,00
                                     Platinum (validity: 1 year)
Postural analysis
                                     € 1290,00
€ 40,00 [30 min.]

Osteopathic treatment analysis       Gold (validity: 6 months)
€ 35,00 [25 min.]                    € 749,00

Postural treatment “Silver”          Silver (validity: 3 months)
€ 146,00 [5 sessions]                € 449,00

Physiotherapeutic    Instrumental
                                              Laser therapy
                                              € 25,00

    rehabilitation   Terme Redi               Tecar
                                              € 25,00
         and gym     Diadynamic
                     € 15,00

                     Hydro-galvanic           Preventive physical activity
                     € 15,00                  and functional tests in addition
                                              to Classic SPA treatments
                     € 15,00                  Fisiopilates
                                              € 10,00 [30 min.]
                     Paraffin wax therapies   € 80,00 [10 sessions]
                     € 15,00
                     Tens                     € 10,00 [45 min.]
                     € 15,00                  € 80,00 [10 sessions]
                     € 15,00                  Pancafit Group
                                              € 10,00 [50 min.]
                     Magneto-therapy          € 80,00 [10 sessions]
                     € 15,00

                     EMS Compex
                     € 15,00
To Be Fit package
€ 60,00
                             Body composition analysis
                             Holter Metabolic (armband)
                             Motor Prescription
                             Medical advice by appointment                   rehabilitation
Weight package
€ 550,00 [3 months]
                             Study of the basic metabolism
                             Monitored individual training
                                                                                  and gym
                             Medical advice by appointment

Sport package                Functional training and custom test
€ 160,00 [1 month]           Postural advice and osteopathy
                             Medical advice by appointment

  Discount on multiple bookings:
  10% Discount when acquiring at least 6 treatments of any given type
  15% Discount when acquiring at least 6 treatments of any given type,
  after your first course of treatment.

   Tourist Visits
Terme Tettuccio

Single entrance (after 11.00 am)
                          € 6,00

  Group entrance (minimum 20
        people after 11.00 am)
                        € 4,00

       Group entrance with tour
              guide on request
                       € 6,00
Info Point
Tel. +39 0572 7781 Fax +39 0572 778444

Wellness and Beauty Center Terme Excelsior
Tel. +39 0572 778518

Thermal Pool Terme Redi
Thermal pool, physiotherapeutic               massages,        physiotherapeutic
rehabilitation treatments and gym
Tel. +39 0572 778547

Classic SPA Terme Redi
Inhalation and aerosol, mud treatments, physiotherapeutic massages,
thermal baths
Tel. +39 0572 778533

Water Drinking Cure
Terme Tettuccio tel.+390572778501 Terme La Salute tel.+390572778571
Terme Excelsior tel. +39 0572 778511

1 Terme Tettuccio viale Verdi, 71
2 Terme Regina viale Verdi, 71
3 Terme Leopoldine viale Verdi, 67
4 Terme La Salute via della Salute, 20
5 Terme Torretta piazzale Torretta
6 Terme Redi Fangobalneotherapy summer via della Salute, 5
   Terme Redi Thermal Pool and Inhalatory Dept. via Marconi, 2
   Terme Redi ticket office and Fangobalneotherapy winter viale Bicchierai, 62
7 Terme Excelsior viale Verdi, 61
8 Terme Tamerici viale Tamerici, 69
9 Info Point and Main Offices viale Verdi, 41- tel. 0572.7781
The future Leopoldine SPA
After the beginning of the future, the worksite of the Leopoldine SPA represents the
true image of a work in progress. The breath-taking project that is progressively
taking shape was designed by the world renowned architect Massimiliano Fuksas.
Leopoldine SPA will become a big thermal beauty-farm where all the most modern
well-being treatments will be avaliable, including a 2,400 sq. meter thermal pool and
a 4,800 sq. meter wellness centre which retains the building’s charming eighteenth-
century characteristics. The main features of this new centre will be its precious
materials, state-of-the-art technology and thermal water everywhere.
Opening in Spring of 2012.
         SPA Wellbeing Terme di Montecatini
This price list cancels and replaces the previous ones.
                 Rates may be changed without notice.
                               Printed in March 2011.

                                Viale G.Verdi, 41
                   51016 Montecatini Terme (PT)
                           tel. +39 0572 7781
                        fax +39 0572 778444


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