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         ANNUAL REPORT 2010
              Working side by side with people just like you, the YMCA of
              Greater Boston ensures that everyone, regardless of race, age,
              income or ability, has the opportunity to live life to the fullest.
              With 160 years of experience, we use our knowledge to create
              stronger, more inclusive communities, provide support for
              individuals and families, and promote lasting, positive change.

              In 2010, we celebrated the re-opening of the Hyde Park Y after
              closing it to fully renovate and expand this centennial building.
              With lead gifts from State Street Corporation, Eileen and Jack
              Connors, and the McGrath Family, the Y invested over $8 million
              to make the building accessible and ready to meet the high demand
              for youth development services including after school programs
              and teen activities for this neighborhood.

              Our commitment to healthy living resulted in over 65,000 members
              being served through our 13 community Ys. Partnerships with
              hospitals and medical experts enabled the Y to help individuals
              battling diabetes, asthma, obesity and cancer with medically-based
              wellness programs.

              Keeping teens safe and engaged is a priority for the Y. Last
              summer, we employed 650 teens and for many it was their first
              paying jobs. For the fourth summer in a row, we made our Ys
              free for all teens providing extended hours, special programs,
              leadership training, college preparation classes and recreational
              activities as well as a host of other safe, fun activities to over
              7,500 teens.

              Inside are just a few stories of how your support has changed
              the life of a Y member. We are grateful for your commitment to
              our mission and our work; together we are strengthening the
              foundations of community.

              John G. Conley                Kevin Washington
              Chairman of the Board         President & CEO

                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2010
                         YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                         Nurturing the potential of every child and teen.
                         Everyone deserves the chance to discover
                         who they are and what they can achieve.
                         At the YMCA of Greater Boston, we want
                         youth and teens to have the opportunity to
                         learn, grow and thrive. Time at the Y spent
                         playing, learning and socializing helps kids
                         of all ages to grow character values, skills
                         and relationships that lead to positive behavior,
                         better health and educational achievement.

                                                 SO MANY SMILES
                                             The YMCA of Greater Boston
                                             served more than 35,000
                                             children from infants to teens
                                             in all Y programs in 2010.
“When my mother and I moved to Boston
 in 1994, we were homeless for about two
 to three years. While in a YMCA after school
 program, the director helped me develop my
 social skills and to improve the effort I put
 forth in classes. Because of people at the
 YMCA, I graduated from Bentley University
 last May with top honors and was the first
 of my family to finish college.”

                                                 “When I first signed up my son Chris at the
                                                  Burbank YMCA, our goal was to strengthen
                                                  his confidence and be active in sports teams.
                                                  His confidence level soared from being shy
                                                  and very apprehensive to being super
                                                  confident in his social skills.”
                                                  ENTHUSIASTIC Y YOUTH SPORTS PARENT

                                                                  “ The numerous programs and
                                                                    classes offered by the YMCA
                                                                    have greatly assisted my boys
                                                                    in developing into the well-
                                                                    adjusted tots they are today.
                                                                    How fortunate our family is
                                                                    to have such an excellent and
                                                                    affordable institution just
                                                                    down the street.“
                                                                   HAPPY YMCA EARLY
                                                                   EDUCATION PARENT

                                                                              ANNUAL REPORT 2010
                                    HEALTHY LIVING
                                    Improving the health and
                                    well-being of the community.
                                    The personal satisfaction and joy
                                    that comes as the result of hard
                                    work and determination happens
                                    daily at the YMCA. Whether it is
                                    a child conquering her fear of the
                                    water, a widower taking the first
                                    step to socializing again or a family
                                    committing to a healthier way of
                                    life, the Y is open and ready for
                                    anyone in the community. Our team
                                    of dedicated employees and seasoned
                                    Y members are ready with expert
                                    instructions, encouraging words
                                    or a gentle nudge. Whether it is a
                                    member’s first day or 50th year,
                                    each has a story to tell about how
                                    the Y makes a difference to them.

Over 65,000 members joined
in activities with their families
and took part in healthy and
active lifestyles.
                                                  “My message is simply this: moving really helps
                                                   lessen the pain and stiffness of arthritis. As
                                                   I become more consistent with my exercise, I
                                                   continue to receive positive support from the
                                                   YMCA. Thank you all for helping to keep me
                                                   motivated and healthy!”
                                                   PAIN-FREE YMCA ARTHRITIS PATIENT

“When I first started exercising I could barely
 do 5 minutes at 2.5 mph on the treadmill,
 but I could walk in the pool for 20 minutes.
 I joined the water aerobics class and lost
 my first 100 pounds in 8 months!”

“ The Y has fostered a healthy
  lifestyle along with some very
  dear friendships. As I saw my
  body begin to grow stronger and
  handle a progressively stronger
  workout, I also realized that I
  looked forward to seeing the
  same faces at the Y every day,
  including Y employees and fellow
  members. The YMCA has become
  an integral part of my healthy
  physical, emotional and social life.”

                                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2010
                         SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
                         Giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

                         The YMCA of Greater Boston is responding
                         to today’s most critical social needs such
                         as unemployment, education and health
                         care through our programs, people and
                         staff. In doing so the Y is promoting the
                         care and respect of all of our community
                         members. Whether we are providing job
                         skills training through YMCA Training, Inc.,
                         teaching English classes at the International
                         Learning Center, or collaborating with
                         health care institutions to prevent chronic
                         disease such as our partnership with
                         Boston Medical Center to combat childhood
                         obesity in Boston youth, we are empowering
                         individuals to become healthy, confident,
                         connected and secure.

                                            WE CAN’T DO IT ALONE
                                           The YMCA partners with more
                                           than 250 of Greater Boston’s
                                           leading community-based
                                           organizations who work side
                                           by side with us to deliver our
                                           mission every day.

                                                          “LIVESTRONG has empowered me as a survivor
                                                           of cancer. Some days I had to push myself to
                                                           get to the gym, but I always felt energized
                                                           when I left. I visually saw the difference, as
                                                           others did, in my body structure, energy and
                                                           overall well-being.”
                                                          YMCA LIVESTRONG PARTICIPANT

“Thank you from this family of seven to the
 Constitution Inn Y and Sandy Island Family Camp!
 I have done two tours of duty in the Middle East
 and when I get the time off and a chance to spend
 it with my family, that time is priceless. My children
 did crafts, played outside, and had swim lessons
 while my husband and I took advantage of an array
 of activities. It was an amazing experience.”

                                                           “Shortly after joining the YMCA my daughter
                                                            was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
                                                            and spent a good part of that year in hospitals
                                                            and rehab. The Y is the only pool in our vicinity
                                                            to have a handicapped access pool. We came on
                                                            a daily basis and she worked very hard on her
                                                            physical therapy program. I cannot say enough
                                                            how much it meant after months of her hard
                                                            work when she graduated to a walker. On that
                                                            day, your staff gave her a standing ovation!”
                                                            GRATEFUL MOTHER

                                                                                        ANNUAL REPORT 2010
2010 GENERAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS                         2010 BOARD OF OVERSEERS
John G. Conley, Chairman,                               Francis X. Bellotti, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris,
      Gilliam Capital                                         Glovsky, and Popeo PC
                                                        Joan Bernard-Cutler, Community Volunteer †
Patricia S. Bellinger, Vice-Chairman,                   Michael W. Bonney, Cubist Pharmaceuticals
      Harvard Business School                           Wayne A. Budd, Goodwin Proctor
Eileen M. Connors, Vice-Chairman,                       Jay M. Cashman, Jay Cashman, Inc.
      Community Volunteer                               Charles I. Clough, Jr., Clough Capital Partners, LP
Brian H. Kavoogian, Vice-Chairman,                      Richard F. Connolly, Morgan Stanley & Co.
                                                        Jack Connors, Jr., Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc.
      Charles River Realty Investors
                                                        Gene DeFilippo, Boston College
Jeff Conway, Treasurer,                                 John F. Donohue, Arbella Insurance Group
      State Street Bank & Trust Co.                     Francis A. Doyle, Connell Limited Partnership
                                                        Anne Finucane, Bank of America
Mark S. Ain, Kronos Incorporated
                                                        Scott Adams Fisher, Community Volunteer
Hope A. Aldrich, Eastern Insurance Group LLC
                                                        Geri Gerson, Community Volunteer
Richard H. Aldrich, Longwood Founders Fund
                                                        Diana Todaro Getman, Portsmouth Sign Company
Brant Binder, SRU Biosystems
                                                        Paula A. Johnson, MD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Roger Brinner, The Parthenon Group
                                                        Evelyn C. Kaupp, Deloitte & Touche
Paul A. Burmeister, Tatum
                                                        Alan Lewis, Grand Circle Corporation
Elizabeth B. Burnett, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris,
                                                        Ronald E. Logue, State Street Corporation
     Glovsky & Popeo PC
                                                        Stanley J. Lukowski, Community Volunteer
Frederick H. Chicos, Christie & Associates, LLC
                                                        Peter S. Lynch, Fidelity Management & Research Company
Daniel F. Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney
                                                        Eugene Lyne, Community Volunteer †
Michael Contompasis, City of Boston
                                                        Martin D. Madaus, Millipore Corporation
Joseph E. Corcoran, Corcoran Jennison Companies, Inc.
                                                        Ralph C. Martin II, Northeastern University
Carlos Cubia, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
                                                        Thomas Martin, Cramer Productions
C. Michael Daley, Community Volunteer
                                                        Thomas J. May, NSTAR
John P. Fowler, HFF
                                                        John F. McNamara, The Japan Fund
David G. Fubini, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
                                                        Robert Mudge, Verizon
John W. French, Neshamkin French Architects
                                                        Joseph J. O’Donnell, Boston Culinary Group, Inc.
Carol Fulp, John Hancock Financial Services
                                                        Jacqueline O’Neill, Harvard University
Rev. Gregory G. Groover, The Historic Charles
                                                        Patrick J. Purcell, The Boston Herald
     Street AME Church
                                                        Jerry Rappaport, Jr., New Boston Fund, Inc.
Clarence J. Harwood, Harwood Associates
                                                        Dusty S. Rhodes, Conventures, Inc.
Cornelius K. Hurley, Boston University Law School
                                                        Donald E. Rodman, Rodman Ford Sales, Inc.
William I. Huyett, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
                                                        Reverend Nicholas A. Sannella, Immaculate
Robert E. Kenney, Kenney Development Company
                                                              Conception Parish
Teresa K. Koster, Gallagher Koster
                                                        Thomas F. Shields Sr., Shields Health Care Group
John E. Larsen, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
                                                        Jerry M. Socol, The Socol Group
Stacey J. Lucchino, Community Volunteer
                                                        Thomas T. Soviero, Fidelity Leveraged Company
William F. Macauley, Craig and Macauley
                                                        Neil St. John Raymond, Raymond Property Company, LLC
     Professional Corp.
                                                        Heywood Wilansky, Retail Ventures, Inc.
Gary R. Magnuson, Citizens Bank
William B. Marsh, Community Volunteer                   † Deceased
Charlayne Murrell-Smith, Boston Children’s Museum
James P. Palermo, The Bank of New York
     Mellon Corporation
Charles R. Parrott, Community Volunteer                 2010 HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS
Gregory L. Petrini, Petrini Corporation
                                                        Robert D. Brace               Thomas J. Mahoney
Matthew F. Power, Lexington Insurance Company
                                                        Raymond Desautels             William B. Marsh
Paul J. Scapicchio, ML Strategies, LLC
                                                        Walter L. Downing             William F. Meagher, Jr.
Nancy Stuart, Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
                                                        Richard R. Driscoll           John P. Meehan
Robert E. Travaglini, Travaglini Eisenberg Kiley LLC
                                                        Edward R. Haddad              Robert B. Pitcher
Alan W. Tuck, The Bridgespan Group
                                                        E. Leonard Kane               John C. Scully
Ronald D. Ulich, Liberty Mutual Group
                                                        John E. Larsen                Richard A. Simons
Frederick A. Wang, Community Volunteer
                                                        Eugene Lyne †
Richard C. Waters, Mitsubishi Electric                                                † Deceased
     Research Laboratories
Faith S. Weiner, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company

YMCA ACHIEVERS                                  ROXBURY YMCA
   Renee Laverne Harper                             Candace Sealy
   Co-Chair and General Board Representative        Chair
    Philip Hillman                                   Laura Dickerson
    Co-Chair and General Board Representative        General Board Representative

BURBANK YMCA                                    WALTHAM YMCA
    George Marinakas                                Kevin Hart
    Chair and General Board Representative          Co-Chair and General Board Representative
    Thomas B. O’Rourke                               Kenneth Marcou
    Chair and General Board Representative           Co-Chair and General Board Representative
                                                     Laura J. Goldin
                                                     Chair and General Board Representative
   Diana Todaro Getman
   Chair and General Board Representative       WANG YMCA
                                                   William Moy
                                                   Chair and General Board Representative
    Dalton Murphy
    Chair                                       WEST ROXBURY YMCA
    Adrienne Smith                                  James W. Hennigan III
    General Board Representative                    Chair and General Board Representative

    Gregory Wilmot
    Chair and General Board Representative      YMCA MANAGEMENT TEAM
EAST BOSTON YMCA                                Kevin Washington
    Derek Brodin                                President & CEO
                                                Ed Dahlstedt
    Steve Roussel                               Vice President – Facilities
    General Board Representative
                                                Mark Dengler
EDUCATION & TRAINING YMCA                       Senior Vice President – Operations
    Vivian Leonard
    Chair and General Board Representative      Paul E. Mantell
                                                Vice President – Human Resources
   Mitchell B. Feldman                          Natalie Norton
   Chair                                        Senior Vice President – Operations
    Lindsey Noecker
                                                Kelley Rice
    General Board Representative
                                                Senior Vice President – Development & Communications
                                                Harold Sparrow
    Andrew Sideman
                                                Senior Vice President – Operations
    Chair and General Board Representative
                                                Ann C. Tikkanen
                                                Senior Vice President – Chief Financial Officer
   David Damassa
   Chair and General Board Representative

    William D. Luzier
    Chair and General Board Representative

                                                                                      ANNUAL REPORT 2010
Year ended December 31, 2010

                                                                          Temporarily   Permanently         Total
                                                          Unrestricted    Restricted    Restricted          2010

   Sustaining contributions                          $       1,713,175          -           -           1,713,175
   United Way                                                  324,111       286,000        -             610,111
   Other contributions and special events                   1,391,405        786,675        -          2,178,080
     Total support                                          3,428,691      1,072,675        -          4,501,366

   Program fees, including camping                         21,755,493           -           -          21,755,493
   Residence fees and facility rentals                       1,393,243          -           -           1,393,243
   Membership dues and joining fees                        16,027,207           -           -          16,027,207
   Contract and grant revenues                              10,614,114          -           -          10,614,114
   Other revenues                                            1,607,871          -           -           1,607,871
   Investment income used in operations, net                   611,925          -           -             611,925
   Net assets released from restriction                        835,698      (835,698)       -                -
     Total revenue                                        52,845,551       (835,698)        -         52,009,853
     Total support and revenue                            56,274,242         236,977        -         56,511,219

   Salaries, wages, and other employment costs             33,028,717           -           -          33,028,717
   Contract and professional services                        1,238,364          -           -           1,238,364
   Supplies, telephone, and postage                          3,446,877          -           -           3,446,877
   Occupancy, transportation, and related costs             11,334,575          -           -          11,334,575
   Depreciation and amortization                              3,573,311         -           -           3,573,311
   Other costs and expenses                                  4,308,777          -           -           4,308,777
     Total expenses                                        56,930,621           -           -         56,930,621

    Operating income (loss)                                 (656,379)       236,977         -           (419,402)

   Contributions for long-term investment                         -              -        21,933           21,933
   Capital contributions                                          -           826,168       -             826,168
   Net assets released - capital                            1,770,802     (1,770,802)       -                -
   Reinvested net gains and income on investments              116,863        833,714       -            950,577
   Change in fair value on interest rate swap agreement     (404,780)            -          -           (404,780)
   Write off of costs on terminated project                  (629,675)           -          -           (629,675)
    Total other revenues (expenses)                           853,210       (110,920)     21,933         764,223

    Total change in net assets                                196,831       126,057       21,933         344,821

Net assets, beginning of year                             28,596,578      16,670,718    5,332,138     50,599,434
Net assets, end of year                              $    28,793,409      16,796,775    5,354,071     50,944,255

December 31, 2010 and 2009

                                                2010          2009
Cash and cash equivalents               $ 12,231,844      12,453,950
Accounts receivable, net                   1,790,602       1,274,773
Contributions receivable, net              3,145,916       6,097,491
Investments                               13,875,900      11,976,814
Financing proceeds held by trustee               448       1,513,414
Property, plant, and equipment, net
  of accumulated depreciation               66,787,928    61,492,377
Other assets                                 1,045,372     1,503,852

     Total assets                       $ 98,878,010      96,312,671

Accounts payable and accrued expenses   $    4,232,102     4,005,594
Deferred revenue                             1,069,881       938,603
Asset retirement obligation                  5,239,965      5,176,763
Interest rate swap obligation                1,577,057      1,172,277
Bonds payable                               33,645,000    34,420,000
Note payable                                 2,169,750          -
     Total liabilities                      47,933,755    45,713,237

Net assets:
 Unrestricted                               28,793,409    28,596,578
 Temporarily restricted                      16,796,775    16,670,718
 Permanently restricted                       5,354,071     5,332,138
     Total net assets                       50,944,255    50,599,434

     Total liabilities and net assets   $ 98,878,010      96,312,671

The YMCA of Greater Boston is dedicated to
improving the health of mind, body and spirit
of individuals and families in our communities.
We welcome men and women, boys and girls
of all incomes, faiths and cultures.

                                                                        ANNUAL REPORT 2010
Through the generosity of the donors of the Strong Past, Strong Future, Strong Communities
Campaign, the YMCA of Greater Boston renovated and expanded the historic Hyde Park YMCA
in 2010 and is creating a new vision for Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood through the
development of an expanded YMCA.

$1,000,000 AND ABOVE                              $25,000 - $49,999                          $5,000 - $9,999
Eileen and Jack Connors                           Richard and Nichole Aldrich                AEW Capital Management
State Street Corporation                          Patricia S. Bellinger and Richard Balzer   Alan Gray, Inc.
                                                  Robert Benmosche                           Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
$500,000 - $999,999                               Frederick H. Chicos                        Axis Specialty Limited
Anonymous                                         John G. Conley                             Carey & Company
The McGrath Family                                C. Michael Daley                           Carlton Fields
Frederick A. Wang/The Wang Foundation             John W. French and Linda Neshamkin         Michael Christian
                                                  Lexington Insurance Company                Crawford & Company
$250,000 - $499,000                               William and Irene Marsh                    Kenneth and Janice Cunningham
Joseph and Rosemarie Corcoran                     Sean and Laura McLaughlin                  D’Amato & Lynch, LLP
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation                 Roche Bros. Supermarkets                   Ronald R. and Holly Darzen
                                                  Richard A. Simons                          Scott Desano
$100,000 - $249,000                               Richard and Patricia Waters                Deutsche Bank Championship
Mark S. and Carolyn C. Ain                                                                   Donovan Hatem LLP
The George I. Alden Trust                         $10,000 - $24,999                          Elizabeth and Robert Doris-Gustin
American International Group Inc.                 Hope A. Aldrich and Vytas Simas            FARA Risk Control Services
Arbella Insurance Group                           Alterra Reinsurance USA Inc.               GAB Robins North America, Inc.
Jay and Christy Cashman                           AmWINS Group, Inc.                         T.J. Geraghty Trust B
Charles and Gloria Clough                         Aon Foundation                             Guy Carpenter
The Cooperative Bank                              Arthur Blank & Company, Inc.               Michael G. Hamrock
John F. Donohue                                   Boston Bruins Foundation                   Hyde Park Savings Bank
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation                Paul A. Burmeister                         Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.
First Congregational Church of Hyde Park          Collaborative Consulting, LLC              J.S. Held, Incorporated
John Fowler                                       Jeff and Shannan Conway                    James Devaney Fuel Company
William and Lauren Huyett                         Copeland Family Foundation                 Lepore Protective Services
Brian and Susan Kavoogian                         David Donatelli                            Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP
Liberty Mutual Group                              Thomas, Anne and Margaret Geraghty         Lockton Management, LLC
Stacey and Larry Lucchino                         Frederick and Shelly Gillis                Madsen Kneppers and Associates, Inc.
Stanley J. Lukowski                               James and Jude Hennigan                    Sally Muspratt
Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund                    Cornelius K. Hurley                        NSM Insurance Group
Savings Bank Life Insurance                       Marion Kelly and Mark Ober                 Partner Reinsurance
                                                  Teresa K. Koster                           Gregory and Mary Petrini
$50,000 - $99,000                                 John and Nancy Larsen                      Matthew F. Power
Brookline Bank                                    William and Sheila Macauley                The Redwoods Group Foundation
William Golden and Gwynne Morgan                  McLarens Young International               Regional Reporting, Inc.
C.J. Harwood                                      Douglas Miller                             Risk Strategies Company
Dr. Edward Zarrow and Carey Bertrand              Munich RE                                  Paul and Kathleen Scapicchio
Martin and Susan Madaus                           New England Sports Enterprises, LLC        Helen J. Sears
NSTAR                                             New Georgetowne LLC                        Sun Ray Cleaners
James and Maureen Palermo                         Peoples Federal Savings Bank               The Tobin Committee
Charles and Hilda Parrott                         Ryan Turner Specialty                      John M. Tobin, Jr.
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation              Scott K. Smith                             Trestle Realty Trust
Edward E. Zuker / Chestnut Hill Realty            The Stuart Family                          Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins,
                                                  Towers Watson                                    Gunn & Dial, LLP
  This donor list recognizes gifts and pledges    Alan W. Tuck                               West Roxbury Animal Hospital
  as of December 31, 2010. Every effort has
                                                  Ronald Ulich                               Michael and Julie Woodall and Family
  been made to ensure the accuracy of our
  donor listings. If we have inadvertently made   Waugh Family Foundation Inc.               York Risk Services Group, Inc.
  an error please contact Sarah Fitzgerald at     Seth Waugh
  617-927-8273 to correct our records.
                                                  William Gallagher Associates

The YMCA is able to provide high quality programs and services because of
generous contributions from corporations, foundations and other important
community partners. We are pleased to recognize the following donors who
supported our programs in 2010, including those who made in-kind donations.

$500,000 AND ABOVE                        $25,000 - $49,999                    $10,000 - $24,999
United Way of Mass Bay and                AGM Summer Fund                      Anonymous
     Merrimack Valley                     Black Ministerial Alliance of        Boston After School & Beyond
                                               Greater Boston                  Estate of Eugene Lyne
$100,000 - $499,999                       Chinatown Trust Fund Committee       Hewlett Packard Company
The Boston Foundation                     IBM                                  Stephen A. Gordon
Hobbs Brook Management                    JCPenney Afterschool Alliance        Massport
Stop & Shop/Giant Family Foundation       Liberty Mutual Foundation            Partners HealthCare System, Inc.
                                          Procter & Gamble Co.                 Roxbury Trust Fund Committee Trust
$50,000 - $99,999                         Tufts Medical Center                 Mr. and Mrs. David Wong- The Empire
                                          The Yawkey Foundations                    Garden Restaurant
Charles Hayden Foundation                                                      The Wong Family- Kowloon Restaurant
New Balance Foundation
State Street Foundation, Inc.                                                  $5,000 - $9,999
Tufts Health Plan
YMCA of the USA                                                                Anonymous
                                                                               Boston Police Foundation
                                                                               Family Dentistry
                                                                               John Hancock Financial Services
                                                                               Massachusetts Environmental Trust
                                                                               Share Our Strength
                                                                               The TJX Foundation

In 2010, the YMCA of Greater Boston distributed more than $2 million in
financial scholarships to children, families and adults in need through our
annual Reach Out Campaign. Thank you to the following donors who
supported the Reach Out Campaign in 2010.

PRESIDENT’S ROUND                                                              PRESIDENT’S ROUND
TABLE CABINET                                                                  TABLE COUNCIL
$10,000 AND ABOVE                                                              $5,000 - $9,999
AGM Summer Fund                           William and Sheila Macauley          Anonymous
Mark S. and Carolyn C. Ain                Massport                             Arbella Insurance Group
Richard and Nichole Aldrich               Holly McGrath and David Bruce              Charitable Foundation
Anonymous                                 New Balance Foundation               Patricia S. Bellinger and Richard Balzer
Family of Julian Anthony                  The Kelly Packowski MS Foundation    Nelson and Rita Burbank
Bank of America                           Susan F. Schiro and Peter J. Manus   Frederick H. Chicos
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation   State Street Foundation, Inc.        CHNA 15 Coordinator
Brant Binder                              Tufts – New England Medical Center   John G. Conley
The Caswell Foundation                                                         Joseph and Rosemarie Corcoran
Children’s Hospital Boston                                                     Dedham Institution For Savings
Citizens Bank Foundation                                                       Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Jack and Eileen Connors                                                        Eastern Insurance Group, LLC.
Cummings Foundation, Inc.                                                      Favorite Foods
The Family to Family Project                                                   The Foundation to be Named Later
Hobbs Brook Management                                                         John Fowler
William and Lauren Huyett                                                      Richard D. Goldberg
Stacey and Larry Lucchino                                                      William Golden and Gwynne Morgan

                                                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2010
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care             PRESIDENT’S ROUND                      BENEFACTOR
The Elliot & Marjorie Hillback Fund     TABLE MEMBER                           $1,000 - $2,499
Bernie and Lorraine Horn
                                        $2,500 - $4,999                        AccesSportAmerica
Ipswitch, Inc.
Evelyn C. Kaupp                         Anonymous                              Adecco
Brian and Susan Kavoogian               Boston Medical Center                  Hope A. Aldrich and Vytas Simas
Kensington Investment Co., Inc.         Dana Brewer                            Alexandra Construction, Inc.
Teresa K. Koster                        Dana-Farber Inc.                       The Alper Foundation
Larz Anderson Auto Museum Car Show      Roger and Joyce Brinner                American Food And Vending Corp
Lyndon SACC & Grant                     Brookfield Metal Co. Inc.              Amgen, Inc.
Needham Bank                            Kevin Burke                            Anonymous
Northeastern University                 The Children’s Chef, Inc.              ArQule, Inc.
Charles and Hilda Parrott               Children’s Hospital Waltham            Thomas Baillie and Ann Domigan
Paul M. Wagner, Jr. Rev. Trust          Chubb & Son                            David Barrett
Pfizer                                  City Line Cleaning                     Battlegreen Landscaping
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP              City of Woburn                         The Baty Family Foundation Trust
Roche Bros. Supermarkets                City Shopper                           Bay Path College
Shuttle Worth Fund                      Kenneth and Mary Crotty                Paul Bechtner Foundation
Thomas and Carlotta Soviero             David Joyce Charity Fund               Douglas and Michelle Bell
Sterling Suffolk Racecourse             Excel Orthopedic Specialists           Elsa and John Bengel
Matthew J. and Gilda F.                 John Faldetta                          Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
      Strazzula Foundation              John and Mary Ann Ferrell              Corporate Ink Publications
The Stuart Family                       Thomas M. Finneran Charities Inc.      Henry T. Berry
Nicholas Tranquillo                     Fireman Charitable Foundation          Robert S. Bigelow
Ronald and Victoria Ulich               Gee How Oak Tin Association of         Bluestone Realty LLC
W.B. Mason                                    New England                      Boston College Community Fund Brighton
Wakefield - Reading Y Service Club      Diana Todaro Getman                    Boston Police Department
Frederick A. Wang/The Wang Foundation   Dr. Robert Guen                        Boyle, Morrissey & Campo, P.C.
Richard and Patricia Waters             Robert J. Hickey                       William Boynton
Gerdy Weiss                             Houghton Chemical Company    
Stephen and Robbie Werth                Hyde Park Savings Bank                 Karen Buttiglieri
Inez K. Woodberry Trust of 2000         James and Maureen Jarosz               Calloway Laboratories Inc.
Dr. Edward Zarrow and Carey Bertrand    Richard Kashian                        Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
                                        Kilmer PTO                             Carpenters Local Union #67
                                        Little Corner School House             Casali Group, Inc.
                                        Paul and Patricia Mantell              Caturano & Company Foundation
                                        William and Irene Marsh                Centralbank
                                        Jack and Susan McNamara                Asael and Hilary Cespedes
                                        Needham Dental Associates              Admiral Ming E. Chang
                                        NSTAR                                  Peter and Peg Chatellier
                                        James and Maureen Palermo              Childs, Bertman, Tseckares, Inc.
                                        Pepsi Bottling Group                   Richard J. Chin
                                        Peter Sanborn Place                    Citizens Bank
                                        Puraqua Pool Service                   Citizens Energy Corporation
                                        Leonard and Jana Romano                Charles and Gloria Clough
                                        Roslindale-West Roxbury Kiwanis Club   Kathryn Cochrane Murphy
                                        Paul and Kathleen Scapicchio           Commonwealth Cooperative Bank
                                        Shaevel & Krems                        Tim Connors
                                        Adrienne Smith and Mark Gluesing       The Honorable Rob Consalvo and
                                        Harold and Rita Sparrow                      Michelle Keddy-Consalvo
                                        Sun Life                               The Cooperative Bank
                                        Ann C. Tikkanen and Mark L. Sullivan   Chesterfield Coppin
                                        Training, Inc. National Association    Theodore D. Cormier and Artie Leger
                                        The Honorable and Mrs. Robert E.       Country Club Heights
                                              and Kelly Travaglini             Susan Craighead
                                        Tufts School of Dental Medicine        Josephine and Stephen Cuzzi
                                        Tufts University                       Edward and Kristel Dahlstedt
                                        Tufts University Department of         C. Michael Daley
                                              Community Relations              David and Sarah Damassa
                                        Mauricio Vasquez                       John and Gail Danielson
                                        Winchester Co-Operative Bank
                                        Winn Development Co.
YMCA OF GREATER BOSTON                  YMCA of the USA
DentaQuest                           Lewin Windows, Inc.                     Craig and Janine Schultze
Raymond and Marian Desautels         Harriet Lewis                           Willie and Maxine Shellman
Robert J. Devaney, Jr.               Local Motion                            Elizabeth Shurland
Discover Ensemble, Inc.              H.D. Lockhart Company                   The Cynthia L. and William E.
Dr. Mark S. DiStefano and            Robert and Teresa Loo                         Simon, Jr. Foundation
      Dr. Mary K. Wendel             Thomas and Kysa Lovvoll                 Kyung Sin
William and Julie Doe                James and Crystal Lozano                Scott K. Smith
Michael and Jennifer Dooher          Michael and Kathryn G. Lozano           Sovereign Bank
DoubleTree Hotel Corporation         The Luddy Family 2008 Charitable Lead   Sprinkler Fitters Local 550
Andy and Julie Doyle                        Annuity Trust                    Cynthia Stivers
Emerson College                      James Lyne                              James Stoneman
Chuckwunulu Ezedi                    Alan MacKinnon                          Suffolk Downs
Mitchell and Karen Feldman           Renee Margossian                        Suffolk University
James Felty and Judy Jackson         Massachusetts Behavioral                Donna Sullivan
Fields Family Foundation                    Health Partnership               TD Bank
First Priority Credit Union          Alexis Maybank                          Anthony Teta
Scott and Laura Fisher               Linda McMillan                          The Gables at Winchester
Kevin A. Foster and Nadia Chamblin   Brian R. McNeil Foundation              Richard and Cathy Thompson
Julian Frank                         Michael Merullo                         Joanne Tinmouth
Jack and Diane Fucci                 Roberta and Anthony Messina             The Honorable Steven A. Tolman
The Gant Family Foundation           Anne Meyerson                           Triumverate Environmental
Karen T. Gately                      Millennium Partners                     Alan W. Tuck
Sally Glora                          Millennium Printing Corporation         Amy and Paul Turner
Stephen A. Gordon                    Maria Montuori                          Turner Construction Company
Greater Boston Convention Bureau     Sandra and Ron Morander                 Unica Cleaning Services Inc.
Carolyn Greene                       Fred and Susan Morhart                  Thomas and Barbara Van Dyke
Lydia Greene                         Edna Moy                                Ettie May Vaughn and Sean Ebanks
Richard C. Grinold                   Mt. Washington Charitable Foundation    Venom Security
Reverend Gregory G. Groover          Dalton Murphy                           Veolia Energy North America
Steve and Barbara Grossman           Mark Murphy                             Vinciullo Charitable Foundation Trust
H.T. Berry Company, Inc.             Robert W. Murray Charitable             Wainwright Capital
Edward and Barbara Haddad                   Foundation DTD                   Terry Walker
Rachel L. Hall                       Christopher Myers and Jo Ann Chang      Kathleen and Daniel Walsh
Hanify & King                        Arthur H. Nelson                        Waltham Rotary Club
Janeen S. Hansen                     Charles P. Nelson, Jr.                  Watertown Savings Bank
Renee L. Harper                      New England Fitness Distributors        Eugene Welch
Kevin Hart                           New England World Outreach              West on Centre
Harvard University                   Newbury Comics                          Richard Wichmann
Philip Hillman                       Debra O’Bryan                           Elizabeth Williams
Kip Hollister                        Jill and Andy Onderdonk                 Winchester Savings Bank
Hometown Auto Framingham, Inc.       Park Lodge Corporation                  WJJ Planning Construction
The Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund   Roger Parkinson                         Dr. Bak Fun Wong
Honduran Soccer League               Walter Parkinson                        Nancy Yee Solomon
Honey Dew Donuts                     Parkway Running Club                    Young Heroes
Hudson Design Group LLC              Pipefitters Local Union #537            Zdorovie Senior Services
Hudson Group North America LLC       Dana and Carolyn Pope                   Wendy and William Zinn
Cornelius K. Hurley                  Printmaster                             Robert Zombik
J.M. Forbes & Co. LLP                John T. Putnam
Janet Jankowiak                      R.P. O’Connell, Inc.
John Leonard Employment Services     RCN
JP Morgan Chase & Co.                Re/Max Leading Edge
Marion Kelly and Mark Ober           Reading Rotary Club
Bennie Dinardo and Patrice Kish      Kelley Rice
Kiwanis Club of Allston Brighton     Eugene F. Richey
Philip D. Kluge                      Riverdale PTA
Arthur and Kristina Lang             Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation
John and Nancy Larsen                Ingrid Rodriquez
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.                Margaret and John Roll
Leiser Corporation                   Rotary Club of Winchester
                                     Roxbury Technology Corp.

                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2010
SPONSOR                                  Douglas Dahl                             The Kerry Group , LLC
$500 - $999                              Elizabeth D’Arezzo                       Families of the West Roxbury
                                         Ronald R. and Holly Darzen                     YMCA Kids Stop
Absolute Home Comfort                    Norman and Patty De Robertis             Kirkwood Direct
Academy North, Inc.                      Stacy Dell’Orfano                        Peter Lavelle
Active Network                           Anthony Di Censo                         Diane LeBlanc
The Speedy & Honey Altman Memorial       Diversified Marine Construction          Lee, Yee & Company P.C.
Bernard and Nancy Anderson               Doherty-Barile Funeral Home              Kate L. Lemay
William Anderson                         John Donahue                             Lawrence H. Levine
Anonymous                                William and Ruth Donovan                 Martha M. Lewis
Ross Arnold                              Eric Dorsey                              Life Fitness
AstraZeneca LP                           Julie Dorsey                             Emiley Lockhart
Susan and Dennis Ausiello                Jeff S. Dover and Tania J. Phillips      The Lisa P. Loeb Foundation
Chris Austill                            Linda Fairstein                          Linda Loney
B-3 Gym Committee                        Stephanie Fan                            Oscar Lopez
Andrea Baez                              Faulkner Hospital                        Louise Condon Realty Inc.
Baillie & Company                        Ross and Roslyn Feldberg                 Kevin Luke
Jeremy Baker                             Waldo L. Fielding                        William and Joan Luzier
Kevin Barile                             Francois R. Fils-Aime                    Monica Lynch
Patricia and George Barnwell             John Fish                                Sheila Lyne
Glenn Barry                              Fisher College                           David Mackie
Bedford Charter Service                  Tiffany Folkes                           Macrolease Corporation
Sarah Begg                               FUSN - Unitarian Universalist            Macy’s Liquors
Donna Berman                                   Urban Ministries                   Gary and Sarah Magnuson
Donald Bingham                           Erik Garpestad                           Marcus Partners
Biogen Idec Foundation                   Gary’s Liquors                           George Marinakis and Molly Smith
Book Ends                                Gentili & Rossini Associates             Dr. Nicholas Marinakis
Boston Partners/Mentoring, Inc.          George Georges                           Norm Marowitz
Boston Police Patrolmen’s Assoc.         Joseph H. & Pauline S. Gest Foundation   Brad Martin
Boston Scientific Corporation            William and Linda Gibbons                Dr. Deborah Scott and Ralph C. Martin, II
Boston Storage Company                   Gillum Excavating                        Martini Insurance Agency, Inc.
Boston Textile Company                   Laura J. Goldin                          Suzanne McElroy
Boston Youth Handball Association        Paul and Gabriella Good                  James and Claire McGuire
Brighton Board of Trade                  Tom Marden and Amy Goodman               Daniel McLaughlin
Cambridge Landscape Company, Inc.        Goon Shee Association                    James P. McSherry
Cambridge Masters Swim Club LLC          Gordon Brothers Group, LLC               Patrick McVeigh
Cambridge Trust Company                  Lawrence Govoni                          Merchants Leasing
Stephen and Lonni Campbell               Elizabeth Grace                          MFS Investment Management
Thomas Carrigg & Son, Inc.               Richard Grealish                         MGC Services
Jennifer S. Cassells                     MaryBeth Griffin                         Judith Mitchell
Joseph N. Castro                         GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.               Modell’s Sporting Goods
Barbara Y. Catchings                     Betsey Halbert                           Cassius Moore
Angela Chan                              Sandra E. Hall                           Colleen Moore
Billy Chin                               Kenneth Hallberg                         Daniel H. Moore
Frank Chin                               Harvard Vanguard Medical Association     Ann Moy
Chino World Management Inc.              Matthew and Maura Hodge                  The Nelson Companies
Catarina and Jason Cipriani              The Committee to Elect Kevin Honan       New England Carpenters Labor
City of Boston Credit Union              Howse Corporation                              Management Program
Philip and Sara Clarkson                 Russell Howse                            New England Teamsters Federal
Clear Channel Worldwide                  Robert C. Hunsicker Foundation                 Credit Union
Lisa Cloitre                             Stephen C. Ives                          New York Life Foundation
Gerald D. Cohen                          J & M Brown Co.                          Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Dr. Cynthia H. Cole and George E. Cole   J & S Carpet Co., Inc.                   Lindsey Noecker
The Honorable Daniel F. Conley           J. W. Construction, Inc.                 Joseph and Sinikka Nogelo
Rebecca Cooper                           JJ Hardwood Floors, Inc                  Jack Novia
Mark Cronin-Golomb                       Richard Johnson                          Mary T. O’Leary
Jodi and David Crowley                   Josiah Quincy School Association         Orthopedic Surgery, Inc.
Jennifer Culbert                         Barbara Katzenberg                       Ann O’Shea
D & S Snowplowing                        Jeffrey C. Keating                       Oxford Realty Trust

P.W. Ryan Co. Inc.                  Gregory Wilmot                           Debra Casey
Paolo Incampo DMD, PC               Richard Wilson                           Peter A. Cassani
John and Jan Pararas                Woburn Lions Breakfast Club              Jennifer Cefalo
Parkway Y’s Mens & Womens Club      Kevin Wolf                               Linda Champion
Dave Peterson                       James and Rosamond Wong                  Jacob Chartoff
Pool Environments, Inc.             Jeffrey Wong                             Sophea Chau
Dave Powers Foundation, Inc.        Anna L. Young                            Douglas A. Chisholm
Linda E. Queripel                   Ellen M. Zane                            Ingrid Christiansen
Leonard Radochia                                                             Olive Chukwuanu
Realty Executives                   PATRON                                   Lawrence Clifford
Ritchie and Clair Reardon           $250 - $499                              C-Mart Supermarkets
Refrigeration Services of N.E.                                               James Connors
                                    Jill and Ken Abrahams
Patricia Reitkopf                                                            Diane Consalvo
                                    Peter and Elizabeth Abrahams
Xavier Rhinehart                                                             Constellation Maritime Company
                                    Alice Abrams
Carol Rubin                                                                  Copley Motorcars Corporation
                                    John Accardi & Sons, Inc
Joanne Russo                                                                 Coverall North America, Inc.
                                    Ernest Aiguier
Patricia Ryan                                                                Robert Crabtree
                                    Alliance Glass Corp.
Ron and Julie Ryan                                                           Cranney Companies Inc.
                                    April Andrew
SaleStart                                                                    June T. Crow and Joseph Tringale
                                    Anonymous (2)
Salter Brothers Partnership                                                  Cuddy Brothers
                                    Patrick Anzalone
James Savage                                                                 Robert and Jane Cummings
                                    Francis Arcaro
Savings Bank Life Insurance                                                  Michael and Nancy Curtin
                                    Olga Arnold
John Schachter & Associates Inc.                                             Curtis Guild School Fund
                                    Stephen C. Ashness
Adam R. Schepp                                                               D & P Swimming Pool Construction Inc
                                    Wanda Atkins
Thoreen Scopelliti                                                           Stephen and Paula S. Dangel
                                    Joanne Auguste
Scott/Griffin Architects                                                     Dana Daniel
                                    Marcia Aulenback
Nicholas Scotti                                                              Michael D’Avolio
                                    Automated Food Service
Edford Seeley                                                                Guy DeAngelis
                                    B&M Automotive Service & Repair
David Seldin                                                                 Delta Airlines, Inc.
                                    Gouri Banerjee
John and Marie Shack                                                         Noreen Dillon
                                    Dante Bantel
Joel and Karen Shaw                                                          Salvatore and Maria Distefano
                                    Richard Barth
Jane Simmons                                                                 Grace Doherty
                                    The Honorable Carlo Basile
Skyworks Solutions                                                           Kathy Donnelly
                                    Donald P. Bautz
Solidworks Corporation                                                       Philip and Mary Ellen Dooher
                                    Candyce Baxter
Richard SooHoo Insurance Agency                                              Anthony and Janie Dowling
                                    Bay Colony Construction
Charles and Cathy Sorenson                                                   Barbara Duff
                                    The Beal Companies,LLP
South Shore YMCA                                                             East Boston Harborside
                                    Aixa Beauchamp and Thomas Melendez
Spaulding Hospital Cambridge                                                       Community School
                                    Bedrock Leasing
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital                                            East Boston High School
                                    Juan Berrios
Stephen Christiansen Plumbing                                                East Boston Main Streets
                                    Rebecca Bleeker
Benjamin and Katherine Taylor                                                East Boston Neighborhood
                                    Virginia Boermeester
TH McCoy Restaurant Group LLC                                                      Health Center
                                    Bond Brothers Inc.
Reed Thompson                                                                East Boston Savings Bank
                                    Boston Philharmonic Orchestra Corp.
John and Kimberly Tierney                                                    East Boston Task Force
                                    Boston Police Department
Tiffany & Co.                                                                Lara and Tim Eberline
                                           Benevolent Society
Kim Tran                                                                     Ricardo Elien
                                    Boulevard Cafe
Charles Twigg                                                                Ener-G Media Communications
                                    Boy Scout Troop 114, Bedford MA
Ultimate Boot Camp                                                           F.M. Fire Control Company, Inc.
                                    Boyd & Turner LLC
University of Memphis                                                        Juli Fahey
                                    Arnold Bressler and Monica Jacobson
Amy and Kevin Vendt                                                          Christopher Falbo
                                    K. Douglas Briggs and Claudia L. Sorgi
Wagon Wheel Nursery                                                          Gerald Fanfan
                                    Broderick Bancroft and Goldberg
Edward Walsh                                                                 Laurel Farnsworth
                                    Derek and Koren Brodin
Kevin and Sheila Washington                                                  Annetty Feliz
                                    Christopher Brown and
Curtis and Wilberanne Wells                                                  Kelly A. Fernandes
                                           Jocelyn Chertoff
David and Mary West                                                          Megan Fichter
                                    David Brown
West Suburban YMCA                                                           Field Family
                                    Kenneth M. Bryan
Westex                                                                       Kenneth Fields
                                    Lisa Butler
White Rock Church                                                            Peter E. Finn
                                    Cambridge Biomedical, Inc.
James C. Wiess                                                               Robert A. and Glenda Fishman
                                    Paula Caputo
                                                                             Paula M. Fleming

                                                                                           ANNUAL REPORT 2010
Rhonda Fogle and Alexander Asch            Jeanette Lamberti                             Linda M. Ozier
Christine Ford                             Latham, Latham & Lamond, PC                   George and Linda Pacheco
Amy K. Franz and Christopher J. Masalsky   Law Offices of Donald E. Green, P.C.          Julie Peabody
Robert B. Fraser                           David Leonard                                 Steven Pearl
Robert and Julie Frattaroli                Vivian Leonard                                Donald Pearson and Lynn Champion
Friends of Boston Latin School Soccer      Lindsey Lerit                                 Perry’s Gourmet Catering
Mathieu Gagne                              Felicia Liban                                 The Honorable Anthony Petruccelli
Diana Ganz                                 Frank and Jennie Lipari                       Anthony Petruccelli Committee
Sarah Gibbons                              Lockes Hill Marine, Inc.                      Kenneth Pickard
Charles W. Gibson                          Shaddiff Lopez                                Preferred Meal Systems
Globe Direct                               Robert E. Lowell                              Prism Financial Group
Paul and Ann Glora                         Thomas Lupone                                 Project Bread
Harriett Goodman                           Damon and Christine Lusk                      Michelle B. Quinlan
Mark Grant                                 Jim Lux                                       Daniel and Tali Rausch
Charles Gray                               Law Offices of Richard C. Lynds               The Real Deal
Donald E. Green                            M.P. & Co. Tax and Financial Services, Inc.   Thomas Regan
Robert and Mary Green                      Stephen C. Mabee and Linda C. Todaro          Thomas E. Reilly and Elizabeth A. Palmer
Andrew Grimes                              Bruce Macomber                                Re-Max Real Estate Center
Gym Services, Inc.                         Karen Mael                                    James C. Robinson
Peter Halberstadt                          C. Mah                                        Janet Rossi
Dr. John S.and Nancy Hammond               Harry and Catherine Mah                       Rotary Club of Wolfeboro
James Haney                                Harry Mairson                                 Steven and Sharon Roussel
John and Siobhan Hanley                    Sharon J. Malone                              Ruggiero-Mazzarella Memorial Home
Eve Harris                                 Tom and Wendi Malone                          Sandra Ruiz and Larelle Bryson
Marvin C. Harris                           Richard Maloney                               Kristin Salada
James F. Harvey                            Michael Marchese                              Valerie A. Sarkis
David Hasenfus                             Kenneth P. Marcou                             Dr. Paul Satwicz and Nancy Satwicz
Howard and Laura Hecht                     Michael Martini                               The Savings Bank
Olivia Hecht                               Mass Pike Towers                              Stephen Saxenian and Stacey Lennard
James A. Heffernan                         Robert and Angela Mauceri                     Thomas F. Scalley Sons, Inc.
The Hidden Pond Foundation                 Henry S. Maxfield Real Estate, Inc.           Helen Chin Schlichte
Margaret Higham                            Salvatore Mazzotta                            Mark and Janet Schreiner
Michael and Nancy Hinds                    Connall McCabe                                Donna Severino
Deborah Ho                                 Scott McCue                                   Emily J. Shamieh
Gilbert Ho                                 Danielle McFarlane-Johnson                    Shamrock Landscaping
Melissa Hubbard                            Francis and Marian McGovern                   George and Isabel Shattuck
Mason and Ann Irving                       Rosalie McKenzie                              Colleen M. Sheehy
Italia Unita Inc.                          Paul and Margaret McMahon                     Jaclyn Shelton-Wallace
Amarri Jackson                             Ian McWilliams                                Andrew Sideman
Allison James                              Meadow Pond Animal Hospital                   Lydia M. Silvestro
James C. Caniff, Jr. Monument Corp.        William F. Meagher, Jr.                       Brian Simmons
James Devaney Fuel Company                 The Menino Committee                          The Banker Family
James Otis Home & School                   Mercantile Bank & Trust Company               Sir Speedy
Jeanne Jaroszewski                         Mirror Lake Community Church                  Charles Skeele
Brian Keddy                                Vivian Montuori                               John and Catherine Skinner
Maureen Keene                              Gretchen Moy                                  Ted Smith
Heather Kineavy                            William Moy                                   William Smith
Gail Klimas                                John Muller                                   Dana Snyder
Florence Koplow                            Mark and Christine Mulvey                     Jerry and Nancy Socol
Kowloon Cafe, Inc.                         Karen Murray                                  Karen Sorensen
Kip Kransdorf and Kathryn Phillipson       David Murray-McCarthy                         Abbie Spicer
Michael Krieger                            Pauline Natale                                Nathan Raymond and Laurie Spindler
Klaus Kubierschky                          NES Group Inc.                                Spinelli Ravioli MFG Co., Inc.
Louise Kuhlman                             Michael J. Nogelo                             Christopher Sprague
Laborers INTL Union of North America       Robert I. Nordstrand                          Stanton Insurance Agency, Inc.
Richard W. Laham                           Brooke and James O’Connor                     Clara Stanzin
Joseph and Joyce Lally                     Nancy Okstein                                 Bente Starble
Kathleen Lally                             Jillian O’Neil                                Richard Steenbruggen
The Honorable Salvatore LaMattina          Thomas B. O’Rourke                            Jerry Rubin and Carol R. Steinberg
      and Lisa LaMattina                   Otis Elementary School                        Roberta and Don Steiner

Barbara A. Stone                   Waltham West Suburban Chamber
Kathleen Sullivan                        of Commerce
Superior Cleaning Service          Robert Wanek
Stephen Sutliff                    Ann Wardlow
Jason Sutton                       Maria and Samuel Wardwell
Sydney Sheetmetal, Inc.            Katherine Waters-Clark
Tai Tung Pharmacy, Inc.            Douglass and Elaine Webb
Kenneth Tarr                       Jennifer A. Weber and Arlton Figuerido
Sandra Tassinari                   Weeks & Devonish Insurance Agency
David Tavares                      Kenneth R. Weiand
Winston Telesford                  Martha Weinberg
Steve Telesmanick                  WGBH Educational Foundation
Karen Tenney                       Daniel J. Whalen
Lauren M. Thomas                   WHDH-TV/7
John Thorndike                     Wheaton Electrical Service Inc.
David and Lisa Todaro and Family   Ernest Williams
Todisco Towing                     Winchester Hospital
Anna Tourkakis                     Wolfeboro Oil
Laurence Tropeano                  Clifford Wong
Tufts Department of Medicine       Janice and Robert Woodman
John Turner                        Brooke Woodson
U.S. Fire Services                 Worcester County Deputy
Umana Barnes Middle School               Sheriff’s Office
Marjorie Van Dercook               Peter R. Wright and Lisa M. Gill
Piet and Connie Vanogtrop          David Yamins
Patricia Vellante                  Zen International
Scott Viselli
David Vittorini

Funds raised from the Gala support the YMCA Achievers’ college preparation and
leadership programs for youth. Thank you to the 2010 gala sponsors listed below.

BENEFACTOR                         SPONSORS                                  SUPPORTERS
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.   The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation   HealthNet
                                   Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center      Ernst & Young
PATRON                             Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts   Deborah Felix
Liberty Mutual Group               Boston Medical Center                     Harvard University
                                   Children’s Hospital Boston                Leonard Hayes
PARTNERS                           Citizens Bank                             Rosa Nichols
                                   Dana-Farber Inc.                          The Stuart Family
State Street Corporation           Federal Reserve Bank of Boston            Westnet, Inc.
The TJX Companies, Inc.            Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Tufts Health Plan                  Harvard Vanguard Medical Association
                                   John Hancock Financial Services
                                   Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
                                   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                   Roxbury Technology Corp.

                                                                                           ANNUAL REPORT 2010
The YMCA of Greater Boston would like to thank the following donors to the
2010 Hello Party. Funds raised through the Hello Party help the YMCA offer high
quality youth programs.

GOLD SPONSOR                          PATRON SPONSORS                            SUPPORTERS
Citizens Bank                         Arbella Insurance Group                    Richard and Nichole Aldrich
                                            Charitable Foundation                Big Night Entertainment Group, Inc.
SILVER SPONSORS                       Patricia S. Bellinger and Richard Balzer   Bluestone Realty LLC
Bank of America                       Cooley Manion Jones LLP                    The Boston Foundation
Brigham and Women’s Hospital          John and Mary Fowler                       William Boynton
      Quality of Life Fund            Dick and Nancy Friedman                    The Brennan Group, Inc.
Eileen and Jack Connors               Chad and Anne Gifford                      Keith Brown
Lynch Family Foundation               John Hancock Financial Services            Calloway Laboratories Inc.
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.      John W. Henry Family Foundation, Inc.      Carole Charnow
State Street Corporation              KPMG LLP                                   Brenda Chartoff
                                      Holly McGrath and David Bruce              Coakley for Senate
                                      Liberty Mutual Group                       Larry and Roberta Cohn
                                      Ron Logue and Kathleen McGillycuddy        John G. Conley
Converse                              Mintz Levin                                Michael Contompasis
Deloitte                              Charles and Hilda Parrott                  Jeff and Shannan Conway
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation    The Red Sox Foundation                     Ronald R. and Holly Darzen
Hill Holiday                          Thomas and Katherine Ryan                  David Fialkow
Brian and Susan Kavoogian             Cynthia Strauss and Harry Sherr            Gail Gall
Kessler Family Foundation             Frederick A. Wang/The Wang Foundation      Keith Gelb
Seth A. and Beth S. Klarman           Werner Family Foundation                   Grayson Family Foundation
Stacey and Larry Lucchino             Willis                                     Pat Jones
McKinsey & Company, Inc.              Winn Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.    Drs. William and Carolyn Kaelin
NSTAR                                                                            Edward Kane
Red & Blue Foundation                                                            Amanda Kennedy
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company                                              Mike Kerrigan
                                                                                 Antonia Makosky
                                                                                 Daniel McLaughlin
                                                                                 William and Linda McQuillan
                                                                                 ML Strategies, LLC
                                                                                 Julie Mowschenson
                                                                                 Gil Noam
                                                                                 Northeastern University
                                                                                 Robert P. Sacco
                                                                                 Shaevel & Krems
                                                                                 James and Barbara Skeffington
                                                                                 Frank Strauer
                                                                                 Antonio Teixeira
                                                                                 Westley Thompson
                                                                                 David P. Waller
                                                                                 Faith S. Weiner

City of Boston                                    Neighboring Communities
CONSTITUTION INN YMCA – 617-241-8400              BURBANK YMCA – 781-944-9622
150 Third Avenue, Charlestown Navy Yard           36 Arthur B. Lord Drive, Reading, MA 01867
Charlestown, MA 02129                             Kathleen Walsh, Executive Director
Steve Telesmanick, Executive Director
                                                  CHARLES RIVER YMCA
DORCHESTER YMCA – 617-436-7750                    Pool Site – 781-444-6400
776 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02124       863 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, MA 02492
Kathy Townsend, Executive Director
                                                  Active Family Center – 781-449-6646
                                                  380 Chestnut Street, Needham, MA 02492
EAST BOSTON YMCA                                  Kathryn Lozano, Executive Director
215 Bremen Street, East Boston, MA 02128
                                                  NORTH SUBURBAN YMCA – 781-935-3270
617-418-7331                                      137 Lexington Street, Woburn, MA 01801
54 Ashley Street, East Boston, MA 02128           Amy Turner, Executive Director
Joey Cuzzi, Executive Director
                                                  WALTHAM YMCA – 781-894-5295
HUNTINGTON AVENUE YMCA – 617-536-7800             725 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02452
316 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115           Patricia Barnwell, Executive Director
Wendy Zinn, Executive Director

HYDE PARK YMCA – 617-361-2300
1137 River Street, Hyde Park, MA 02136
                                                  Signature Programs
Donna Sullivan, Executive Director                YMCA ACHIEVERS – 617-536-7800
                                                  316 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
OAK SQUARE YMCA – 617-782-3535                    Willie Shellman, Executive Director
615 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135
Jack Fucci, Executive Director                    YMCA CAMPING SERVICES – 603-569-2725
                                                  PO Box 10, Mirror Lake, NH 03853
ROXBURY YMCA – 617-318-1420                       Artie Lang, Executive Director
285 Martin Luther King Blvd., Roxbury, MA 02119
May Vaughn-Ebanks, Executive Director             YMCA TRAINING, INC. – 617-542-1800
Egleston Square Youth Center – 617-522-0946       18 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108
3134 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119         Elsa Bengel, Executive Director
                                                  Anne Meyerson, Director
8 Oak Street West, Boston, MA 02116               YMCA INTERNATIONAL LEARNING CENTER
Karen Gately, Executive Director                  617-927-8244
                                                  316 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
WEST ROXBURY YMCA                                 Elsa Bengel, Executive Director
617-323-3200                                      Susan Arida, Director
15 Bellevue Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132
1980 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132
Marion Kelly, Executive Director


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