; Annual Report 2011 - Waltham Partnership for Youth_ Inc
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Annual Report 2011 - Waltham Partnership for Youth_ Inc


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									July 1, 2009—June 30, 2010              Waltham Partnership for
                                        Youth, Inc.
  www.walthampartnershipforyouth.org    Networking Youth Programs
Board of Directors

John Peacock, Waltham West
                                        Annual Report FY 2011
Suburban Chamber of Com-
merce, President                        Letter from the Executive Director
Connie Braceland, Watertown
Savings Bank, Vice President             As I complete my first full year    parents, with teachers, and
                                         as Executive Director of WPY, I     youth-service professionals. I
Christopher Beneke, Bentley Uni-         want to share some of my im-        have talked with elected offi-
versity, Treasurer                       pressions of our city, our work,    cials and business leaders,
Jeannette A. McCarthy, Chair Ex          and our collective commitment       with people who are Waltham
                                         to Waltham’s youth and fami-        born and raised and those, like
                                         lies. I have continually been       me, who are still getting to
William F. Stanley, Honorary Chair       amazed at the culture of col-       know the city. And consistently,
                                                                                                                 the Waltham Family School. We
                                         laboration that exists within       the message I get is, “Waltham
                                                                                                                 support Healthy Waltham’s efforts
                                         Waltham. From City Hall to          is a great place for children,
Directors:                               Waltham Public Schools, from        youth, and families.” I’m not
                                                                                                                 to promote a healthier, more vibrant
                                                                                                                 community, drive the Safe Schools
                                         Brandeis and Bentley Universi-      saying that everything is per-
                                                                                                                 Healthy Students Coalition, and
Jennifer Aldworth, Waltham Boys &        ties, to youth and family-serving   fect. I’m not saying that every
                                                                                                                 spearhead both discussion and
Girls Club                               organizations, service clubs,       need is met or that every re-
                                                                                                                 action to address substance abuse,
                                         local business, and the faith       source is accessible to every
Lawrence Bailis, Brandeis University                                                                             violence and bullying, and mental
                                         community— we all talk the talk     youth. But what I can say, with
Patricia Barnwell, Waltham YMCA                                                                                  health issues facing our youth. This
                                         of supporting youth and fami-       pride and confidence, is that
                                                                                                                 work, shared by people who re-
Julee Bolg, Children’s Hospital          lies, but in Waltham, we also       together, we are working to
                                                                                                                 sponded to the call to action, is
                                         walk the walk. And that is a rare   make things better.
Keith Gilbert, Park Lodge Hotel Group                                                                            providing new opportunities for our
                                         gift. Over the past year, I have
Zepur Kahwajian, Rockland Trust                                              WPY plays an important role in      youth, helping them learn positive
                                         had the opportunity to work
David King, Consultant                                                       building coalitions to support      life skills, and encouraging them to
                                         with many people who share
                                                                             youth. We convene task forces       be engaged in their communities.
Kristina Mackay, TD Bank                 our commitment to helping
                                                                             to identify and address commu-      WPY will continue to work to en-
                                         youth access the services, re-
Susan Nicholson, Ed. D, Waltham                                              nity needs. We raise money for      hance the quality of young lives in
                                         sources, and supports they
Public Schools                                                               afterschool programming, the        Waltham. We thank each of you
                                         need to succeed. I have talked
Capt. Donald Russo, Waltham Police                                           summer lunch program, and           who help support our mission.
                                         with youth themselves, with
Kim Scott, Waltham Recreation De-        Linking Education and Business 2011
Thomas Stanley, MA State Represen-      On Wednesday, May 4, 2011,           they need to become happy and       shared stories of how her organiza-
tative                                  more than 150 people gathered        engaged citizens. This year, I      tion has engaged middle and high
Kate Tranquada, Waltham Public          in the ballroom of the Westin-       had the pleasure of sharing a       school students on both a local and
                                        Waltham Hotel to reaffirm our        table with representatives from     global level. In her address, she
                                        commitment to Waltham’s Youth        AstraZeneca, Brandeis Univer-       spoke about the impact of helping
Stanley Usovicz, Verizon Foundation     and Families. The Annual Linking     sity and the Waltham Family         young people broaden their per-
                                        Education and Business Break-        School and keynote speaker          spectives beyond their own commu-
                                        fast brings together corporate,      Cynthia Melcher, Executive Di-      nities and realize their potential to
                                        business, and youth service part-    rector of the World Affairs Coun-   change the world. I hope all who
                                        ners to discuss ways to work to-     cil of Western Massachusetts.       attended were as inspired by LEB
                                        gether to bridge gaps in services    We had a lively conversation        2011 as I was.
                                        to youth and to provide stimulat-    about the importance of includ-
                                                                                                                 The Rotary Club of Waltham received
                                        ing opportunities for youth to       ing youth in decisions that im-
                                                                                                                 the Good Neighbor Award for its
                                        develop the skills and confidence    pact their lives. Ms. Melcher
                                                                                                                 outstanding service to youth.
                                                                                                             Waltham Partnership for Youth, Inc.

 Waltham Family School                          While their children are in preschool,      and we will continue to explore alternate
                                                the mothers learn to speak, read and        funding options, including grant, founda-
Waltham’s Even Start Family Literacy Pro-       write in English, to prepare healthy        tion, individual, and corporate support.
gram, the Waltham Family School, cele-          meals for their families, and to use
                                                computers. In addition, all families re-    The Fiesta! For Families, a WPY sponsored
brated another year of transforming lives
                                                ceive home visits, which focus on par-      fund raiser for the Waltham Family School,
at their graduation ceremony this July.
                                                enting skills and interactive literacy.     was held on June 1. Hobbs Brook Manage-
Mothers proudly shared their accomplish-
                                                WFS has more than 50 community vol-         ment provided the venue and a delicious
ments, most focused on supporting their
                                                unteers who share the commitment to         international meal, Los Sugar Kings rocked
children. They spoke of being able, for the
                                                family literacy.                            the house with their Afro-Latin Jazz sound,
first time, to help their children with their
                                                                                            WFS mothers shared traditional dances
homework, of attending parent-teacher           Since 2003, WFS has received a fed-         from their countries, and a new addition
conferences and talking with their chil-        eral Even Start Family Literacy grant, in   this year, a silent auction, produced lively
dren’s teachers, and of their heartfelt         addition to generous donations from         bidding. The event raised more than
desire to learn English to make a better        the Verizon Foundation, the Waltham         $10,000 for the Waltham Family School.
life for their families. The Waltham Family     Rotary Club, Mt. Auburn Hospital, the
School is a partnership of the Waltham          City of Waltham, Waltham Public
Public Schools and four key community           Schools, and WPY sponsored fund rais-
agencies: the Parent Child Home Program         ers, like the Fiesta for Families.
of Newton Community Service Center
Communities United (Headstart) the              The Even Start program was eliminated
Power Program; and WPY.                         from the Federal Budget this spring,
                                                however, and WFS will not receive the
In 2011, WFS served 45 families repre-          pledged funding beyond 2012. The
senting more than 12 home countries.            community is rallying to support WFS,

Safe Schools Healthy Students
 The Safe Schools, Healthy Student Initiative, developed in 2009 in       ary. The plan identifies clear and consistent procedures for re-
response to troubling data reported in the Youth Risk Behavior Sur-       sponding to incidents of bullying in school, outlines training and
vey, remains a vital force in aggressively addressing the most press-     professional development for teachers and school staff, and mobi-
ing issues facing Waltham’s Youth. The SSHS Steering Committee            lizes the entire community to recognize that bullying is a commu-
continued to focus on three major action areas: substance abuse           nity-wide concern.
prevention (including alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs), violence
                                                                          In 2011, SSHS received a $5000 grant from Genzyme Corporation
prevention, including bullying and cyber-bullying, and youth mental
                                                                          to continue the work of the SSHS subcommittees to strengthen
health issues.
                                                                          prevention supports and resources in the areas of mental health
In 2010, SSHS partnered with Waltham Public Schools to craft the          and suicide prevention; substance abuse prevention; and violence
district-wide Anti Bullying policy, which was accepted by the MA          prevention and anti-bullying. Stay tuned for more details on how
State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Janu-           you may get involved with this important work.

                                                         Spelling Bee 2010                                       WPY’s New Home
                                      The 5th Annual City-Wide Spell-     Anne Marie Carr-Reardon.
                                                                                                                 On July 16, WPY moved our
                                      ing Bee was a great success!
                                                                          The words were extra challeng-         office to the South Community
                                      Twenty teams, representing
                                                                          ing, and the competition was           Center, located in the old
                                      Waltham’s businesses, schools,
                                                                          fierce. After three nail-biting        South Junior High School at
                                      and community groups, com-
                                                                          rounds, the Bentley University         510 Moody Street. Astra-
                                      peted in a laughter-filled eve-
                                                                          Bibliographers emerged victori-        Zeneca donated office furni-
Congratulations to the Bentley Uni-   ning that raised $6,000 for
                                                                          ous, correctly spelling the word       ture, and we share a two
versity Bibliographers, the 2010      WPY.
                                                                          “Peccadillo.” Thanks to all who        room suite with Healthy
Spelling Bee Champions!
                                      Master of Ceremonies Tom            helped make the 5th Annual             Waltham.
                                      O’Toole and Pronouncer Ira          WPY Spelling Bee such a great          Please
                                      Steinberg set the tone, sup-        success. We hope to see you at         stop by to
                                      ported by Timekeeper Barbara        the 2011 Bee, on Thursday,             visit!
                                      Peterson, DJ Ken Doucette, and      November 3 at McDevitt Middle
                                      judges Mayor McCarthy and           School.
Acknowledgement of Support       Helpers ($100-$999)               Donald Feeney
                                                                   First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Corporate Partners ($10,000-)    AAA of Southern New England       Linda Flores
                                 Colin Adamson                     Richard Frese
Astra Zeneca                     Adobe Systems +                   Friends of the Waltham Public
                                 Martha Ahrens                     Library
MGH Community Benefits           Jennifer Aldworth                 Keith M. Gilbert
   Program                       American Consumer Credit          Jane Hale
                                  Counseling                       George Hall                            John Peacock
Mt. Auburn Hospital              American Heart Association        Hamilton and Hamilton                  Paul and Susan Pintus
Raytheon                         Armstrong Ambulance               Margaret Hannah                        Project INTERFACE+
                                 Ronald W. Arsenault               Joan Harvey                            Vin Potenza
Running Brook Day Camp+          Kathleen Atwood                   Kelly Hayner                           Paul Quaranto
Verizon Foundation               Maria Aviles                      John Hennessy                          REACH Beyond Domestic Violence
                                 Axis Orthodontics                                                        Charles Reed
Waltham Public Schools+          Dr. Peter Azar
                                                                   Hilscher, Singhal & Dietrich
                                                                   Theresa and Robert Hudson              Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation
City of Waltham                  Lawrence Neil Bailis              In a Pickle Restaurant                 RTN Federal Credit Union
                                 Patricia Barnwell                 Erica Zissman & Morton Issacson
Friends ($5,000-$9,999)          Marina Paige Bartley                                                     Susana Saldana-Sanchez
                                                                   Jill Iuliano                           Edward Sazo
                                 Belmont Savings Bank
Children’s Hospital Boston at                                      Joseph M. Smith Community Health       Carlota Schechter
                                 In Memory of Agnes Breen            Center
  Waltham                        Christopher Beneke                                                       Erich Schumann
                                                                   Francis Joyce                          Erica Schwartz
Genzyme                          Alwina Bennett                    KBD Entertainment +
                                 Bentley University                                                       Warren Schwartz
Waltham West Suburban                                              Zepur Kahwajian                        Maria Sheehan
                                 Bird Precision Foundation         David King
                                 BJ’s Wholesale Club                                                      Alexandra Siegrist
   Chamber of Commerce+                                            Mary Beth and Adam Kirsch              Debra Sosin
                                 Julee Bolg                        Kiwanis Club of Waltham
Hobbs Brook Management LLC       Connie and Timothy Braceland                                             Jeremy Stahlin
                                                                   Karen Koulopoulos                      Thomas M. Stanley
Neighbors ($1,000-$4,999)        Elizabeth Brainerd                Claire Kozower
                                 Brandeis University                                                      Stanton Insurance Agency
Agnes M. Lindsey Trust                                             Jenny Khweiss                          Manjola Tase
                                 Frederick Brasco                  John Lawn                              Sandra Tomasello
Anonymous Donor                  Wayne Brasco                      Bryna Leeder
                                 Debra Brush                                                              Beth Toolan
128 Business Council                                               Dung LeTran                            Kate Tranquada
                                 Laarni Bulan                      League of Women Voters
Bentley University+              Nallely Calzada                                                          Stanley Usovicz
Brandeis University+                                               Diane LeBlanc                          Maria Vaquerano
                                 Cambridge Trust Company           Lorraine Ledford                       Waltham Boys and Girls Club
Ian Carnathan                    Brenda Capello                    Lee Lerner
                                 Anne Marie Carr-Reardon                                                  Waltham Family YMCA
Community Health Network                                           Marya Levenson                         Alena Weiss
                                 Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School   Linda Y. King Memorial Fund
 Area 18                         Kathleen Chlapowski                                                      Elaine Wong
                                                                   Lisa Lorgeree                          + denotes gift in kind
DanversBank                      Chateau Restaurant+               Los Sugar Kings +
                                 Richard J. Cincotta                                                      + denotes gift in kind
Davis Marcus Partners                                              Tom & Meg Maehl
                                 Deniz Civril
East Cambridge Savings Bank      Michael H. Coiner
                                                                   Elaine Manfredi
Jewish Family & Child Services                                     Catherine Mann                           Thank you to our many donors for
                                 George Coleman                    Marcou Jewelers
Jones Partnership                Serafina Collura                                                           supporting the WPY mission: to
                                                                   Yuki Masujima
Newton Wellesley Hospital        Colonial Shopping Center          Massachusetts Medical Society            enhance the quality of young
                                 Communities United, Inc.
Park Lodge Hotel Group           Commonwealth Ballet Company +
                                                                   Dorothy and Robert Matthias              lives in Waltham by
Rotary Club of Waltham                                             Jeannette McCarthy
                                 Costco+                           Wayne McCarthy                           identifying the needs of all
Visual Talent Group+             Constance Counts                  Rachel McCulloch                         Waltham youth and
Waltham Community Access         Thomas B. Coxall                  Kimberly McDowell
                                 Susan Cutright                                                             coordinating resources to
 Corporation+                                                      Susanne McIvor
                                 Danversbank                       Kathleen McMenimen                       help meet those needs … to
Waltham Lions Club               Davis Marcus Partners             Britta & Don McNemar                     better enable Waltham youth
Waltham West Suburban            Jorge Garcia                      Mithra Merryman
   Chamber of Commerce
                                 Rosemary Givanetti                Metro/South West Regional Employment     to become productive
                                 Greater Waltham ARC
Watertown Savings Bank           Gregory DeMeo
                                                                   Board                                    citizens in the workforce and
                                                                   Julia Middlebrook
Wayside Youth & Family
                                 Trenery F. Dolbear                Andrew Molinksy                          in the community.
                                 East Cambridge Savings Bank       Robert and Dorvile Murray
   Support Network               Edward Jones Investments          Newton Community Service Center
Waltham Daily News Tribune+      Susan Farr                        Cynthia Niiler
Westin-Waltham Hotel             Fast Signs+                       O’Hallaran Committee
                                                                   Adeyemi Olawale

                                                                                                          Beth Toolan, WPY Executive Director,
                                                  Cynthia Melcher, Executive Director of the              with Lisa Lorgeree, President of the
                                                  World Affairs Council of Western Massa-                 Waltham Rotary Club, winner of the
                                                  chusetts, was the keynote speaker at the                2011 WPY Good Neighbor Award,
                                                  2011 Linking Education and Business                     with Chris Beneke of Bentley Univer-
                                                  Breakfast in May.                                       sity, WPY Treasurer.
                                                        Healthy Waltham
                                                                   Healthy Waltham is a civic group committed to improving the quality of
                                                        life for people who live, work, and learn in Waltham. Based on the Healthy Commu-
                                                        nities movement spreading across Massachusetts, Healthy Waltham embraces
                                                        the principles of community involvement, shared community values, a vision for
                                                        the future, and community-based solutions.

                                                                 The mission of Healthy Waltham is “to mobilize the people of Waltham to
                                                        address our community’s challenges and build on our strengths, to improve indi-
                                                        vidual health status and well-being, and to create a healthier, more just and pros-
                                                        perous community.”

                                                                   On June 27, 2011, the Waltham City Council and Mayor Jeannette
                                                        McCarthy passed a resolution for the City of Waltham to join Let’s Move, the na-
                                                        tional campaign to address childhood obesity that was launched by First Lady Mi-
                                                        chelle Obama in 2010. By participating in the Let’s Move initiative, Waltham joins
                                                        other communities across the country in recognizing that childhood obesity poses
                                                        a significant health risk that we all need to tackle together.

                                                        Let’s Move has four main pillars which are:

                                                             •    Helping parents make healthy food choices

                                                             •    Improving nutrition in schools

                                                             •    Expanding accessibility and affordability of healthy foods, and

                                                             •    Increasing physical activity opportunities

Community Resources                                     There will be lots of opportunities to get involved and support this exciting initia-
                                                        tive. Let’s Move! Waltham!
 WPY, with the support of the
Waltham Public Schools pub-
                                     Bentley University Service Learning
lishes a directory simply called
                                     Center:           782-891-2170
the Waltham Youth Activities
Directory. This directory, printed   Brandeis University Waltham Group:
in English and in Spanish and                           781-736-3235
available at the WPY website,
                                     WPS Parent Information Center:
goes home with all Waltham
elementary and middle school
youth each school year.              Waltham Boys & Girls Club:
WPY frequently receives calls
and emails inquiring about what      Waltham Family School:
is available for Waltham young                        781-314-5696
people during out of school
time hours. The directory con-       Waltham Public Library:
tains information about after-                         781-314-3425
                                                                                           Beth A. Toolan, Executive Director
school enrichment and home-          Waltham Public Schools:                              Carlos Vidal, Administrative Assistant
work help programs, arts, rec-                        781-314-5400
reation, scouting, sports, sum-                                                            510 Moody Street, Waltham MA 02453
mer and vacation programs,           Waltham Recreation Dept.:
                                                                                       Phone: 781.314.3367        fax: 781.314.3032
and more.                                             781-314-3475
The directory also contains a list   Waltham Family YMCA:
of reference numbers, includ-                         781-894-5295

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