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					               Stefano Romano
                         Via G. Guisan 19 – 6830 – Chiasso CH
                         Mobile IT +39 3381205806 Mobile CH +41

Background Summary
               LINUX - WINDOWS SYSTEMS mixed environment and NETWORKS ENGINEER with extensive
               expertise in servers and client networks installation, operations management, services distribution,
               troubleshooting and architectural design for small, medium and large industries with medium and high-
               tech businesses. Product knowledge spans network design, OpenSource deep know-how, high
               availability services implementation, client/server centralized environments, security implementation
               and Operating Systems deep knowledge. Related areas of expertise are:
                Technology for business approach and Customer perspective approach

                Knowledge of Standard ITIL for IT organizational work and project management

                Total Cost of Ownership reduction by OpenSource Software implementation management

                High Availability Production Server Installations and Customizations (Cluster Servers, Load Balance)

                Web Services and Application OpenSource infrastructure implementation (Apache, Tomcat-JDK)

                Linux high technical knowledge (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora Core, Suse-Novell SLES)

                Windows 2003, 2000, NT, XP expertise


     ENI as EDS now HP (cons. Sumeno), Milan (Italy)

               Senior System Engineer Solaris/Linux/Unix

                                                                                                                     From Feb 09
               Working with the Unix group on the ENI Linux, HP-Ux, AIX, RH, and Solaris Servers. Main tasks
               are on the building CRM platform on HW SUN 25K/M9K domains with Solaris 10 onboard. The
               framework comprise Oracle 10g, Siebel, Tibco on SUN Cluster 3.X with Veritas Volume manager
               (VxVM) for various SAN volumes. Many other jobs are done on the needs on Linux SuSE/RH or
               sometimes on AIX or HP-Ux where also SAP reside. Resuming:
                Install, configure, tune and troubleshoot Solaris, RH, Novell Suse, AIX, HP -Ux

                Install, configure, tune and troubleshoot RedHat and Sun Clusters

                Install, configure, tune and troubleshoot volumes with Veritas Volume manager (VxVM)

                Support on Oracle maintenance and troublesho oting and application performance

     UBI Centro System as Accenture (cons. SoftLab) (, Milan (Italy)

               Senior System Engineer Linux/Sun, Windows, Networking, VmWare, Backup, BMC
               Working in the small Unix and DBs group, main duties were on RedHat 4.5 and Solaris 10,

                                                                                                                   Jul 08 – Feb 09
               Windows 2003, VMWare Servers with various oracle DB and application servers. Since
               September the actual backup platform (EMC Legato 7.2) became my first occupation and after
               an anlisys period I delivered a new backup platform project (with budget of 500K€ for new
               HW/SW and reusing actual IBM tapes and VTL). Resuming:
                Install, configure, tune servers: RedHat, Solaris, VmWare, Windows

                Ordinary Backup management and troubleshoot: Legato Networker 7.2.x

                HW/SW Architectural design and project of the new Backup Legato 7.5 platform

                Ordinary Oracle DB e application server troubleshoot and tuning (ver. 9.1 -10.2)

                Ordinary VmWare Server ESX 3 troubleshoot and tuning

                Troubleshoot, configure and maintain BMC monitoring i nfrastructure
                                                                                                                   Aug 07 – Giu 08

     Poste Mobile for Accenture (SoftLab Consultant) (, Milan (Italy)

        Stefano Romano                             Pag. 1 of 4December 20, 2009
          Senior System Engineer Linux/Sun, Windows e Networking
          Collaboration on the PosteMobile ( project start-up in the infrastructure
          implementation, configuration and tuning on various Windows 2003, RedHat 4.5, Solaris 10 and
          Gentoo servers. Main duties in the Operation team after the project go-live are focused on the
          production and pre-production environment servers and infrastructures computers and mostly:
           Server installation and configuration with Windows 2003 32/64 bit on Hw Sun X4100-M2

           Maintenance and tuning of Microsoft SQL 2005 server on Veritas Cluster Server 5.0

           Maintenance and tuning of WebServer Sun 7.1 (Reverse proxy) and Microsoft IIS 6

           Installation and configuration of RedHat 4.5 on HW Sun X4100-M2 (x64)

                                                                                                            Feb 07 – Jul 07
Consultant for AIM Consulting ( in BSI and Gottardo Banks, Lugano (Switzerland)

          Senior Windows e Networking System Engineer
          Troubleshooting and maintenance of windows workstations on Windows 2003 and Windows XP
          platform of 1500 distributed clients. Most important tasks were mainly:
           Ordinary server maintenance (Win 2000/2003) and customer 2 level support

           Management and maintenance of File and Print distributed Services


Interroll Management AG (, S.Antonino, Tessin (Switzerland)

                                                                                                              Sep 06 - Jan 07
          Senior Network, Linux & Windows System Engineer
          Implemented and made troubleshooting of world WAN infrastructure of 20 sites and 600 users:
           Managed Infrastructure Servers (Win 2000/2003, Linux SLES 9, VmWare ESX 2.5/3)

           Managed Clients PC (Windows XP Pro and Citrix) and client-server applications operations

           Realized New Internet and Intranet servers Project (RedHat 3 to 4 with Oracle & CMS)

           Managed Network Services (DNS, DHCP, Web) and contacts with outsourcing vendors

ZeroPiù S.p.A. (, Milan (Italy)

                                                                                                            Avr 06 – Aug 06
          Senior Networking, Linux and OpenSource System Engineer
          ZeroPiù give high tech consultancy, CA system services installation and web/mail/application
          hosting based on OpenSource XEN Systems.
           Implemented, managed and supported tests on VmWare Server 1.0.x and CentOS 4.x (RH 4)

           Supported infrastructure servers (Wed, Apps, Mail, DNS, Dhcp, Backup, Network)

           Maintained development systems framework (SVN, NFS, Samba, OpenLdap)

           Managed and supported Linux Terminal Server Project (CentOS + KDE) for customers

           Supported Ms Exchange 2000 and Trend Micro AV environment

                                                                                                            Aug 05 – Mar 06
Senior Independent IT Consultant, Lugano, Tessin (Switzerland)
          Senior Consultant Linux-Windows and Networking
          Given high tech consultancy for various needs and customers (Imite Research, IIRM, Deerive):
           Managed and implemented internetworking connections

           Maintained and implemented file sharing and networks, web and mail services

           Supported Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange server operations

Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research ( Rome(Italy)
                                                                                                            Feb 05 – Aug 05

          Senior System Engineer Consultant & Monitoring Management
          Worked for EDS ( in the core of the Ministry IT infrastructure made of 20 sites 300
          servers. Tasks were spanned through 2 different consultancy departments: the monitoring team;
          the middle range infrastructure team and comprised:
           Supported and managed Web servers IBM AIX 4.3 (for internal and external services)

           Strengthened and supported file servers 2 nodes clusters RedHat 7.2 (25 across the WAN)

           Managed Actual and New Monitoring (BigBrother,Nagios,CAUnicenterTNG,HP Open View)

           Organized New project ITIL task and activity matrix (organizational tasks)
                                                                                                            Dec 04 – Jan 05

Albacom S.p.A. and A.N.A.S. S.p.A. Rome (Italy)
          Senior System Engineer Linux Consultant
          For various customers, in collaboration with Mr. Simone Fabretti, installed and configured:
           Two node Active-Passive Cluster Server on IBM x345 server with FX300 storage (albacom)

           Squid proxy server (ANAS 300 users)

   Stefano Romano                             Pag. 2 of 4December 20, 2009
              Moodle (OpenSource e-learning) Web server

Dexia-Creiop Bank ( Rome (Italy)
           Senior Windows, Linux and Networks System Engineer

                                                                                                              Nov 03 – Nov 04
           Dexia is a PA bank with around 30 servers and 200 users.
            Managed Corporate antivirus: Trend Micro (Mail/Web); Symantec/McAfee (servers/clients)

            Maintained file sharing, backup and printing (IBM NAS; HP OmniBack; Xerox Docushare)

            Realized internetworking and web content filtering (Websense)

            Implemented web application infrastructure (IBM Websphere and UDB platform)

            Installed and configured Windows 2000 Secure server for HR (Win 2000 Server Hardening)

            Supported and troubleshooting of HP-UX mail server (Sendmail)

            Managed Outsourcing Windows 2000 Active Directory vendor contact

Banca del Gottardo ( Lugano –Tessin (Switzerland)
           Senior Networks, Windows NT-2000 System Engineer
           Banca del Gottardo is a world distributed bank with 2000 users and 300 servers. Together with

                                                                                                              Jun 00 – Jul 03
           the System Engineering team involved in the development of the main Windows NT to Windows
           XP platform migration Program. Gave 2 level support for all Logon Script infrastructure and
           distributed systems. Gave client server system troubleshooting and managed operations.
            Managed small internal projects with organizational and technical tasks

            Accomplished Windows platform migration program task and managed project subsection

            Implemented, customized and supported Enterprise services on Windows 2000-NT

            Maintained and developed logon scripts for network drive, printers and application connections
            Created, managed and gave 2        level support on Windows 2000-NT servers
            Put into practice Asset Management (CA AMO) and Software Distribution (CA SDO)
            Management and 2       level support on distributed infrastructure platform

           Senior Windows NT HelpDesk Management Consultant

                                                                                                              Apr 99 – May 00
           Implemented (as external consultant) the helpdesk management toll (MS Exchange 5.5 and SQL
           6.5 based) and organized the HD request workflow thought the helpdesk representative jobs and
           skills. Involved in organizational and technical task on the Windows NT platform.
            Involved as Project Manger Assistant in determining organizational and technical tasks

            Arranged Helpdesk jobs and defined team skills analysis

            Realized Helpdesk tool implementation, queue definition and procedure design
            Gave 2      level support on Windows NT server and workstation plus MS Office platform

Microsoft Italy ( Milan (Italy)

                                                                                                              Sep 98 – Mar 99
           Senior Windows NT-98-Ms Apps System Engineer and HD coordination
           Microsoft Italy is a 150 users site of the corporation. Coordinated a team of four people team
           involved in internal support request, 2 level tasks comprised:
            Managed Helpdesk team task assignments and supported team organization
            Gave 2     level Helpdesk technical support
            Managed PC clients serial installations and deployment

Previous experience Milan and Lecce (Italy)
                                                                                                              Mar 91 – Aug 98

           Senior Windows NT-9x-Ms Apps System Engineer Consultant
           Resumes of earlier experience:
            Involved in Wordperfect to Ms Word Migration project - Legal Office Pavia and Ansaldo S.p.A.
            Gave 2     level Helpdesk support – Roche Italy S.p.A.
            Supported and Installed assembled Pc – A.Collini and MarvinTech sas

            Installed and supported Assembled Pc & Notebook, operating systems, applications and
             perifierals – All Business s.r.l.
            Managed and collected Data for tobacco producers– APTIS (Lecce)

    Stefano Romano                                 Pag. 3 of 4December 20, 2009
Personal Data

         Education, Certification, professional courses, Languages
                High School Diploma with specialization in Information Technology, Lecce (Italy).
                Microsoft Certified Professional on Win NT Enterprise, Server and Workstation (70-068,067,073)
                 Updating Support Skills From MS Win NT 4.0 to MS Win 2000 (MOC 1560B)

                 Microsoft Project course (for Banca del Gottardo

                 Win32 system architecture (for Banca del Gottardo)

                 Basics Finalcials Courses (for Banca del Gottardo)

                Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English (good spoken and written), French and Spanish (basis)

         Personal Information
                   Date of Birth: 17 February 1971 in Lecce (Italy)
                   Citizenship: Italian
                   Domicile in: Via G.Guisan,19 - 6830 - Chiasso (CH)
                   Visa Status: Swiss permit, type B until 18/11/2012
                   Reside in: Via Bramante,13 - 73010 - Arnesano (Lecce) (IT)
                   Family Status: unmarried, 1 daughter
                   Driving License: Italian, type B
                   Email Stefano or Info
                   Mobile Phone (IT): +39 338 1205806
                   Home Phone (CH): +41 (0)91 6825186
                   Mobile Phone (CH): +41 (0)77 4348530
                   Hobbies: music, reading, going to the sea-side, traveling, watching movies…

                Last Revision of this CV can be found at or in detailed and short
                version, in Italian and English, in DOC, PDF and other file format.

        Stefano Romano                               Pag. 4 of 4December 20, 2009

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