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					Corinda State High School Newsletter                                                                          Page 1

          Dear Parents and Friends

          We have received so much positive feedback from our school community of our Annual Speech night. It was a
          wonderful evening of celebration and I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate all our award
          recipients who have obviously worked very hard during the school year and have achieved outcomes we are all
          very proud of.
          Speech Night is also an opportunity to showcase the wonderful learning that is occurring in our school and I felt
          very proud of our student performers on the evening as well as our School Leaders who did an excellent job of
          delivering the findings of their investigations!
          Thank you to everyone who supported this special event and shared in our celebrations.
          This week is the last week of formal lessons for our Year 12 students as they begin their exam block on Friday. We
          wish our Year 12 students all the very best in their upcoming exams – as they make every piece of assessment

          iPad Trial
          We are currently engaged in a trial of 40 iPads which have been provided by Apple Computers for a three week
          period. The purpose of the trial is for teachers and students to explore the capabilities of these devices in the
          learning environment. These are being used with the Challenge Class year 8 students under the guidance of Shelly
          Alonso as well as with Rebecca Judd’s classes (namely French) and Kate Wallace. The Challenge class students
          have been issued the challenge to undertake research on their use and present their findings in an exhibition for
          staff and students. The project so far has been extremely positive and both staff and students are very excited at
          the opportunities presented to them.

          Regional Teacher Award
          Last week we were informed that one of our Teacher’s Kate Wallace was awarded a Regional Smart Classrooms ICT
          Award for her contribution to the development of ICT skills with teachers. Kate is very passionate about the use of
          ICT in the classroom and this is reflected in her own classes as well as in her work with colleagues. We presented
          the award to Kate at the school assembly on Monday.

          Digital Sign
          It is with much appreciation that we thank the P & C Association for upgrading our school sign. We now have the
          capacity to display several messages on our digital sign and hope to be able to update it more regularly as a key
          communication tool for our school community.
                                                                                    Important Dates:
                                                                                    5    Year 12 Exam Block begins
                                                                                    12   Year 12 Exam Block ends
                                                                                         Sherwood Street Festival
                                                                                    17   Year 12 Graduation Dinner
                                                                                    19   Final Day for Year 12 students
                                                                                         Year 12 Graduation & Merit
                                                                                         Year 11 Merit Award Ceremony -
                                                                                         Hall - 1.40 pm
                                                                                    22   Year 11 Leadership Camp begins
                                                                                    26   Final Day for Year 10 students
                                                                                         Year 10 Merit Award Ceremony -
          Good luck to our senior students in their upcoming exam block.
                                                                                         Hall - 11.30 am
                                                                                         Final Day for Year 11 students
                                                              HELEN JAMIESON
                                                                                    29   Middle School Social - 7.00 pm
                                                                                    3    Year 10 & 11 Reports Mailed out
                    Issue 12              5 November, 2010
Page 2                                                                        Corinda State High School Newsletter

P & C News
Help your school by shopping at the Athlete’s Foot
Athlete’s Foot will donate $5 to the school for every pair of
school and sports shoes that you purchase for you and your
family all year round. Simply mention Corinda State High
School at time of purchase and you will not only be helping
your school but will be entitled to store vouchers and
promotions. Offer available Indooroopilly, Mt Ommaney,
Forest Lake and Springfield Lakes.

Uniform Update
This week at the P & C Meeting the Uniform Advisory
recommendations were endorsed. This included that a
school bag be compulsory as of the start of 2012, and is
recommended for students in the coming school year. Any
student who is issued with a school laptop to take home
will be required to have this school bag in 2011.

These bags are excellent value at the cost of $55 and come
with a three year warranty. They will be available from the
Uniform shop.

The Uniform Advisory committee is currently undertaking a
review of the current sports uniform. A survey will be
posted to the web and will be available to staff and
students. We encourage everyone to provide feedback on
our current sports uniform. This will continue throughout
term 1 of 2011. Any changes that will be made, will not
take affect until 2012.

                                                                Health News
                                                                PSYCHOTIC ILLNESS

                                                                Psychosis is a condition involving some loss of reality 3 in
                                                                100 young people will experience symptoms. Psychosis can
                                                                happen to anyone. Risk factors include:
English Medal                                                       ♦       Adolescence /young adulthood
for Laura Boyle                                                     ♦       Life events (stress)
                                                                    ♦       Substance abuse
                                                                    ♦       Family history
Year 8 student, Laura Boyle will be
awarded the ICAS Medal at a special
                                                                Our year twelve students will, all too soon be leaving
ceremony at the Novotel Hotel,
                                                                Corinda SHS and going off to pursue their hopes and
Brisbane, on November 17th. Laura is
                                                                dreams. On leaving high school they will also leave behind
being recognised for her excellent achievement in the
                                                                many of their support networks including friends, teachers
English competition which was held in August. Laura
                                                                student support services and others. The school structure
achieved a High Distinction, placing her in the top one
                                                                and routine provides support in that it is a constant and it
percent of all Year 8 students in Queensland, and the medal
                                                                is familiar. Some of these young people may, for many
means that she is the highest scoring student in that, very
                                                                reasons leave the support of their families and extended
elite, High Distinction group
                                                                networks. The loss of these supports and the increased
Corinda State High School Newsletter                                                                           Page 3

stresses of pursuing their future may for some increase        at home.
their vulnerability to mental illness.
                                                               We are also focussing on a Core Curriculum Element (CCE)
The Early Psychosis Team from the Princess Alexandra           of the week. The QCS tests your achievement in 49
Hospital & Health Services District- Division of Mental        common curriculum elements that are found in the QLD
Health visited our school on Monday 25th October 2010 .        Senior curriculum e.g. sketching, explaining, analysing,
The presenter addressed year twelve students providing         expounding, graphing.
them with specific information regarding psychotic
illnesses including possible causative factors (including      The ‘CCE of the week’ beginning 25/10 is Using correct
illicit drugs) signs and symptoms and where/how to seek        spelling, grammar and punctuation. Students (and
help/treatment. A young person who had experienced             teachers) have been asked to focus on this within their
psychosis told her story via D.V.D. She spoke of her journey   subjects through the week. We are looking forward to
and her successful treatment resulting in better health and    witnessing the student’s progression through the
developing strategies to assist her with coping in the         revitalised program!
future. This young person had no connection to Corinda
SHS.                                                           SAT’S CONTINUED SUCCESS
                                                               Term 4 has started with a bang yet again as students are
The aim of this health promotion strategy was to               actively making pathway choices to set them up to achieve
encourage young people to care for their mental health.        their future career goals. Already this term we have had 6
Seeking help early is particularly important “Intervene        new sign ups with another 5 on the cards. Congratulations
early and intervene well”                                      to:
                                                               Casey Rand, Janice Fuamatu and Evie Ralph – Cert II in
Following the presentation there was an opportunity for        Retail (McDonalds, Subway, CSHS Tuckshop).
questions from the audience and/ or to speak with the          Kiana Goodyear, Melissa Rosewarne and Stephanie Harris –
presenter.                                                     Cert II Hairdressing (Debra McCarty Hair design, Mooch,
                                                               Hot Rollers).
In order to maximise general health and well-being we all      Well done to all of these girls!
need to be having good nutrition, adequate rest, regular
exercise and utilising effective strategies to cope with the   We also have 11 students going out on work experience in
stressors in our lives.                                        the next fortnight at Valhalla Studios (Computer gaming
                                                               Cert III Media) – Any other students interested? Please see
For further information please feel free to contact me at      Senior Schooling. There is potential here to turn this
school.                                                        opportunity into a SAT.

                                        Good Health.           CURRENT SAT OPPORTUNITIES
                                       MAGGIE KERR             School Based Traineeships - Year 10, 11 and 12 Students
                   SCHOOL BASED YOUTH HEALTH NURSE             Current positions available for Year 10 and 11 Students who
                                                               are interested in obtaining a School Based Traineeship and
Source > Exerts in bold taken from a document regarding        current Year 12 students securing an apprenticeship upon
this program by the Executive Director. Division of            leaving school.
Mental Health, Princess Alexandra Hospital Health
Service District.                                              Cert III Business Admin (Springfield) Yr 11 Student email a
                                                               covering letter and your current resume to: Melody Sharp,
                                                               Kouxan         (Natural       Health        &    Beauty)
Senior Schooling @ Corinda SHS                       

What’s topical at the moment?                                  Certificate III Business Administration (Underwood) Year
                                                               11 who is keen to work in an office environment. Must be
QCS                                                            reliable and enthusiastic. Send resume and covering letter
The Year 11 Students have started their journey towards        to: Tasha
conquering the QCS test. Corinda SHS has recently formed
a partnership with QUT and Dr Judy Smeed to help deliver       Certificate III Automotive (Underwood) Current Year 11
a rigorous, tailored program for the students. The Year        students who are reliable and enthusiastic should send
11’s have had two workshops so far which have focussed         current resume and covering letter to Brock at
on an Introduction to QCS and the Writing Task. Over the
next two Wednesdays the focus of the sessions will be
around the Short Response task. The Year 11’s have been        Certificate III in Hospitality Operations (Garden City) –
emailed the workshop materials so they can review these        Year 11 students with an interest in hospitality are
Page 4                                                                          Corinda State High School Newsletter

encouraged to apply. Send current resume and covering             2, Wireless – Brisbane, Wideband Metro Design –
letter to Ruben                      Brisbane, IT – Telstra Operations – Brisbane.

Certificate III Hairdressing (Camira) Current Year 11             If you would like to participate or find out more
students who are interested in becoming a hairdresser             information go to and apply for
should hand deliver their resume and covering letter to:          one of the available positions.
Rochelle Caloon, Shop 13, 65 Old Logan Road, Camira.
                                                                  2011 YR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE – CAREER EDUCATION
Certificate III Cooking (Brisbane) – Year 11 or 12 students       PROGRAM
who are hardworking, neat and punctual with a keen
interest in food development and presentation at a high           As part of the Year 10 Career Education program for 2011
standard should send a resume and a covering letter to:           the Yr 10 students will be engaged in a weeks work
Rachel Lawton,                             experience in an area of their choice. This valuable
                                                                  experience will enable the students to make effective
Certificate II Salon Operations (Kangaroo Point) – Current        planning choices around their pathway leading into the
Year 11 students who are interested in the operations of a        Senior Education Training Plan (SETP) interviews which will
hairdressing salon should email their resume and covering         be conducted in term 3.
letter to: Belinda,
                                                                  To get in early the Senior Schooling faculty has already
Certificate III Hairdressing (Kangaroo Point) - Current Year      started the process of canvassing local employers who
11 students who are interested in becoming a hairdresser          would be willing to take on our students for work
should email their resume and covering letter to: Belinda,        experience. The week that is proposed on the calendar in                                             2011 for this to occur is the 4-8th April.

Certificate III Hairdressing (St Lucia) - Current Year 11 or 12   A letter will be going home shortly to all the current Yr 9
students who are passionate about hairdressing, is a good         students to provide feedback to Senior Schooling around
communicator and has an outgoing nature and like to have          the students area of interest as well as identifying if
fun at work then you should email their resume and                families know of businesses that may be willing to take
covering letter to: Belinda,                your child for this wonderful opportunity.

Certificate II Salon Operations (Enoggera) – Current Year         If you have any questions about any aspect relating to any
11 students who are interested in the operations of a             of the above student opportunities then please do not
hairdressing salon should give Erin a call on 3354 2222 to        hesitate to contact myself or the Senior Schooling staff on
arrange a suitable time for an interview. Resume should be        3379 0253/ 3379 0245.
taken to interview.
                                                                                                        KYLIE MARCHANT
YEAR 12 – SCHOOL LEAVER                                                                 AND THE SENIOR SCHOOLING TEAM
Certificate III Carpentry (Boonah) current year 12 student
interested in obtaining a Carpentry Apprenticeship in 2011
should send their current up to date resume and covering
letter to: Mr Mike Hering, to
apply. Work Experience will be given this year.                              Sherwood Girl Guides
CURRENT YEAR 12 STUDENTS                                                       Come & Try Day
Any current Year 12 students who would be interested in
securing a Certificate III Business Administration working
for a Engineering company at Rocklea are asked to see the              Come & Try Gumnut Guides, Brownies & Girl
Senior Schooling Staff to obtain more information on the            Guides at Sherwood. Our Leaders are great, and
position and how to apply.                                          we have a load of fun with new friends, learning
                                                                      new skills, teamwork, personal challenges and
TELSTRA OPERATIONS WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAM                          earning badges. Girls, please bring your mum or
Telstra are currently looking for students in Year 10 and 11        dad and join us for a special day on Saturday 20
who would be interested in participating in The Telstra             November 1.00 – 3.00pm. Women wanting to be
Operations Work Experience Program.             Telstra has          Leaders are always welcome too! To register or
positions available in a wide variety of area. Positions
                                                                      for more information please call Jodi on 0414
                                                                           753 786 or Kylie on 0402 064 779.
Service Delivery – Brisbane, Telstra Operations – Brisbane x
Corinda State High School Newsletter                                                                                            Page 5

                                        CORINDA STATE HIGH SCHOOL
                                        STUDENT SERVICES BULLETIN
                              Each fortnight a copy is emailed to Yr 10, 11 & 12’s via their MIS Webmail Account
                                                                                                                            1 November 2010

YEARS 10 / 11 / 12                                                      Cert III Warehousing (Ipswich) – Yr 11 encouraged to apply – full
Vacancies –                                                             time at end of Yr 12
Cert III Hairdressing (Toowong) for Year 11 student.                    Cert III Childrens Service(Gatton)
Person must be:                                                         Cert II Business (17 Mile Rocks)– Yr 10 or 11 – own transport
      Bubbly, friendly nature                                           needed.
      Good talker                                                       Cert III Automotive Manufacture (Bus Truck Trailer (Wacol) – Yr
      Keen to learn                                                     10 Apply online at
      Available an evening & some Saturdays as well as day
           through the week                                             MEGT
      Interested in hairdressing as a career                            NEW - Certificate III Business Administration (Acacia Ridge) – 10
Please contact Kym Krey on 3876 7600 or 0403 042312 or                  positions - You must identify which vacancy you are applying for                                              and send your up-to-date resume and a covering letter to: EMAIL:
BUSY AT WORK VACANCIES CLOSE SOON – APPLY NOW                  Closes 10 November
NEW - Cert III Hospitality Operations (Gloria Jeans                     Certificate II Retail (Inala) apply online at
GardenCity) – Yr 11 student, Send resumes to:                                                              Certificate III Hairdressing (Hamilton) Email your up-to-date
NEW - Cert III Hairdressing (Camira, St Lucia,) –Yr 11 student –        resume, covering letter and personal written references to
send a covering letter and resume to Belinda,                  – Yr10-11 Closes 12 November to apply
NEW - Cert III Hairdressing (Hendra) – Yr 12 School Leaver –            UPCOMING COURSES
Please send resumes to:                     CERTIFICATE III in LIVE PRODUCTION, THEATRE & EVENTS for
Cert III Business Administration (Springfield) Yr 11 student -          School Based Trainees with ETETC – for more information see
send resumes to:                          Senior Schooling Noticeboard for Flyer.
Cert II Salon Operations/Hairdressing. (Kangaroo Point) Yr 11           Certificate III/IV Fitness with Onfit Training College. All
student interested in the industry. send a covering letter and          courses online. Go for testimonials and
resume to Belinda, to apply                        details of how to apply or See Senior Schooling Staff.
Cert III Automotive (Underwood) Yr 11 student - Send
resumes to:
NEW - Cert III Cooking (Brisbane) – Yr 11 or 12 student -Please            Do you have an interest in the rewarding world of Media?
resumes to: Attention: Rachel Lawton                Would you like to improve your confidence, speaking voice and
Cert III Carpentry (Boonah)– Yr 12 School Leaver – Please send                                communication skills?
resumes to:                                                            ACT NOW AND CALL
MIGAS VACANCIES                                                                                  One day course –
Full time apprenticeships in Fitting & Turning (Eagle Farm),                               Monday, 17th January 2011
Sheetmetal (Mansfield)                                                                           Two day course –
Full time traineeships Business Admin (Browns Plains,                                         Wednesday & Thursday
Yeerongpilly, Toowong, Rocklea), Warehousing (Mansfield), Retail                             19th & 20th January 2011
(West End).
To apply for MIGAS Full time positions, please do so through to            Media Potential - School holiday programs for students aged
their website or send your resume and                                           between 13 - 17.
covering letter, quoting the job number to                                                     Channel 7 studios on , Fax 3868 2451 or post to PO                                    Mt Coottha in Brisbane
Box 1420, Eagle Farm BC, QLD 4009 OR (see Senior Schooling                              For further information please
Noticeboard or website for job number).                                                          see the website:
School Based Traineeships in Air Conditioning &                                 
Refrigeration (Airport), Engineering Production (Eagle Farm),                                Or contact our office on:
Engineering Production – Fitting & Turning (Brenda send a                                           3511 3455
covering letter and resume to Belinda, to
apply le), Automotive (Springwood), Engineering Production –
Boiler Making (Carole Park) x 4, Engineering Production – Sheet
Metal (Salisbury) x 3, Retail (West End).
To apply, please email your resume and cover letter, quoting the
job number to
OR (see Senior Schooling Noticeboard or website for job number)
Apprenticeships QLD.
Page 6                                                                                 Corinda State High School Newsletter
Year 10/11/12 continued                                              Start Here at QUT - find a course, get to know QUT and hear from
                                                                     real students. Share your aspirations with your friends on
Griffith University –                                                Facebook. |Start Here at QUT - find a course, get to know QUT
o Summer Rock School 2011. Holiday programme for students            and hear from real students. Share your aspirations with your
wanting to expand their skills in popular music.           
Applications close 17 November. Information: 3735 6306; open-                                       GRIFFITH BUSINESS SCHOOL are hosting a one day workshop
                                                                     experience designed to give prospective students a taste of
Introducing - a FREE tool for students to help    university and a unique insight into life as a Business student.
them find courses in their area of interest and make searching       Seats are limited. Register online Or
easier.                                                              email
Our site was developed to help students consolidate their
research and compare course options from Universities, TAFEs or      QBuild Apprenticeship intake for those looking to become an
Private Colleges in one central place. There is an easy click        apprentice carpenter, plumber, painter, shopfitter, or perhaps a
through to the education provider’s website for further              refrigeration mechanic. You'll need to have a minimum of Year 10
information, enquiries or enrolment. It is an easy 3 step process    in Maths, English and Science, and an interest in manual arts and
for students:                                                        some relevant experience, to apply for the QBuild apprenticeship
1) Go to                                      program. From 30 October 2010, visit the QBuild website to
2) Click on the students section and select the Register now         complete and submit your online application to become a QBuild
Start searching, too easy.                                           apprentice.

YEAR 11                                                              NEWS FROM DEFENCE FORCE RECRUITING
UQ Nursing Enrichment Studies Course                                 Applications for the AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE ACADEMY are
The UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery will again offer a one        open for the 2012 intake. It is important for current Year 11
week intensive Enrichment Studies Program in January 2011 for        students to apply early to give them the best opportunity to
students commencing year 12 that year. The first week intensive      prepare for the selection process. Additionally early applicants are
Enrichment Studies Program will be held during the week              eligible for the ADFA Education Award.
commencing January 10, 2011 on campus at UQ Ipswich, with the
second commencing January 17, on campus at UQ St Lucia. The          Application packs for DEFENCE TECHNICAL SCHEME will be sent to
Enrichment Studies Course is a one (1) week, intensive course        the school in February 2011. Applications will close 11 March
which introduces students to Nursing and Midwifery. On               2011.
successful completion of the course and providing that University
entry criteria are met, the student will be granted a bonus rank     Application for ADF GAP YEAR 2012 will open in May 2011. Gap
point toward entry into the BN and BMid Programs at the              Year is very popular so students need to get in quick once
University of Queensland                                             applications open.
Go to for further information.       Gapyear

YEAR 12                                                              The QSA’s SmartOP service is now even easier for students to use.
UQ is reserving 10 Merit Scholarships to be offered to high-         There’s no pre-registering – students can simply check their results
achieving students listing the Bachelor of Agricultural Science or   in their Learning Account (via the QSA’s Career Information
Bachelor of Agribusiness as their first preference on their          Service) or send a text message and get their results via SMS.
Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) application.            All OP-eligible students will be able to access their results from
Students can apply for the Merit Scholarships directly at            9.00 am on Saturday 18 December. Students must know their LUI              and password to access results online or by SMS.
and applications close 1 November 2010.                              Students can access Learning Accounts via the Career Information
                                                                     Service (CIS) at
ICT Enabling Scholarships
In view of a growing shortage of ICT (Information &                  UQ Options Evening 2010
Communications Technology) graduates, UQ is continuing an            You're invited to the annual UQ Options Evening at the St Lucia
initiative that begun in 2007 to encourage and enable school-        campus. UQ Options Evening coincides with the release of Year 12
leavers to join programs leading to careers in the ICT industry.     results and aims to provide students with information about the
ICT Enabling Scholarships, to the value of $3000 each, are           tertiary study options available to them.
awarded to students based on their Year 12 results or overseas        Students will have the opportunity to speak with staff from UQ
equivalent. To be eligible to apply, students must apply via QTAC    faculties, Admissions and Scholarships about programs, study
for a place in one of the following UQ programs:                     options, entry requirements, changing preferences, pathways into
Bachelor of Information Technology                                   tertiary study and the QTAC process. Campus tours and
Bachelor of Multimedia Design                                        information sessions will run at various times during this event.
Bachelor of Engineering (ICT-related fields)                         Parking is complimentary underneath the UQ Centre.
Any UQ dual program that includes on of the above programs           UQ Options Evening
For more information, visit                       Date - Monday 20 December, 2010
                                                                     Time - 4.30pm - 7pm
                                                                     Location - UQ Centre, building 27a
                                                                     Web -
Corinda State High School Newsletter                                                                                              Page 7

QTAC Update: countdown to offers, still time to apply                  UQ Campus Tours
Issue 3 of the QTAC Update, the last issue for 2010, is now avail-     You’re welcome to explore our campuses during the December &
able. This Update discusses issues pertinent to student advisers and   January school holidays via a campus tour. A guided campus tour is
students. Access the QTAC Update via the QTAC Website                  a fantastic opportunity to get a look at university life, ask ques-               tions, talk to current students and see the facilities first-hand. Tours
                                                                       generally take 1 hour to complete and registration for tours at the
Griffiths University (GU) –                                            St Lucia campus are essential.
Uni-Key 2011. Designed to assist students from equity back-            Alternatively, you may wish to explore the St Lucia campus via a
grounds settle into university. Register online during January 2011    self-guided campus tour. This option is a great way for you to dis-
after an offer of admission:      cover the campus in your own time.
                                                                       Email for further details.

                                                                       International students are encouraged to contact UQ International
                                                                       to arrange campus tours. Email UQ International at

                                                                       For further information and to register visit –
Page 8                                                                            Corinda State High School Newsletter

                        CORINDA STATE HIGH DAILY MENU 2010
           All food and drinks available at Corinda Tuckshop conforms to the Qld Government
                                   Healthy Food & Drink Choices Policy
                         Note: Prices and selections may vary slightly according to availability
HOT FOOD                                                           DRINKS
(A) Chicken & Veg Pie          $3.00
(A) Cottage Pie                $3.00                               MILK DRINKS
(A) Plain Pie                  $3.00                                  Ice Break       500ml        $2.50-A
(A) Sausage Roll               $2.50                                  Chocolate       500ml        $2.50-A
(A) Hot Dog                    $2.00                                  Coffee          500ml        $2.50-A
(A) Pizza Pocket               $1.50                                  Strawberry      500ml        $2.50-A
(G) Garlic Bread               $1.00                                  Chocolate       300ml        $1.50-A
                                                                      Coffee          300ml        $1.50-A
              SPECIALS AVAILABLE DAILY $4.50                          Strawberry      300ml        $1.50-A
                                                                      Vanilla Malt    300ml        $1.50-G
SALAD PACKS                                                                   Plain   600ml        $1.00-G
(A) Caesar Chicken Salad       $4.00                                  Trim            600ml        $1.00-G
(G) Garden Salad               $3.00                                  Plain           300ml          .60-G
(A) Chicken Pieces and Salad   $4.00
(G) Greek Salad Pack           $4.00                                WATER
(G) Fresh Fruit Salad          $3.50                                  Bottled Water 600ml          $1.00-G
(G) Watermelon                 $2.50
                                                                   BOTTLED JUICES                  $2.00
                                                                   POPPERS                         $1.00
(G) Chicken & Salad         $3.50
(G) Chicken & Lettuce       $3.00
                                                                   LOLs                            $1.50
(A) Roast Beef, Cheese & Tomato $3.50
(G) Cheese & Salad          $3.50
                                                                   SLUSHIES                        $2.00
(G) Salad                   $2.50
(G) Ham, Cheese & Tomato $2.00
(G) Egg & Lettuce           $2.00
                                                                      Greek Yoghurt                $2.50
(G) Tuna, lettuce & mayo    $3.50
                                                                      Muesli & Fruit Yoghurt       $2.50
                                                                   FRESH FRUIT                     .50
(A) Chicken Caesar           $4.00
(G) Chicken, Avocado, Lettuce                                      CHIPS & SAVOURY SNACKS 80c - 1.50
    & Mayo                   $4.00
(G) Satay Chicken            $4.00                                 JELLIES , CUSTARDS & ICEBLOCKS
(G) Hawaiian                 $4.00                                     Varieties ranging from 30c - $2.00
(G) Chicken & Salad          $4.00
(G) Ham & Salad              $4.00                                 CAKES & BISCUITS                $1.50
(A) Zanger                   $4.00
                                                                   SUSHI (avail Mon-Thurs)
GOURMET PANINIS                                                    (G) Single Rolls                $2.50
(A)      Mediterranean: avocado, s’dried tomato, feta              (G) Variety Pack                $4.00
         cheese, olives, mixed salad leaves
(B)      Roast beef, Swiss cheese,
         salsa & mixed salad leaves

      Pasta Bake               $3.50
      Chicken Pasta            $3.50
Corinda State High School Newsletter                                                                   Page 9

             MENU SPECIALS                                   BREAKFAST MENU 2010
            FOR TERM 4 2010
                                                          All food and drink available at Corinda Tuckshop
MONDAY                                                 conforms to the Qld Government Healthy Food & Drink
    Chicken Burgers ; Vege Burgers                                         Choices Policy.
    Beef & Black Bean
    Hokkein noodles
    Medallion Rolls & sauce of choice                 Bacon and egg muffins                   $3.00      (A)
    Sushi                                             Bacon, egg and cheese rolls             $3.30      (A)
                                                      Toasted sandwiches – ham & cheese
TUESDAY                                                           and chicken & cheese        $3.00      (A)
     Hamburgers ; Vege Burger                         Cheese and bacon topped bread rolls
     Butter Chicken                                               & pizza scrolls             $1.50      (A)
      Toasted Satay Wraps                             Hash browns                             $1.00      (A)
      Sushi                                           Potato Gems                             $1.00      (A)
                                                      Smilies                                   .50c     (A)
WEDNESDAY                                             Fresh fruit pieces                        .50c     (G)
     Sweet chilli chicken & rice                      Fruit, yoghurt and muesli cups          $2.50      (G)
     Eagle Boys pizza                                 Prepared fruit salad                    $3.50      (G)
     Fried Rice                                       Greek Yoghurt                           $2.50      (G)
                                                      DRINKS: We sell milk, juice, hot chocolate and water for
THURSDAY                                              breakfast.
     Toasted Hawaiian Wraps
     Fried rice                                       All hot food prepared in the Tuckshop is oven cooked, not
     Panini                                           fried.
     Kebabs and rice
     Sushi                                            Note: A = Amber        G = Green

       Caesar Salad
           lettuce; chicken; dressing; cheese; ba-
           con; egg; croutons
       Greek Salad
           lettuce; cucumber; sundried tomato; feta
           cheese; olives
       Garden Salad
           lettuce; cucumber; tomato; beetroot;
           carrot; sprouts
       Chicken Pieces & salad
           small garden salad; 2 chicken pieces
       Pasta Salad
            pasta; honey mustard dressing; chicken;
           cherry tomatoes –diced
       Hot Dogs (6)
       Hot Dogs & Cheese (6)
       Pasta Bake

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