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									                Your own Spa@Home
              Your own Spa@Guesthouse
                         4 day Training – R12 300
     (Facials, Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Eyebrow shaping & tinting)

                                   Cost effective
                                 Don’t need space.
                       Treatments can be performed in room.
                      Don't need to send guests away to spas.
                           Increase your income by 50%.
                             Anyone can do the training.
                     You can run a small spa full or part time.
                  Everything you need is included in the training.
     You will receive, training manuals, DVD's & all treatment products.
    Training can be performed at your lodge or at our Training Centre.
                     We will help you to work out a Spa menu.
             It is not a franchise; you as owner take all the profit.
                We will provide an example of a business plan.

               Your own Spa @ Home –
           4 Day Training –Work from home,
                 Increase your income

                     3 DVD’S
               3 training Manuals
                 Product Manual
      Foot, hand, facial & massage products
      Everything to start a small Spa @ Home

                      Kit content:

               Rungu Full Body Massages

               Rungu massage Tools
              DVD & Training Manual

SPA Hand & Foot Treatment - Xperience Switzerland Range

             100ml Milkshake Foot Soak
              100ml Choc Berry Scrub
            100ml Choc Massage Mouse
            100ml Choc Mint Foot Mask
            100ml Soft n Sweet Powder
                  DVD & Manual
                   Foot sheets
                 Sterilizing Spray

                Spa Facial Treatment – Xperience Atlantis Products

   250 ml mineral cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mask ( combination – Dry Skin)
 250ml Sea tangle Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Mask ( combination – Oily Skin)
                250ml Mineral Youth Mask ( Anti – ageing)
                 250ml Sea Berry Mask ( Sensitive Skin)
                   250ml Aqua Gel ( Massage Medium)
                         250 ml Make-up Remover
                  250ml Sea Scrub ( manual Exfoliation)
                      250 ml Algae Exfoliater ( AHA)
                             2x massage stones
                         Training DVD and Manual
                               Facial sponges
                                 Glass Bowl
                            Pack of Cotton wool
                        10X Disposable headbands
                                100 ear buds

          What you will learn during your training

                     Full body massage
      With a Rungu Tool – to save your hands,
   Clients will love it, and won’t know the difference.
           Back Massage with your Rungu
    Foot massage with Rungu and with your hands.
  Hand massage with your Rungu and with your hands.
                  Full body exfoliation
         Breathing techniques for relaxation.

         Manual Facial Treatment for all skin Types

               Manual Facial Massage
 Marble Stone Facial Massage (Excellent for Skin Toning)
              Hot Stone Facial Massage
     Application of different masks on the Face
    Application of Different Exfoliaters to the Face
             Theory on facial ingredients
                 Tinting & Shaping

                 Basic Spa Hand Treatment

                Spa hand massage
        Spa hand massage exfoliation and mask
            Marble stone hand massage
          Cutex, Filing and shaping of Nails

          Basic Spa foot treatment

          Spa foot massage
    Spa foot exfoliation and mask
     Marble stone foot massage
 Cutex , Filing and Shaping of toe Nails

Full body spa Switzerland chocolate treatment.

            back massage
           body exfoliation
        chocolate foot treatment

                            Training Dates
                          PeacanWood Area

course                            Date           Day             Amount
4 Day Spa Training                                               R10100
(for everyone)
Spa Facial                        2-3            2 Days          R4900 incl.
                                  Sept                           kit & DVD
Spa Hand & Foot                   8              1 Day           R2700incl.
                                  Sept                           kit &DVD
Rungu Full Body African           9              1 Day           R2500 incl.
Massage                           Sept                           kit & DVD
Angelic Nails                                    4 Days          R3920 incl.
                                                                 kit & DVD
Herbal Massage                    9              1 Day           R2500 incl.
                                  Sept                           kit & DVD
Lash extentions                   6              1Day            R2500 incl.
                                  sept                           Kit & DVD
Glamour & Bridal Make-                           2 Days          R7500
up incl kit - Kryolan

                      HERBAL MASSAGE R2500-one day
                      RUNGU MASSAGE R2500-one day
                 HOTSTONE MASSAGE R3000 incl.kit-one day
                  ILASH EXTENSIONS R2500 incl. Kit-one day
                  PERMANENT MAKE – UP TRAINING-5 days
                ANGELIC NAIL TRAINING INCL KIT R3900- 4 days
             GLAMOUR & BRIDAL MAKE-UP TRAINING- 2 days – R7500

                      Payment options

               Prices include training kit and DVD
                5% discount for cash payments

                           Banking Details
Inner Balance, ABSA, branch nr. 632005, cheque account, 4054189527
             Fax deposit payment to: 088 014 5333297

                           Contact Details

                         Anri Theron CPCP
                         Qualified Assessor

    Please note that students will receive a Therapeuo Certificate
               And will receive credits for the training


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