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Spa Floor Plans Conception
& deSign
Acclaimed architect Sam Marguiles tells us how to design the perfect spa

              hen opening a new spa,         of the square footage was IG. Try to       is the “sequenced pattern of the spa
              one must have a business       imagine investing one million dollars      life”.
              plan, a management             in a venture where only $220,000 will      Let’s take an example: If your
              system, a treatments           generate revenue?                          sequence pattern begins with the
menu, and a marketing plan. All                                                         check-in followed by changing in the
these elements must be supported by          The conception and design of your spa      locker-room, it must translate by a
a structure that will allow them to be       floor plan is what will have the most      direct way from the check-in to the
useful. That structure is the physical       dramatic influence on the business         locker-room. If the locker rooms are
existence of the spa. No matter              viability of your spa. From a conceptual   separated from the front desk by
how good your business plan and              perspective, the floor plan must be        treatment rooms or relaxation room,
management team is, if your floor plan       based on four principles: The purpose      then your floor plan will not support the
doesn’t optimize the “utilization rate” of   of the spa, the vision of the owner, the   sequence pattern.
the surface within an intelligent traffic    projected client experience and the
pattern, you will never ieve a healthy       technical requirements.                    It is not only for the comfort of the client
business.                                    The purpose, the vision and the client     that this is important, but it is a critical
                                             experience must be defined prior to any    issue for the general management of
I regularly receive plans from               other elements. Before anything else,      the appointments, as well as for the
architectural firms to analyze. In most      your spa architectural designer must       square footage utilization rate. If the
cases, the utilization rate of the square    lead you in defining the real profile of   floor plan and the traffic pattern don’t
footage is rarely above 55% and the          your project. Then, you will develop
traffic pattern is not adequate for          together the core of the floor plan that
the needs of a spa, which brings the
utilization rate even lower.

In a typical spa, there are two types
of spaces. This is true for any type
of spa, be it medical spa, salon/spa,
fitness/spa, wellness/spa, destination
spa, or any other type of spa. The
spaces which are usually referred to
as either “Income Generator (IG),”
such as the treatment rooms, retail
areas and such, or those that do not          If the treatment rooms are too small,
directly generate income (NIG=Non             the reception area too crammed, or
Income Generator), but without which          the corridors too narrow, the client’s
the spa could not function. I have, for       experience will become negative.
example, received some floor plans for        The key word here is “perception”
assessment, where only about 22%

                                                                                 Spa Mantra | March - April |         83

                                                      with a deep knowledge of how a spa          The principles of energy flow are an
                                                      operates, what are the general and          essential part, in the creation of this
                                                      specific needs of a spa, as well as of      experience, by creating a structure
                                                      your specific project, incorporating the    within which the energy flow will be well
                                                      correct amenities for the structure and     balanced.
                                                      creating the best traffic flow.
                                                                                                  In conclusion, remember this: When
                                                      The floor plan is the most important
                                                      element in the creation of the client
                                                      experience. If the treatment rooms
                                                      are too small, the reception area too
                                                      crammed, or the corridors too narrow,
                                                      the client’s experience will become
                                                      negative. The key word here is
                                                      “perception”. If the perception of the
                                                      client is uncomfortable, it won’t matter
                                                      how good the treatments are. This will
         match, it will increase the average time     turn into a word-of-mouth nightmare
         per treatment. It might be only 2 to 3       and call for a constant and costly
         minutes each time, but multiply this by      damage control.                             opening a spa, you are investing most
         the number of treatments per year, and                                                   of your money (or of the banker’s or
         you’ll see a significant loss in potential   Generally, a project begins with a          investor’s money) in the construction
         revenue. Also, this increased traffic will   business plan. When that plan is            of the spa, which is based on the
         translate in a larger NIG surface.           ready, one needs to build or to find        conception and design of the floor
                                                      an existing location that will meet the     plan. Therefore, it is in the conception
         More treatment rooms don’t always            needs of the business plan and support      and design of the spa that you cannot
         result in more treatments and more           its goals. It is necessary to allocate      afford to make any mistake. My best
         income. Sometimes, it just translates        space for locker rooms, relaxation area,    advice would be, to hire a good spa
         into higher operational costs. It is         perhaps separate spaces for men and         architectural designer. You should
         the utilization rate of each treatment       women, staff break room, dispensary,        hire one, who is really specialized in
         room that makes all the difference.          utility room, proper corridors, etc...      the spa industry, who understands the
         In order to attain the best utilization      All these additional spaces don’t           principles of energy flow. If you are
         rate for each treatment room, your           generate direct revenue, but without a      about to build or redesign a spa, open
         spa designer must conceive the plans         corridor, there would be no access to       the door to the river and look at the
                                                      the treatment rooms and without utility     water flowing evenly and harmoniously
                                                      room, there would be no heat, AC, light     into the spa.
                                                      or water for the treatment rooms. With
                                                      just a few treatment rooms, it might not
                                                      be necessary to provide locker rooms.
                                                                                                  SAM MARGuLIES
                                                      When, however, exceeding a certain                                  Sam Margulies is an
                                                      number of rooms, in order to keep the                               architect and interior
                                                                                                                          designer. He is recognized
                                                      services at an acceptable level, as well                            as a world leading expert
                                                      as the utilization rate of each room, you                           in spas, medical spas and
                                                      need to incorporate changing rooms or                               resorts conception and
                                                      locker rooms; otherwise, the utilization                            design. with a portfolio of
                                                      ratio of treatments per room would drop                             more than 120 projects
                                                                                                                          around the world. He is
                                                      dramatically. In other words, for every
                                                                                                  regularly invited as a lecturer and keynote speaker
                                                      square foot that will generate direct       in a variety of professional conferences, and his
                                                      income (IG), you need to add space          articles are published in many magazines.
                                                      that will not generate any direct income    In Sam’s view, a floor plan must conciliate
                                                      (NIG), but without which your spa will      the purpose of the spa, the owner’s vision as
                                                      not be fully operational.                   well as the projected client experience, within
                                                                                                  a well conceived traffic flow supporting the
                                                      Every aspect in a spa must be               highest surface utilization rate, optimizing the
                                                      thought through, in order to create         business potential of each specific project.
                                                      the right experience for the clients.

84 Spa Mantra | March - April |

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