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                                                                                            Telephone Survey
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             Telephone Survey
                                                                                            Table of Contents

                                                                                            Introduction          1

                                                                                            CATI System           1
An Introduction to Telephone Surveys
Almost everyone has            phone survey is being          through the steps of a        Steps to Conduct-     2
heard of, and most people      conducted one of the           telephone survey, some        ing a Survey
have been apart of a           main problems that in-         good tips while conduct-
telephone survey. This is      terviewers run into is a       ing a survey, and will also   Tips When Con-        2
a form of collecting in-       quick “No” from respon-        look at the positives and     ducting a Survey
formation by interviewing      dents    because    they       negatives of the tele-
people over the phone.         think they are trying to       phone survey.                 Advantages of         3
                                                                                            Telephone Surveys
There are many different       be sold something. To
types of telephone based       prevent this from hap-
                                                                                            Disadvantages of      3
surveys, which include:        pening it is extremely
                                                                                            Telephone Surveys
public opinion survey,         important to make it
awareness, customer sat-       clear to the respondent
                               that you are not selling                                     References            4
isfaction survey, polling,
mystery shopping, and          anything early in the
market research.               conversation.

Quite often when a tele-       This       guide   will   go
                                                                                               Special Points of
                                                                                             Keep in mind that a list
CATI System                                                                                   compiled from a tele-
                                                                                              phone directory will
                                                                                              exclude potential par-
The CATI System is a          terviewer enters the re-        over questions not in-          ticipants who choose to
computer-assisted tele-       sponse directly into the        tended for certain re-          have unlisted numbers.
phone interviewing system     computer, thereby bypass-       spondents. This type of        Conduct the survey af-
developed by the Com-         ing the time-consuming          question "branching" can        ter typical work hours
puter-Assisted Survey         data coding, editing, and       be very difficult, if not       and on weekends to en-
Methods Program of the        entry processes. One of         impossible, to implement
                                                                                              sure the highest number
University of California at                                                                   of participants.
                              the many benefits of the        if an interviewer has to
Berkley. With the CATI                                                                       Try to persuade those
                              CATI system is its ability      flip through pages of a
system, each question                                                                         who are reluctant to
                              to handle extremely com-        questionnaire to get to
appears on a computer                                                                         participate, but if you
                              plex interview schedules.       the next appropriate            are met with persistent
monitor for the inter-
                              By examining previous re-       question.                       resistance, thank the
viewer to read. The in-
                              sponses, CATI can skip                                          person for his or her
                                                                                              time and hang up.
    Steps to Conducting a Telephone Survey

    The following are six steps to fol-      most meaningful input to the            participant and record the
    low while conducting a telephone         survey, and ask for that per-           response
    survey                                   son specifically                   6.   Gather, organize and evaluate
    1. Develop and pretest survey 4. Call each potential participant.                the results of the survey
       and questionnaire              Politely explain the purpose of
    2. Obtain a random sampling of    the survey as well as who the
       telephone numbers to use in    sponsor is and approximately
       the survey                     how much time the survey will
    3. Decide who in the household is
       most likely to provide the 5. Conduct the survey. Read each
                                      question in its entirety to the

    Tips When Conducting a Telephone Survey
    Break long phone surveys into sections
        You need to keep respondents interested and alert during a long stretch of questions in an interviewer-
         administered survey. Breaking your survey into sections will help accomplish this. Even if there is not a
         logical subject change, find a way to make a break.

    Prompt the interviewer
        There are tactics the interviewer can use to help the respondent answer the questions. In the
         interviewer’s script, tell him or her to:
            ■ Mention response alternatives within the question (but not at the beginning)
            ■ Repeat a portion of the question for items in a series so that respondents don’t forget what is
            being asked

    Give your respondents a chance to remember
        Respondents may have a hard time remembering details about past behavior. Give them time to reflect
         if you are conducting a phone or in-person survey. Help them fix a time period in their minds by
         referring to events or specific dates rather than “in the past five years.” Ask them to check personal

    Help the interviewer
        During an interview-administered survey, interviewers have a lot to do: They must talk, listen, and
         record responses. To make their job easier and receive more accurate responses:
            ■ Clearly differentiate questions and responses from instructions (anything NOT to be read to the
            ■ Arrange the questionnaire’s check-boxes or other response options so that it’s easy for
            interviewers to record data

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                                                                                                     Telephone Survey
Anticipate unavailability of respondents
       Give the interviewer a long list of names to contact, in case certain individuals aren’t available or are
        unwilling to participate. To be safe, you should have between seven and 15 times more names than the
        number of completed surveys you want.

Reduce the barriers to interview response
       Lack of respondent availability and lack of cooperation are the main barriers to response for telephone and
        in-person interviews. To compensate for lack of availability, interviewers must keep contacting prospective
        respondents. To help the interviewer, keep the introduction concise. Also, at the beginning, mention any
        incentives being offered to survey respondents. If the person does not want to participate, don’t press
        them; say “Thank you,” and move on to another individual.

Advantages of Telephone Surveys

There are many great advantages               Keep in mind that a list compiled from a telephone directory will
to using a telephone survey, a few           exclude potential participants who choose to have unlisted numbers.
are listed below:
       rapid contact   with   respon-
                                              survey software is available to
       interviewers can elicit more
                                               integrate previous survey data
        complete and substantive an-
                                               with current data
        swers from respondents as
        well as ask for clarification
                                              broad reach to potential re-
        and elaboration concerning

Disadvantages to Telephone Surveys

Although the telephone survey                  sales calls often masquerade        and no visual support can be
has great advantages and is a reli-             as "research" calls                  implemented
able way to collect information,
they also have a few disadvan-                 the typical calling window of
tages.                                          6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. often
        phone surveying is more ex-            interrupts the respondents
         pensive than other survey
         types such as web survey              limited personal time

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Telephone Survey
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