Learning Management System for the Corporates

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					Learning Management System for the Corporates

Modern business world has taken a step forward by embracing the online
training programs in their organizations. Earlier, when most of the
organizations practiced the traditional training method, the learning
outcome was low. Bulky assignments and project reports were dull and
uninspiring - for both educators and employees. With the inclusion of
technology for delivering knowledge, corporates have become smart and
well-informed, in terms of subject matter and skills. Today,
organizations are looking for cost-effective measures to safeguard their
assets and savings. A reasonably priced LMS or learning management system
would definitely help in reducing about 20-30 percent of the cost
employed to train the employees.

LMS is a simple system, wherein the user needs to log in to the learning
management system and choose the appropriate training program from the
given set of the catalog. This system keeps a track of all the activities
of the learner and records his or her progress. The e-learning programs
are not only cost- effective but also help in tackling problems such as
lack of space, trainers and time. It is an interactive medium, wherein
the users can do a lot by himself without the involvement of the trainer.
The users can check their scores and transcripts, and also send
notifications. E-learning programs manage the learning of the corporate,
starting from preparation of the training calendar to designing pre- and
post-test assignments for them. The evaluation and report generation is
also carried out by learning management system.

The reach of e-learning programs is wide and a lot of users can use and
utilize these training programs together. One can easily access the
training module any time. Good news for the industries is that the
content for the training module can be customized as per their needs. The
content is developed in such a way that trainees are able to relate to
the content and implement the learning in their daily routine. Banking
and financial industries, life sciences, retail and software & IT
education have successfully implemented these e-learning training process
in their organization and are reaping huge benefits from it. Moreover,
one of the prime benefits of the online training programs is that it is
rapid and gives fast results. There are various tools, with the help of
which, the immediate training needs of the companies can be solved.
Product trainings and technology related trainings needs to be updated
constantly and rapid authoring tools help in catering to these needs of
the companies. As learning is induced through social media and mobiles,
more and more trainees are benefiting from it.

Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His
expertise includes Learning Management System, LMS and other Learning &
Development matters.

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