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					                         Job Description – Hydrographer STO

                       Marine Institute Job Description

Position:                Hydrographer STO
Service Group:           Advanced Mapping Services
Duration:                Specified purpose for a maximum duration of 3
Section:                 Ocean Science Services
Grade:                   STO
Principal Location:      Rinville, Oranmore, Co. Galway

Brief Description of the Marine Institute
The Marine Institute is a non-commercial semi-state body, which was formally
established by Statute (Marine Institute Act, 1991) in October 1992.
Under the Act the Marine Institute was given responsibility:
   “to undertake, to co-ordinate, to promote and to assist in marine research and
   development and to provide such services related to marine research and
   development, that in the opinion of the Institute will promote economic
   development and create employment and protect the marine environment.”
The Institute works in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries &
Food, other Government Departments, semi-state agencies and various national and
international marine-based bodies.

Ocean Science Services (OSS) :
Ocean Science Services underpins marine research programmes by providing
efficient and cost effective services, which facilitate and add value to marine
research activities. Within Ocean Science Services there are three sections:

   (A) Research Vessel Operations (RVOps) responsible for the management of
       the Research Vessels Celtic Explorer and Celtic Voyager. RVOps provide
       significant instrumentation and scientific support services nationally and
   (B) Advanced Mapping Services (AMS) providing the operational facilities and
       personnel to support the INFOMAR Integrated Resource Mapping
       Programme, and other national and international programmes.
   (C) Oceanographic Services (OS), providing comprehensive oceanographic
       services underpinning many national and international programmes.

The Working Environment
The position will be based at the Marine Institute, Rinville, Oranmore, Co. Galway,
and occasionally onboard the RV’s Celtic Explorer & Celtic Voyager or other vessels.
Overseas and national travel will also be required.

When absent from home and place of work on duty, you will be paid appropriate
travelling expenses and subsistence allowances. Before any motor travel is
undertaken for business purposes you will be required to carry an indemnity clause
in your certificate of insurance for business use.

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                          Job Description – Hydrographer STO

INIS Hydro is an INTERREG IVA project proposal within Priority 2 (Cooperation for a
more sustainable cross border region), Theme 2 (Infrastructure:Environment) Call.
The projects aims are to facilitate standardisation and cooperation between cross
border gatherers of seabed depth data and capitalise on this by gathering
standardised and high quality marine mapping baseline data in key geographical
areas. The project is being lead by the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) in the
The Marine Institute’s contribution to this project will be supported by the INFOMAR

Description of the Position
An opportunity exists for a self-motivated individual to work in a team environment on
the INIS Hydro project as well as assisting on EU and R&D projects supported by the
INFOMAR programme and OSS sections.

A variety of EU and R&D projects are supported by the INFOMAR Programme.
Many of these represent joint undertaking between international government
agencies/bodies. The successful applicant will play a key role in providing support to
these programmes. Consequently the successful applicant will need to demonstrate
excellent communication and organisational skills together with an ability to adapt to
different organisational cultures and methods of working.

The Hydrographic STO will be primarily responsible for hydrographic data
acquisition, quality control, interpretation and reporting during INIS Hydro), MESH
Atlantic, INFOMAR and supported operations. Whilst offshore, there will be a
requirement to work in shifts of twelve hours on and twelve hours off.
Responsibilities include on-line positioning and swathe data acquisition and quality
control. The Hydrographic STO will also be responsible for the maintenance and
operation of the survey equipment. The Hydrographic STO will ensure that correct
procedures are used during calibrations, data is logged and stored in the correct
format and that electronic annotation is correct.

Within the INFOMAR team, the Hydrographic STO will have responsibility for
hydrographic data processing, interpretation, archiving, reporting and the provision of
support to projects. The INFOMAR survey includes elements of hydrographic
survey, oceanographic, biological, plankton and geological sampling, UWTV
Operation, geophysical survey and habitat mapping.

The Hydrographic STO will be required to follow the survey protocols established
within the INFOMAR programme.

The role requires the applicant to have a good knowledge of hydrographic survey
mapping techniques. The applicant will be expected to have an excellent work ethic,
strong inter-personal skills and relish the opportunity to work in a busy and thriving
office environment.

The STO will liaise with Marine Institute partners to co-ordinate development of
project survey plans and scope of work documents. This will define survey standards
to be adhered to, and define areas for survey. The STO will be involved in the
planning and execution of the Marine Institute survey contribution to the INIS Hydro
project. Aligned with this will be the delivery of INIS Hydro project deliverables,

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                         Job Description – Hydrographer STO

including a standardised scope of work for hydrographic surveys.

The STO will engage with relevant Irish, Northern Irish and UK Agencies, Academic
Groups, and NGO’s to promote cross border co-operation in Hydrographic Mapping,
and relevant data integration.

The STO will be expected to attend and organise project meetings. There will also
be a requirement to present the results of work undertaken at meetings, workshops
and conferences.

The STO will have responsibility for drafting Programme Progress reports for
submission to the relevant funding agencies (e.g. INTERREG), and will be
responsible for the management and scheduling of deliverables.

The STO will support hydrographic related OSS and INFOMAR work and projects as

Principal Tasks
 Support the Advanced Mapping Team in all aspects of hydrographic data
   collection and processing.
 Fulfill hydrographic requirements of INIS Hydro, current and future OSS
   programmes, including hydrographic data acquisition and quality control, and/or
 Assist in the delivery of INIS Hydro products, including drafting of standardised
   protocols for hydrographic data acquisition, processing, interpretation reporting
   and delivery and ensure these are upheld.
 Act as initial point of contact for hydrographic enquiries relating to INIS Hydro
   and occasionally projects supported by the OSS Sections and INFOMAR
 GIS collation of survey data.
 Drafting and circulation of INIS Hydro project progress reports.
 Creation of survey plans and contribute to scoping field operations.
 Organising Project stakeholder interaction meetings and seminars.
 Assist in project management.
 Any other duties assigned from time to time appropriate to the grade and

General Responsibilities will Include
 Responsible for the hydrographic data processing, interpretation and quality
   control of swathe bathymetry data acquired on INFOMAR and associated
   projects carried out by the Advanced Mapping Team. Sound velocity profiles
   and tidal coefficient values will also be the responsibility of the Hydrographer.
 Responsible for the hydrographic aspects of project preparation (survey
   equipment and software), including review of project procedures as required,
   survey mobilisation.
 Responsible for calibration procedures and implementation on both the
   navigation and swathe systems. This includes the selection of suitable offshore
   sites for pitch, roll and yaw, with time lag for swathe system.
 Responsible for keeping the survey and swathe recording equipment in optimum
   condition, and using it in accordance with the applicable procedures, work
   instructions and manuals.

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                          Job Description – Hydrographer STO

   Responsible for or on-line positional quality control of the navigation system and
    data management for swathe, navigation files and acoustic ground
    discrimination data and data backup, together with the off-line data processor.
    Including the collation of all collected hydrographic or other survey data for
    further processing.
   Drafting and circulation of Hydrographic Notifications during and after survey
   Project preparation (survey equipment and software), including review of project
    procedures, if needed.
   Liaison with the INFOMAR designated authority prior to, during and on
    completion of projects to ensure efficient operation of the hydrographic aspects
    of survey and to provide satisfactory feedback to the Advanced Mapping Team
    Leads and Section Manager.
   Liaison with other sections on hydrographic technical matters e.g. software,
    reporting and engineering. Feedback on all technical and procedural problems
    to the Party Chief, Team Leads and Section Manager.
   Ensuring that all collected hydrographic data is of the highest standard and
    according to Project and MI specification and procedures.
   Data Validation.
   Liaison with partners in order to deliver a detailed scope of work for INIS Hydro.
    This will comprise a detailed survey plan defining target areas and standards.
   Liaison with stakeholders and organisation of stakeholder interaction.
   Organisation of project meetings as required.
   Data Acquisition, quality control and management of offshore survey data and
   Ensuring that all GIS management is of the highest standard and according to
    Project and Marine Institute specification and procedures.
   Assisting with survey report writing.
   Maintaining highest standard of safety, ensuring adherence to safety procedures
    and observance of safe working practice at all times.
   Implementation of QC and HSE procedures and guidelines onshore.
   Participation in multidisciplinary research and data analysis activities supporting
   Any other duties appropriate to the grade and position assigned from time to

Contacts required in the performance of the work

A.     Within the Marine Institute
Advanced Mapping Section Manager, Party Chief(s), INFOMAR Programme Team,
Other MI Service Groups, RV Operations Section, etc. Director OSS

B.      Outside the Marine Institute
Marine Institute Project Partners (Maritime Coastguard Agency (UK), Agri-Food and
Biosciences Institute (NI), United Kingdom Hydrographic Office), Geological Survey
of Ireland, Irish Hydrographic Office (Department of Transport), NPWS and others as

Reporting Structure
The successful candidate will report the Advanced Mapping Services Team Leader,
and liaise with OSS project and section managers as required.
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                         Job Description – Hydrographer STO

Although it is anticipated that the successful candidate will have experience in many
of the relevant areas, training will be provided as required in conjunction with the
Institute’s Performance Management and Development System.

Education, Professional and Technical Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills,
Aptitude, Experience and Training

    A minimum of a degree or combination of equivalent qualification and work
      experience in Hydrographic Surveying, Geophysics, Electronics, Earth
      Science, Information Technology or a related discipline.
    Demonstrated relevant operational offshore experience.
    Experience with acquisition and/or processing of multibeam and single beam
    Strong technical, analytical and administration skills.
    Excellent skills in oral and written communications.
    Demonstrated report writing skills, to include technical and / or scientific
    Familiarity or working knowledge of the Marine sector.
    Demonstrated experience in the use of Microsoft Office e.g. Excel,
      PowerPoint, Access and Statistical Packages.
    Good time management and the ability to prioritise and meet deadlines.
    The ability to work unsupervised and as part of a team.
    Full driving licence

    A postgraduate or other professional qualification (e.g. Marine Science,
      Hydrography, Geophysics, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science,
      Oceanography, Information Technology, etc.).
    A minimum of 12 months operational sea-going experience working in a
      geophysical/hydrographic team
    Experience with large integrated datasets.
    Familiarity with SIS online MBES data acquisition software.
    Familiarity with CARIS and MBES data processing.
    Familiarity with QINSy, CAD and GIS systems.
    A variety of offshore survey experience including regional geophysical
    Demonstrated knowledge of GIS.
    Knowledge of seabed classification programmes.
    Familiarity with research processes and techniques.
    Experience in report editing and database management.

Special Personal Attributes Required for the Performance of the Job

    Industrious, decisive, have a proven ability to use his/her own initiative while
      at the same time working well as a team player.
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                          Job Description – Hydrographer STO

      The ability to communicate effectively at all levels both verbally and in writing.
      Strong organisational and interpersonal skills
      Innovative thinker and self-starter.
      Ability to adapt to different organisational communications cultures & styles.
      An ability to analyse and prioritise both general and specific needs.
      Performance orientated and able to work to the delivery of agreed targets.
      Ability to think laterally and problem solve.
      Flexible, Industrious, decisive and organised.
      Strong technical, analytical and administration skills.

Remuneration is in accordance with the Marine Institute Scientific & Technical Officer
contributory salary scale as approved by the Department of Finance with a starting
salary of €32,317 per annum, pro rated with time worked. While this temporary
position does not include membership of the Marine Institute pension Schemes, the
salary has been adjusted to include an amount to be used for pension purposes. The
Marine Institute has an established PRSA scheme.

Annual Leave
Annual leave entitlement for a Scientific & Technical Officer is 23 working days per
annum pro-rated to reflect time worked. Annual leave entitlements are exclusive of
Public Holidays.

Duration of Contract
The contract will be issued on a specified purpose basis for up to a maximum
duration of three years, subject to funding with a 6 month probationary period.

How to Apply
A CV and letter of application should be posted to Human Resources, Marine
Institute, Rinville, Oranmore, Galway or sent via email to
Applicants will be short-listed on the basis of the information contained in their letter
of application and CV. Please ensure that applications for this opportunity use the
reference MI-OSS/Hydro STO - Feb 2010.

The closing date for all applications is Thursday 18th March 2010 at 4pm. Late
applications will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that
their application is received on time. Interviews will be held during week commencing
22nd March 2010. It is the responsibility of applicants to make themselves available
for interview on the allotted date.

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