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Easy Make Up Chart


									              Easy Make-Up Chart ☺
                       p.s. 100 mL = 3.4 oz

Item                                            Carry-On Checked
Aerosol Spray bottles and cans                  ≤ 100 mL ≤ 500 mL
Creams/Lotions – “non-essential” such as        ≤ 100 mL       Yes
suntan lotion or moisturizers
Creams/Lotions – “essential non-prescription”      Yes*        Yes
such as Neosporin, rash creams etc.
Cuticle cutters                                     Yes        Yes
Deodorants – gel or aerosol                     ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Deodorants – solid or powder                        Yes        Yes
Eye drops                                          Yes*        Yes
Eyelash curler                                      Yes        Yes
Hair gels, sprays including aerosols,           ≤ 100 mL       Yes
straighteners or detanglers
Gas operated curling iron                           NO         Yes
Hydrogen peroxide 3%                               Yes*     ≤ 500 mL
Insect repellant                                ≤ 100 mL ≤ 500 mL
Lip gels and lip balms                          ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Lipsticks                                           Yes        Yes
Lip glosses or other liquids for lips           ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Liquid foundation                               ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Solid powder foundation                             Yes        Yes
Liquid hand sanitizer                           ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Liquid soap                                     ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Solid soap                                          Yes        Yes
Liquid mascara                                  ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Solid cake mascara                                  Yes        Yes
Make up remover or facial cleansers – liquids   ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Mouthwash                                       ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Nail clippers                                       Yes        Yes
Nail files                                          Yes        Yes
Nail polish and nail polish remover             ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Non-prescription liquid or gel medications         Yes*        Yes
Safety razors – disposable                          Yes        Yes
Saline solution and contact lens solution          Yes*        Yes
Shampoos and conditioners                       ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Toothpaste                                      ≤ 100 mL       Yes
Tooth powder                                        Yes        Yes
Tweezers                                            Yes        yes
*Declare these separately from your ziplock bag to the screening
officer – if they don’t fit in the bag.

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