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Employment Services IT Advisory Group Minutes


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									          Employment Services IT Advisory Group Minutes
     Date:              Wednesday 17 September 2008
     Time:              2:00 - 4.00
     Location:          Brindabella Business Park BWG15
     Chair:             Stephen Moore, Group Manager, Employment Systems
     Secretariat:       Jillian Lenffer, Executive Assistant, Employment Systems Group
     Attendees:         Sally Sinclair, CEO, NESA
                        David Thompson, CEO, Jobs Australia
                        Neil Lynch, Independent IT Representative, University of Canberra
                        George Thiveos, Branch Manager, Ryde Application Development
                        Nicole Cheng, a/g Director, UI Design and Provider Consultation
                        Elaine Lee, UI Design and Provider Consultation
     Apologies:         Lucy Macali, CEO, ACE

     1.    Introduction/ Welcome

     Stephen Moore welcomed the Advisory members.

     2.    Actions Items review

 #                             Action         Responsibility     Due date           Status
3          8/7/2008     Establish a log to   Nicole Cheng       16/07/2008     In progress.
                        raise feedback on                                      Confirming
                        Purchasing site                                        best practice
                                                                               for Probity
                                                                               issues with
12         20/08/2008   Publish Survey to    Nicole Cheng       20/08/2008     Completed
                        obtain feedback
                        on 3rd party
                        products used by
13         20/08/2008   Options for          Nicole Cheng       17/9/2008      Completed. It
                        mobile computing                                       was advised
                        on SmartClient                                         that mobile
                                                                               devices such
                                                                               as PDAs and
                                                                               could not be
                                                                                alternatives are

Minutes from previous meeting were accepted and can now be posted on the website.

3.   3rd Party Software Survey – Software and Dataflow Report
The results of the 3rd Party Software Survey were presented to the Advisory Group
members. There were a total of 86 respondents from 84 different organisations. It was
agreed that the survey reached the correct audience and overall the responses were good.

3rd Party Software is used mainly in:

       Performance Management
       EA Reporting
       Customer Management/Job seeker circumstances
       Client comments/file notes

Discussion centred around existing tools in DEEWR systems that are currently being
under-utilised by providers. An example is the new jobseeker account upload functionality.
While the uptake of this functionality has been lower than anticipated, one large provider
that utlises the upload has seen a reduction of 80% in manual processing times. It was
suggested that DEEWR should consider a suite of advertising strategies when marketing
new systems tools and enhancements.

4. Windows Vista & XP

Further information in relation to the operating system requirements will be provided in the
Request for Tender.

In summary, DEEWR will support both XP & VISTA for a period and provide six months
notice of any move to VISTA only. The Group believed this was a very good outcome.

5. Consultation update
The Advisory Group was given the following:

1. LiveMeet Summary Report – This report provided feedback from the LiveMeets
conducted to date namely:

Employment Pathway Plan:

       (i) Notification of various milestones and tasks.
       (ii) The information, help and training available will need to be updated and consolidated.
       The EPP systems & policy areas will work together to address this issue.
       (iii) Remote considerations in relation to EPP

       IT Advisory Group Minutes                                                            2 of 4
    Caseload Search and List:

    (i) Use of “manage by” field
    (ii) Partnership arrangements
    (iii) Increased caseload in new system

    JobSearch facilities:

     (i) Retrieval of JobSearch Kiosks and JSTs under ESC3
     (ii) Funding timelines
     (iii) Equipment specifications

2. LiveMeet Schedule – This detailed all the LiveMeets that have occurred and the
LiveMeets that are scheduled to take place. As of the 17 September, 11 LiveMeets had
been conducted and 13 LiveMeets were scheduled to occur.

6. Other business

7. Action Items arising from meeting (Attachment A)

8. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the DEEWR Melbourne State office from 10am – 12.30pm
on Wednesday 29 October 2008.

Further meetings have been tentatively scheduled for the following dates:

Wednesday 12 November 2008 -        10am -12.30pm - Brindabella Business Park, Canberra.
Wednesday 26 November 2008 -        10am -12.30pm - Melbourne State Office
Wednesday 10 December 2008 -        10am -12.30pm - Brindabella Business Park, Canberra.
Wednesday 17 December 2008-         10am -12.30pm - VC / Teleconference

Meeting closed 3.50pm

     IT Advisory Group Minutes                                                         3 of 4
     Action Items arising from meeting                         Attachment A

#                    Action                 Responsibility   Due date     Status
14   17/09/2008      George and Sally       George Thiveos   29/10/2008   In
                     to plan a series                                     Progress.
                     of site visits after
                     the RFT closes to
                     information on
                     how the system
                     is/ can be used
15   20/08/2008      Promote the            George Thiveos   29/10/2008   In
                     effectiveness of                                     Progress.
                     the jobseeker
                     account upload

     IT Advisory Group Minutes                                                   4 of 4

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