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									                                                                      Customer Site Survey

                                  JCMIS Customer Site Survey

This survey is intended to gather basic information about your organization, needs, and
technology infrastructure as it relates to a potential JCMIS implementation. This information
will be used solely for this purpose and not shared with outside parties without your express

There are four sections to this survey, each focusing on a different knowledge area. Each
section may require knowledge from different people to complete.

    Section 1: Customer Profile – Basic information such as sites, organizations, and points of
    Section 2: Business Processes – What functions JCMIS may be used for in your
    Section 3: Technology Infrastructure – What computing environment JCMIS would exist in
               (if your site will host the JCMIS application)
    Section 4: System Migrations & Interfaces – What other data systems (if any) will JCMIS
               replace or interface with in your environment?

The more complete your response, the better the JCMIS Team can meet your needs.
However, if the answers to any questions are unknown, please indicate so. We will work with
you to help find the answers. When completed, please email the survey to or the JCMIS Team member who provided it to you.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the JCMIS Help Desk at 240-725-
5231 or

We look forward to hearing from you.


The JCMIS Team

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         Version 2.0
                                                                                     Customer Site Survey

1. Customer Profile
        Organization                                       Address                                        Date

1.1. Organization Type
         Army                     Navy                      Air force           Marine Corps.
         Coast Guard               Homeland Security        Government (other)  Commercial

1.2. Access Required
         Visit Request             CAC                      Security Clearance ______________

1.3. Points of Contact – Please list contacts for your organization, with the primary POC listed first.

        Name                         Organization / Role             Phone         E-Mail

2. Business Processes
2.1. What are you considering using JCMIS for?
       Part Baselines (Bills of Material)                              Material Maintenance
       Document Baselines (Technical Data Packages)                    Configuration Audits
       Part-to-Document Relations                                      File/Document Repository
       Change Control (ECRs, ECPs, etc.)                               Workflow / Electronic Routing
       Status Accounting (Asset management)                            Other __________________________

2.2. What kinds of products will JCMIS be used to manage?
       Aircraft                                                        Computer Systems/Networks
       Engines                                                         Software
       Ground Vehicles                                                 Equipment
       Ships / Naval Vessels                                           Classified
       Weapon Systems                                                  Other __________________________

2.3. Who will host and administer your copy of JCMIS?
       Your site…………….. Proceed to Section 3
       Another site………… Skip to Section 4
       JJCMIS………………. Skip to Section 4
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         Version 2.0
                                             Customer Site Survey
 Unsure…………........ Skip to Section 4

                                                                                             Customer Site Survey

3. Technology Infrastructure
This section describes the technology environment that an installation of JCMIS would exist in if hosted at your
site. This information is needed only for the systems/network where you are considering using JCMIS.

3.1. What external ports will be available for JCMIS use?
         80 (HTTP)                   443 (HTTPS)                  Other _________        Unsure

3.2. If there will be a DMZ/firewall between the web server and database server, what port(s) will be available?
         1521 (Oracle)               Other _________              Not applicable         Unsure

3.3. Web protocol
        HTTP                         HTTPS

3.4. External connection
         T1                         T3                            Wireless               Unsure

3.5. Servers – Describe servers which might be used to host JCMIS at your site (if any)
        Vendor & Model       CPUs       Memory          Disk Space        Operating System      Backups
                             (qty)      (avail/total)   (avail/total)     (Inc. version)        (media)


3.6. Server Software – What database, web server, and application software is currently in use?
        Vendor               Software Name                              Version(s)           Installed on O/S


                                                                                    Customer Site Survey
3.7. Desktop Software – what software (including O/S and web browser) would a user have on their desktop?
        Vendor                Software Name                                    Version(s)


Usage & Availability
3.8. Will JCMIS store classified or sensitive data?
         Unclassified       Sensitive    Classified    Unsure

3.9. Approximately how large is your current data set? (Gb)
         1-10            10-20           20-50         50-100          100+             Unsure

3.10. Approximately how many people would be using JCMIS (in total)?
         1-100           100-500         500-1000      1000-3000       3000+            Unsure

3.11. When would JCMIS need to be available to users?
        Days:             Mon-Fri         Saturday      Sunday
        Times:            Work Hrs        Evenings      24 hrs/day

3.12. Will JCMIS interface with or replace any of your existing systems?
         No              Yes (please fill out System Migration questionnaire(s) on next page)

3.13. Training Facilities
JCMIS offers on-site training at your location. All needed hardware is supplied by JCMIS. Does your site have
facilities that can be used for training purposes? Yes/No Please check all requirements below that apply for a
single training room at your location.
         Space          Adequate room for: 14 students each with laptop and student 3 ring binder
                                              2 instructors each with laptop and instructor guide, 1 at desk and 1
                                                  at podium
                                              1 Projector (JCMIS provides projector your site provides screen)
         Power          Adequate electrical outlets for 16 laptops and 1 projector
         Climate        Heating and A/C climate control as appropriate
         Reserved       Dedicated for JCMIS training use only; equipment not to be removed each night
         Secure         Controlled access to enclosed room or area where class/equipment will not be disturbed
         Podium         Podium (microphone not required)

                                                                                          Customer Site Survey

4. System Migrations & Interfaces
This section describes existing data systems which your copy of JCMIS might interface with or replace.

A separate copy of this page should be filled out for each potential system interface/replacement.

Application Name: _________________________                             Functional POC: ______________________

4.1. Will JCMIS Interface with or replace this system?
         Interface         Replace          Not sure

4.2. Approximate Number of users:
         1-100             100-500          500-1000       1000-3000        3000+             Unsure

4.3. What kind of database/application is the data physically stored in?
         Oracle            SQL-Server  Sybase              Access           Excel             Other __________

4.4. Business Processes Supported
         Part Baselines (Bills of Material)                                Material Maintenance
         Document Baselines (Technical Data Packages)                      Configuration Audits
         Part-to-document Relations                                        File/Document Repository
         Change Control (ECRs, ECPs, etc.)                                 Workflow / Electronic Routing
         Status Accounting (asset management)                              Other __________________________

4.5. Interfaces to Existing Systems
        System Name                   Format              This system         Data Contents                  Frequency
        Name of interfacing system    XML, Flat File…     Sends Receives      What is being sent/received?   How Often?
                                                                 
                                                                 
                                                                 
                                                                 
                                                                 
                                                                 

4.6. Do you have the capability to extract data from this system? If so, what format?
         Oracle Export               XML                    Delimited Text            Fixed Length Text
         MS Access                   MS Excel               Not Sure                  Other __________________

4.7. Can you provide any technical documentation about this system?
         Software design             DB Schema              User Manuals              Other


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