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					                       Alpha Kappa Psi Alumni Meeting -- April 4, 2002
                                   City of Festivals Chapter

I.  President’s rpt – Sean Walker
       A. Nominations for President
               Sean Walker
       B. Nominations for VP
               Eric Krueger
       C. Nominations for Secretary
               Mackenzie Frorath
       D. Nominations for Treasurer
               Dave Armstrong
1. Reopen for election on May 2, 2002.

2. Scholarship – Need volunteers to go talk to the students @ UWM
      4:00pm – April 10, 2002
      Scholarship is going up to $250
      Students need to return essays by the May 2 Alumni meeting
              Email to board.
              Hand to Stacy
3. Mission Statement – Kenlee will reword the ideas presented.
4. Student Chapter Affairs
      *Until student chapter comes to us with their problems, alumni will stay out of their affairs.
      *Will address at the roundtable if further discussion
5. Renew our commitment
      *Sean wants his “2 hours”
      *Need help with getting mentorship program off the ground

II.   Vice President’s rpt -- Eric Krueger
       *Finance committee met to discuss the budget – have a working budget for the next
       meeting (5/2)
       *Volleyball teams – talked to Tracks, play in the “C” league (recreational)
       Will play Sunday nights. Games start the week of April 15
       *April 7 – Midcourt (9:00 am – 2:00pm): executive interview group (4 groups of 3 pledges)
       Alumni can sit in the back, ask questions, allowed to discuss pledges, can’t vote
       *April 10 – presentation to students for Scholarship
       *April 21 – Court of Honor (11:00am - 2:00pm)
       *May 4 – Initiation
       *May 25 – Student/Alumni Softball game (probably noon – 1:00pm)

Try to plan a Brewer game (April 27th/ May11th)
        Note: try to do a fundraising event

III.Secretary’s rpt – Mackenzie Frorath
       *What would the secretary actually report on? That is the question.
IV. Treasurer’s rpt – Dave Armstrong
      *Need dues
      *checking account balances $635.15
      *motion & seconded to sell $1000 CD – will cash in on April 6.
      *table this till after Peter’s report regarding $1000 cd.

V.     Webmaster Brother Brill
         *Create secure access session of the site.
         *Create submission form for scholarship – then students can email ebaord with submission.
         *Send Kenlee outside links that you would like to see on the website (i.e.your company)

VI.       Editor-in-chief, Brother Olsen
          *pushed back second newsletter because of Crivitz trip (June 14 – 16)
          *cut down to 40 copies
          *Kenlee will be Peter’s spell checker for the newsletter. Thank you Kenlee!!

VII. Finance Committee Meeting Update
      Dave, Peter, Eric – committee members
      *non profit status – difficult to do so we will start the City of Festivals Foundation
      *City of Festivals Foundation – will be separate organization, will have its own:
              bylaws (only have to meet once a year)
              articles of incorporation
              board – will be finance committee members + Kelly Lipski
              checking account
              application for exempt status costs $500 – can begin targeting organizations for $$
      public organization – not private, cuz private pays tax
      *will have broad mission statement
      *will meet in 2 weeks to start going through application, complete by May 5
      *have to get their $$ from the public

          *Kenlee moves to create this as a foundation, Dave Uy seconded, Vote – passed

VII.    Roundtable – Question: Favorite Crivitz story
        Stacy Schroeter– April 10 – Student Professional Dinner – Mama Mia’s (Silver spring)
                April 12 (Friday) Pledge Social –Rivera Lanes – 7:00pm - 86th & Greenfield
                April 17th – student eboard meeting
                April 19th – student chapter Pub Crawl
                April 20th – Marquette installation
                April 24th - student member meeting
                May 1 - student eboard meeting
                May 4 – Initiation – ritual starts @ 4:30 pm (alumni/students have to pay $30 –
dinner, beer, soda)
                May 8 – final student member meeting
“Holy Schniky we are going on”  Sean’s quote…
Sue Bishop – Crivitz is always rainy
Mackenzie Frorath – finished painting the condo
Dave Uy – April 27th: St. Bens & Gasthaus is having a walk for homeless shelters
Kenlee Brill – Calvin, the only Black man singing “baby got back” at the Karoke bar in Crivitz
               -- Billy Kraus singing “ain’t going down to the sun comes down”
Dave Armstrong – Dave will be going to Crivitz this year… it’s about time…
Sean Walker -- When Peter almost sunk the Pontoon boat
Eric Krueger—Alice flashing Eric in Crivitz
Peter Olsen – still working on a spouse… any volunteers!!!!

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