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					  Volume 19, Issue 2
  Summer 2007

              Congratulations          Website—Erica Armstrong
    The following coaches are          Skate Canada Northern Ontario’s website has a new look and a new address:
    now NCCP Level 1          We hope that our new website is easy to navigate, informative and
    certified: Chantal Bazinet,        interactive.
    Corrina Rintala and Janice
    Gribbons.                          In addition to a new look, there are also some new features. Of note:

                                       SCNO Email Addresses: Now available to all clubs in our section, customized
                              email addresses. The email account features no ads, unlimited
                                       storage and lots of other great features bound to make your email experience more
                                       pleasant. Your club will also benefit from a generic address that will never change.
    Information:                       Potential new members will have an easier time finding out about your programs. If
                                       you are interested in obtaining a club email address, send an email to
    •       Test Day listing will be
                              All clubs are highly encouraged to take advantage of this
            available mid-August.      opportunity.
    •       Sectionals
            Announcement will be
                                       Discussion Forum: This new communication tool will provide an opportunity to
                                       collaborate, share knowledge, and get to know one another - all in a positive,
            mailed late August.
                                       constructive environment. Users can start new topics, or reply to topics that have
    •       Ontario Skaters            already been created on a wide variety of subjects. The forum has a lot of potential
            Promotion Tickets          but we will only get out of it what we collectively put into it – so make sure to do
            should be ready to         your part by contributing to the discussion. To be able to contribute to the forum,
                                       you must create a user name and password by registering as a member of our
            mail in late August.

                                       If clubs want to advertise that they are looking for a coach, the club can post the ad
                                       on the Discussion Forum.
Inside this issue:
                                       Photo Gallery: Choose the "Photo Gallery" link in the "Archives" menu to view
Skate Canada Announcements         2   pictures from this past season. Stay tuned as we will continue to add new photos.
Bursaries                          2   Hall of Fame: Also in the "Archives" section, you can view the SCNO "Hall of Fame",
Five Star Program                  2   featuring award winners from this past season.

2007-2008 Membership               2   Contribute: The new "Contribute" menu (only viewable to registered members)
                                       provides the opportunity for you to share links and news articles. Please be sure to
Vice—Teams/Membership              3   include the date, author and source of any submitted articles. All submissions are
Get Ready                          3   subject to review and editing before they will appear on the website.
Fundraising                        3   As always, be sure to check the website regularly. This is your best source of up to
Synchronize Skating in your Club   4   date information and it is updated constantly. Your feedback, questions or
                                       comments about the new website are welcome - email
Mailbox Key Holder                 4

Synchronized Skating Program       4

2007 Competition Dates             4

3-6 Main Street South—P.O. Box 130, Callander ON P0H 1H0        Phone: 705-752-4803     Fax: 705-752-5977
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Improvements at Skate Canada
There was a Finance and Technology Meeting held at Skate Canada ACGM, and here are some details:

           •   Skate Canada is working on improving the functionality of their website.
           •   Synchronized skating teams will be able to register their team online.
           •   Skate Canada is working with Lakehead University to developing an online coach training pilot project.
           •   Membership cards will be mailed to clubs.
           •   Clubs will have the ability to print a tax receipt for registration.
           •   For Sectionals, competitors may be able to register online through their website.

Athlete Bursaries                                              Five Star Program—Sharon Hollinsworth
                                                               It is a new year for the Five Star Program and we do not
                The section awarded $14,450 in bursaries       want any club to miss out on their opportunity to shine.
                to 34 athletes. Below is our grant formula:    Be sure to let us know about you, your skaters and your
                                                               club activities. The Five Star recognition runs from May
  •      $200 for placing first at Sectionals or in a          to April each year, and you must earn your stars each
         qualifying event.                                     year. So good luck and we know you can do it!
  •      $100 for qualifying for Western Challenge in a
         qualifying event.                                     Here are a few items you can get points for already:
  •      $200 for placing in the top six in Singles or the
         top half for Pairs or Dance at Western Challenge.     •   Did anyone attend the SCNO AGM?
  •      $100 for athletes who qualify or receive a Skate      •   Did anyone attend the Skate Canada ACGM?
         Canada bye or for qualifying due to a minimum         •   Have you sent in your club executive list for
         number of entries in their discipline to junior and       2007/08?
         senior qualifying events at Canadians.                •   Are your coaches contracts reviewed and signed?
  •      $350 for qualifying for Canadians or Junior           •   Let us know your club email and website address.
  •      $200 for placing in the top half at Canadians and     Start planning for points:
         Junior Nationals
  •      $350 for each Skate Canada international              •   Order your Skater Promotional Tickets
         assignment to a maximum of $1000 per skater/          •   Plan your Program Assistant Training
         discipline/year                                       •   Send skaters to Sectionals
  •      $350 each for competing at the Junior World
         Championships, World Championships or
                                                               The Five Star Program is a great incentive and guideline
                                                               on how you and your club can strive to achieve a high
  •      $100 for qualifying at the Festival of Stars to       standard in the programs you deliver. If you need any
         compete and attend the National STARSkate             help or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact
         Championships.                                        me
  •      $100 per discipline for placing first, second or
         third at the National STARSkate Championships.

2007-2008 Membership Registration
It is important to remember that competitive skaters must be registered on or before September 1 for the
upcoming season. For all other skaters, clubs must register the skaters before they step on the ice. Most
importantly, clubs must register with Skate Canada. Failure to do so effects your insurance coverage and the club
could lose their status as a Skate Canada club. Do not forget to register the club executive and your officials.

In July, clubs will receive a registration package from Skate Canada. If the club registrar experiences problems
when registering members, please contact Member Services at Skate Canada for assistance.

3-6 Main Street South—P.O. Box 130, Callander ON P0H 1H0   Phone: 705-752-4803    Fax: 705-752-5977
Volume 18, Issue 1                                                                                               Page 3

Vice Chair - Teams and Membership—Wendy St. Denis
It was a privilege to attend the 2007 Skate Canada ACGM in Montreal this year. I always find these events
rejuvenating and full of information regarding the upcoming year’s plans and an excellent opportunity to meet with
members from across the country that I work with throughout the year.

The Finance and Information Technology Overview might seem to be a dry subject but it is much more than
information on the financial bottom line for the association. It is an opportunity to hear about the successes of the
previous year and the plans Skate Canada has in the works for the upcoming year and beyond. Of particular
interest to clubs was information on an improved on-line store for purchasing badges, various program materials,
test sheets, etc.

The convention opening featured Barbara Ann Scott as the keynote speaker. She recounted her amateur career in
a way that was very entertaining and delightful. She is a gem for sure! Rod Black recited a very entertaining poem
and then he sat down with Barbara Ann on stage and opened up a dialogue with her. The audience was invited to
ask questions. A reception and autograph session with Barbara Ann and the members of the current national team
capped off the evening.

Workshops were the next day’s agenda. Managing Complaints: Reduce the Risk was presented by Jeff Partrick and
William Thompson. Jeff is the Director of Coaching and Member Services at Skate Canada and is the Complaints
Review Officer and Privacy Officer so is very qualified to address this topic. William is the CEO of Skate Canada and
prior to accepting the position last year, he practiced corporate law for 14 years. A ton of valuable information was
shared and questions from the floor made it difficult to wrap this session up on time!

In my role as VP of Teams and Membership, I felt it was important that I attend the Competitive Skating Update and
Discussion workshop. Renee Bellavance is the Competitive Program Manager at Skate Canada and she presented
an overview of the changes to the competitive qualifying system for the upcoming year and provided an explanation
of the rule amendments for the short program as well as the Novice Free program elements. Check the Skate
Canada website for information on the rule amendments that were approved at the ACGM.

Notes on all the workshops will be available on the Skate Canada website. Although these notes are great, it is
nothing like being there. I would highly advise clubs to consider setting aside money in their budgets to send a
board member to the ACGM. It is a great motivator and an excellent opportunity to provide much needed
professional development for your volunteers. If you cannot set aside enough money to send someone to the 2008
Skate Canada ACGM in Regina, Saskatchewan, at least consider sending him or her to the SCNO AGM, which will be
held in North Bay.

Get ready now for your CanSkate Program—Sharon Hollinsworth
Are you planning Theme Days? (Canada Day, Western, Magic, Favorite Team)

Over the summer months, have your CanSkate Coordinator and some of your very talented Program Assistants plan
some fun events for your next season of CanSkaters. The Program Assistants would love to plan some “FUN” days,
and they can use all their creative talents to prepare well in advance. Theme Days will bring lots of new energy into
your program, and you can advertise all this planning at your registration.

Hint: Check out local yard sales for decorations and supplies for your theme days.

Summer time is a great time to plan your fundraising activities for the skating season. Put your thinking caps on
and start brain storming!

In mid June, the Section mailed each club a fundraising package from QSP. The Section is accepting pre-order for
the Ontario Skaters Promotional Contest. This contest has great prizes so it should help selling the tickets!
Best of luck with ideas!

3-6 Main Street South—P.O. Box 130, Callander ON P0H 1H0   Phone: 705-752-4803   Fax: 705-752-5977
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Synchronized Skating in Your Club—Sharon Hollinsworth
This past year I had the opportunity to attend the Central Regional Festival of Synchronized Skating.
Wow, was I impressed. The teams of skaters introduced to me the ability to stay with the sport as long as
you have the passion to do so. Skaters of all ages, and abilities can participate in the sport they love so
If you already run a synchronized skating program at our club, congratulations! If your club is
contemplating starting a synchronized skating program, start small. Maybe have a line number from your
last ice show continue to work together. Do not worry about the travel and the outfits now. Get some
skaters interested in working on a team, keep those high school students on the ice, maybe get some of
the retirees back in the arena. Start with ½ hour per week on ice and do most of the work off ice. It is
just a beginning but it can work. Maybe your team can start out as four skaters and you can build up to
the 12 or more members, but just start.

Mailbox Key Holder—Michelle Perrault                       Synchronized Skating
Attention: Club President and Secretary                    Program Update
Choose the key holder to the club mail box wisely.         In the spring, the Skate Canada Synchronized
Whoever you decide to be the key holder for your           Skating Committee surveyed the synchronized
mailbox will play an important role in delivery            community.
information from Skate Canada and Skate
Canada—Northern Ontario to your club. Starting in          From the feedback, the committee is proposing
September, you will receive a monthly newsletter           changes starting in the 2008-2009 season. An
from the Section. Make sure the key holder is              outline of the proposed changes will be available
sharing the newsletter and any other important             on the Skate Canada Members Only website.
information with your club executive.                      Some of the changes may include the following:
There have been many instances when I am
talking to club presidents and I make reference to           • Teams will no longer attend Regionals to
something mailed to the club and the club                      qualify for Canadians. Teams will qualify at
president has not seen the information. The                    their own Sectionals competition.
newsletter is how we share information with the              • Elimination of Festival stream.
clubs.                                                       • Adults will not compete at Synchronized
                                                               Skating Canadians. They will compete at the
So make sure the key holder understands that the
                                                               Adult Championships.
club president should be informed of all
                                                             • A re-organization of categories and age
information received in the mail box.
2007 Competition Dates                                       • The creation of a senior national
Skokie Skate                                                   synchronized skating team.
October 19 to 21         Huntsville

2008 BMO Skate Canada Sectionals
November 2 to 4    North Bay

Winter Funskate
November 24              Powassan

Santa Skate
December 1               Port Carling
2008 BMO Skate Canada Western Challenge
December 5 to 9    Mississauga                                ♦   Ontario Skaters Promotional Contest
                                                              ♦   Calendar Order
Skate Thunder Bay
December 7 to 8          Thunder Bay

3-6 Main Street South—P.O. Box 130, Callander ON P0H 1H0   Phone: 705-752-4803    Fax: 705-752-5977
 To:           Skate Canada Northern Ontario Clubs
 From:         Section Office
 Date:         July 31, 2007
 Re:           Ontario Skaters Promotional Contest Tickets


We have ordered 1750 books of tickets for all the SCNO Clubs. So far, 728 booklets will be
distributed to clubs who completed a pre-order. So that leaves 1022 booklets! Orders will be filled
on a first come, first serve basis! To order booklets, please see the order form.

At this time, the office does not have the information booklet. When the office receives a copy, we
will post it on our website – Tickets should arrive the last week of August and will
immediately begin to ship your order.

Important Information to remember about the tickets:

There are 20 tickets per booklet. The suggested donation is $2 per ticket so the value of the book
is $40.
               Club’s Share           = $20
               Remit to the Section = $20

For every $20 remitted to the Section, $5 goes toward the printing of the tickets and prizes, $5 will
be returned to your respective region and $10 goes into Section programming and administration
which benefits all clubs and athletes in SCNO.

Please note: There is no longer a Section Development Contribution.

If you have any questions,          please    contact   Michelle   Perrault   at   705-752-4803   or
                           ORDER FORM




CITY:____________________________ Postal Code: _________________

TELEPHONE:            (____) - _________________

FAX:                  (____) - _________________



Please return form to: Skate Canada Northern Ontario
                       3 - 6 Main St. South
                              PO Box 130
                              Callander, ON P0H 1H0
                              Fax (705) 752-5977
                              Email information to

All ticket stubs and money must be returned to your Promotional Contest Headquarters absolutely no
later than February 9, 2008, to enable the Section time for the accounting process.

If for some reason your donations are falling short of expectations, contact your Section Headquarters no
later than December 20. If you return more than 10% of your original order, you will
be responsible for the cost of the books. Please make an effort to keep your returns to 5%
of your original order.
              2008 Figure Skating Calendar Order Form



City/Town: ____________________________Postal Code: ____________________

Phone #: ___________________________ Fax #: ____________________________

E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________

                  _______ 1-9 calendars @ $16 each                 __________

                  _______ 10 plus calendars @ $9 each __________

                  Shipping/Handling   1 to 5 calendars add $5
                                      6 to 15 calendars add $8
                                      16 to 25 calendars add $11   ____________

                                                TOTAL              __________

You can pay by:
     MasterCard/Visa Payment: #_________________________
      Exp. Date___________

Please send orders to:         Skate Canada Northern Ontario
                               P.O. Box 130
                               Callander, ON P0H 1H0
                               Telephone    705-752-4803
                               Fax          705-752-5977

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