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					                                 AAEE Consultants Register

Dear Consultants
AAEE is the professional body of environmental and sustainability educators in Australia. As an Association,
it is always looking to provide quality services and support for its members. This year, AAEE will establish a
Register of Consultants on the AAEE website. And this is an invitation to you to register.

The Register in Detail
The AAEE Consultants Register will
1. Afford qualified consultants an opportunity to promote their services around Australia.
2. Gather expertise about products and services available for engagement by the Association and/or
   individual members
3. Enable members of AAEE to promote their services.

Services in the Consultants Register will be in three categories and consultants are encouraged to register for
one or more of these annually. The categories are:
       Professional Development Services
       Design Delivery and/or Evaluation of Environmental/Sustainability Education
       Events Management Services.

The Register will be managed by the Association’s Administration Officer, Sandy Eager, who will distribute
invitations to consultants to participate in the register and manage annual renewals. Registration will occur as
        Individual and corporate rates are available.
        Applicants must provide two referees and a copy of their CV to the AAEE Administration Officer
        along with material to go in the web – see below.
        Consultant services must be clearly related to environmental education, sustainability education or
        The AAEE reserves the right to de-register any consultant whose activities are not in accord with the
        objects or expectations of the Association.
        The Register will be established in the open section of the AAEE website.

All consultants who apply for inclusion in the register are encouraged to join AAEE and the differential fee
structure reflects this. If you are not a member but wish to take advantage of the discount consultant
registration by joining AAEE, you can download a membership form at

Consultants on the register may write articles for ozEEnews about a project they have worked on. This
allows promotion for the consultant and provides copy for the newsletter.
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Fee Scale
The fee scale is as follows:
Registrant                                         Annual Fee
AAEE member in a single category                   $80
AAEE Member in two or more categories              $140
Non-AAEE member in one category                    $140
Non AAEE members in two or more categories         $190
Corporate Rate for one category*                   $400
Corporate Rate for 2 or more categories*           $550

*Names are to be provided.

A 30% reduction is offered to consultants who register for a three-year period.

Consultants Register Q&A
           Question                                                 Answer
Does inclusion in the AAEE         No. Users of the register will need to ascertain for themselves the
Consultants Register mean          appropriateness of the consultant for their own needs and service
endorsement?                       requirements. The AAEE does not endorse any particular company for
                                   any particular contract. The introduction to the register on the website
                                   will make clear that no endorsement is given.

How does AAEE ensure               In 4 ways:
quality?                               All applications to be included must be approved by a sub-
                                       committee of the AAEE Council.
                                       The registration form will require consultants to nominate two
                                       referees; one of whom will be a current or previous client. The
                                       AAEE reserves the right to contact referees prior to accepting and
                                       In the event that AAEE hears of poor performance, the AAEE
                                       Council may decide to remove a consultant from the list [and return
                                       the fees on a pro-rata basis] or decline a consultant’s request to be
                                       registered in the future.
                                       A process for getting feedback on consultants will be developed and
                                       added to the website.

Who can use the Consultants        Anyone who looks on the AAEE website and wants a consultant.
What is in this proposal for       Another service from a credible professional association
members/the AAEE?                  Better links with consultancy services
                                   Budgetary benefits

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