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					               1.Cadillac Collection                                         2. Time Wise Body Lotion
   This is the Cadillac Collection. We will be seeing                 •   Provides 10 hours of hydration
   These products today. This is a Skin Conditioning                  •   Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
 Class and at your next appointment, we will check your               •   Helps reduce the appearance of spider veins
   progress, experience more Color, and see the other                 •   Improves skin texture and skin elasticity
                great Mary Kay products .
                                                                      •   This body lotion is designed to treat your
 This Conditioning Cadillac is a $229 Retail Value and
               today’s SPECIAL is $199!                                   body like the Miracle Set treats your face!

                    3. Miracle Set                                           4.TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser
              “A True Miracle in a Bag”
                                                              We have a Normal to Dry Skin Formula and a
  Provides 12 essential Skin Care benefits for younger-         Combination to Oily Skin Formula. Both
looking skin that is soft, smooth, and radiant. It is called formulas provide a deep cleanser, exfoliater, and
 a Miracle Set for a reason. This is the #1 Age-Fighting       a freshener in one. It’s convenient and can be
Skin Care in the United States. You will see a miracle on       used in the shower. You use it morning and
   one hand! This set is $99. But, remember, you will
                                                                            night for great skin.
 never pay $99 again. You will run out of each product
     individually. TimeWise is a patented product.

           5. Day & Night Solution                                           6.Time Wise Moisturizer
                 “Face-Lift in a Bottle”                                             “10 Hours of Bliss”
  Day Solution with SPF 25 and Night Solution deliver “around              This is a great moisturizer that will provide
   the clock” A Pronewal Treatment with daytime protection and              10 hours of moisturization with a patented
                       crucial renewal at night!
  The Day Solution is for skin softening and smoothing fine lines.
                                                                             complex to accelerate the skin’s natural
   The Night Solution contains vitamins & antioxidants that will      renewal process. It will help reveal smoother, younger-
 burst while dispensing so that you get fresh vitamins on your face       looking skin. All of our products are oil-free.
 each night that will work to tighten your skin. Collagen-enhancing   Remember, even if you do have some oil, you still need
             peptides help fade deep lines and wrinkles.                       the hydration of a good moisturizer.

          7. TimeWise Foundation                                          8. Time Wise Microdermabrasion
                                                                                   “Instant Gratification”
             Lightweight, yet long wearing                            Step 1. Refine. Microfine crystals upper
                   Transfer resistant                                 exfoliating cream goes to work to polish and
            Mary Kay carries two formulas:
                                                                      gently remove dull skin.
       Medium Coverage: for normal to oily skin
        Full Coverage: for normal to dry skin                         Step 2. Replenish. A nourishing serum with a
                                                                      wonderful restoring effect. It immediately ab-
        Both provide great coverage and come in a                     sorbs to instantly smooth, soothe, and soften
                    variety of shades!                                skin.
                                                                      A Microdermabrasion Treatment at a Spa or
                                                                      Dermatologist would cost $100+ per treatment.
          9. Indulge Eye Mask                                   10.TimeWise Eye Firming
                 “Nap in a Jar”
      Revive puffy or tired eyes with this cool,                     CreamCream
 soothing gel to leave the eye area firm, toned and          Provides Intense moisturization ,plus
moisturized. Use with a cool cloth at night or in the    minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. In a 2 week
     morning lightly under your foundation.                       study, 96% saw an overall
      For a more cooling effect, leave in your              improvement in the apprearance of the
          refrigerator overnight! OOH!
                                                                    skin around their eyes.

      11. Mary Kay TimeWise
     Even Complexion Essence                              12.Color 101: For our Hostesses
                                                                      “A Signature Look”
This product is clinically shown to restore the         The Color 101 is a Signature Look customized for you!
 skin’s natural skin tone by reducing visible                     It is a custom compact with 3 Eye
dark spots and reverse skin discoloration. You           Colors, Cheek color, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner,
will see great results in as little as 4 weeks and                      Eye Liner, and Mascara.
 84% of panelists in a 12 study experienced              You receive this at 1/2 price when you schedule your
                                                        appointment with 2 or more friends. You also receive a
 more even skin tone. Return your skin to a                           great Gift for outside orders!
         more radiant and young look.

         These Beauty Boutique Cards may be used to help you
         explain the Products at your Beauty Boutique or Beauty
                  Show. At a Beauty Boutique, you will
          demonstrate the Miracle Set on the back of the hand. If
              you are doing a Beauty Show, add an Ultimate
             Mascara (touch up-do not remove eye makeup),
              Powder (Loose or Dual Coverage), Blush and
               Lipstick. Use a Color Card or your Palette.
             Table Close with the Boutique Specials and the
             Create Your Own Cadillac. Use the Avenues of
           Income and a picture of the Showcase to present the
             opportunity. Individually close with each Guest.
                  Your three Objectives: Sell SETS-Book
                   Appointments– Offer the Mary Kay

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