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					      Unit 11 Country music
Lesson 42 American Country Music

New N0.1 Middle School Xing Xiuli

       November 30, 2001
Lesson 42 American Country Music

Teaching procedures:
Step 1 Revision
Step 2 Presentation
Step 3 Reading & Comprehension
Step 4 Consolidation
Step 5 Homework
John Denver
         American Country Music

       American music includes classical(古典) music
    and popular music.American country music is also
    called country and western music, which belongs
    to popular music. It comes from early traditional
    (传统) style of nation in Scotland, Ireland and
    England. It is also influenced(影响) by western
    music and rock music.
         American Country Music

.     Country music is played by some musical
    instruments, such as guitar, drum and violin, etc.
       Today,country music is one of the most popular
    kinds of music in the States, because it is about
    simple but strong human feelings and events-love,
    sadness, good times and bad times. And now it is
    popular all over the world.
  Watch the video and discuss the questions

1. Is American country
   music about modern
2. When did country
   music become more
   and more popular?
3. What do song writers
   do about the modern
   values of the USA?
Subjects of the American Country Music

   Time                        Subjects
               love--getting or losing a boyfriend or girl-
In the 1950s   friend, and money was also important
               full of anger, political leaders were not
In the 1960s   well thought of (make fun of them)
               feeling alone in the modern world, the
In the 1990s   value of having good friends and so on
Differences of the American Country Music

                In the past           Today
Range(范围)     Nashville,Tennessee all over the world
Instruments    guitar
               modern values       common feelings,
Subjects       of the USA          the good old days
                                   200--400 million
Earnings       X                   dollars a year
True or False statements
1. During the 1990s,American country music has become
   more and more popular.                              ( True )
2. Song writers are still writing about the modern values of
   the USA.                                            ( False )
3. In the 1960s,American country music was often full of joy
   with the society.                                   ( False )
4. Country music remains much the same as before. ( True )
5. In “the good old days” people thought well of each other.
                                                       ( True )
Discuss the following questions

1. What is meant by the modern values of the USA?
2. How popular is country music today?
3. Why did the first country singers like to sing to
   the guitar?
4. What did the people believe were the best things
   in their life?
5. Why does country music often return to the
   subject- “the good old days”?
Watch the video again and then fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks according to the passage

   In the past American country music was about the modern
________ of the USA. That is to say,about money, ________
  values                                              success
or expensive things to buy. It was also about other things,for
                                  boyfriend     girlfriend
example,love--getting or losing a ________ or ________ .
Young students were ________ with ________ ,so songs
                       angry            society
were often full of ________ . ________ ________ were not
                     anger     Political leaders
      thought       of                          made fun
well ________ ________ and the songs often ______ ______
______ them.
Fill in the blanks

   Today,country music ______ ______ as much as between
                        brings in
200 and 400 million ______ a year. Singers come from all
over the ______ . A lot of them ______ on TV,too.
          world                  appear
  In the past country singers sang while playing the ______ .
                 electrical ________
But now a lot of ________equipment is needed for large
______ .
  But it ______ much the same as before. One subject to
which country music often ______ is “the good old days”.
Fill in the blanks

   In “the good old days”, people ________ well ________
                                   thought         of
each other. They believed the best things _______ _______
                                             in     life
                     laughing               beauty
were free:sunshine,________ ,walks in the ________ of the
country, friends and music.
Let’s sing:“Take me home,country roads”

1. Supplementary reading:
   John Denver
2. Writing:My Favorite Singer

   Thank you!

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